Guerra de Ídolos Wednesday 6/21/17 #31

Episode 31: Peligrosa depresión

Amado hustles Agustina into her room to tell her to tell Petra to get Rafa out the back door. And then he wants Agustina to serve dinner. He wants to see that he can trust her when Selva’s around. Hey, as long as she gets to have her baby, she’ll do whatever he asks.

Amado doesn’t believe her. He wants to see it. He warns her she’s always going to be on probation with him.

Agustina sits down and sighs heavily. Petra comes in, saying Amado sent her.

In Amado’s office, Rafa is crying. Petra comes up to tell him she was asked to show him the way out, through the back. Rafa says he has to go to the bathroom first. He tells her he knows the way and she doesn’t need to follow him.

Julia gets home and greets Selva and Lorenzo. Amado is just handing out champagne when Rafa bursts in. He says he’s happy to see Selva and Lorenzo after so long.

Julia notices his lip. Rafa claims he had an accident in the stables. Amado steers him away, saying they’re going to get some ice. Lorenzo remembers asking Itzel about a contract between Amado and Rafa and her saying maybe it was more of a blood pact.

Itzel goes into The Closet looking for more evidence and finds the watch JC gave Rafa in its bag.

Rafa walks out the front door at Amado’s, freaking out, and calls Itzel. When she says she’s at the house, he tells her he’s on his way and he needs to talk to her. He hangs up rather than tell her why he wants to see her. Lorenzo calls her right after, saying Rafa just left Amado’s with a cut on his face. She says he told her he was coming over to talk to her.

Lorenzo tells her to find out everything and tell him later. They’re still seeing each other, right? I can’t tell if she’s acting weird because she doesn’t want to get busted in The Closet or what. Lorenzo says he’s looking forward to seeing her. Itzel agrees.

Casa Mateo

Isaac looks at a picture of all three bros and drinks. He has a flashback to working on a song with Julio César while Mateo was at the grill behind them. Isaac recommended a change to the lyrics. Mateo said something else would sound better. He teased Isaac about whether he was writing songs now.

Annoyed, Isaac complained that yes, he writes, he sings, he dances, and he could produce too if Mateo doesn’t watch out. But no worries, he’s not going to leave him without a job. JC joked about how usually it’s him and Isaac who are fighting over who gets to sing.

Isaac complained that he’d lost that fight for good. Mateo scolded the two of them, saying either they all win or they all lose, together. Isaac complained that whenever the other two “angels” got together, they stabbed him in the back.

What? JC told him not to get that way. In this team, he sings, Mateo writes and produces, and Isaac is in charge of the equipment. If Isaac wanted to grow as an artist, fine, welcome, but JC wishes he’d quit fighting already. They’re his brothers and they’re never going to stab him in the back. He insisted on a group hug. Mateo made a joke about Isaac being adopted.

Now Isaac remembers yelling at Leti about who she gave the address to…and then Leti in Lucho’s office telling him he’s an accomplice to his brother’s murder.

Gilda and Dylan come in and she asks why he’s crying.

Isaac angrily asks what could possibly be wrong. He misses his brother. Dylan gets angry at Isaac for talking to Gilda that way. She’s his sister.

Exactly–she’s his sister, so Dylan should stay out of it. He mocks them, asking if they’re letting everyone see them together now? Va a arder Troya (Troy will burn; the shit’s gonna hit the fan), because his parents are in the other room. Dylan says they have nothing to hide. Does Isaac?

Gilda begs them to cut it out. Isaac’s clever comeback is “That’s none of your business.” Dylan smirks. He says he’s leaving and for Gilda to say hi to her mom and Belinda for him.

After he walks out, Gilda asks Isaac if he showed Rafa the same video of Mateo and Manara he showed her. Does he have any idea what he’s provoking?

Hey, Isaac doesn’t care of the two of them kill each other. Gilda says he’s dying of jealousy, just like Rafa. Isaac snaps that she has no idea what he’s going through, as he grabs her face and shoves it. She tells him not to touch her. I mentally kick him in the shins.

They stop arguing when they see Celestina and Belinda coming downstairs. Celestina leaves some pictures of the family for them to look at when there’s tension–so they can remember what it was like when they were all together and happy.

Isaac tells his mom he’s going to miss her. He and Gilda kiss her goodbye and Gilda gives Belinda a goodbye hug and kiss. Belinda gives Isaac a casual “bye” from a few feet away, which is probably for the best.

Casa Davis

Cafre has tracked down some guys who used to work for Amado and are willing to talk. He killed off most of his people and these are the ones who got away, so now they’re bitter. She pulls out some cash he can use to bribe them and she also wants him to tell them to be ready to go after Amado.

And Mateo? He’s in the hotel again with Matamoros’ sister. Davis makes a face and tells him to send the “kid” in.

She means Valentín. He comes in, offering to play the song for her, but she’s in the mood for “something else” right now. She cozies up to him, saying he’s “not bad.” He gives her that line about not pedaling someone else’s bicycle, especially not a bro’s.

Well, Mateo’s not thinking of either of them right now, so she wants him to forget about Mateo. She does what she wants when she wants, so he’d better shut up and please her if he wants her to be an enthusiastic manager. Valentín shows some enthusiasm of his own. (I’m calling that coercion depending on what Valentín says about it later.)


Mateo and Manara are still busy making love in the hotel room. Well, I say “still” but it’s probably only been five minutes since the last time we saw them. Maybe an hour. Who knows.

Mateo says she can’t tell him he didn’t keep his word. You know, when he said he wouldn’t let her go.


It’s later. Isaac’s still drinking in Mateo’s kitchen. Gilda talks to Mom on the phone–her flight is delayed because of a storm in Houston. Gilda acts like her wound is bothering her.

Moisés is all dressed up to go have dinner with Guzmán from the board. Now that they have some money coming in from Julio César’s royalties, he wants to put a price on the business and pay off all the partners, including Rafa. (Uh, isn’t that the kind of decision Gilda should be in on?!)

He goes off and Gilda grunts in pain again and tells Isaac to quit drinking. He’s had three in a row. He says it’s six.

He complains that his dad doesn’t even talk to him. And that Gilda keeps having her achaques (aches) since that “accident.” Gilda just glares at him. I’m mentally kicking him in the shins again.

The drunken fool says he’s taking the bike out, but Gilda tries to stop him. And hey, why was he hitting on Belinda? If he misses Julio César so much he’s crying, then shouldn’t he respect his wife?

Isaac says it’s because he misses him and he respects Belinda. He feels a responsibility to care for that child.

Belinda thinks that sounds terrible. She’s his brother’s widow! Is he sick or something?

Isaac says yes, he is…and he doesn’t know what to do anymore. Gilda asks him what he did.

“I didn’t take care of them. Not you and much less Julio César.” Yeah, every time she says it, she’s right. He’s a coward. She has no idea how that feels.

Gilda tells him to quit drinking already. It’s been days. He needs help and she’s telling him as a doctor, not his sister. He needs a psychiatrist. She wants him to tell Dad everything as soon as he gets home. They can take advantage of their mom not being there.

Isaac scoffs, complaining that she’s hiding things too. Um, is he seriously trying to equate her and Dylan with the things he’s hiding? Isaac tells her to just imagine the fuss if she got pregnant with Dylan’s baby. After the fortune Dad paid for her to go to school?

(Did he just…that’s it, he’s going down!)

Gilda tearfully reminds him that’s impossible, not because she wouldn’t like to have Dylan’s baby, but because of this wound that she got because of him. If he doesn’t tell their dad everything when he gets home, she will.

Rancho Zabala

Leticia tells Neto she slept with Isaac. While they’re in bed. Presumably after the two of them have had sex. She says she met him at the casino. Him and Lucho both. She fought with Isaac and Lucho gave her the chance to come to LA.

Neto knows Lucho never does anything without asking for something in exchange. What did she have to do? She says she gave him info on Isaac in exchange for him introducing her to famous people. She knew Rafa was going on tour and doing this whole reinvention thing and she wanted an audition with him, but eventually they put her in contact with Neto.

Neto wonders what she told Lucho about Isaac. Oh, that he’s a gambler, selfish, jealous and full of insecurities. Neto laughs and says that sounds like every singer. (Hey!) They all have a little or a lot of that. Leti says Isaac has much worse frustrations.

Neto thinks what’s so terrible for him is that he failed as a singer. He doesn’t have the talent either of his brothers has. “Mediocrity rusts the spirit.”


Itzel is having a drink when Rafa gets home. He makes a crack about her being all dressed up. She asks about his mouth. He acts like he’s trying to mack on her, but she shoves him away and tells him to put some ice on it.

Rafa acts like he’s drunk or high or something. He says ever since they got separated, sometimes he feels like his life is falling apart. Hm, she thinks that’s weird–he’s having his best moment right now. He’s got an international tour planned, his single with Manara’s a big hit, he’s on the front page of the papers.

Rafa says that’s not what he wants. Oh, no he’s seriously trying to hit on her. He grabs her and she shoves him away. She’s not going to be his shoulder to cry on. Rafa insists she put perfume on to provoke him. He grabs her again and she shoves him again. Yes, she got dressed up. She has a date! With someone else!

Rafa hits her and she storms out.


Lorenzo thinks it’s too bad Rafa didn’t stay for dinner. He hasn’t seen him in years. Are he and Amado close or is it just a press thing? Selva gives Lorenzo a look.

Amado says sometimes he talks to Rafa, because of his sister. He’s looking out for her interests. Well, Lorenzo supposes Manara’s career is going great thanks to her contest with Isaac. And of course because of the talent and fame of his brothers.

Amado scoffs–he doesn’t think Isaac has anything like the talent or fame of his brothers. Selva says there’s no reason to be so hard on him. Amado appeals to Julia–she saw the video. Julia says it was trending that he stopped singing mid-show. There are some token mutters of “poor guy.”

Amado and Lorenzo take their coffee into the living room after dinner. Amado tells him everyone loves his sister, but especially Agustina. Lorenzo says Selva used to be a spoiled little girl, but she’s grown up a lot since their dad died. (Hey, man, we met her before your dad died and she was plenty grown up.) He says Amado has helped with that (*barf) and Amado says so has Lorenzo–he kept all of their father’s problems away from her.

Amado asks about the guns–no one has contacted him? Lorenzo says he hasn’t heard from anyone. It seems like Amado’s plan worked.

Amado teases him about sleeping with Elena, but Lorenzo says he has no plans of that for the moment. He finishes his coffee and says he has to go. He’s meeting with some friends he went to university with, to work on Amado’s campaign. Amado thanks him for that, calling him “cuñado.” Lorenzo’s an awesome actor–he doesn’t even make a face.

They go back to the dining room so Lorenzo can say good night to Julia and Selva.


Lucho and his assistant watch the video of Leticia telling him that Isaac told her where she could find Julio César without his guards. That maybe he did it because he was jealous.

The assistant thinks this information is worth gold. More than gold, according to Lucho. Which is why he wants her to put the USB drive in the safe with the rest of them. She asks if he’s sure he doesn’t want to put this in the next edition–they need some big news and Leticia’s a bomb!

Lucho reminds her that when bombs explode, they hurt a lot of people, so when this one blows up he needs to be farther away, doesn’t she think? Her face says “Meh.”

Rafa calls him and says he needs to talk to him. Lucho noticed that Neto called him a bunch of times too. Rafa says he’s busy with Leticia–she’s even trying to extort him (Rafa). (What?!)

Lucho tells Rafa to chill. He’s on his side. They can deal with Leticia.

Rafa didn’t call about that, though. He wants a favor. He needs to know who’s paying for Itzel’s lawyers, because he’s sure that’s who she’s cheating on him with. (Uh, you forced her to sign divorce papers, so I really don’t think you get to call it “cheating.”)

Lorenzo’s in demand

Elena’s at the radio station. She calls Lorenzo to tell him she talked to her contact at the orphanage and guess what? All of the kids who grew up with Amado, the ones closest to him, are dead. She thinks Amado has had this idea to become famous and get into politics for a long time so he’s been getting rid of everyone who knew him. She’s got the names, so she’s going to check into all of them.

She’s waiting for him at the office and she brought a bottle of wine. He says he can’t go. She thought they had plans, but he reminds her he told her he had a date…and it’s not work. Can they get together tomorrow at her house?

Itzel arrives at Lorenzo’s place. He notices her face immediately and she tells him it was Rafa. Lorenzo gives her a comforting hug, but Itzel starts kissing him.

When they’re cuddled on the couch after, Itzel tells Lorenzo that something must have hurt Rafa’s ego. He was “crazy,” coming at her like a beast. Lorenzo says that’s the last time Rafa lays a hand on her.

Itzel asks how it went with Amado. Did he find anything out?

Nope. Amado denied he and Rafa were friends. He said Rafa was just there about Manara and that’s all they talk about. He can’t imagine that poor girl stuck between those two chacales (jackals). Hm, Itzel’s not sure she’s all that poor. She might even be as bad as her brother.

But what got Rafa into such a bad mood? Lorenzo wonders if he and Manara broke up. The press says they’re still together. Itzel scoffs at that–Rafael manages the press. He just doesn’t want to look like a loser. But the one Manara really likes is Mateo.

Lorenzo wonders if she knows Amado killed Julio César. Itzel’s sure if she does know, she knows it’s better not to talk, knowing how explosive Mateo is.


Isaac’s drinking straight out of the bottle now, looking at a different picture of all three bros. He tells the picture he didn’t take care of them. How can he live with that? He pulls a gun out of his pocket and puts it to his head, but he ends up putting it down.

Gilda’s in the kitchen serving up dinner. Isaac grabs his motorcycle helmet and Gilda tries tries to stop him. She apologizes for what she said–she was angry. She says she won’t tell their dad anything if he just won’t go.

Isaac asks her to forgive him for being so horrible. He kisses Gilda and gets the helmet back. She realizes too late that he really is leaving and goes out after him, but he’s gone.

Mateo’s phone is ringing, Gilda’s picture on the display, but Mateo can’t hear it. He and Manara are working on Sobrenatural.

Isaac’s really being stupid–on top of being drunk, he’s popping wheelies on his bike. At least he’s not on a narrow street?

Manara and Mateo have moved on to working on En Plena Oscuridad, which right now is “en plena tempestad.” Mateo jokes about it being semi-autobiographical and then has her change “tempestad” to “oscuridad.” After she plays through the chorus again, he kisses her. I guess that means he likes it better.

He thinks Sobrenatural is ready to record, but En Plena Oscuridad needs work. They’re heading for another round of something when Manara finally hears his phone buzzing.

Isaac has a new bottle now and he’s sitting on a curb, drinking. He remembers singing with Julio César and Mateo in the dressing room before JC’s last concert. He starts singing Fuego Cruzado and sobbing “y trato con todas mis fuerzas de perdonarme por dejarte ir, porque te extraño, te extraño, te extraño….” (Damnit, show! Don’t make me feel sorry for Isaac!) He ditches the bottle and gets back on the bike…without the helmet. I don’t want to look.

Gilda finally gets Mateo on the phone and tells him Isaac was in his room with pictures and a gun. They both know he’s got problems, but a gun? She thinks they need to talk, and in person.

Mateo pulls his pants on and complains to Manara that it’s Isaac again.

Isaac gets back on the bike, still remembering….

Estoy malherido
Me siento culpable
Desde que no estas aqui…

Y trato con todas mis fuerzas
De perdonarme por dejarte ir….

He aims the bike at a pair of dumpsters. The bike hits and Isaac goes flying over.

The police have arrived at the scene of the accident. All the noises of radios are muffled. The bike is smoking. Isaac’s lying on the ground.

Manara offers to go with Mateo, but he turns her down. He says they should start writing like this all the time. The best songs come out of danger, right? Yeah, she’s fine with that as long as seeing each other in secret is the danger and not bullets flying.

Mateo promises when they go on tour they’ll order breakfast. They’ve never had breakfast together. They should order breakfast at three in the afternoon and eleven at night and two in the morning. He starts kissing her and undressing again, but she pulls his shirt back on and tells him to go.

It’s morning now. Mateo can’t figure out where Isaac got the gun. And it was loaded too. Gilda can’t get Isaac to answer his phone. She’s worried. Lately it’s like she doesn’t even recognize him–he’s fighting with everyone, he’s angry and hysterical all the time, and now he’s got a gun? It’s like something broke inside him.

Mateo thinks it’s that Julio’s death has affected them all. Hell, he went to shoot things up in Monterrey. Their mom is doing worse than ever. Gilda’s burying herself in work. And their Dad is determined to have a label bigger than they can handle. So yeah, Isaac broke.

Gilda says she did something horrible to him yesterday. She fought with him and said terrible things. If anything happens…. Mateo says nothing is going to happen. But what did she pressure him with. “Things….”

They hear Moisés, looking for Gilda. He’s on his way to the label. He asks if Mateo is ok as Gilda’s phone buzzes. She gets the news from the hospital and passes it on to Mateo and her dad. Isaac had a serious accident on his motorcycle. Moisés–and this is so typical and so sad at the same time–asks “What motorcycle?”

Rafa comes to see Lucho and asks what he’s got. Well, first off, he talked to Neto and Leticia didn’t tell him anything about sleeping with Rafa. She only talked to him about Isaac. Lucho thinks she must be trying not to scare him off. Rafa laughs that she’s not as stupid as she looks.

As for Itzel, he found out what firm is representing her. They’re really expensive and all gringos. He’s got photos and some names. He hands the folder over to Rafa as Rafa says he hasn’t given her anything and she can’t be making much at the label. He looks at the pictures of the lawyers in the firm and dismisses them as a bunch of ugly fat guys. “How low she’s fallen!” (Oh, Rafa. I’m sure none of those guys is as shallow and insecure as you. And at least their money is probably theirs and not daddy’s. Just saying.)

Lucho’s phone buzzes. He tells the person on the other end he’ll call later. Isaac Solar had an accident on his motorcycle and it’s serious. Rafa says Isaac’s useless. What did Lucho and Leticia tell Isaac to get him to go away the other day? Lucho says he can’t tell him, but Rafa insists–is Lucho on his side or not? What did Leticia say to him?

Neto plays guitar in the rehearsal casita (yes, I seriously want one) and Leticia wanders in in a bikini and a floaty robe (yes, I want a floaty robe too) to show him the news on her tablet. This is what she was telling him about last night.

Neto just kind of tsks and says that family is salada (cursed). They’ve got worse luck than the Kennedys. Neto’s sure he must have been drunk. Leti agrees–he’s got all those insecurities. She doesn’t doubt he did it on purpose. Neither does Neto

Lucho says he’s loyal to Rafa and so he hopes to be compensated accordingly in the plans with Matamoros. Leti’s cousin was an assassin. Rafa cuts him off–that’s old news. Right, but did he know that guy had something to do with the stabbing of Gilda and with Julio César’s death? And Isaac was an accomplice to Julio César’s murder. Something to do with his gambling problems. Rafa just stares and visibly swallows.

At the hospital, the doctor comes out to tell Gilda, Moisés, and Mateo that Isaac got into an accident on his motorcycle. There were no cranial fractures, but there were fractured bones on other parts of his body. What they’re most worried about now is damage to vital organs. Moisés gets that “not again” look.

Gilda asks if he’s in the ICU and the doctor says they’re just waiting to see how Isaac reacts. He takes Moisés to sign some papers.

Mateo looks at Gilda’s anguished face and asks what she has to tell him. She says Isaac confessed that he has a serious problem with gambling.

Rafa visits Amado’s new warehouse. Amado says after yesterday, he’s surprised to see him. He didn’t think Rafa would talk to him for years.

Rafa says it’s urgent. Did Amado hear what happened to Isaac Solar? Yeah, he read something about that.

Rafa says his dad’s backup singer opened her mouth to Lucho and Lucho thinks that Julio César was shot and Gilda was stabbed because of Isaac’s gambling debts. Did Amado know that Isaac was the one who told them where to find Julio César? The smug jackass says yeah, they told him that.

He refrains from sounding impatient as he tells Rafa, “This is all good news.”

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Autora/ Author

Thanks as always, Kat!

“Um, is he seriously trying to equate her and Dylan with the things he’s hiding?”

Right? They aren’t even close to being the same.

Now as awful as Isaac is, I still feel a little pity for him. I do not think he gave Leticia that address in order to get his brother killed. Not making excuses, I just don’t think his heart is that evil. Maybe it’s his addictions, but I want to see him get some help and then decide.

Visita/ Guest

Thanks Kat. Wow! You ladies have hearts of gold. Can’t believe you felt sorry for Isaac! What? I on the other hand was upset he wasn’t dead. He can’t do anything right, not even kill himself. *sorry not sorry* !!! His family (especially Moises, his mum and Gilda) need to stop coddling him. They need to honestly tell him his calling isn’t music. He should focus on equipment and branding. Eg JC headphones etc. If they don’t do that, Isaac will forever remain a resentful mediocre artist who’ll end up killing himself and dragging the family down with him. Neto… Read more »

Autora/ Author

I really like the branding idea, too!

I also have a hard time disliking Neto since he’s met Leti.

Visita/ Guest

You ladies hit the nail on the head. Leticia shows us/brings out a different Neto. I wonder how long it will last …

Autora/ Author

I really kind of like Leti too and have the fear for her. There are so many people in Amado’s sites.

And we’ve got the threat of Davis now too. *shudder*

Autora/ Author

AAAARGH!!! I hadn’t even thought about that! At this point I don’t know how anyone is going to be free of Amado OR El Diplómatico.

Autora/ Author

Quick question because I think I’ve missed some nuance.

Everyone is planting this idea that Manara is just using everyone. Manara herself has even mentioned revenge. Mateo *is* immune to her revenge, right? Like I’m totally fine with her using Rafa, but she’s not really using Mateo…is she?

Visita/ Guest

Good question. I choose to believe Mateo is immune cos if he isn’t, I will HAAAAAAATE her. I think she has been damaged by Armado but she isn’t beyond redemption. She will do anything (including using Mateo) to be a star and escape with Julia. I wonder why she thinks she can ever be free. For now, Armado has her imprisoned. After using Mateo for fame, fame will also imprison her. I don’t know what will happen … Hope this novela doesn’t end up a tragedy like Pasion Prohibida

Autora/ Author

Kat beat me to it, but yeah…Manara is only going to be free when Amado is dead in a vat of burning acid. I don’t want to hate Manara either that’s why I’m hoping she’s really only planning revenge for Amado and Rafa. (And how does Rafa get out of this without his career going to pot…and will the dirt fall on Neto and the boys?) Oh. Wow. I didn’t realize he was doing this mayor business to be “safe”. Do you think he’s just thinking ahead? No one is coming after him now, but maybe he has some nefarious… Read more »