Guerra de Ídolos Thursday 6/22/17 #32

Episode 32: Emboscada en Tijuana

Gilda has just told Mateo about Isaac’s gambling problem. She thinks maybe he was worried because he owed money? She didn’t want to say anything and cause problems.

“Does dad know?” No! Gilda thinks he’s at the limit of what he can handle. This would hurt him too much….

Moisés comes back from signing paperwork and says they can go in and see Isaac.

Isaac has multiple fractures and they’re checking for internal bleeding. Moisés tells the doctor to do what he has to do.

Mateo’s worried that his mom must know by now, from the news, but Moisés says her flight got in really late, so maybe not. Moisés is going to call her anyway.


Amado tells Rafa not to be paranoid–everyone who had anything to do with Julio César’s death or Gilda’s stabbing is dead and everyone else thinks it had to do with Isaac’s debts.

Rafa whines that he needs Isaac alive. He’ll lose the label. “So send him some good vibes and let’s forget this.” Amado doesn’t want any more bloodshed. He wants everything legal when he’s mayor–no scandals. Rafa’s going to be on top of the music industry and they’re going to conquer this city. Rafa gives him a weird smile.

Casa Mateo

Valentín and Basico are getting their instruments packed up at Mateo’s while answering Mamá’s questions about where they’re going to be staying. Valentín mentions the other house, but they’re not renting it yet because right now they have a tour.

Mamá’s catching a plane back to Houston and she says she’ll be fine. She’s just happy that they’re here, focusing on music. She thinks God answered her prayers. Básico looks guilty.

Básico whispers to Valentín to call Mateo and see if he can get Davis to change her mind. So Valentín calls and says they left the keys for him, but is something wrong? Mateo tells him about Isaac’s accident and that he’s in surgery. It seems pretty serious. Valentín’s sorry.

He tells Mateo they’re good. Davis got them a gig. Mateo tells him to give it their all so she’ll get them more. (*gulp*) Anyway…he’s busy, so Valentín will call him later.

Básico comes inside to tell him the taxi’s here. Valentín tells him about Isaac’s accident–he didn’t want to dump more on Mateo. Básico says Isaac had it coming for being presumido (arrogant). They’ll see if La Flaca (Death) doesn’t cart him off. Valentín says they’ll see if she doesn’t come for THEM for getting involved in stuff they shouldn’t. He prays his mom’s saints will protect them.


Mateo was right. Celestina found out from the news, but Moisés says she’s calm and Belinda was with her to help her calm down.

Dylan shows up and tells Moisés he’s sorry about his son and he’s here if they need anything. Moisés won’t even look at him as he thanks him. The doctor shows up to say they’re ready for the operation. Moisés wants a prognosis, but it’s difficult to say. Gilda makes a face like she knows what that really means. She takes Moisés outside.

Mateo keeps Dylan inside so he can…well, not even ask him, but tell him. “You know about Isaac and his gambling.” Um, yeah, Gilda told him and swore him to secrecy. Sorry. Mateo thinks there’s more than the gambling that she didn’t tell him, but Dylan begs Mateo not to put him in the middle.

Hey, Mateo didn’t say anything about the two of them going out because he figured that was between the two of them. But if Dylan knows stuff about his family, that is his business.

OK, then…Dylan tells him it’s Isaac’s fault Gilda got stabbed. It was because of Isaac’s debts or something. And because of the wound, she can’t have kids. “But, she said the tests…!” Hey, Dylan’s just telling him what he knows. And he’s risking his relationship with Gilda to do it!

So now that Mateo knows, he can decide whether he wants to go to the chapel and pray for Isaac to be saved or not. Dylan’s going to keep his preference to himself.

Later, they’re still waiting for Isaac to get out of surgery. Gilda fusses that their dad is smoking again. Mom and Belinda are on their way–they hadn’t even been in Houston a day and they’re already having to turn around and come back. And where’s Dylan?

Mateo skips right to “Why didn’t you tell me the truth?” About Isaac and the gambling and that the attack was his fault. And is it true she’s “sterile”? Gilda knows someone talked and since Isaac’s still in surgery, it wasn’t him.

Mateo starts going off on how he’s gonna kill Isaac, which is exactly why she didn’t tell him! He can’t go around killing everyone!

He says she had no right to hide this from her, but Gilda disagrees–she has the right to hide anything she wants to. She didn’t want to tell him because she didn’t want the tiny bit of family unity they’d achieved to break. But she messed up. She didn’t know how to stop Isaac. She failed as a woman and as a doctor.

Mateo hugs her. He reminds her about the conversation they had at JC’s funeral. How he should be the one to take charge of the label. And he can’t even get their dad to trust him. He’s been too busy fighting with Rafa and everyone. He’s failed his friends and their dad and her. Gilda tells him not to say that.


Valentín and Básico are walking down a dusty street, wondering what they’re even doing there. They thought they’d be going in a plane or at least one of those sweet tour buses. Valentín doesn’t even want to play. Basico’s hoping she wouldn’t really send them there to die, not after her and Valentín last night….

They hear a car horn and Cafre pulls up in a beat up truck with a couple of guys in the back. He announces this is their battle tank. Hey, they can’t attract attention! He brought them a phone with GPS so they can find the “Salón Tijuana” and there’s a satellite phone they can leave in the truck that only receives calls.

Básico complains that even the door doesn’t work and there’s no A/C. Cafre laughs. Valentín says this is to get them acclimated to hell. Cafre assures them that once they play this gig, they’ll be in heaven–money, women, trucks, fame. Básico tells the guys in the back to hang on and gets the truck rolling.


Gilda wonders if maybe Mateo should call Valentín and get him working at the label again, with Isaac out of commission. Mateo says he can’t. He’s committed to a thing with some people Mateo shouldn’t have gotten him involved with. But there’s nothing he can do about it.

He asks Gilda if she’s ok and she gripes at him not to look at her any different. And he’d better not say anything to their parents. Oh, he won’t. As they approach them he says she’s got mom and he’s got dad.

Celestina starts in on how they always talked about how dangerous motorcycles were and “they” bought one. (*sigh* Parents. Yell at the child who actually DID the thing, why don’t you?! And this is why Isaac does not seem like the oldest. No way would my parents ever scold my younger siblings like it’s their fault I did something.)

Gilda wants someone to check Celestina’s blood pressure. She complains that every time she opens her mouth, Gilda wants her blood pressure checked. Yeah, well, every time she opens her mouth she gets upset. “Why don’t you just tell me to leave if that’s what you want!” A nurse comes to take Celestina into an exam room.

Gilda asks Belinda if she wants someone to check her out too, but she says she’s fine. Moisés and Mateo go off to talk alone and Belinda asks if she told Mateo. Yeah–everything but the thing with Isaac and Belinda.

Isaac’s in surgery. They’re cutting bandages off his leg.

Moisés asks Mateo to tell him what’s going on with Isaac. Does this have anything to do with the thing in the lounge? Mateo says it doesn’t. And what does Moisés want to know about Isaac? There’s no point telling him what Isaac is really like.

Moisés accuses Mateo of snobbery. Who is he to be talking about Isaac this way? Does he know something? Does he really think he’s better than Isaac?

Mateo says he doesn’t. They can talk about this later. But Moisés wants to end this now. He says all the problems at the label are Mateo’s fault for getting involved with “that singer” and if Mateo hadn’t voted for her in the meeting, Isaac wouldn’t have gotten beat in the competition, and he wouldn’t be in surgery right now.

Well, now he’s done it. He lashed out and Mateo lashes right back. It’s so easy for Moisés to blame him when it’s HIS fault the business is the way it is. He can’t manage it and he has no clue about business. He’s the one who brought Rafa in and now it’s brought them to ruin. He walks off and I can’t tell if Moisés took any of that in or not.

Surgery continues.

Casa Matamoros

Rafa and Amado have relocated to the home office. Rafa complains that he’s going to need Isaac’s vote to get Moisés out of the label. Amado tells him to just start his own label if he can’t deal with the old man. When he’s mayor, those dances are going to be even more important. Rafa says he doesn’t want to start his own label and get accused of corruption.

And besides, there’s no way he’s going to “give Manara away” after the label signed her for three albums.

Oh, right, speaking of that, Amado wants his cut of Manara’s contract, the tour, and Julia’s contract once he signs her. And Nicolas sure is seeing a lot of Julia. He’d better not lay a hand on her…well, if Amado and Rafa aren’t in agreement, that is. (*glare*)

Rafa says he’s going to go find Manara. He saw her car outside and he wants to know why she stood him up yesterday.

Manara’s in her room, working on En Plena Oscuridad. Mateo calls. He says he’s doing more or less OK. Isaac’s been in surgery for hours and they’re talking about putting in screws and stuff. His parents are destroyed.

Manara wishes she were with him. She’s in her room practicing his song….

And in comes Rafa, asking whose song it is. On the phone, Mateo accusingly asks if that’s Rafa in her room. (Hey, it’s not like he knocked!) Rafa asks if that’s not her song. Mateo asks what Rafa is doing there.

Manara ends the call and tells Rafa the song was inspired by Julia. And she doesn’t like him coming in without knocking. Well, sorry, he got tired of waiting. He asks about her standing him up yesterday and she says she had something important to do. He can just imagine what that is, but he’d rather they talk talk about something else.

Now that they’re going on tour and going to spend all this time together, Rafa wants to apologize. (Seriously?) He thinks he’s been unfair to Manara. She doesn’t understand what he means. He starts talking about how he’s been soooo attracted to her since the first time he met her and he knows she’s always felt pressured….

If he wants to talk, they can talk about music and songs and the tour, but if he’s going to try to talk about personal stuff, things are going to get complicated. Her phone rings and she excuses herself.

It’s Bianco. He found this super-exclusive school in London like she asked and he wants to make sure she realizes it’s very expensive. She says they’ll have to talk later and he realizes she’s with Rafa. He’ll be waiting for her call. He goes back to what he was doing–a photo shoot in his lounge.

Rafa asks what she’s going to do with her tour money. Manara explains she wants to send Julia to school while they’re on tour. Rafa thinks she’s worried about Nico and Julia being too close, but she says it’s not that. She just wants Julia far from Amado. (Did you seriously just tell Rafa that?! What are you thinking?!)


Dylan comes in on the tail end of Mateo’s conversation with Manara and asks what happened. He says Rafa was in her room and she hung up on him. Damn, that guy’s everywhere. Mateo has no doubt if Amado had been there, he’d be sticking Rafa in her bed.

Oh, Dylan thinks Manara’s not that easy to manage. But she’s managing the three of them–her brother, Rafa, Mateo. He reminds Mateo that she wants to be number one. “All us singers do. Don’t forget that.”

The doctor comes out and asks the family to follow him so he can show them Isaac’s x-rays. There were no vital organs involved and no internal bleeding, but he’s worried about the blow to the head. There were no cranial fractures, but he did hit his head pretty hard. He could wake up in hours or months–there’s no way to know. And when he’s awake, he’s going to need rest and rehabilitation.

And he needs to warn them–the police will press charges on him for DUI. Isaac was drunk.

Double date

Santi and Nicolas sit by the mirrors with some other guests while Julia and her friend Lucía and their classmates dance. Nicolas is all “check out my girlfriend!” Santi says her friend Lucía’s not bad either. He could maybe feel something for her. Nico tells him not to change just to please their grandfather, but Santi says maybe he could like her. Maybe he likes “everything.” “I think I’m pansexual.”

The dance ends and Julia comes over to check on them. They both tell her she was good. They’re going to take a break now and then show the song to Lucía. Nicolas says he’s got the whole studio reserved just for them.

The kids have relocated to the JC Records lounge. Julia and Nico, mostly, sing No Es Normal. And then there are smoochies.

Julia decides Santi should sing something for them and if he does well, Lucía should give him a prize. Santi gets all embarrassed, but Julia insists he should do it–to break the ice.

Santi gets his guitar…but then he remembers hiding out with Fernando at Gabriel’s funeral, drinking tequila, and Fernando saying he won the “prize” and starting to kiss him.

Nico gets his attention and Santi complains some more–he’s so much more traditional than them. Lucía doesn’t care–she tells him to go ahead and play one of his grandpa’s songs, so he plays Hasta el Mariachi Va a Llorar.

Radio station

Lorenzo reviews Itzel’s case. Because Mirta wasn’t wearing her seatbelt, Itzel probably won’t go to jail, but she will have to pay a fine. And because of the pills she’ll have to do community service.

Is she still on antidepressants? Itzel says ever since she separated from Rafa she hasn’t needed them. Being around him must have been making her anxious. She feels calmer now. Lorenzo says that’s good. It must be terrible to live under that much stress. He offers to give her a massage, but that just gets them kissing.

Itzel’s gotta go. She’ll see him at his place later. Lorenzo gives her his keys and says she should go on ahead. Itzel puts on her “disguise”–a cute floppy hat and sunglasses. She admits she’s felt paranoid about Rafael watching her since she left prison. Does the disguise work? “A little.”

On her way out, Elena asks if it’s her, so I’m going with “no, the disguise doesn’t work.” Itzel says Lorenzo’s in his office waiting for her. Alexis spies on them.

He goes into the studio and calls Amado to tell him he just saw Rafa’s ex in Lorenzo’s office and that she was trying to disguise herself. He thinks they should be careful. Amado tells him to keep an eye on Elena too.

Manara’s room

Rafa shuts the door. He tells Manara while they’re on tour he’s going to give her space so she can be alone and write. (Start now, please.) Sounds good to her. She’ll probably take off in between tour stops. She’s been locked up in this house for too long. She wants to see different places.

Rafa supports her in whatever she wants to do. He says. As he’s standing too damn close to her and smelling her hair. He doesn’t know how to get rid of this distance between them. How to get her to trust him. (Uh, maybe you could get the hell out of her room, for starters.) He knows she’s going to be greater than Julio César, but she has to trust him.

Manara pours on the charm (which should be totally obvious, except that Rafa’s irrationally convinced that he’s irresistible to all women) and says she’s been thinking about something and she wants Rafa to give her an answer. She wants him to look her in the eye. “Do you know why Julio César was killed?”

Uh, he knows what everyone else does–it was a fan, she was his lover….

And he doesn’t know anything else?

No. Does she?

Manara’s mouth is just inches from his when Amado interrupts. (Thanks, show, you just made me happy to see Amado.) He came to talk to Rafa about something. Manara says they can talk up here–she’s on her way out to spend some time with Julia–she’s going to miss her when she’s on tour. She’ll see him tomorrow to rehearse. She’s got some new songs to play for him.

Amado gets all smarmy about how they seemed very close just now. Rafa says it’s one of a thousand attempts he’s made. Amado reminds him it’s totally ok if he wants to use force. (DIE.) Rafa asks why Amado would think he needs to when he’s never done it before. It’s not the first time he’s mentored someone. He’s sure later she’ll be like all the rest of them and come begging. (Make that two for death.)

Amado says they’ll see who wins–Rafa has a big ego and Manara’s stubborn. What Rafa’s more concerned about is that she doesn’t seem to trust him. She thinks he had something to do with JC’s murder. That guy just keeps following him around, even in his worst nightmares.

Amado tells him to get over it. What he wanted to tell him is that he knows who Rafa’s ex’s lawyer and lover is–Lorenzo. Rafa just gets that confused look on his face.

Casa Lorenzo

Lorenzo gets home to find Itzel wearing one of his shirts. She says she’s been living at other people’s places since she got out of jail, so she made herself comfortable. She hopes he doesn’t mind.

Nope, as a matter of fact, he suggests she just stay here from now on. They’d be killing two birds with one stone. She can have a place to stay and he can see her whenever he wants to.

The smooch on it and then she stops and says since he’s publishing that tell-all about Amado’s crimes, why not include Rafa. He’s a public figure, there would be a huge scandal. Lorenzo thought she didn’t want that, but like he said–two birds one stone. And those two deserve the worst. She grabs his tie to drag him into the bedroom.

The gig from hell

Mateo’s sitting in the hospital waiting area, scribbling in his notebook. Valentín calls him from the bar where he and Básico are getting beers. He knows it’s Isaac, but he still worries about Mateo’s family. Mateo says he’s in surgery and broke just about everything. Mateo’s there keeping an eye on him.

Well, Valentín and Básico are at their concert in Tijuana. They’re going to sing that corrido….

Wait, but that’s not El Diplomático’s territory!

Valentín says it’s where Davis sent them. There’s probably someone here they want to mess with. Mateo says they can’t sing it! They’ll get killed! Get out!

Valentín’s on stage now, finishing setting up. He tells Mateo he knows, but they’ll have everything if they get out of this alive. “It’s not worth it!” Valentín says he and Básico know what they’re getting into and they both made this decision–Básico nods to him–and thanks for everything, in case they don’t make it out. This is their destiny. He hangs up on Mateo. (Mateo so didn’t need this.)

At the Salón Tijuana, the patrons start grumbling about when they’re going to play. Básico says they’re musicians and they play mostly romantic songs and funny corridos and they’re willing to take requests. The guy at the table right in front of the stage and all his men pull out guns.

In Davis’ office some guy is showing her a picture of race horses he wants to sell to El Diplomático. She says she’ll try to get him to buy just one, but good grief, is this guy going to bring his mother next to try to sell off? No, but maybe his son–he’s a singer. He brought a disc of some songs he recorded.

Well, if he wants Davis to manage him, maybe they could do a “two for the price of one” deal. She’s got lots of projects going with some first-class people. Her phone rings and she shows off the display, “Mateo Solar.” Cafre walks the guy out.

Mateo tries to get Davis to call this off–call Valentín and tell him to come back. He says whatever happens to them will be her responsibility. She disagrees. Mateo brought them to her, so that makes it his. He accuses her of wanting to get revenge on him, but she says he’s just not that important to her. If those guys want fame and money then they have to grab for it. And if they get killed, too bad. (Wow. She might not be a frustrated musician like Mateo originally thought, but she sure does have the Rafa attitude.) Mateo angrily kicks a trash can.

Valentín and Básico wrap up Ángel con Colmillos. The tough guys don’t look like they’re having fun, but the audience applauds. Valentín and Básico go on break and get some tequilas from the bar. They toast to Tito (aww, Tito!). A guy passes Valentín a note and he remembers Davis explaining the gig to them. He shows the note to Básico and asks if he’s ready.

Cafre has checked in and their people say Valentín and Básico are singing. Davis says to tell their guys if shooting starts, let them die. Mateo needs to know who he’s messing with. Cafre really doesn’t think this should affect Valentín and Básico. Valentín is a good singer–he can help the business.

Well, Mateo wants El Diplomático’s help to protect him from Manara’s brother, which means he’s doing it for a woman and not music or his friends. With all due respect, Cafre thinks he’s doing it for all those reasons. Whatever, El Diplomático’s help is worth more than a couple of songs. Cafre says he’ll make the call. (I like that you tried, Cafre.)

Valentín announces they’re back from break and they have a special request. Básico says he heard they could get shot if they didn’t sing this next song. (Talk about gallows humor!) They start in on El Diplomático. The bald guy with the beard gets agitated. He starts whispering to the other guys in the bar…and the cops start coming in.

Mateo’s playing with his phone when Dylan comes back. He says Isaac is out of surgery. He’s worried about Valentín and Básico. Davis took advantage of him being busy and sent them to go piss off El Diplomático’s rival in Tijuana

Dylan guesses she’s upset because Mateo won’t go for her. Yep. Mateo says he has to find them, but they’re not answering. And he can’t leave the hospital because he’s gotta be there for his brother. Dylan says Isaac’s the one who started this snowball because he was trying to get them out of the label.

But Mateo says it’s his fault. He got all of them into this. He took them to Davis to try to help them…and get protection in case Amado came after them. “The protection of the Devil,” Dylan calls it. And look how it went with Treviño.

Valentín and Básico are still singing. Enthusiastically. The barman looks calm. When the song ends, Valentín makes sure to announce their names. He gives the crowd a “Thank you, Tijuana!” and starts packing up while the tough guys look like they want to shoot those guns they’ve got out on the tables, but they keep looking around at all the cops….

Valentín and Básico come tearing out the front of the bar, making a run for it. The cops come out too, asking to see some ID. Valentín and Básico say they’re here from Tamaulipas. They really came all the way out here just to sing? (The state of Tamaulipas is clear on the other side of the country, at least a 20-hour drive from Tijuana which is on the west coast.) He thinks they came out here to stir stuff up and he’s not going to let them leave.

The armed guys from inside the bar start coming outside and Basico looks at Valentín and says “Vargas?” to which Valentín replies “Vargas.” Which in this case translates to “Gonna have to fight for our lives, aren’t we?” “Yep.”

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3 years ago

Thank you! Especially for the “Vargas” explanation. I was like “Who’s Vargas?” I wouldn’t have even known how to figure that out.

Those two better not get hurt. I do not like Davis.