La Mujer del Vendaval Saturday 2/04/17 #59

San BP Town Square

Marcela faints. Huracan whinnies. The townspeople gather round and gossip about Marcela as they look down on her unconscious body till Octavia comes out and sees her and sends them for an ambulance. Excuse her the ambulance since this town only has one and better hope its not busy already.

Mansion de la Presidente Municipal

So, after the late night shot Eulogio, or maybe July, set up the video camera Don Timo gave July, as a security camera pointed at the square. Its got night vision and everything and it caught the attack on Lencho. So Timo tells Eulogio to tell July he’s seizing the camera in the name of national security and let’s see who done it.

Eulogio also tells Don T about Marcela and they’re blaming Huracan since he was next to her when she was found, and poor Huracan has been arrested and Oct is with Marcela now.

Hotel Toscana

Alba reads “Chopin”’s email and has no idea what he’s on about. Should she just go to him and ask him?


Ale remembers meeting Marcela and agonizes.

Emiliano tells him he has an obligation to himself and Marcela, if he really loves her, to hear her out without yelling or interrupting her (its like Emil is psychic and saw they last time they “talked” ) Ale thanks Emil for the advice and gets up to leave and Penelope comes running in to tell them Marcela is in hospital, she passed out in the street.


The doc tells Oct Marcela is stable and they’ll contact her fam, so Oct leaves to go get dressed since she’s been running around in a pink bathrobe all this time.

Hotel Hell

Mauro tries to check w/the front desk if there are any messages for him, but he’s interrupting the clerk’s show and she waves him away. And here’s Severo wanting to talk to him, hoping he’ll be discreet. Mauro is all ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I am very discreet’

The desk lady tells them she can’t hear her show and they better shut up or go away. (That’s some unique customer service they’ve got going there at hotel hell.) Severo “suggests”, while showing Mauro his gun, they take a walk so they can talk. Mauro is terrified and tries to make excuses; walking isn’t good for his health, he’s got to meet Oct. Severo though is pulling him along, when Oct to the rescue, she comes in breathlessly and tells Severo she’s been looking all over for him, she’s really gotta talk to him, let’s go back to my camper, I’ll change and we can talk. Severo agrees and drags Mauro along with them by the arm.

When they get to the camper (y’know now that I notice, that camper is pretty nice, for a horse trailer, even on the outside, nobody I know has one anywhere near that nice. Timo must’ve really shelled out) Severo waits outside while Mauro and Oct go inside to change. Mauro is panicking, sure he’s gonna kill them, but Octavia has a plan, Mauro sneaks out the window and she meets with Severo. No cops! Mauro is gonna go check on Marcela, and Octavia will take care of Severo.

Oct calls to Severo through the door, keeping him busy while Mauro climbs out the window on the opposite side.

El V

ML asks her mom where Marcela is and is unpleasantly surprised to hear she went after Alessandro. Sagrario just can’t with her anymore and walks away.

Rosa answers the kitchen phone; it’s the hospital calling to tell Sagrario about Marcela. Sagrario says she’s on her way.


Ale and Emil hear from the doc that Marcela fainted and hit her head, but she’s stable now, they’re just waiting for the test results. Alessandro goes in to see her, she’s got a bandage over her eyes, and she immediately starts babbling about how she’s gotta explain and they have to make things right, cause she can’t be ok if things with him aren’t ok. Actually she has no explanation, but she’s positively sure that she only cares about and wants to be with him. He wants to wait and talk about it later when she feels better, he convinces her to relax and he’ll find Huracan. But she doesn’t want him to leave her and clings to his hand.

In the waiting room Mateo and Emil discuss the pros and cons of Alessandro being in Marcela’s life – extra stress vs true love.

Don T arrives, all right where’s the deceased – oh she’s not dead, good. But we’re gonna have to kill that rascal Huracan, nobody’s above the law, and he’s been accused of attempted murder and he did the crime. The sentence is death w/o anesthesia.

Mateo and Emil are horrified.

In the hospital room Ale tells Marcela he knows she still has the feels for Cami. She takes the bandage off and tells Alessandro she thought that was love, but then she met him and now she knows there’s a huge difference between what she felt for Camilo and what she feels now for Alessandro. She’s still Cami’s friend but the love just ain’t there.

He really needs to believe her.

She really really needs him to believe her.

He does believe her (whew) *make up kisses*

Somewhere by the hot springs

ML waits for her dad to bring her the necklace – he better not mess with her, nobody messes with Maria Laura Morales, especially not her dad.

Camper/Horse Trailer/Meeting Room

Octavia takes charge of the meeting; ‘why don’t you put the gun on the table so nobody gets shot. Look you’re a murderer and I’m a businesswoman, it could be a match made in heaven. So let’s get down to business shall we?’

Severo again claims he doesn’t know what Oct is talking about, but Oct quickly lets him know she knows he killed his lawyer and there’s no mistake, now put the pistol on the table and lets negotiate.

All she wants in return for her silence is that he sell his part of El V to her. Severo wants more $$ than she’s offering, but Oct knows she’s got him over a barrel and lets him know it too. She says Mauro is recording this convo and will tell the police and Timo if he doesn’t accept her offer. Severo agrees since he has no choice, but he wants the $$ right away. Oct says if he signs the papers over today she’ll pay him the same afternoon, but if he double crosses her she’s got influential friends and she’ll have them investigate where Mike went, very thoroughly. They shake on it and Oct says it’s a pleasure doing business with him. Severo wishes he could say the same.

Hospital room

The doc interrupts the make up kisses to tell them the test results show Marcela took a powerful narcotic. But Marcela says she’s never taken narcotics, confusion abounds. The doc says the drug she took can cause headaches and vision problems and even death if she keeps taking it so she needs to tell him what it was even if it was some kind of home remedy or tea. Marcela insists she doesn’t know what it was, that she didn’t take anything. Alessandro puts it together that somebody else drugged her. Marcela tells the doc what happened last night but she still doesn’t understand how it happened. Ale spells it out for her – somebody gave you sleeping pills and he thinks he knows who. The doc says she’s ok to go home, just get a food taster, actually he says be careful what you eat and drink. All Emil’s groundwork didn’t go to waste, Ale is sure Cami did it. ‘But ML brought me the coffee, and I’m sure she wasn’t planning on it putting me to sleep,’ Marcela says, ‘how could Camilo have drugged it? ‘  Ale is sure what happened is that Cami distracted her and put something in the drink when she wasn’t looking. ‘But how, he was so sick?’ – ‘naw it was all fake, he’s a big fake, the big stupid fake ‘  Ale insists it was Cami even though Marcela protests that Cami would never hurt her. Then Ale tells her Emiliano’s story about inviting Cami to recuperate away from Marcela and Alessandro and Cami refused so he could stay and split them up.

Secret Meet-up in El Vendeval

ML is pissed to have been stood up. Severo better watch out.

Hospital Waiting Room

Ale tells Emil, Mateo, and Mauro what Cami done. Bad Cami, bad. Mauro goes to tell Oct Marcela’s ok. Mateo goes to rescue Huracan.  Ale better call his folks and tell them it was all a misunderstanding/trap set for them so they’d misunderstand, but realizes he left his phone at the ranch. Emil loans his but Ale can’t get either parent to answer their cell so he calls the ranch. Rosa answers and Ale lets her know Marcela is ok and he’s with her. Rosa passes the phone to Sagrario who was just about to leave for town to see Marcela. Ale tries to get her to wait there and he’ll bring Marcela home, but Sagrario is impatient to see her girl, besides the taxi’s here to pick her up already. Ale asks to talk to his mom but Sagrario tells him his parents and Nisa already left, what with the fuss and all they didn’t feel comfortable staying.

Town Center

Ale’s family see his car in the square and get out and look for Alessandro. Luc calls his cell phone and Rosa answers, tells him Ale left his phone at the ranch and is in the clinic in town. Luciano doesn’t understand her simple answers and passes the phone to Silvana to translate.

Meanwhile Nisa is crying and whining all over the place b/c they’re takin her away with them just as she was connecting w/her cultural heritage and finding her roots.

Silvana asks Rosa which clinic in town and Rosa’s all The Clinic, the one in San Bartolo, see Marcela got all sick and fainted and they had to taker to the clinic.

Meanwhile Ale is calling around trying to find his folks and stop them leaving, the pilot says he’ll havem call before they go, but Ale’s gonna go try and findem.

Oct arrives at the hospital so glad Marcela is ok and so glad I could be there to help her when she needed me. Emiliano says he’ll see Sagrario and Marcela safely home and loans Alessandro his phone.

Municipal Offices of Don Timo

Don T tells Mateo he won’t release Huracan unless the horse pays his bail (or is that bale? *snork*) Mateo says that’s crazy, you can’t arrest an animal. Timo starts telling about that one time when they arrested a rooster. Eulogio comes in, he checked the civil code and it doesn’t say that horses have to pay bail. Plus, Mateo says, it wasn’t even Huracan’s fault. Marcela fainted cause she was drugged. And that animal drugged Marcela, that’s a crime, says Timo. Yes she was drugged by an animal responds Mateo but not that animal, it was Camilo not Huracan who drugged Marcela, so she wouldn’t get married.


Sagrario goes in to check on/talk to Marcela, tells her Ale went to find his folks so they don’t leave w/the wrong idea about her and tellser its time to kick Cami out or he’ll end up destroying her relationship w/Alessandro

Nuria’s Apt.

Cris is getting a ticket to San BP so he can be w/Alessandro in his hour of need. Nuria wants to go too, but Cris thinks its too rough a trip for her now, next time for sure though. She walks him out and they kiss outside their front door. Alba is standing outside the gate and sees them kissing. (I guess she decided to just go and ask Cris what the email meant)

Town Center

Ale finds his parents and gives them the good news. Luciano is obviously disappointed. Nisa looks worried about being found out.

Luciano thinks the whole thing is a tall tale, but Ale tells him the doc said she was drugged, there’s test results and everthing.

But what about the groans I heard, Nisa protests/whines. Yeah, his not hers, it was all part of his cunning plan so I would findem together and think what I thought. They still think it’s a pretty far fetched story, Luc especially, and Ale says ask the doc to explain it if he doesn’t believe him. Luc doesn’t want explanations, (he enjoys believing the worst of others) Ale believes in Marcela. Luc says lets see if she gets rid of that guy now, that’ll be the real test. Alessandro looks worried


Will Marcela kick Camilo to the curb?

Or will Camilo whine and cry and manipulate her one more time?

Will Nisa and Cami marry and make the whinyiest babies ever?

Will Luciano ever receive the swift kick he so richly deserves?

We’ll find out next time on Mujer de Vendeval, I guess.

Or will we?…..

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth! Ohhhhh, I think Nisa and Cami would make the whiniest babies ever. No babies anywhere would be whinier than their babies. *shudder* Timo and his freaky obsession with Huracan…I’m used to him being incompetent, but that was scary. I’m glad it didn’t drag on any longer. “y’know now that I notice, that camper is pretty nice, for a horse trailer, even on the outside” Ooh, true. It’s like one of those rock star tour buses, but smaller and easier to park. I’m just glad all’s well that end’s well and Al and Marcela are back together, but damn.… Read more »

3 years ago

He was there and Timo’s high on crack…uh, I mean power?

“She probably knows a guy who knows a guy she could flirt into giving her whatever.” That sums up ML so well!