Guerra de Ídolos Friday 6/23/17 #33

Episode 33: El Futuro de Julia

Básico and Valentín look at the wall of armed men on the sidewalk and tell the cop he’s absolutely right, they’re just here stirring up trouble and he should take them in.

Nu-uh, they only showed up to make sure things were ok in the BAR…it’s up to THEM to deal with those guys. And the cop, I kid you not, jumps into the SUV as it comes around the corner with the rest of the team and they speed away.

The shootout starts and it’s something like 10 to 2. By the time Valentín manages to get the truck started, they’ve both gotten shot.

JC Records

Lucía and Santiago are alone in the lounge. They’re not sure where Julia and Nico have gotten to. Maybe they’re off talking. Lucía suggests that they’re taking advantage, since Julia’s brother never lets her go anywhere alone.

Santiago says he’s a politician or something, so he’s got bodyguards. Lucía says his dad and grandpa have them too. Fans can be dangerous–look what happened to Julio César, right? So does Santiago have them?


No, fans. He’s a good singer. She decides he does deserve a prize. Doesn’t he want a prize? Santi smiles and they kiss…

And then Manara and Chalino interrupt. Oops. She’s just looking for Julia. Um, Santi thinks she’s with Nico somewhere. Manara goes off to look and Chalino tells them to relax, they’re in their house. He shakes his head and walks out.

Julia and Nico are in the recording studio. Clothes start coming off, but Julia doesn’t want to do anything here. She’s never “done it” with anyone. Nico gets it. He starts kissing her again and now Manara gets to interrupt them. She’ll, uh, wait outside. Nico apologizes, but he thinks she should go on without him…he’ll catch up.

In the hallway, Julia’s all crabby about Manara being there, but Manara says she has to tell her something important. She got Julia into a dance school in London. Julia shows an utter lack of enthusiasm. “You could have sent me a message.”

Right, but Manara missed her. She’s worried about leaving her alone. Julia knows she means leaving her alone with Amado. Manara says he’ll be busy, she’s sure he’ll let her go.

But now Julia’s worried about how she’s supposed to leave Nico.

“Don’t be so dramatic, it’s just six months.”

“It’s an eternity to me.” Does Manara want her to have to choose between Nico and her career like Manara had to?

Manara grumpily says EVERYONE has to make hard decisions. So is she going to London or not?


Isaac wakes up, wondering what happened. Mateo says “te reventaste” (you crashed) but everything’s going to be ok. He helps Isaac get his oxygen mask off. Isaac says everything hurts.

Mateo’s not surprised. He broke his leg, his arm, his collarbone. It’s a miracle he’s not in a wheelchair. Isaac whines about needing something for the pain. Mateo says he’ll go get it…and shuts the door.

He plops down on Isaac’s bed, not caring that Isaac starts moaning in pain. They thought he could be months waking up. He’s lucky. And that’s strange because Mateo didn’t think gamblers had luck.

So how much money does he owe? “You’re crazy!” Mateo puts pressure on Isaac’s shoulder and asks who messed up his sister’s life? It was Isaac’s fault. He lets up on the pressure and comforts him…then tells Isaac to tell him or it’ll hurt worse.

Isaac whines that he’s going to call the cops and Mateo tells Isaac he’s the one who would get arrested. He tells him to quit playing the victim. Who hurt Gilda?

Isaac starts talking about his gambling debts. He never thought they’d hurt her. Mateo challenges his use of “hurt.” She’s “sterile.”

Were the people he owed money to the “lenders” he talked about? Isaac admits they were. He swears he feels worse than Mateo.

And did he steal money from the family? Isaac says it was only a couple of times.

Mateo wants him to tell their dad everything. About Gilda, the money, his addictions, what trash he is. Isaac agrees, but he really needs the doctor to give him something–he can’t stand the pain.

There’s a knock at the door. Mateo opens the door for the doctor. “Oh, hey doc! He’s awake. It’s a miracle. I’m going to go tell the family you’re OK, bro.”

Lucho’s office

Lucho’s checking his empty gun box for no real reason. To remind us that it was his gun Isaac had, maybe? He puts the empty box in the filing cabinet and hurriedly shuts the file room door when Alexis knocks. He rushes to get the stupid camcorder set up (just wire your office for audio and video already) and let him in.

He says it’s been millions of years since he’s seen him. He hears his program, but that’s different. So, what can he do for him? Alexis says he came to help Lucho. Lucho needs to tell him everything he knows about Isaac Solar or they’ll kill him.

Rancho Zabala

Itzel’s getting ready to go out again. Rafa comes home and she says he’s lucky she could cover the bruises with makeup or he’d have the press all over him. Rafa reminds her to the public, she’ll always be his wife, an extension of him. He starts demanding to know who the f she’s going out with.

Itzel gives him a pitying look. He needs attention doesn’t he? He wants her attention? Rafa tells her not to try to distract him…then he starts grabbing at her and forcing his mouth on hers. He tells her no matter what she does, she won’t be able to forget him. Itzel looks at him like she wants to kiss him and says he’s the one who won’t be able to forget her…and then she knees him in the groin.

Itzel crows that Manara got what she needed for her career and she’s so digna (deserving? respectable?) that now she can be with the man she loves. They’re alike that way.

Casa Matamoros

Manara and Julia get home, still arguing about dance school. Manara doesn’t get it–she’s getting Julia out of the house temporarily, like she’s wanted, but now she doesn’t mind the guards? Julia says she loves dancing, but she’s also scared. She’s afraid Nicolas will forget about her.

Manara’s sure if he loves her, he’ll wait. It’s Europe! She’ll be at the best school and she’ll be able to grow. Julia agrees it would be incredible, but she’d need Amado’s permission and she doesn’t think he’ll give it. Manara’s going to talk to him. Things are changing.

Julia says while Manara tries to convince him, she’ll think about what she wants to do. She might not be as strong as Manara, able to leave everything behind for her career. They’re sisters, but they’re different.


Amado makes plans to see Alexis later to review his speech. He calls Rafa and wonders why he sounds funny. Rafa complains that Itzel won’t admit she’s with Lorenzo. Amado tells him to just wait and see what happens. Yeah, yeah, that’s so easy for him to say. Itzel’s all crecidita (puffed up) now.

Amado changes the subject–he checked and neither Lucho nor Leticia suspect them. They think it’s all about Isaac’s debts, so there’s no problem. Rafa says that only leaves Manara. Amado reminds him she won’t talk or she knows she’ll have a big problem–it’s the law of survival.

He wants Rafa to turn the page, look forward, have a successful tour, come back, and take everything from the Solars. Rafa says he has to see what happens to Isaac first. He keeps trying to call, but no one’s answering. He has to see if Isaac is going to die or if he’s going to live and be all repentant, because then Rafa’s screwed.


Valentín thinks they’ve lost the guys from Tijuana. Básico, bleeding, tells Valentín not to lose him. He’s in pain and he’s lost a lot of blood. Valentín complains that none of their phones work and the satellite phone only receives calls. Básico warns him not to take him to a hospital.

Mateo tells the family that Isaac is hurting, but he’s fine. Gilda gives Dylan attitude and Mateo tells her to calm down–Dylan did what he had to do. He asks Gilda to forgive him, but Mateo suggests they work this out later. Right now they need to stick together and keep Isaac from giving their mom a heart attack.

Anyway, he needs to go so she should keep her phone on. He’s not going to explain right now, but when he calls just make sure to answer.

He ends up at Davis’ house with Cafre holding him at gunpoint while he’s screaming about where his friends are and Davis is swanning around in her nightie and robe, hitting the drinks cart. She can’t believe he’s making this scene at her house. Mateo just wants to know where they are and he’ll go get them. Davis starts kissing him and we can see him gritting his teeth.

She can’t stand him being indifferent to her and she doesn’t care about sharing him. Mateo says they can talk about that later, but if she could please help him find Val and Bási. Instead of answering, she goes back to the booze cart.

In the truck, Básico is starting to pass out.

Davis calls the sat phone on her cell and passes it to Mateo. Valentín doesn’t know where they are, but they’re hurt. They passed Ensenada. Básico’s really bad and they’re running out of gas. Davis asks Cafre where’s the closest place she can send a little plane to get them and he says El Sauzal.

But that’s behind them–they’ll get killed. Mateo yells at him that it’s their only chance. Valentín starts turning the truck around and tells Básico not to die on him.

At the house, Cafre tries to get Mateo to calm down. Someone will meet them and give them first aid and he’ll go pick them up. Davis tells Mateo to listen to him or there are going to be four funerals instead of two. Cafre puts a hand on Mateo’s shoulder and says he’ll go get them. (Aww, Cafre’s growing on me.)


Mom assures Isaac she’s fine, but Belinda’s been sleeping all day. A nurse comes in to kick them out so Isaac can rest, but he asks his dad to stay for a second.

He’s sure Mateo told him some things. Yeah, he said Isaac wanted to talk to him–does he want to do that now? Yeah, he wants to tell him something even Mateo doesn’t know. What happened…was on purpose. “You’re saying you tried to kill yourself?”

Out in the hallway, Celestina wonders what the guys are talking about. Guy stuff, Gilda supposes. ‘Cause they’re guys. Well, Celestina wants to clear one thing up with Gilda. If she had problems with her blood pressure before, it was because of what happened to Julio César, but this time is different. She’s prepared. So what is going on with Isaac?

Gilda’s phone rings and she answers it. Mateo says he’s sending Chalino to bring her to where he is. Basico and Valentín got shot in Mexico. Gilda tells her mom it’s Mateo asking about Isaac. Mateo says Chalino will be there in half an hour, just get out any way she can. Celestina asks what that was about.

“Nothing.” She doesn’t buy it. Gilda tries saying Mateo’s just calling asking about Isaac. What he’s really saying is he’s sending Chalino to pick her up and he’ll be there in half an hour, so figure out a way to get out. When she gets off the phone, Celestina asks again what that was about and Gilda says it’s nothing. She can’t tell her everything everyone says to her!

Celestina: “You all wear me out.”

In the hospital room, Isaac’s still trying to get some pity from his dad. (Yeah, I said it.) He says he’s an alcoholic and that he has a lot of guilt…about his gambling debts. He played with the family money and lost and he didn’t dare tell Moisés. He decided he’d rather die instead.

Moisés tells Isaac suicide is the coward’s way out and the most selfish thing he could do. (And that may very well apply to Isaac, but that kind of statement is so hurtful to people who have lost family members to suicide that I really wish he hadn’t said it.)

Moisés isn’t going to tell Isaac’s mom. Not for her health, but because of his pride. Isaac whines that this is the first time he hasn’t felt his dad’s support. Well, it hurts that he sees it that way because Moisés has never stopped supporting him. (Hm. I’d say it’s more like he’s never stopped giving Isaac whatever he wants even if it’s not really in his best interest.)

Celestina barges in, tired of being treated like an “idiot” and demanding to know what is going on with Isaac. She wants him to tell her all of it. Behind her back, Moisés shakes his head, so Isaac says they were just talking about nothing and he’s really not up to talking right now, so….

The nurse comes back in to kick them out for real now because he needs to check Isaac’s bandages and Isaac needs rest. OK, but Celestina’s got ONE last thing to say and it’s that tomorrow they’re going to talk. Moisés face: “No, you’re not.”

Casa Matamoros

Amado gets home and finds Manara in the living room, reviewing the paperwork for that dance school in London. Amado says they’ll see about that later, but Julia’s already signed up. Manara’s going to pay for it with the money from her single. But Amado’s her guardian, so she needs him to sign here.

Before she gets his signature she actually needs his permission. Well, he said he would give her more freedom…yeah, but he didn’t mean sending her alone to Europe! Manara says she’s going to be watched the whole time. She doesn’t want Julia here without her.

Agustina comes in to tell them Amado’s “speech teacher” is here. Manara says he’s so aplicado (hard working). Amado ignores her and tells Agustina to send him in. Manara gives him a sweet smile and says his career should be his priority. She’ll shut up, help everyone get along…and he’ll sign.

Agustina brings Alexis in and he and Manara greet each other. She tells Amado to think about it and tell her tomorrow.

After she leaves, Alexis asks how it’s going with her. “It’s going.”

Casa Lorenzo

Itzel’s in bed with Lorenzo. She says she and Rafa had gone after each other verbally before, but now it’s getting physical. It’s a good thing he’s going on tour or this wouldn’t end well.

Lorenzo meant what he said–she can stay anytime she wants. He likes having her close.His cell phone rings…it’s Amado, calling to invite him over tomorrow to talk about the campaign. He wants his advice and he needs an action plan. And Lorenzo’s opinion is important to him.

Itzel wonders if Amado suspects something. Well, he’ll find out tomorrow. She asks him to be careful–Amado and Rafa play dirty. Lorenzo knows and he knows how too. He has a plan. Itzel asks what the plan is and he kisses her.

Casa Matamoros

Julia comes down to breakfast and hears that the trip is all arranged. Amado signed the paperwork. He beams about how much freedom they’re getting and how all of them are growing. He’s got his campaign and Manara’s going on tour and Julia will be studying.

“Well, if there’s no other option, OK.”

Amado’s confused–Julia wants another option? Manara says no, she’s not passing this up. Julia agrees–she won’t. She asks Amado to cancel her classes. She has something to do.

Amado hopes it’s not what he’s thinking. She and Manara are less alike every day. He wishes Manara liked Rafa and Julia would quit drooling over his son. He hopes Manara’s advising her well so she doesn’t end up pregnant. It would be the end of Julia’s career and Manara’s life–because she’d never get rid of Rafa. He’d be part of the family.

Manara says Julia can take care of herself, but Amado says she’s Manara’s responsibility. If she doesn’t want all their goodwill agreements ruined, she’d better be careful and she’d better take care of Julia.

Rancho Zabala

Itzel gives Daisy some instructions about putting things away in The Closet very carefully.

Neto comes in with Leticia, asking if she’s leaving again. Itzel says she’s going to a friend’s house. Neto harps on her use of “amiga” and Leticia pulls him out of there, saying they were just on their way outside, so let’s go, and good luck to Itzel.

Nicolas comes downstairs asking where she’s going. She explains that until his dad leaves for the tour, she can’t stand being there. She has somewhere to stay and she’ll call him later.

Julia shows up and Itzel reminds them she owes them a dinner, just say when.

Nico’s surprised to see Julia there. She says she needs to tell him something…in his room.

Nico thinks she’s being very mysterious, but he hasn’t seen anything yet. She sits him down on the bed, tells him to close his eyes and puts an eye mask on him. She came to say goodbye. She’s going to London for a while. She doesn’t want him to take the eye mask off yet…

She wants to show him how important he is to her and how much she wants him to wait for her. Nico says of course he’ll wait for her. She tells him to go ahead and take the eye mask off. She’s stripped down to her t-shirt and shorts and tells him she’s decided she wants him to be her first. Nico smiles. Julia nervously gulps.

Medical attention

Dylan helps Cafre and Mateo bring Valentín and Básico in. Cafre lays out towels so they don’t bleed all over Davis’ couch. Cafre complains that they need a doctor.

In walks Gilda. Mateo tells her the guys were playing a gig in Tijuana. Davis swans in, all animal print and snark, and says her brother was playing with fire and these two got hurt.

Gilda does her thing, telling Valentín to quit swigging tequila! A sedative would be better. Básico’s wound is through and through, but he’s losing a lot of blood. Everybody yells at her that they can’t go to a hospital, but Davis says she has a client who runs a clinic (of course she does). Mateo tells her to call.

Gilda asks him who she is. Uh, a promoter. Right–he criticizes Isaac and look who he’s involved with.

She gives Valentín a shot of painkiller and says they really need to get to that clinic NOW. Cafre says the boss is working on it. Dylan decides they should go check with her.

Mateo thanks Gilda. She asks him again who Davis is. “I told you.” She’s a promoter and he brought the guys to her to help them out.

Has he forgotten about Manara already? He makes a ridiculously confused face and asks what she’s talking about. “I’m a woman. I notice things.” She can see Davis has her eye on him and she’s not very “decent” from what Gilda can see. Mateo begs her to talk about this later. Somewhere else.

“Fine, whatever.” She warns him to be careful with her, and even more if he’s doing business with her. Mateo revives the schtick of early episodes and tells Gilda he doesn’t like her.

When she’s ready to go, Mateo asks Dylan to take her back. It will give them a chance to talk. Mateo tells Gilda that Dylan supported her, so she should trust him. Dylan thinks she should listen to her brother–he knows.

Davis tells Gilda it was a pleasure to meet her. Gilda says “Same here” as she turns her back on Davis. She tells the guys to get better.

Valentín thinks Básico’s getting some color back. Básico jokes that it’s just another stripe on the tiger. Davis mocks them for thinking it’s so funny now–earlier they were acting like they were on the way out. They complain she abandoned them. Well, whatevs, they survived.

She didn’t want to say anything in front of Gilda, but the client heard and he told her to give them this–an envelope. So now they can see El Diplomático keeps his word. There’s cash in the envelope, obvs. She says this is just the beginning. Mateo scoffs that Valentín’s arm’s probably not hurting so much now. Valentín just smiles.

Lorenzo and Elena are just getting to Amado’s when Manara’s on her way to work out. After greeting them, she tells them Amado’s up in his office and calls Mateo. He says Isaac broke all his bones, but he’ll be ok. They make plans to get together later and work on songs.

Davis apologizes–she lost her head before. She was angry at his indifference. Well, Mateo apologizes too–they’ve been mixing things up since the beginning. They should probably take some time to find out if they CAN be partners, and not let their arguments kill people.

Davis still wants to be his partner. Mateo says he’ll be more clear from now on. Which in no way explains why he lies to her and says he’s going to go see his brother. He asks her to call and tell her what clinic the guys are at. He kisses her on the cheek while she’s still so obviously angling for more.


Isaac admits to his mom that he has problems with gambling and he was embarrassed to tell them. He’s been feeling alone lately, like he doesn’t fit in this family. Everyone’s been so endiosado (absorbed) with the label…

Celestina tells him not to play the victim. (Oh, thank you for saying it!) He’s been spoiled by his dad. “He’s the only one,” Isaac whines. His brothers excluded him, Gilda’s busy studying. Gambling was his refuge.

She says his problem is he’s resentful. So what is he going to do now? Isaac doesn’t know. He’s going to take this second chance, improve his future, be the singer he’s always wanted to be.

Moisés comes in with a “surprise.” It’s Rafa. He’s glad Isaac’s doing better–he came over as soon as he heard the good news. A nurse comes in and announces it’s bath time so they all need to get out.

Moisés talks to Rafa about this idea he has to do an homage album for the first anniversary of Julio César’s death. He wants Rafa to sing, of course, and his dad, his sons, his friend Bianco. Rafa’s sure he could get Bianco to do that if he talks to him. And Manara should be on it–she’ll be a hit everywhere by then.

Rafa goes to check on Isaac.

Celestina likes Moisés’ idea, but why does he insist on involving Rafa in these plans? He says he wants to distract him–to use him, frankly. It’ll be easier if Rafa feels like they care about him. He has contacts for distribution and the more money they make, the easier it will be to buy him out.

Rafa asks Isaac how it’s going. “How do you think?” Rafa mentions the tribute album idea, but Isaac knows that’s not why he’s there.

OK, he came to see if after everything that happened, Isaac has forgotten what they agreed to.

Celestina doesn’t think it’s going to be so easy to distract and use Rafa. And if Moisés makes more money, Rafa makes more money too. They’re partners, after all.

Moisés says he has 70% and Rafa has 30%. And with the money from royalties coming in, if they sell the house in Houston, he can use the time Rafa’s on tour to get the money together and buy him out when he gets back. And then the company will be 100% theirs like he promised. “Trust me.” (I don’t.)

Rafa thinks Isaac’s going to need money, since he won’t be able to play again. Isaac says that’s true. (I question it, but then rehab takes hard work and Isaac’s obviously allergic to that.)

And it’s also true they both want to break Mateo. Rafa should get back out there. His mom’s probably filling his dad’s head with stuff.

Rafa issues a warning–if Isaac turns his family against Rafa, he gets nothing.

Uh, no, without Isaac, Rafa has nothing.

After what happened, he sees what his family thinks of him. His dad feels sorry for him, his mom doesn’t respect him, and his siblings look down on him. Rafa’s going to give him money and let him be involved in his business so he can show them how wrong they are.

Rafa says Isaac can count on him. That’s just what he wanted to hear. Because to take control of the label Rafa’s going to need one thing he doesn’t have–the last name. To get rid of Moisés, Isaac needs to be president. So Rafa had better support him or they have no deal. (On what planet?! Even Rafa looks confused.)

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3 years ago

Thanks Kat for the recap.

All I can say is I hope you see why I haaaaaate Isaac and Rafa more than I hate Amado. Why didnt Isaac just die? Ugh!

3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina


3 years ago
Reply to  Euvee

Don’t worry, Isaac totally lost me this episode. I’m hating him as much as I hate Rafa and Amado now.

3 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Welcome to the dark side … he he he he…

3 years ago

Thank so much Kat. I especially like that you called out Moises for the suicide comment: “And that may very well apply to Isaac, but that kind of statement is so hurtful to people who have lost family members to suicide that I really wish he hadn’t said it.”

Not to mention that these sort of attitudes also torture people who have survived suicide attempts.