La Mujer del Vendaval Tuesday 2/07/17 #60

Ok so I didn’t record the first 10-12 minutes of this episode, so we’re gonna start with what we know from the last episode:

Alessandro wanted his parents to come back to El V with him because Marcela is innocent. The fam is not so sure.

Alba went to Cris & Nuria’s place, probably to ask Cris what that last email from “Chopin” was about. As she was arriving Cris was leaving and Alba saw Cris and Nuria kissing outside their front door.


Now my episode starts with Cris and Alba talking. Cris is protesting that he’s not a womanizer nor is he playing with her feelings, he’s always tried to be nice to her, not only because she’s treated him so nicely but also because he’s really grown fond of her. He really doesn’t know anything about any emails.

Fond is not the description for his feelings Alba was hoping to hear from him, she quotes “Chopin’s” last email at him, the one that starts ‘beloved Alba’, she’s read it so many times she memorized it. She’s still sure he wrote that to her, and now it makes sense.

Cristian swears he never wrote that or any other emails to Alba he doesn’t know who did.

(my recording cuts out here for a couple of minutes)


Then Eulogio and Don Timo are discussing Camilo and how his jig is up at the ranch.

Also Don T has some romantic problems w/Octavia which he’s planning to solve by telling big fat lies, so as to gain some time so he can win Oct’s heart.


Maria Laura pounds on the door of a red and white house (Don Timo’s?) looking for her dad but only finds Lencho. Lencho tries to tell her how he got attacked last night (whew, was it only last night, it seems so long ago) ML just laughs disbelievingly at everything he says, but she does go in the house with him, mostly probably to wait for her dad to come back.


Back to Alba and Cris. He tries to convince her he was always showering her with compliments because they’re true and he likes her a lot, but there could never and can never be anything more between them because – because Nuria, Alba interrupts, and here I was so dumb I thought her and me could be friends.

And now Cris finds out Alba and Nura have been meeting secretly, and I’m pretty sure Alba still doesn’t know Cris and Nuria are married cause she just cut him off when he was about to tell her.

Alba just feels dumb for building castles in the air and wants to get away, but Cris holds her back and tells her its all his fault, cause he really does like her so much and if things were different maybe they could have had something and he probably got carried away and let too much of his feelings show b/c she is any man’s fantasy inside and out, so except for the emails she wasn’t reading him wrong.

‘So then why,’ she pleads, ‘why do you like Nuria better? Is it cause she’s so pretty and she’s your fantasy too?’

No, Alba, Cris says sadly, she’s my wife.

Alba is shocked to learn this and Cris explains how Nuria didn’t want anybody to know, cause jealousy. Now Alba feels even more stupid and leaves sadly and Cris has a face on that says he knows he screwed up big time.


ML and Lencho recline on his bed and neck. ML tells him how she needs somebody to keep an eye on her dad and report his every move to her and make sure he doesn’t run off. Lencho volunteers himself. ML’s phone rings and she drops Lencho like a hot potato to answer Nisa’s call. Nisa left a msg before but ML was suuuper busy and could get back to her or stte. Nisa says she and the folks are on their way back to the ranch, since what they thought happened didn’t happen. Since Nisa is with her parents she tells ML the version they know, that Cami made it look like, you know, and they should talk when she gets back.

ML is upset her plan fell through and heads back to the ranch to meet Nisa, leaving poor Lencho all alone and all het up.


Don Timo goes to July’s to try to get the camera back. July’s mad at Timo and there’s some back and forth about not giving the camera back and how she knows all the dirt on him and if she opens her mouth things could get pretty hot for him. Timo pleads with her not to be mad at him, he’s not himself, he’s got a midlife crisis and male menopause all at the same time. But the doc said once he marries Octavia it’ll all go away. July is not pleased to learn he plans to marry Oct and Timo doesn’t seem to be trying very hard to sweeten her or convince her she still has his “heart”. She ends up pushing him out of her house and throwing the camera up in the air. It goes way up and takes a long time coming down but Timo catches it. Timo’s happy and July’s even madder


Cris goes back inside to confront Nuria about meeting w/Alba in secret. He thought they talked about this, what is her deal. Nuria is all, ‘wait, she told you? I asked her not to’, and that is not the way to go in this conversation. Cris gets mad and asks if she really thought he was cheating on her
Nuria goes, no but you know I was all jealous and stuff and its really obvious you really like her. And Cris is all, yeah like not love. But Nuria goes, I needed to know if she loves you and she totes does I can tell. Cris is all, yeah you’re right, happy now? And Nuria says ‘See I was right, and she even sought you out to tell you she loves you and she’s young and healthy and you’re gonna end up leaving me’.

Cris says, ‘you’re right she’s all those things and I just told her there can never be anything between her and me because I’m married to you’. Nuria is surprised, ‘even though she came to see you and tried to seduce you?’

Cris – ‘do you really not know me at all?’

Nuria – ‘I know you’re hawt and lotsa women are dying to get their hands on you and I know she’d do anything to be with you. ‘

Cris – you’re so wrong. She wouldn’t and neither would I. What did I ever do to make you trust me so little? Where’s the secure, sane woman I married? Where’s your self-respect? (ok Cris getting a little harsh there, you just admitted you were pretty gone over Alba and everyone could see it) I don’t even recognize you any more; think about who you want to be, while I’m gone, cause I gotta blow.


Alba walks back to the hotel and cries, Inez meets her and asks what’s wrong and Alba cries on her shoulder about how she’s the stupidest girl in the world for getting her hopes up and falling in love with a married man, who is Cristian.

Alba tells Inez the whole story bout how the emails plus Cris being so extra nice plus the flowers gave her the wrong idea and everything. Inez says you didn’t know he was married and it could easily happen to anybody. Alba is just tearing into herself for falling for a married man and she’s mad cause Nuria didn’t tell her and she totally humiliated herself in front of Cris.

Inez says, Nuria’s probably just insecure after they were separated for all those months and Alba asks why they were separated, did they fight? with a note of hope in her voice.

Inez goes, wait, you don’t know? Nuria had to go to Houston because she was diagnosed with cancer. Whoa.

Inez tells Alba the story of how Nuria, learning she was sick, went away alone to get better and was gone for months. She just got back a couple of days ago. Alba had no idea about any of this and now feels even worse for falling for Cris. Inez doesn’t want her to feel bad, probably Cris didn’t tell her b/c it was so personal. In fact, only Inez knew she was sick, everybody else thought she went abroad to take some classes. Inez says sometimes we fall for the wrong person but that doesn’t make us bad people, we just have to try to choose better next time. Just try to stop thinking about it.

Back at the Ranch

Marcela (remember her? its been a while since we’ve seen her) gets everybody back to the house and says she’s gonna clear this thing w/Camilo up once and for all. Just wait right here and you’ll see how I deal with him. Marcela and Ale head off to Cami, Sagrario heads off in the other direction and Nisa and Luc go to follow Marcela till Silvana calls them back and tells them to letem fix their problems on their own for once, doncha dare interfere. Hey Luc only came all the way out here to see the end of the drama, he’s not gonna miss this. Sil insists they wait for the resolution and not stick their noses where they’re not called for. Nisa too.
Marcela opens the door to Alba’s room and Camil greets her with a mi amor and says now that the interloper’s gone we can….. Then he sees Ale just behind Marcela and notices the look on Marcela’s face.

Marcela says git your stuff and get out Camilo, this time its for ever. (Hit the road Cami and doncha come back no more no more no more, hit the road cami and doncha come back no more)

But, but Marcela, what happened?

Don’t even dude, we know you set Marcela up last night.

I don’t know whatcher talking bout.

Oh please you know exactly.

Silvana, Nisa and Luc are all clustered oustide the bedroom door listening in. Sagrario comes and joinsem.

You drugged Marcela and then made it look like you two were together

But I’m hurt –

You’re fakin

Nuh unh

Marcela tells Camilo how hurt she is that he would hurt her after all she’s done for him and defended him and now she doesn’t even feel guilty any more for falling in love with someone else.

She’s sick of his crap, he can either get out or she’s throwin him out but he’s leaving today. She won’t risk her marriage for him no more.

Ale says Mateo’s comin and he’ll get ya and take ya to town cause we don’t even want you at his house, got it punk.

Marcela goes to leave and Camilo calls her back – but it wasn’t like that, I swear –

Tell it to somebody who still believes you, you creep, she says over her shoulder as she walks away.

Ale leans close and tellsim – don’t even think about suing us for a work related accident, or you will be sorry. And leaves triumphantly.


Now the folks head back to the sala and Nisa whines that none of that was for realz its just to get Ale to believe Marcela is innocent and blame it all on Cami. Silvana says but the doc said strong tranquilizers were in Marcela’s system. Luc thinks Marcela is capable of paying off the doctor to say whatever she wanted to so she can keep Alessandro. Sagrario is standing right there and looks all insulted and shocked as she says I can tell you don’t know my niece sir. And Silvana practically begs Luc to be more objective (and less of an ass) and accept the facts and the test results, and Sagrario mentions the headache Marcela had too as supporting evidence.

Marcela comes in and sez have Rosa get Cami’s stuff together and Mateo will be here in a while to take him to town. Sagrario will see to it.

Marcela hopes now Luc is convinced she’s not a bad person (and I hope for peace and love for everybody but neither of us is gonna get what we want.) All Luc knows is she’s got a strong will. The rest he’s not convinced. Ale don’t care if he ain’t, its good enough for Al, it should be good enough for them too.

Marcela says she knows they need some time to get to know her and that’s why she hopes they’ll stay for a few more days. So she can treat em nice like she wanted to all along. All she wants is to make a better impression. – C’mon stay, I love your son and he loves you, why can’t we all get along.


On the way to the ranch Cris calls the hotel and leaves a msg w/Sandra for Alba to call him.


Silvana says she has no problem staying a couple more days.
Rosa brings Alessandro his phone, its Cris calling. Ale thanks his mom for being so understanding and asks his dad to try to be more flexible and takes the call.

Nisa and Luc will stay but Luc is only staying to make sure Marcela signs that paper, and this changes nothing. Silvana looks like she has a headache.


Cris is on his way to El V and also Luc called and said to draw up divorce papers, what’s going on there? Ale is all, oh dad *sigh* Ok well lots of stuff has been happening but everything’s ok now, you don’t have to come here or get me divorced, but if you wanna take a couple of days off… Cris would rather have Ale explain what’s going on so Ale tells Cris the whole story. Cris says don’t tell your dad I told you, but he also asked me to draw up papers where Marcela relinquishes all claim to all your stuff, she’d almost be banned from all Toscana hotels. – What!?!?

In The Trailer

Octavia tells Mauro of her negotiation triumph. They’re signing this afternoon, and then it will be hers, all hers mwahahaha. (hers is an evil laugh) Mauro thinks she’s playing with fire, Severo is a dangerous guy. Oct thinks Severo is an idiot and she’s got him right where she wants him.

Lencho’s room

Lencho is practicing his singing and guitar playing when Severo comes to see how he’s doin – better thanks – do you remember who hit you yet? – nope but ML came to see you – oh yeah I forgot all about her, tell her I’m sorry something came up and we can get dinner in the next town over tonight k?

Lencho says he’ll tell her and goes back to the guitar. (he’s pretty good)


In their bedroom Alessandro tells Marcela the wedding is back on and she’s all, you sure?

– Unless you have some other idiot ex hanging around somewhere….

Marcela has no more exes and is so relieved he didn’t leave her before her innocence was proved.

Ale – yeah, about that contract my dad wants you to sign…
Marce – wait, who told you about that?
Ale – doesn’t matter, but I don’t want you signing it.

He’s all mad his dad would come up with something like that and try to get Marcela to sign it behind his back and Marcela confesses it was actually her idea, she was hoping it would convince Luc she wasn’t after his $$ and make him like her.

Ale’s still not on board. She’s not signing and that’s final.


Nisa goes to Cami and Cami whines for a while about how Marcela hates him now.

Nisa – ooh poor baby I hear you have to leave, we had no idea ML’s drops would lead to all this, Marcela ended up in the hospital and everything. So Nisa tells him all about the drama of the day.


Alba & Inez get back to the hotel and Sandra gives Alba the message to call Cris as Alba tries to hide that she’s been crying. Alba doesn’t want to call Cris and goes to leave and there’s Nuria right behind her.

Ranch Courtyard

Luciano is wandering around trying to get a cell signal and Al comes up to tell him Marcela isn’t signing any damn paper and that’s it and he better stop hassling her. Luc is all, oh she told you huh, so you’d rescue her. Ale goes no she didn’t tell me I just found out and I forbid her to sign it b/c I’m sick and tired of how you judge her. Luc says cut the attitude punk. Ale says you’re not perfect, and its pretty hypocritical of you to be saying things about anyone else’s behavior when you cheated on my mom w/some other woman.

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth! My recording skipped entirely, so I had no idea what actually happened in this episode. It’s weird, ever since Al’s parents have shown up time slowed down so much. The sad thing is it means more Luciano ranting. He’s never going to give up, is he? Never going to give up and never going to shut up. He’ll be lying on his deathbed calling Marcela a thief and a liar. I’m glad the Nuria lie and Cris/Chopin confusion is over. I’m confused, though, she was gone for “months” and that was enough for Cris to act like he… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

At this point Luciano can’t back down, he’s been so vocal about Marcela that he can’t change his mind now, his pride wouldn’t let him. Which means we get even more of his crap. 🙁 The whole thing with Cris just confuses me. Maybe he’s not very aware of his feelings and behavior and didn’t realize what he was doing or why he was doing it. Maybe secretly, without even admitting it to himself, he thought Nuria was going to die and was just, I don’t know, mentally moving on a little early? I’,m trying to give him the benefit… Read more »

3 years ago

Ooh, moving on early. Yeah, I could see that.