La Mujer del Vendaval Wednesday 2/08/17 #61

Who knows what round this is

Luciano’s still on about how awful Marcela is. And he IS qualified to judge because that one time he cheated totally doesn’t count because he “corrected” his mistake “in time.”

Yeah, Al doesn’t grant him the moral high ground and he’s pissed off about this stupid contract thing. He thinks it harms the trust he has in Marcela. He’s done arguing with Luc–he’s marrying Marcela whether he likes it or not. Cris can draw up paperwork if Luciano doesn’t understand.

Luciano says if Al marries her, he’s fired.

How’s he going to fire an employee all by himself? He’s only the majority shareholder with Silvana’s shares included and Al doubts she’s going to throw in with Luc on this. Al said they’re settling this now and he meant it. So, Luciano’s not firing him–he quits!

Luciano smarms about Al giving up the life Luciano’s money grants him to live in this…rot. (Is it even Luciano’s money? Did he have money before he married Silvana?) Al doesn’t see it as rotting, this is heaven to him. It’s Luciano’s reputation that’s rotting. Al wants to fight for this ranch and the woman he loves.

Displeased Maria Laura watches him walk away from Luc across the courtyard.


Nuria catches Alba on her way out with Inés. Alba’s furious about Nuria’s little game. Oh yeah, she knows everything–about their marriage and Nuria’s illness.

Alba and Nuria sit down for coffee, but Alba says this is the LAST time. Nuria apologizes and Alba says she sho’nuf did go about things the wrong way. She doesn’t give an inch. OK, Nuria was sick and feeling insecure and seeing Alba in a dress that no longer fit her body was rough. And Cris and Alba were giving each other looks and other people noticed them.

But here’s the deal, Cris never started anything. Alba fell for him.

Cris never came on to her…there were these emails, but that turned out not to be him…so, yeah, she made a mistake and it’s all cleared up now that she’s talked to Cris. So Nuria can chill.

Alba was raised to deal with things openly and she has no intention of stealing Nuria’s husband. She’s going to get over him. Nuria scoffs. Hey, Alba’s not interested in being “the other woman” or hurting any of the three of them. Especially not after what Nuria’s been through with her illness. She hopes Nuria and Cristian can patch things up. He deserves someone who loves him and believes in him.

Alba insists on paying for coffee so they can be even.

Inés invites Alba over to her place later to have coffee and talk. Cristian calls and Alba tells him she knows everything. She understands his need for affection now. She hopes he takes good care of Nuria. She’s leaving the Toscana. How could she possibly stay and see him every day? He can’t ask that of her!

Inés comforts Alba after she hangs up.

Just go already!

Nisa packs Camilo’s bags. Maria Laura comes in and asks what’s going on. They tell her the plan totally blew up. Camilo wants to rat ML out, but it’s his word against ML and Nisa, because ML has dirt on Nisa. He’s just going to have to leave the ranch. Nisa hopes this will help him get over Marcela.

Mateo’s ready to drive Camilo into town and he doesn’t care what happens to him after that.

Valeria gets the story about Camilo, but she seems more impressed than anything else. She mocks Emiliano for also being interested in Marcela and wonders what’s so special about her. (She’s not a creep?) Emiliano ignores the question, but pats himself on the back for getting Al and Marcela back together.

Nisa’s weeping over the loss of Camilo. ML says this isn’t Armageddon. Digo, “The end of the world” for Ms. Never Turns On A TV To Get Some Culture Nisa. In fact, this is great for her–Camilo’s free to date whoever he wants now. He’s no more help to ML anymore, not even as decoration. Oh, Nisa finds him totes decorative! She’s not letting him die alone!

Can’t just let it go, can you?

Marcela tells Sagrario that Al’s out getting more buyers for the harvest. They’re still waiting to hear back from the bank about their proposal.

Maria Laura comes running in to talk to Marcela and Sagrario decides she’s got stuff to get back to. Well, anyways, totally by accident, Maria Laura just happened to overhear Al and his dad screeching at each other. And daddy said he was going to fire him and cut him off and leave him penniless in the street!

Marcela tells Silvana she heard about Luciano threatening to fire Al if he marries her.

Ugh, yeah, he would threaten that–but no worries. He’d need her vote to get rid of Al and he’s not getting it.

Marcela’s also worried about the agreement with Luciano. If she signs it, Al will be upset, but if she doesn’t then Luciano will be upset. Silvana tells her not to worry about making anyone happy but the guy she’s married to and marrying. And she thinks they should focus on the important thing…the wedding arrangements.

Marcela wants something simple. She didn’t realize she was going to have to contend with what Silvana wants, which is to throw them a wedding as fan-frickin-tabulous as their love for each other. (Will there be fireworks? And a masks? Just asking for a friend….)

Marcela’s going to talk the wedding plans over with Al and see what he thinks. Silvana’s going to go track down Luciano and see if she can get him to calm down. Marcela thinks he went into town. *worried Silvana face*

Silvana turns down a ride into town. She’ll let him blow off steam and wait for him to come back. Sandra calls so Alba can quit.

Alba’s sorry, but she’s too homesick. Silvana passes the phone to Marcela to get the real story, but Alba won’t tell her over the phone and hangs up on her.


Amadeo’s angry that Roman still hasn’t bothered to call him. Ilse is worried about what might have happened to him. It’s Penelope to the rescue again–she heard a guy talking about Roman. Yeah, this guy and his buds saw Roman wandering toward San Jacinto. Amadeo leaves Penelope in charge while he and Ilse go to San Jacinto.

Emiliano’s new office is still being painted. Roman made all these arrangements, but no one’s seen him today.

Amadeo and Ilse track Roman to the bar, but the owner knows he’s already left the jail and is on his way to the capital.

Mr. Impeccable Morals goes to town

Luciano’s stalking Valeria. Somehow Em is going in one door to the house while she’s coming out another and Luciano and Emi miss each other. Luciano follows her.

Valeria wonders if Luc isn’t worried about running into someone he knows while they’re strolling along arm in arm. Nope. They’re not doing anything wrong. Valeria says Silvana made her feel so unworthy back when they were cheating before. Luciano says she doesn’t have to feel that way now. She’s rich and respectable and still beautiful. (So what you’re saying is…?) And Alessandro already knows he cheated.

Luciano says the info came out during a fight, but Al doesn’t know it was her. She says he’d better not find out! Her brother’s friends with Al and Marcela and she wouldn’t want to be embarrassed that way. Luciano says Silvana’s the one who told him–probably to take away some of his authority and try to keep him from busting up the wedding.

Oh, he doesn’t like Marcela? She’s nice enough, but Valeria can tell there are huge differences between her and Alessandro.

Lies and surprises

Al comes to the horse trailer to ask Octavia why she made an offer on El Vendaval.

He heard from Mateo. Octavia says Timo showed her around town once, looking for a little country house, and when she met Marcela and heard she was having financial problems she made her an offer, but she didn’t know her. Someone named Felgueres is calling Oct but she ignores the call. But yeah, she wouldn’t be able to pay off the debt…and she hears Al can’t either. Nope, nope, because Marcela won’t let him.

But he still wants to save the ranch. Right now they’re looking at making a better profit on the harvest and having Al invest some money. Octavia’s like “Wow, you really are in love.” No, no, she’s ok with talking about it and she’s, like the biggest supporter of his marriage.

Al hopes she does find herself a country house. Especially now that she’s in such a good position to retire. What with Damiana’s inheritance and all. Octavia was her sole heir. Octavia looks surprised.

Damiana’s lawyer did try to call her, but she was so upset she just ignored all his calls. Alessandro keeps talking about her being rich and Octavia’s just not getting it. He has to explain–he gave Damiana a LOT of stuff through the year-long divorce process and now it’s all hers. She can tell his dad she quits with her head held high, like she always wanted.

Anyway, he’s gotta get back to the ranch. He leaves behind a confused Octavia.

Oh, right the F guy is the one from Interbanco and he has that repayment plan from Al and Marcela.

Camilo on his own

Mateo dumps Camilo off with Emiliano. Except for no, because Emi offerED him a place to stay, but the offer no longer stands. Camilo proudly limps off, if such a thing is possible.

Camilo checks in at the Hotel Hell. Eulogio sees him, so that means Timo’s going to know soon. He helps Camilo get up the stairs.

Timo shows up to yell at Camilo. He mixes up a Vicente Fernandez song with a quote from Octavio Paz. Eulogio goes along with it.

Nisa gets to the Hote’hell looking for Camilo. She interrupts the owner watching fútbol. At least I hope that’s fútbol and not a novela, but maybe some people like to shout “GOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!” for smoochies. Anyway, he’s in Room 8.

Nisa makes it to the room and she’s instantly squicked by it. He’s grumpy and whining about how he’s lost everything and wouldn’t be surprised to get hit by lightning. (Dude…don’t say that in this place. You’re practically out in the open.) Nisa still thinks he can forget Marcela, but Camilo’s still on about how Alessandro’s where HE should be.

He lets slip about the inheritance, but Nisa breaks it to him that Severo’s the one who got all the money from Marcela’s mom, not Marcela.

So now that he knows, he can forget Marcela, right? And focus on Nisa? Camilo thought bubbles that he’ll get revenge on Al through Nisa.


Mateo finds Severo in town to ask when he’s going to give Sagrario a divorce. Sev intends to stay married to her as long as he damn well pleases. Mateo starts swinging…and the incriminating letter opener falls out of Sev’s pocket. Ohhhhh, it’s on now….

Eulogio and Timo happen upon the fight and pull them apart. Timo not-jokes that Sev’s nearly dead, so just let him die on his own. Eulogio gives him one of those “You’re not supposed to say that,” looks. Mateo starts screaming for Sev to confess. When he won’t, Mateo says he’s going to get Sagrario to press charges. Timo figures they’re supposed to let Mateo go.

Timo’s so often wrong that it’s surprising when he’s right. After hearing Mateo’s ranting in the alley, he doesn’t believe Sev’s story that he just walked into El Vendaval, found the papers and got out and Sagrario wasn’t even home. He and Eulogio trade suspicious looks.

Timo sure hopes Severo wasn’t up to something, because if Mateo presses charges, he’s not going to be able to help him. He advises Severo not to try to get revenge on Mateo…because of some quote that in no way applies to the revenge Timo wants on whoever attacked Lencho. He explains about July and the camera and invites Sev over to watch the footage on the flat screen later.

Mateo gets back to the ranch and tells Sagrario that he fought with Sev and Sev had the letter opener. So…he’s the one who hurt her? He grabs her face and I seriously gasped out loud. She’s already been hurt enough, Mateo!

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Aaah Mateo! I get that he’s upset but he’s getting too emotional and he needs to be careful with her. She’s the one who got hurt and he needs to think about her first. Mateo just gets all distraught and forgets how distraught Sagrario is. “what Silvana wants, which is to throw them a wedding as fan-frickin-tabulous as their love for each other. (Will there be fireworks? And a masks? Just asking for a friend….)” Yes! This show needs more masks and fireworks! There have been times I’ve wanted to shout gooooal when a couple I particularly liked finally got… Read more »