Guerra de Ídolos Monday 6/26/17 #34

Episode 34: Isaac a la presidencia

Rafa doesn’t think Isaac’s in a position to make demands. Isaac just wants the title–Rafa will have all the power. Isaac wants to throw it in their faces. He wants lots of money and no one judging him, but Rafa will have the control.

Rafa doesn’t trust him–he’s always changing his demands. Well, they’re doing something big here. JC’s royalties are coming in and Isaac has nothing but time to wait.

Rafa should go now so no one suspects them.

Campaign meeting

Selva greets Lorenzo and Elena and then walks out of Amado’s office to make a phone call. Is that a camera in Amado’s keys? (And more importantly, where can we get one for Lucho so he can ditch the camcorder?)

Amado hands Lorenzo his “manual,” The Art of War. Lorenzo somehow avoids a mocking tone as he says there are more modern ones out there. Amado doesn’t care what they call it, a campaign is war. They need to figure out who their enemies are. Lorenzo looks like he’s trying not to laugh.

In another room, Canseco shows the video to two henches, prints pictures of Elena and Lorenzo, and assigns each hench to one of them.

Amado starts talking about radio and TV spots, wanting Lorenzo’s university contacts so he can reach the young people. He says he already has the unions and union members.

Agustina’s on her way up to the office with coffee as Manara stops Selva and asks to talk to her. She’s worried about Agustina. When the baby’s father found out about the pregnancy he disappeared. Julia’s going to be away and Manara will be on tour…she asks Selva to keep an eye on her.

Of course! She’ll see her every day…not that she’ll be living there…she hasn’t talked to Amado about it yet. Manara says Amado’s crazy in love with her–she’s never seen him like this. So if Selva wants to move in, she’ll get no resistance. Selva gives her a little giggle.

She wishes Manara luck on the tour and promises to take care of Amado and Agustina.


Nico and Julia are still in his bedroom snogging and no further removal of clothing has happened. Nico says this doesn’t have to happen so he won’t forget her. He’s already not going to stop thinking of her every second and he’s certainly not going to forget her. Julia says she loves him. Does he love her? Of course!

That’s why he’d rather this happen when she comes back, when they can take their time. He asks her not to forget about him and Julia says she’s going to miss him. Nico says no one will separate them once she gets back.


Manara shows up and Mateo comes out of the bathroom with a very serious question: Guitar or bed first? She opts for the bed.

After, he says he’s got a new song he thinks she’ll like…but first, can she explain why Rafa was in her bedroom? Hey, didn’t they agree: No questions? Well, Mateo’s not asking, but he THINKS that Amado’s pressuring her to have a thing with Rafa because he needs the Zabalas close for his campaign. So if he thinks he knows what’s going on, then why ask?

He wanted to make sure. But she’s not that kind of woman. Manara’s glad he said it. Mateo says that means she was lying to him all the time he was in Mexico. There he goes with the questions again. No, no, they’re statements. She lied to him to get him to stay away. Why can’t she be honest with him?

Manara says she needs time. And she knows patience isn’t part of his personality, but could he TRY?

Look, Mateo knows her career is the most important thing to her. He knows she thinks she’s got to hurry up and catch the train because of her age, which he doesn’t agree with, but ok. And he could help her.

Manara thanks him for that, but this tour is going to get her lots of publicity and she can manage Rafa. She knows she’s eventually going to do something that completely shakes him up, but…after the tour, she won’t need him. Mateo likes the sound of that…it sets off another round of smoochies.

Casa Matamoros

Rafa comes over to talk to Amado. He asks about Manara and Amado says he thinks she’s with her stylist? He doesn’t want to make guesses that will upset Rafa, so…she said she was going to see her stylist and he believes her. *smirk*

Rafa says he and Manara will be on tour for months and he’ll have the opportunity to spend time with her. He’s almost sure they’ll be together when they get back. Hey, Amado’s not getting involved.

How is Isaac after the accident? Rafa says he woke up even more unhappy than before. Now he wants his dad out of the label so he can be president. Hm, Amado thinks he’d be easier to manage than his dad or his brother. “But he’s a traitor! And you already told me about traitors.” Sure, but…Rafa betrayed the Solars. He killed Julio César and took advantage of his death to relaunch his career.

“I didn’t kill him!”

Amado tells him to chill. Just give Isaac what he wants and if he doesn’t cooperate, they can give him an overdose later. No one’s going to feel sorry for him.

Cue the montage

Mateo thinks they should have started with rehearsal. Now she’s getting back into bed and he doesn’t want to leave!

Manara feels like for the first time in her life things are in order. She’s getting Julia away from Amado…

Julia’s all packed and leaving the house. Amado and Selva stand there on the stairs looking like proud parents.

Julia’s going to the best dance academy in London…

Julia dances in class.

She got someone to take care of Agustina and her baby…

Selva shows Agustina and her belly some more baby clothes.

Mateo says he’s doing good too…not as good as she is, but good. The guys who were kicked out of the label are doing well…

Valentín and Básico show Val’s mom the house, pull the “FOR RENT” sign out of the lawn, and hand her the keys.

He’s launching Dylan and they’re going to do it up big…

Dylan records Todo in the studio.

The label is growing. They’re going to launch Nicolas…

Nicolas rehearses No Es Normal in the lounge and Itzel shows him some flashy jackets.

Santi’s also doing a single with them…

They show the flashback of Santi singing Hasta el Mariachi Va a Llorar when the kids were in the lounge.

Isaac’s going to have lots of rehab to do–both physical and for his addiction…

Isaac practices walking, holding on to a bar.

And how does he think her album will go? Incredible, but it’s going to take time. They need to finish the songs, so he’ll catch up to her while she’s on tour. Manara tells him not to worry about Rafa. She’ll manage him and Mateo should focus on “us” and music and songs…. Mateo decides to start with “us” and they duck under the covers again.

Months later

Manara’s on Suelta la Sopa, being interviewed by Jorge Bernal. He thinks she looks happy, relaxed, triumphant. Oh yeah, it was a great experience, unforgettable. He mentions she went all over South America and Mexico. Yep, it made Manara feel proud to be a singer.

And was there time for love? Manara says that’s really not relevant if they’re talking about her career.

Right, but she went on all those mysterious trips. Manara says what there was time for was inspiration. She’s been writing songs for her new album.

And was Rafa the inspiration? There are rumors they’re a couple. No confirmation, but…how about now? Manara looks uncomfortable.

JC Records

Belinda shows the baby a picture of JC. Celestina is excited but nervous. Moisés says this is the future of their grandchild–the label will be only theirs and he almost has the money. He just needs to get Rafa to let his guard down and accept an offer.

Mateo comes into the lounge to grab the baby and say this will all be his one day. Rafa shows up. (Yes, I just rolled my eyes.) Moisés immediately starts sucking up to him as Rafa complains about how tired he is and that this was more of a marathon than a tour.

Moisés introduces Rafa to Julio César Junior and FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THIS WORLD DO NOT LET HIM HOLD THE BABY! What the hell?! As Mateo says he’s glad to see Rafa and glad things are going well for him, Rafa checks out the baby and says he’s definitely a Solar. And it’s good to see Mateo too. He hands off the baby and Moisés hands off the baby bag–they need to talk about their upcoming launches. (Nothing good ever comes out of these conversations.)

Manara’s album is basically ready, she just needs to get into the studio and record. Rafa says she still needs a few more songs, but he thinks the album is going to be a big hit.

They’ve already launched Dylan and Nico and they have people handling their promotion and setting up concerts. They need to work on Diego next.

Rafa asks about Isaac, but he’s still in rehab. Moisés says as soon as he’s recovered, he’ll start working. Mateo frowns at the mock-ups for Manara’s album cover and says they need to change some of the song titles…and they still haven’t discussed their most important artist, Julio César. Sales of his albums are still going up and Mateo has an idea for the tribute album.

Before they record it he wants to do another competition, like the one Rafa suggested months ago, but to draw in the younger generation and renew Julio César’s name.

Every year, they award a scholarship in Julio César’s name, but this year Mateo wants to put together two teams of contestants….

Rafa’s scoffing already. He thinks kids singing is going to be “commercial”? Well, sure. Two teams of kids with two stars heading up the teams–and since they have so much press because of the tour, why not padrino vs. ahijada? The team with the most votes gets the scholarship and a song on the tribute album.

And does Mateo really think that’s fair? Him vs. Manara? Oh, no, not at all. He’s sure Rafa will smash Manara, but that’s not the point–it’s the promotion. What, is Rafa scared to do it? Moisés puts on his thinking face.

Rafa doesn’t think it’s a good idea to repeat themselves. People are already getting to know them.

Yeah, and people watch reality shows year after year, but it’s still different. It draws people in. Now, if Rafa is afraid to lose….

Mateo reminds them they have to keep Julio César’s legend alive and reach out to new generations. So just…think about it and they can vote on it later. Moisés agrees, they can review it with the partners and vote.

The campaign

Manara’s interview continues. She says Rafa’s a great promoter of talent and insinuating she’s dating him takes merit away from him. He’s a big star and a generous man who shares the stage with new talent.

“You talk like a woman in love.” Manara says “la intriga da prensa y el misterio, vigencia” (intrigue gets press and mystery gives validity).

Now he thinks she sounds like a politician–has she learned something from her brother? Does she think he’ll win the election? Manara says that’s in the hands of the public. She’s a musician–she wins hearts, not votes.

Alexis complains to Selva. She knows–Manara supported Amado more earlier on. They really need the youth vote now. They’re in good with the over-40s. Maybe Manara could come to Amado’s last campaign event…but he wants Rafa. Well, after this long trip, Rafa’s ego’s going to be huge.

They stop at Elena’s desk, where she’s distracted by an incoming text message from Isaac. Selva asks her to go with Amado to some of his book presentations and Elena’s attention is pulled away from her phone. Sure, whatever Selva wants. Elena hands over a list of topics that Amado needs to address in his next speech.

Alexis excuses himself to take a call from Canseco about “something important.” Is it what Alexis thinks it is? Yep, they finally found something to bury Amado’s cuñadito with.

Casa Lorenzo

Lorenzo shows Itzel the last few chapters of “The Black Book.” The two of them are the only ones who know what’s in it. Yeah, Elena was helping in the beginning, but Lorenzo thought she was showing signs of jealousy and he should get some distance. The fewer ears the better.

Itzel’s still worried they might have been spied on, but Lorenzo insists they’ve taken precautions and they always go out with bodyguards. Rafa’s chapter includes the thing with the unions and the money laundering plans for the label.

Itzel says there’s no way Amado can save himself from this. He’ll kill Lorenzo.

“I have an ace up my sleeve in case he tries.”

Itzel drinks wine while she finishes reading the chapters. She noticed they don’t mention Julio César, but she’s sure that was Amado’s doing. Lorenzo just isn’t ready to say so until he clears a few things up. He thinks his dad might have been responsible too. Itzel says he’d better find out because his sister is in up to her neck with Amado.

Well, they’re going to close the sale on the radio station building in Monterrey and he and Selva are going down there to handle it. Amado doesn’t suspect a thing, but as soon as that flight takes off, Lorenzo’s going to tell her everything.

“And what’s your plan B?” If Amado wants a war, Lorenzo will give him one–with Mateo. Can she imagine Mateo’s reaction when he finds out who killed his brother? He’ll go after Amado and that will keep him off Lorenzo’s back. Itzel looks disturbed.

She doesn’t think it’s fair to Mateo. Lorenzo understands he supported her, but he did burn down the publishing house and got into a shootout with his dad. Or was there something between them Lorenzo doesn’t know about?

Itzel says there wasn’t, but she doesn’t think Mateo had bad intentions–he thought he was defending himself. Besides, Lorenzo just said his dad might have had something to do with JC’s death.

Lorenzo tells her she can’t use that against him (why not?!) and she’s going to have to decide if she’s with him or Mateo.

He’s baaaaack

Amado takes a call from Rafa, insult-bragging (if that’s a thing) about not having been able to talk to him before because he was dealing with the “beasts” in the truckers union, but hey, all votes are important right?

Rafa mentions a meeting at Megavisa. He’s getting rid of everyone and going independent. Of course he’ll be there for Amado’s campaign thing. He’s just got this problem with the Tejanos to deal with.

Amado tells him to chill. When he wins, they’ll get rid of them.

It appears Isaac’s shagging his physical therapist. She’s mildly worried about getting fired from her job, but he says he’ll just get her some public position. Soon he’ll be pulling all the threads in this city.

He takes a call from Rafa and hears about Mateo’s competition idea. Rafa tells him to hurry up and get there so he can vote against it.

While Isaac finds the idea of a kids competition funny, he and Rafa haven’t agreed on a thing and Isaac’s not really feeling the support. Rafa says they’re totally on–Isaac gets the presidency and Rafa gets the power.

Isaac has moved on to working on the stair-stepper and the therapist brings his cell phone. Isaac complains everyone’s ignored him for months and now when they feel the need to vote on something at the label he’s popular again.

Moisés is startlingly rude when he asks Isaac what he’s doing and why he’s not answering his phone. (Seriously, like, how long have you been calling? Do you not know that he has PT appointments? Did you actually give him a chance to call back?) Isaac says he’s at therapy, working on his muscles and he heard the voicemail and yes he’ll be at the meeting.

Well, Moisés wants him to do something–at the meeting, he wants him to vote against what Mateo wants.

Isaac hangs up and starts grousing to the therapist, who reminds him she needs him to be OK mentally so he’ll heal faster. Isaac can’t figure out what’s with his family. Do they think he’s their puppet? She thinks he should do what’s best for him. Isaac says he’s going to screw them all over. Supportive PT is equally supportive after he says this. I find that both alarming and amusing.

Casa Matamoros

Manara catches Agustina on a ladder cleaning and scolds her to get down. She doesn’t want her working this late in her pregnancy.

They’re both worried about Amado wanting a DNA test, but Manara is sure they can figure something out. What clinic is Agustina going to use?

Agustina chuckles. She’s having this baby at home where there are fewer risks. Manara knows her legal situation. Plus Amado said it could cause problems with the election. Selva helped her get the room all fixed up so she can give birth here with a midwife.

Selva comes in and announces everything in the kitchen is ready so they can greet Julia. Manara thinks she’s seemed weird lately. Did anyone call Nicolas? Are they even still together? Manara doesn’t know. They hardly talked–she was so busy on her tour. Agustina agrees, Julia has been weird.

And suddenly she screams in pain.

Julia wheels her giant suitcase through the airport and meets the driver outside. He offers to call Manara, but she turns him down. She gets a text message from Nicolas and ignores it.

Agustina’s water broke. There’s a moment of panic before everyone gets excited and starts telling her to breathe.

JC Records

Moisés complains that he’s tired of Mateo always turning him against Rafa. Mateo says he’s not! They could have millions of artists on the label, but Julio will always be the most important. He’s the heart of this place.

Well, Moisés is warning him that in order to keep things good with Rafa, he’s voting no and that’s that.

In the lounge, Diego sings Mejor sin Ti for Rafa. Rafa doesn’t look like he gets it. And he sounds bored. He claims he’s just tired from the tour and then unloads on Diego about the tribute album. Diego has apparently taken on the role of Rafa’s toady, agreeing with everything he says. Oh yeah, that Manara, she was totally dissing him on the tour. Rafa’s done supporting her and he’s done with this label that’s nothing more than a Solar dictatorship.

At Mateo’s house, Belinda leaves the baby with Celestina so she can go take a shower. Celestina’s phone starts ringing and it’s Mateo. He proposed the contest he told her about and his Dad insists on doing what’s best for RAFA. Can she call him and…

Nope, no way. Moisés knows what he’s doing and this will give Mateo a chance to see if what he suspects is true.

She knows the vote’s going to come down to Isaac. But does she really think Isaac is going to give himself away? She doesn’t think Rafa wants to risk going up against Manara. She tells him to just wait and see who Isaac votes for and then he can start midiendo agua a los camotes (figuring out how much water he needs for his sweet potatoes.)

“Seriously, mom?”

“Lately, I want to slap all of you. Call me and tell me how it goes.”

Rafa’s in that one office/memorabilia room listening to more of Diego’s tracks. I really don’t think he has a clue what he’s listening to. Chalino comes in and says Isaac is looking for Rafa. Well, Rafa’s busy, so tell him to wait.

Diego offers to do this another day if Rafa’s busy, but Rafa tells him to go on. Diego plays a different beat for him. Rafa’s face: “What IS this?”

Chalino tells Isaac he’s looking good. Yeah, Isaac says he’s getting his bones and his life together.

He takes a phone call from Elena. First he said he wanted to see her, now he says he has something important to say to her…he sure knows how to intrigue a journalist. Isaac says he’s missed her and after what’s happened he has some things that are choking him. She’s the only one he trusts. He asks her to meet for coffee, but she says she’s busy. He can call her tomorrow.


Amado arrives at campaign HQ. Elena says everything’s looking good, she’s setting up a bookstore signing event, she’ll let him know the details.

Alexis grabs him to share his big news–they’ve finally caught Lorenzo. He has photos of what was in the safe at the radio station and it’s stuff that implicates Amado. It could bring down the whole campaign. Amado gripes about him being a traitor just like his dad.

Lorenzo’s in his bedroom reading with Itzel comes in. She’s been thinking…she admires his bravery. If not for him, she’d be in jail so it’s like he saved her life.

Does this mean she’s staying out of the thing with Mateo?

Well, she spent a lot of her life staying on the margins of things, letting other people make decisions that affected her. She’s not doing that any more. She’s on his side and she loves him. *smoochies*


Rafa apologizes for the delay, but he’s working on Diego’s launch. Moisés says this will be a quick vote, because they’re all busy. Rafa’s not able to vote because it affects him directly.

Gilda (who now has a vote, so YAY!) wants to make sure she understands what Mateo is proposing. The annual JC scholarship will be the prize for whoever wins this competition? Yep, with Rafa and Manara as team leaders and the public voting on a winner.

Rafa whines that they should just get to it already. OK, Gilda and Mateo vote “yes.”

Moisés can’t just friggin’ vote without explaining that last time the publicity was useful but it caused a lot of personal conflicts, so he’s voting “no.” He goes on to say that Isaac’s vote would cause a tie (so, basically, he’s both assuming Isaac will vote the way he was told to AND giving it away to everyone) and in that case Moisés would decide what’s going to happen.

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