Guerra de Ídolos Tuesday 6/27/17 #35

Episode 35: La paz o la guerra

Isaac can’t resist making a speech of his own. This is so interesting to him that his vote is definitive. He’s been alone all this time while Rafa’s been out on tour, and Mateo’s been producing a bunch of artists, and his dad and Gilda have been hiring all the people out there. So if his vote is going to be definitive, he’s 100% for the competition.

Hey, it could even be like their DNA, the signature of the label. Mateo agrees, competing for launches could be their trademark. He and Isaac fist bump.

Isaac reminds Rafa it was his idea to begin with. Isaac was his carnada (bait or decoy?) a year ago. So yeah, he votes in favor.

Moisés looks sick. Rafa says the label sure is growing–three of Moisés kids going against what he thinks is best. Isaac tells him not to take it personally, they just need to make things more interesting–he agrees, right?

Gilda’s going to get to work organizing the competition, starting to promote it, and putting the kids into teams. Moisés tells her to go for it if that’s what they want. Maybe they can use it to launch the homage album. He tells Rafa to let Manara know. (Oh, I know Rafa just loves it when he gets treated like the errand boy.)

In the hallway, Dylan greets Mateo. He’s got a new look for the new album, courtesy of Itzel. The new look comes with a one-woman entourage (or maybe she’s his bodyguard) who doesn’t have a name yet. Or lines for that matter. Mateo tells him to talk to somebody named Pierre about locations for a photo shoot and clear it with Itzel.

He calls Manara and asks her if she remembers that competition he told her about. They’re doing it. “The scholarship thing?” Yep, and the winner will go on the tribute album.

Manara’s sure she can win if voting’s on the internet. Mateo’s going to fight to produce her album. Sure, because if she wins, Rafa won’t even want to look at her. But right now she’s really busy. She gets off the phone and starts helping Selva and Petra prepare for the arrival of Agustina’s baby.

Isaac makes his way slowly down the stairs, pretending to talk to Rafa about his album launch so they can sneak into the studio and Rafa can yell at him about the vote. Hey, he couldn’t vote how Rafa wanted or it would have tipped off his brother! Also, his mom’s keeping a close eye on him–he had to throw off his mom and siblings.

Rafa doesn’t get it. Well, she’s quiet but she controls Moisés–like Rafa doesn’t know women! His dad’s a bad leader. It’s time someone else took the reins. Just look at all the waste! All those people out there!

But who’s actually going to run things, because Isaac’s only going to be a decorative president. “Decoratively RICH,” Isaac reminds him. Rafa grumbles that he’ll be keeping Isaac on a short leash. He’s had it up to here with Isaac and his family! Isaac laughs and tells him not to trip.

Campaign HQ

If Lorenzo publishes what he’s got, the campaign is screwed. They must have a mole–obviously it’s Rafa’s wife.

Amado’s worried that Selva might know about this. Alexis says she might be smart about business, but nothing else. And besides, she’s in love with Amado.

They pause their meeting while Amado answers his phone. Selva wanted to tell him Agustina’s in labor. And what’s Amado worried about? “No matter how bad it gets, don’t take her to the hospital…and have the midwife sign a confidentiality agreement.” Selva tells him to forget she called–she’ll take care of everything.

Alexis congratulates him. It’s his first one, right? What’s he going to do? Amado says once things calm down he’ll go forward with their plans. For now he’s worried about Lorenzo. Alexis warns that they have to deal with him today.

Casa Lorenzo

Lorenzo and Itzel lounge in bed. She has no problem imagining Amado’s gun running, and the human trafficking skeeves her out. Lorenzo supposes he’s got someone else in charge of it all while he’s busy with the campaign. And Rafa’s got the unions and JC’s murder, but she doesn’t think he’s involved in the rest.

How’s he going to handle the publishing? Lorenzo plans to leak a little bit of information online and then do the printing out of his own publishing house. Itzel wonders if it’ll be enough to get his sister to leave Amado.

“Would you want to have kids with a trafficker and a murderer?” Uh, no. But Amado is a manipulator and a seducer. He might brainwash her.

Just in case, Lorenzo has one last bit of information. He had his father’s body exhumed. He was poisoned with cyanide. Selva won’t be able to ignore that.

Casa Matamoros

Agustina is pushing. Julia gets home to what seems to be an empty house and starts running when she hears the baby.

The midwife is just handing him to Agustina. Agustina wants Manara to be his godmother. She’s going to name him José after her father. Julia walks in and says this is quite a welcome. She gets hugs from Selva and Manara and looks over at the baby. She seems a little upset.

Amado gets home and Selva tells him everything went perfect and she’s got a surprise for him. It’s Julia. He hugs her and says she looks great. Julia thanks him in English. They joke about the accent. Selva says they’re ready to give the baby his first bath. She and Julia run off together.

Manara and Agustina know Amado’s going to be on his way. Agustina’s still afraid he’s going to want a DNA test. Manara’s sure that was just when he was angry, but she doesn’t think he still wants to. Agustina agrees–he’s been so nice lately. He doesn’t even talk to her. (Which sounded weird for a second, but given that it’s Amado….) But she can’t help worrying Amado will take the baby away. Manara assures her when he wins he won’t have time to cause trouble.

Amado walks in, asking who’s not going to cause trouble. Oh, the baby, because he’s such an angel. Amado’s holding his hands out and DON’T GIVE HIM THE BABY! Amado’s all mushy about the baby being a boy, a “little man.” Agustina says she named him José after her dad. “That name has a lot of history.”

Manara, despite Agustina being right there, thanks Amado on her behalf for all his support. And hey, Amado’s grateful to them for supporting him. And soon they’ll reach their goal. Things couldn’t be better.

Selva comes in and says it’s time to bathe the baby, but first she wants a picture of Amado holding him, if that’s ok. She thinks he looks good as a dad. She takes the baby and says she’ll bring him right back. (And now Selva’s creeping me out.) Amado says he’s gotta get back to work now. Congrats. Manara seems concerned.

Relationship status

It’s party time at Casa Davis. She’s on the couch snogging Valentín and looking over his shoulder at Mateo, who SO does not care. He’s at the bar with Dylan interrogating him about Manara. Are they official yet?

Julia’s unpacking her suitcase in Manara’s room because apparently it’s full of presents. Manara’s wiped, but she still needs to go out later. Julia gives her a dress that she says is very in right now in London. And hey, is she already Mateo’s novia?

Mateo says they see each other, they write songs, they sleep together, but they’re not going anywhere. “And what about her brother?” Well, he’s been buying up cops and judges and Mateo’s pretty sure he’s the real reason Manara doesn’t have a boyfriend–so she can’t accidentally tell anyone about her brother. Either that or she doesn’t like him. She’s “cold.”

No, Manara’s not dating Mateo or anyone else. She’s told her a million times–she’s focusing on her career. Julia tells her to chill out. She saw that the tour was a big success, she’s got tons of people following her and waiting for her album. Why doesn’t she just live already!

Speaking of living, Julia’s seemed very serious since she got back. Julia says she’s fine. And here’s a t-shirt. And some boots. And ballet flats for Agustina–they’re very her, right?

Dylan suggests Mateo enjoy the women at the party, but Mateo needs to go see Manara. They have one more song to write. He’s thinking of taking the reins and putting things in their place. Dylan thinks every time he makes a decision he just tangles things up further.

Maybe he should ignore it for another night and just enjoy life. He’s Mateo Solar, El Caballo! Yeah, and on that note, Mateo’s outta here.

Manara asks Julia what she brought for Nico, but she says they haven’t talked. They didn’t fight, it’s just…the distance and the time apart. Things cooled off. She’s tired now after Agustina and jetlag, so she needs to get some sleep. Manara says she’s happy Julia’s home–she missed her. And thanks for the presents.

Nicolas tells Santiago that Julia hasn’t been answering her phone. He says to let her relax otherwise…you know how women get. (What?) “Like you’d know.” (Exactly.)

Has he made things official with Lucía? Santiago says he doesn’t need to–they just have a good time. Nicolas asks if men are in the past for him. Because if not, he could invite someone over–grandpa’s so busy with his new girlfriend he’d never notice. Santi doesn’t have to fake it around him.

Nah, it’s just that after Fernando he didn’t really like anyone else. He’s trying to live in the moment and see what life has in store for him.


Rafa gets to the restaurant where he thought he was meeting with some Megavisa execs and finds Bianco instead.

Bianco says he’s here because Megavisa wants to keep Rafa from leaving. Rafa smarms about having his own label already. Well, Ezequiel is on the way with his daughter, so…Bianco’s just following orders.

Rafa insists he’s not here to renegotiate anything. He wants his freedom. Bianco jokes that he wants to do business with that politician without having to answer to the boss.

Ezequiel and his daughter arrive and congratulate Rafa. He’s impressed–he didn’t think the owners would be here. Ezequiel says this is just a dinner among friends.

Ezequiel’s going to get to the point–What does he have to do to keep Rafa from leaving? He takes out his checkbook–his literal checkbook–puts it down in front of Rafa with a pen and tells him to write whatever amount he wants on a check and Ezequiel will sign it. And Rafa’s hand twitches.

Rafa says this is about more than money. It’s personal. He wants to grow. Ezequiel’s daughter asks if that means he’ll be competing with them. Oh, no, not at all. He just wants to grow something and that’s his last word on it.

OK, then. Ezequiel wishes him luck and he hopes Rafa will see him as a friend and advisor. Bianco and the daughter share a mocking look. One of the restaurant guys comes over to ask if Rafa would come take a picture with the kitchen staff.

While he’s off doing that, daughter looks at dad. Dad asks her if Rafa wants more money. Bianco says he wants to get into dirty business with the future mayor. It’s time to do what he told Ezequiel about. “The girl with the weird name?” Daughter says it’s Manara. Right–it’s going to hurt Rafa if they steal her from the label. Bianco assures Ezequiel that Manara wants to come over, but Rafa doesn’t know about it.

Ezequiel declares that if Rafa wants to be a businessman, then…screw him. Offer Manara a contract. Daughter grins and they all toast.

At the end of dinner, Ezequiel wishes Rafa luck again and says they’ll be in touch. Rafa tells Bianco the daughter’s pretty, but sangrona (annoying).Bianco says it was brave of Rafa to reject Ezequiel. Meh, Rafa’s not scared of him. His friend’s going to be the mayor soon. Bianco says it’s not the same to be a singer as a businessman. Rafa says he’s used to being #1 at everything, so…Bianco says what Rafa is is engreido (conceited). And then they both laugh like they were joking. (Suuuuuure.)

Casa Matamoros

Amado was expecting Julia to come back downstairs, but Manara says she was tired and went to sleep. He’s grumpy that she “barely” said hi to him. Selva says she’s at that age, just leave her alone. She’s tired too. She’s going to go take Agustina some tea and see José.

Amado tells Manara he’s only letting Agustina stay here with the baby because of Selva. “And the campaign,” Manara remarks snidely. Because he takes advantage of everything. She shows him the picture of him with the baby on her phone.

She’s the only one who knows what he’s really like. He’s sick. He wants to have Agustina and Selva and he can’t have everything and he doesn’t know what to do. But at least she knows she’s not the only person who can’t love fully.

Manara goes to check on Agustina and Selva leaves them. Manara asks if there’s anything Agustina needs before Manara goes out. “To an event or to see Mateo?”

They’ve just got one song left to write. Manara’s so tired of faking, tired of manipulating everything. Agustina says she’s so close to finishing her album and having her independence–she can’t throw in the towel.

Manara’s scared someone else is going to tell Mateo the truth about Julio César. But who else knows? Well…Amado. He killed him. She doesn’t know who else. But if Mateo finds out from anyone else he’ll never forgive her. She doesn’t even think she can forgive herself.

The Lorenzo problem

Itzel brings some toast to bed. It’s all the food that’s left in the kitchen. Lorenzo thinks she’s acting weird. She’s just worried. When this explodes and Rafa sees the proof Lorenzo has, he’s going to suspect her. And his biggest worry was that people would connect him to Julio César’s death. The book doesn’t talk about that, but it’s the doorway to every other investigation. And Julio César sells more dead than alive.

Lorenzo says no one has any reason to suspect her. They only see each other at his place, they’ve been careful, he didn’t even go to her trial.

But honestly, with the amount of proof they’ve been able to gather…this was too easy. Either the two of them are THAT good or Amado’s setting a trap.

Amado and Selva are in bed. He’s got a dinner set up tomorrow with some businessmen. Some of them are her clients. He wants her to come. Selva says she has to go to Monterrey–she’s selling off the radio station building.

In the morning, Lorenzo’s all packed and ready to leave his office when his assistant shows Amado in. Amado compliments the new office. Lorenzo thanks him–they’ve started transmitting from here, so they’re selling off the building in Monterrey.

Yeah, Selva told him. Anyway, he’s brought Lorenzo a payment. He thanks him and congratulates him for the work he’s done–Amado is first place in the polls thanks to him. “And your charisma,” Lorenzo adds. He’s sure Amado’s going to win.

“Unless you publish that trash you have on me.” Lorenzo tries to pretend he doesn’t know what Amado’s talking about, but Amado swears on the memory of Gabriel that if Lorenzo messes with him, he’ll kill Selva.

Lorenzo keeps denying it. Amado knows that while Lorenzo was writing his biography, he went behind Amado’s back to write everything here–he shows Lorenzo the typed pages on his cell phone.

Lorenzo wants to know who’s helping Amado. Police, journalists, important people in entertainment–he pays well and he made sure he was covered. He’s going to be mayor, not owner of a radio station.

Lorenzo doesn’t believe he’d hurt Selva. Why is he so sure? Does he have another secret? No, Lorenzo just thinks Amado loves her and he wouldn’t forgive himself.

“Do you want to risk it?”

Selva’s getting in some last-minute baby cuddles before the trip. She promises to bring presents when she comes back. Agustina says they’ll miss her too. She’s been so good to them.

Selva says Agustina knows she trusts her, right? So why doesn’t she feel like it’s reciprocal? Manara told her about the baby’s father, how he left Agustina. Well, the law can make him fulfill his responsibilities. Selva can try and convince him to meet his son. It would be good for the baby to meet his father.

Amado asks what would hurt more–to lose a sister or an election? Lorenzo warns Amado that if he touches Selva he’ll make sure there’s an investigation–no matter who Amado has bribed.

Oh, please…he’s got Selva in his house. In any fight, Lorenzo’s going to lose. He’s leaving, and he’s only not busting Lorenzo’s face in because of who he is. All he wants is to keep the peace–that’s what he’s been doing until he gets elected.

So now Lorenzo’s going to burn everything he has on him and he’s going to call Selva and tell her he’s going to Monterrey alone and he’s staying for a while. Amado’s house is surrounded by security and Selva’s inside.

So, is it going to be peace or war?

Agustina tells Selva the father went back to his country and he’d be difficult to find. She wants to find José a father who loves him. And she wants to be in this country legally. With Amado in government, Selva’s sure that will be easy.

Her phone starts buzzing and it’s Lorenzo telling her he’s going to go to Monterrey by himself. Yeah, Amado came by for a visit and dropped off a payment and Lorenzo thinks Selva should use it to buy the last of the equipment they need and he’ll take care of the sale of the building.

Selva agrees to change the travel plans and send Carmelo to pick him up. She excuses herself to go do that.

Amado will leave the rest in Lorenzo’s hands. If he tries anything, Amado will destroy his life. “And I’m good at that, so don’t come for me.”

Relationship status, part 2

Julia comes downstairs and hears there’s someone waiting for her in the living room–Nicolas. Wow, she doesn’t look happy to see him.

Selva, in the middle of her phone call to Carmelo, walks by and says hi to Nico.

He apologizes to Julia for showing up without calling, but she hasn’t been answering his calls or messages for a while and he wanted to see her. So what’s been going on? Why has she been so distant?

In the hotel, Manara and Mateo are working on Si Alguna Vez. She wants to use it as the last song on the album.

They put the guitars away and have some breakfast. Mateo starts talking about how their relationship is like room service–functional, practical, impersonal. (And it doesn’t require actual clothes. Just saying.) Manara doesn’t like hotels either, but does he have a better idea?

Lots, but not about rooms or hotels or anything. Everything between them is fine, but…they’re not really going anywhere. Doesn’t she agree?

Julia’s sorry, but she doesn’t want to talk. Nico asks if she didn’t miss him like she thought she would. No, it’s not that. She’d never traveled much. The first time was with her brother to New York and then all of a sudden she was going to Europe, surrounded by new people,living alone. It was just too much. Nico understands. He’d probably feel the same way.

He’ll go now and let her get some rest. If she wants she can stop by the label later. He’s launched his single already and it’s going well (what was THAT look?!). He wants her to hear it live. Julia says she’ll think about it, she’s just tired. It seems like she rolls her eyes at him.

Ugh, why is Mateo going there?! They’ve been fine for months without labels.

Mateo knows this speech–he’s said it himself so many times. This must be “karma.”

Manara insists it’s not him, it’s her. Yep, he knows that one too–what’s next?

Manara says he’s given her the best parts of himself–time, talent, his songs. And she’s been so selfish–she can’t even give him the one thing he’s asked for. Because she can’t. “Can’t or don’t want to?” He doesn’t understand what the problem is.

Manara says she’s leaving. “You’re not going to leave me here talking by myself!”

“And you’re not going to grab me like that!”

Mateo lets go and holds her more gently. She told him once he was on the verge of begging. Well he’s begging now. Begging her to tell him what she needs to be ok with him.

Peace or war?

Lorenzo checks on his safe, his desk, his phone. Carmelo shows up and Lorenzo asks him if he’s alone. Yeah, Selva told him to come pick Lorenzo up.

Lorenzo thinks he’s been spied on all this time. All their security didn’t work–or they got bought. He’s going to Monterrey but he needs Carmelo to stay and take care of Selva.

And he needs help with one other thing. He thinks the phones are bugged, so he wants Carmelo to contact Mateo Solar personally. Lorenzo will call him on the sat phone from the plane.

“What do you want me to tell him?”

“That I know who killed his brother.”

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