Guerra de Ídolos Wednesday 6/28/17 #36

Episode 36: Secuestro en el aire

Carmelo wants to know what’s going on with Lorenzo. He’s been left out of the loop for months, but Lorenzo feels the less he knows, the safer Selva is.

Lorenzo says things have changed. Lorenzo needs him to make sure Mateo answers the phone. He’ll call after liftoff so it can’t be traced.

Carmelo reminds him he and Mateo don’t have a good history what with him trying to kill Mateo that one time and Mateo using his own knife on him and his buddies showing up and beating him and how they all smelled like gasoline. (I’m amused when the thing Carmelo whined about most is the fight not being “fair” when the other guys showed up.)

Well, Lorenzo needs Carmelo’s help. He’s being followed. Carmelo agrees to do it, but he begs Lorenzo not to trust Mateo. “It’s not a question of trust, but self-interest.” He needs to hit his enemy where he least expects it.


Back to the question of what Manara needs to be OK with Mateo. But instead she’s having flashbacks to remind us that she knows who killed JC and she’s miserable because she can’t tell Mateo about it.

She handles it by asking for a glass of water and then making an excuse about separating work and personal relationships and that they’re coming to the point where they have to decide which one they’d rather have.

Ohhhhh, Mateo gets it–she used him already and she’s done. Manara says if this is about the songs, she’s going to give him credit and royalties. But Mateo doesn’t care about that.

They’re interrupted by her buzzing phone. Bianco’s anxious to talk to her, but Manara can’t right now–she’ll call him later. Is she with Rafa? Oops, sorry to interrupt her then. Anyway, he has good news for her.

Manara packs up her stuff and leaves.


Rafa’s sleeping with his manager, Raquel. She got the call from Mateo about this contest with the kids and the scholarship. Rafa explains it to her. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Rafa to compete against Manara because she’s got the support of the younger crowd and better social media presence.

So of course, now Rafa’s all “You think I’m going to lose?!” and he’s determined to compete and win. Because in his eyes Manara deserves to lose.

And also, he wants a co-author credit on all her songs. He’s not saying he deserves it, but it’ll help his career as a producer. (What. An. Ass.) Raquel’s going to talk to the label about it…but before she has to go be a manager, she wants one more round. Rafa jokes about how well she treats her artists.

JC Records

Dylan is recording a version of Tequila Pa’La Razon by himself. Gilda applauds when he finishes.

He got the rights from Cristian. Diego doesn’t know yet, but from what Dylan says he didn’t have a hand in the writing or arranging of it, so telling him would have been a courtesy. And since Dylan broke “the code….”

Speaking of authorship, Raquel brought in the paperwork for Manara’s album and Gilda’s expecting Mateo to flip out when he sees it. Mateo texts Dylan that he just got to the building. She turns Dylan’s offer to come with her down and says she’ll talk to him alone.

She grabs him on the way in and takes him up to the board room. The kids for the competition are in the lounge with Raquel, but there’s something she needs to show him first. As Mateo looks over the paperwork from Raquel, Gilda asks him if he didn’t write all of Manara’s songs with her.

Yeah, but they aren’t telling Rafa. Gilda’s upset that they’re putting all the songs in Manara and Rafa’s names. She likes Manara and all, but she thinks Mateo’s being used and he doesn’t realize it.

No, he knows about it–he just doesn’t know what to do. He thinks he loves her.

Gilda goes all grade school and starts laughing. He’s never said that before! She starts sing-songing “Mateo’s in love!”

He says things with her are almost perfect. They complement each other. They can talk for hours. And then she leaves and he’s crashing against the wall.

Gilda suggests that maybe she doesn’t feel the same way about him. Maybe he needs to let her go.

Rancho Zabala

Neto and Leti rehearse Poder Y Gloria with the band. Rafa walks in and harshes everyone’s buzz, smarming about Neto getting an infusion of youth. Neto sends the guys on break and Leticia goes with them. I’m distracted by the fact that Neto keeps coughing–I’m sure they intend for us to notice, but I can’t believe I’m worried about him!

Anyway, Rafa told Amado that Neto won’t be at his campaign…the keep calling it something like a “closer” but I don’t think that’s what it is in English. Probably just the party where Amado will be watching the returns and waiting to see if he’s won.

Neto lost all his union friends after pushing them to accept Canseco as police chief, so he’s worried that Amado will try to take advantage of him being “weakened” and get revenge on him and/or Leti when he comes to power. If he comes to power. Rafa’s sure he will, but he assures him that Amado’s his friend and he’ll respect Neto.

Friend? Bullshit he’s Amado’s friend! He’s just his little lapdog running after him. Neto’s already guessing that they’re going to use the label and those dances for money laundering. He warns Rafa to be careful–Amado’s a scorpion and he’s going to end up stinging him in the back.

JC Records

Raquel officially meets Mateo and says it’s such an honor, everyone wants to work with him. Mateo pre-emptively shushes Gilda and thanks her for that.

So, they’re here to take the five finalists for the scholarship and split them up into teams. First he introduces himself. One kid says he saw Mateo on TV and asks if he’s JC’s brother. Mateo asks the kids who they think would win between Rafa and Manara. When he realizes the boys think it will be Rafa and the girls think it will be Manara, he splits them up that way.

Raquel takes the kids back to the lounge to get their info for the press releases. As they walk out, Mateo whispers to Gilda that if they should sign those kids up for 59 year contracts at 80% of their income, plus their names. They both laugh and Gilda says they’re a decent label and they laugh some more.

Seriously, though, is Mateo really not going to talk to Raquel about the song credits? No. He’s going to wait for the right moment to use it to humiliate Rafa.


Bianco’s at Megavisa’s studio, mixing his backing track for Me Gustas. Candelaria brings Manara in and says she’ll go call Anahí.

Manara’s all grumpy and Bianco’s wondering what he interrupted when he called. She says she feels smothered, which…he thought she’d be feeling free. She proved she has what it takes to be number one and the owner of Megavisa says her contract is practically a done deal. His daughter, Anahí is on the way over to meet her.

Well, now Manara’s really grumpy, because she’s not in the mood to be meeting anyone.

She’s feeling like she’s been hurting someone. He tells her to toughen up if she intends to go hard at her career. She says she’s been lying to them and she just can’t do it anymore. Bianco says they all have that fight in this business. He’s been having to lie to Rafa and Rafa’s his friend. (Is he? Is he really? Is it possible to genuinely be friends with Rafa? Because I’m having a hard time believing that.) But he did it because getting Manara a contract will be good for him. So…is she made for this?

Pre-flight check

Itzel’s just about to call someone when Leti comes out of the house and starts chatting with her about how much she likes the way Itzel dresses. She goes shopping and looks at tons of clothes and never knows what to buy. Maybe they can go together sometime. Itzel agrees to that. Leti says they can talk and stuff.

Neto comes outside to grab Leti so they can go take a dip in the pool.

Itzel gets back to her phone and calls Lorenzo…who’s out on a curb waiting for his car and ignoring her call…she leaves a message saying she needs to know if he’s ok. Rafa pops up behind her asking if she’s having a problem.

No…just…calling Nicolas. He left early and she hasn’t heard from him.

Lorenzo’s car arrives and he heads for the airport…with Canseco in another car following him.

Casa Matamoros

Julia’s on her way out the door and Amado tries to ask her where she thinks she’s going. But this is a whole new Julia (please, show, we’d better find out why soon) and she’s been living on her own in London. She knows how to take care of herself and she’s arranged everything with her guards, so…chill.

Amado lets her walk out and takes a call where he tells the other person that whatever they’re saying to him isn’t enough and he wants them to do what he asked.

Agustina’s in her room with the baby and Amado comes in and announces they’re completely alone. Does she remember what they agreed on months ago? He takes the baby from her (noooooo!) and Agus says a DNA test isn’t necessary. That’s his son and he knows it.

Of course he does. And that’s why once she’s feeling better (dude, she gave birth, she didn’t have a virus) and she’s not nursing the baby anymore she’ll be leaving his house, his city, and his country. And he’ll be keeping the baby. (Them’s fightin’ words, Amado.)

“You can’t separate me from my son.”

Why not? She tried to do the same to him by saying it was someone else’s baby. And Fierro died because of her. She didn’t even ask Amado if he liked the name she picked out!

Agustina threatens to tell Selva it’s his baby and end this farce, but Amado’s sure that won’t happen. Much less now, with the elections close. Nope, Agustina’s going to leave and he and Selva will take care of the baby. He’s going to send her back to her country (never mentioned by name) with lots of money.

“And if I don’t want to?”

Then she’ll end up in a cemetery. A nice one. So when José grows up he can visit.

So they’re going to keep this between them. She’s not going to tell Selva or Manara or anyone else and she’s going to do what she has to do and nurse José until he tells her to. And she can stop crying–he’s done a lot for her.

Hm, he’s starting to like the sound of “José Matamoros.”

JC Records

Carmelo pulls up outside, gun on the front seat of his truck.

Mateo meets with Gilda and Moisés so they can tell him the teams are boys vs. girls and regional vs. pop. Gilda will start spreading the word and Moisés is headed to the bank. He asks Mateo to walk him outside so they can talk.

The royalties are coming in for Julio César’s albums and it’s a LOT of money. Plus they’ve gotten an offer on the house in Houston and they need that money to buy out Rafa. And after that, he wants to get the investors out.

Mateo thinks this sounds like a good plan. All Moisés wants from him is NOT to confront Rafa. He needs him cold and distracted so he can make his offer.

The plan

Carmelo waits for Moisés to leave and then runs up to Mateo. He tells Mateo he was right–he said every time Carmelo looked in the mirror he would remember him and he does. Does Mateo remember him too? He swears he’s not here to cause a problem, but they need to talk about his brother’s death.

This isn’t the place, though. He wants Mateo to come wait in his truck with him so Lorenzo can call him from a secure phone line. He asked Carmelo to wait with Mateo to make sure he answered. Mateo gestures for Carmelo to lead the way.

Lorenzo gets to the plane hangar.

Canseco and his hench get to a parking garage and the hench says he’ll take care of everything.

Carmelo wants Mateo to know he’s only got the gun to defend himself–not to attack. They’re just going to wait for Lorenzo’s call. Mateo’s trying to ask him what he knows when Julia walks right up to the truck window and she’s all “Hey, Mateo!” (LOL…oh yeah, y’all have so much privacy in a truck parked out on the street with the windows rolled down.)

Mateo says hi and asks how she’s doing and says she looks pretty. He’ll see her inside in a minute he’s just talking to his friend.

Mateo complains that’s exactly what he didn’t want to happen. He demands Carmelo talk already, but he repeats that Lorenzo’s going to call after takeoff and Carmelo’s supposed to stay with Mateo. That’s all he knows. It should just be a few more minutes.

Canseco meets Amado in his foyer to tell him the plane just took off. Amado wants him to beef up security on the house. He doesn’t want anyone taking the baby out of there. They go over to campaign HQ to talk some more.

Mateo’s getting antsy. Carmelo says Lorenzo should be on the plane by now. Neither of them is comfortable with this, but Carmelo’s following orders. He says. For the fiftieth time.

In the lounge, Dylan’s on the phone to Cristian telling him he recorded Tequila Pa’La Razon and now he’s working on this new song Mateo wants. He tries to play it, but Cristian can’t hear a thing. As soon as he gets to his studio he can listen.

He asks the woman with him to give him a minute and I don’t know if Preciosa is a nickname or her real name (hey, you never know). Dylan picks up on it and picks on his bro about her. Cristian says she’s his bodyguard. Seriously, though, he’ll be at his studio in one more minute and he can listen.

“Is it really your studio or are you just trying to impress her?” They start making plans to do a duet and talk again soon.

Julia walks in and Dylan doesn’t recognize her. He says she’s really changed–she’s not that little girl who was hanging around with Manara. She’s sorry to interrupt, but she’s looking for Nico. Is it ok if she waits here?

Sure. He’s just waiting for Mateo so they can record something.

Really? Because she just saw Mateo outside with some weird guy he said was his friend. Dylan’s confused for a moment and then remembers to tell her to sit down. And looks confused some more.

Change of plans

Canseco’s hench comes out of the cockpit with Lorenzo’s pilot and says the pilot and the flight plan have changed. He asks for Lorenzo’s phone. Other than the gun it’s all very polite.

Mateo and Carmelo are STILL waiting and Carmelo’s still saying it should just be a few more minutes. Dylan pops up in his window and grabs Carmelo while Mateo grabs his gun. They get him out of the truck and into the back seat and Mateo asks if Dylan recognizes him. “Oh, yeah. You shaved. And dyed your hair.”

Mateo tells him that “Treviño’s son” (poor Lorenzo–one day he’ll be “Treviño” but today is not that day) knows who killed his brother and Carmelo keeps saying he’s just a messenger. “I would tell you if I knew!” Yeah, but he’s gotta understand that Mateo has zero trust in him since Carmelo tried to kill him the last time they saw each other. Mateo’s going to take him to someone who can get this out of him.

He starts asking questions, though, like what does Selva know? Carmelo says she doesn’t know anything–he’s just been her driver lately because Lorenzo didn’t want him to know what he was doing. What about Elena? Carmelo says she’s working for Selva, not Lorenzo.

Canseco’s hench tells Lorenzo he’s taking him to Monterrey and then somewhere else after. He doesn’t know any more. The pilot asks if he’s going to kill them. Hench doesn’t know.


Celestina wants to start lunch. Moisés isn’t coming. Isaac says he must still be mad about Rafa, but he had it coming. Celestina insists Moisés just wants peace. He needs support to get the investors out, but peacefully.

Isaac reaches for the salad and complains that he’s rehabilitated, but it still hurts. Belinda offers to serve him. Just a little bit, though, because he has a meeting…a date really…with his ex. He says “Grandota” like he’s expecting them to have forgotten who she was.

He says they’ve been texting and they’ve made up so he got her to give him another chance. (That’s not how I remember it.) Well, Celestina always loved her for Isaac. Belinda…is making a face. (Oh dear….)

Elena runs into Selva in the hallway at the radio station. Why is she not with Lorenzo? Selva says she was going and then he decided to go alone and leave her to deal with more moving stuff. Elena wants to talk, but she’s got this thing to go to, so…after? Alexis watches them.

Some “date.” Isaac begged and begged for it and now he’s not talking? He’s too busy looking at Elena and thinking about how you don’t know what you’ve lost till it’s gone. Ugh, nobody “lost” anybody.

She’s glad to see he’s not having alcohol. Yeah, the accident was a “reality check” for him. He realized some things. Like how alone he is out here and how he misses her. (I’m offended on behalf of the physical therapist.) He just wants to know if there’s a chance…. Is she going out with Treviño?

No. There was something, but….

Was it because of him?

OK, she really doesn’t have time for this right now. Isaac begs to see her after work. He really does have something important that he can only say to her. She says she’ll text him later and they can meet back here.

Knowledge is trouble

Selva’s meeting with a couple of guys in her office and trying to cut a deal with them where the station gets the exclusive rights to play certain songs on Alexis’ program or the station will never play them. One guy says she reminds him of her father. (He means it as a compliment. I think.) They agree to give Alexis exclusivity.

Elena comes in and Selva re-introduces her to the two guys and says once they’ve got the contracts ready they can send them directly to Elena. The dudes leave.

So, did something happen that made Lorenzo take this trip alone? Selva thinks he just doesn’t respect her and makes decisions without consulting her is all.

The reason Elena wanted to talk to her is now that the book is published and Amado’s campaign is going, she’s going to quit. She came here with a project and then there was this distance…Selva says Lorenzo distanced EVERYONE. It’s just a lawyer thing, because they have to be discreet.

Um, no, Elena knows it’s because of Itzel. Well, Selva doesn’t get involved in his private life and he doesn’t get involved in hers. What project is Elena talking about. “You’ll have to ask him.” All she can say is that he doesn’t trust Amado and he has good reasons not to.

Rafa trails after Amado at campaign HQ holding a book and a t-shirt. His dad doesn’t want to sing at the event, but Rafa will sing as much as Amado wants. He dumps the book and t-shirt on a random desk as Amado says something’s worrying him and they need to talk.

In his office Amado says Lorenzo wants to mess up his campaign. He knows they’re going to launder money and he thinks Itzel opened her mouth. Rafa assures him Itzel doesn’t know anything. Amado says she knew enough for Lorenzo to get the information and write a book. He’s “neutralized” him, but what are they going to do about Itzel?

Selva says Lorenzo has always been paranoid. OK, well, that’s their family thing, but when Elena wrote this book she found out some things….

Alexis bursts in, interrupting, whining about going on the air soon and needing the pauta (program) of songs for his show. Selva grumpily says she’ll send it in a minute.

Out in the hallway he calls Amado, freaking out that Elena’s talking to Selva and it “smells bad” to him. Amado can’t figure out why she’d talk now if she hasn’t before. Well, maybe because Lorenzo’s not around. She did do the early research on the book–she’s dangerous. Amado tells him to kill her.

“Me?! How?!” Amado tells him to get Canseco to help him, but do it today.

OK, Rafa can see things are getting complicated here, but there’s no need to worry about Itzel. He’ll take care of her. In that case, he’s responsible for her.

Elena comes out of Selva’s office with the list for Alexis.

Casa Davis

Básico and Valentín are checking out their awesome concert poster and dates. Valentín thinks it looks like a poster for an opera or something. Basi says if capos liked opera, those guys would have jobs. Jajajajaja.

El Diplomático has given Davis the money for the video. They can use his house, his trucks, whatever they’d like.

Cafre interrupts to announce that someone’s looking for her.

It’s Mateo and Dylan with Carmelo. Davis is annoyed–what does he want now? He wants someone to get information out of this guy about his brother’s death. And who’s he? He worked with Treviño and came to find Mateo. Valentín thinks they should kill him, but no, because then he can’t tell them anything.

Davis says Cafre can get information out of a stone. He and a couple of other guys take Carmelo down to the basement. (Well, there goes any hope of him and Mateo ever making up.)

You know too much

Isaac’s having a tequila with dinner. Because this is a special occasion and he needs the courage to tell Elena something. She’s annoyed and wants him to get to it already. There’s a guy watching them. He’s wearing sunglasses. Indoors. At night. Very subtle.

Itzel’s at the rancho, sketching at the dining table when Rafa comes in snarking about her not having plans with her boyfriend tonight. Oh yeah, he knows she’s been going out with Lorenzo. What does she even see in a…junior (rich daddy’s boy) like him?

Before I can even make the joke, Itzel says that sounds like a junior talking about another junior.

Rafa tells her that once Amado is mayor they can’t do anything to him. Right now her boyfriend is probably begging forgiveness on his knees. Rafa doesn’t know what he did, but she’d better stop playing detective or he’ll do the same to her.

He asks her to leave their personal stuff aside and just listen, for her sake. Stay away from Lorenzo, stay away from everything around him, and don’t do anything suspicious or they’ll come after her and there’s nothing Rafa can do to help.

Isaac’s whining about how much he missed Elena. He reaches for her hand and she pulls it away. He felt like he was in hell and she wasn’t there to save him. He doesn’t know how to tell her…. “Say it already. How bad can it be?”

“They killed Julio César because of me.”

Isaac explains about his debts and the people he owed them to and how he handed over the address…and that’s where they killed him.

Elena’s in shock. Because of his debts? Isaac says it was someone from the casino and he knows who. He feels like he made it happen in a way, because of all his jealousy. Elena starts getting him out of the restaurant–someone’s going to hear him. They need to go.

They make their way slowly past the guy in the shades, who goes out to the van with Alexis. Alexis says to follow them.

Here we go again

Cafre, after spending some time in the basement with Carmelo, has concluded that either Carmelo doesn’t know anything or his are way bigger than theirs. (I like that he didn’t just continue the futile questioning. It shows a confidence in his skills.)

Mateo finds it strange. And he wants to know what Lorenzo knows. Davis asks what Mateo wants to do?

Well, he has an idea, but it’s dangerous. (No.)

Where is he going?

Into the boca del lobo again. (Hell no.)

Davis’ face: “So much for the nice posters.”

Mateo looks around at his bros and asks if they’re going. (Guys…say no…don’t do this!)

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