Guerra de Ídolos Thursday 6/29/17 #37

Episode 37: En la boca del lobo

Elena decides to take Isaac to the lookout instead of back to her place. Fine with him, but he begs her to stop at a liquor store first. Against her better judgment, because she knows this isn’t a safe neighborhood, she does it. She doesn’t think he should be drinking, but he promises it’ll just be one bottle. He offers to pick something up for her, but there’s nothing she wants.

In the van, the guy with Alexis says this is his “zone” and he knows there are no cameras here. He pulls on latex gloves and Alexis quips that it’s time for him to go into surgery. Latex Gloves goes over to Elena’s car, gets in, and covers her mouth while pointing the gun at her.

He gets back to the van and starts it up while Alexis freaks out about needing to get out of there.

Isaac gets into the car, saying he brought Elena a lollipop and notices she’s not reacting to him. He sees the blood on her shirt, I would think, but he just looks confused and keeps trying to get her to wake up.


What is the deal with Anahí? Supposedly it took her so long to get here because she was hanging out with her friends and they wouldn’t stop drinking and talking. (Um…so you leave a potential source of income waiting? Gosh, must be nice.) She doesn’t shake Manara’s hand.

But she says she likes her? Because Manara’s not the usual grupera. And she likes her song and she doesn’t usually like anything.

Bianco says they’ve been working on one of his songs while they waited for her. He’s thinking they could include it on his album if her dad gives Manara the contract.

Oh, right, she’s here so Bianco can talk her into giving Manara a contract because her dad does whatever she wants. (What a brat.)

Anahí watches from the booth while Manara and Bianco sing Me Gustas. She looks annoyed. Or maybe that’s just her face.

This is what happens when amateurs get involved

Hey, look, it’s that place Renzo and Jiménez died. Again. Now it’s Lorenzo’s new home for who knows how long. Ramon, the polite hench, gets Amado on the phone and hands it to Lorenzo. Amado’s excuses for the kidnapping are Lorenzo betrayed him first, he doesn’t want to lose the election, and he doesn’t want Lorenzo to lose his sister. Lorenzo’s supposed to stay there and pretend to Selva that everything’s normal.

His only instructions to Ramon are to watch Lorenzo. And then he’s gotta go because he’s got an incoming call from Selva. She’s annoyed at all the work Lorenzo left her and she can’t make it to his dinner thing. Now suddenly it’s no big deal if he has to go alone. She does say Lorenzo sent her a message, but now he’s not answering his phone. And she can’t seem to find her driver, so she wants Amado to come pick her up after. Amado agrees and tells Canseco to find out what happened to Selva’s driver NOW.

Little does he know Carmelo’s busy getting another beating from Cafre while Mateo and his bros watch. (And here I thought we were done with that.)

Selva’s still in her office when Mateo shows up. He starts talking about how he was just in the neighborhood and….is this a bad time? He knows he was…less than friendly last time. We get a helpful flashback to how he was a total jerk at the wake and accused Gabriel of killing JC and it being her fault. He apologizes for that and says he’s sorry about her dad.

It doesn’t get less awkward when he moves on to his “real” reason for being there–an event for JC’s death anniversary. Selva can’t believe it’s been a year already.

Out of nowhere, Mateo’s all “Oh, I see you reconciled with your brother” because there’s a picture of Selva and Lorenzo on the shelf behind her. Um, yeah, he’s out selling the other building while she finishes up the move. They weren’t fighting, it’s just that their dad’s death brought them together. “I’m glad something good came out of all this.” She stares at him in confusion and is grateful when he asks if she wants to hear about the event.

Outside, the guys are in a van waiting for Mateo. Amado shows up and Dylan tries to call Mateo.

Blah blah blah, marketing strategy, contest, two finalists, winner gets a scholarship. Selva confirms they’re talking about two groups of kids and Mateo says it’s Rafa vs. Manara and the public will vote. He says it’s a way to keep JC’s memory alive.

Well, Selva’s good to give them support on their digital platforms. Mateo says he checked out the website earlier and it’s really impressive. Is Lorenzo helping with that?

No, he’s just doing legal stuff and handling some of their dad’s businesses. What gives? Is he here because he wants support or to interrogate her about Lorenzo?

Amado shows up and he and Mateo pretend they’re happy to see each other. Amado beats Mateo in the “fake smile” department.

Dylan can’t get Mateo on the phone and Valentín and Básico are ready to go out there and start shooting. Dylan tells them to chill–this isn’t Mexico! (Boy did that sound bad.) They swear they’ll be quick. Mateo finally texts and tells them to wait.

Mateo goes through the whole explanation of the event again for Amado’s benefit. Selva has to leave them to take a phone call. Mateo invites Amado to the event, but he’s gotta check his schedule. He invites him to check out the label and see how nice it turned out.

Amado thinks pitting Manara and Rafa against each other sounds a little uneven. Rafa’s got a career and Manara doesn’t. Selva comes back, apologizing, and says she can’t find her driver. But anyway, does Mateo have a date picked out for the event….

I think “exclusivity” is becoming Selva’s thing. It’s her condition for doing the event (and I’m interpreting “doing” as broadcasting it, handling the voting, and advertising). They say their goodbyes, including Mateo fakely wishing Amado luck or whatever.

Selva sees Amado making faces and tells him this is going to be good for his sister and it’s a good cause, so don’t be like that. He starts trying to snog her on the couch, but she’d rather go back to his place. She tells him again to get that look off his face. (How long is he really going to be able to stand this?)

Casa Matamoros

Manara gets home and starts calling for Agustina and Julia. In Agustina’s room, she apologizes but she had an important meeting–she didn’t want to leave them alone so long.

Agustina tells Manara that what happens to her isn’t Manara’s responsibility. She has to live her life and quit worrying about her. She blames her sudden change of attitude on hormones. The baby is cute and sneezes.

Nico brings Julia home. She thinks his songs are sounding even better. They agree to talk tomorrow and he tries to kiss her goodnight, but she turns and he freezes. OK, just a cheek kiss then. He says he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

Manara comes in and says hi and bye. She asks Julia what happened, but gets a face full of “LEAVE ME ALONE!”


Isaac notices the blood on his hands and stares at it. There’s a gun in the car and he picks it up…then tries to wipe it off…then gets on the phone. (I mean…just throw yourself in jail at this point.)

Belinda’s been reading about nursing the baby. She thinks two years is a long time. Gilda says it’s best for his immune system, but it can’t be his only food source after six months. (Uh, I’m not sure this is entirely supported by the latest research, but I’m not in the mood to look it up unless anybody really wants to discuss it.)

Belinda’s worried about how to tell the baby his dad died and Gilda thinks she’s getting way ahead of herself. She’ll figure it out. And the baby will have lots of aunts and uncles.

Hey, did Gilda hear Isaac’s out with Elena? She did, actually. She wonders if it bothers Belinda. No…she’s just saying. And speaking of the Rey de Roma…Isaac’s on the phone begging Gilda for help. Someone killed Elena. He just got out of the car for a second and they shot her.

Gilda has to hold off a curious Belinda and get Isaac to stop yelling and make some sense. He’s worried about the press showing up and blaming it on him and he wants Gilda to come help him. She tells him to call the cops and tell them everything and don’t touch anything [else]. (Don’t talk to the cops without a lawyer!) If he leaves it will only be worse. Isaac whines about calling, so Gilda says she’ll call and send them there, he just needs to stay put.

Isaac talks to a cop at the scene and explains that Elena was his ex. He got out of the car to get drinks and when he came back, she was dead. He’s going to have to come in and give a statement, but Isaac starts whining about being a public figure and if he goes there will be press and a scandal. (He always manages to wipe out any tiny bit of sympathy I might have for him.) The cop says either he comes down on his own or he’s getting arrested.

Casa Davis

The woman herself cruises down to the basement to ask some questions of her own. She knows nobody puts up with this much abuse for free. Since he doesn’t know anything about the murder of Mateo’s brother, they’re going to leave him alone.

But she wants to hear about Carmelo trying to kill Mateo. He explains that he was working for Gabriel at the time and he was told to get rid of Mateo and one other guy, but he failed. He works for the kids now and he’s just a driver. No, Lorenzo’s not in “the business” he’s a lawyer and a laid-back guy. Also, he’s disappeared.

Cafre makes the connection between Lorenzo, Selva, and Amado. Which means Carmelo knows Amado. Yes, and that’s the OTHER guy Gabriel wanted him to kill that day. Cafre knows Amado used to be Gabriel’s bodyguard, but then he went up against Gabriel over business stuff. Davis wonders what Mateo had to do with that, but Carmelo says he doesn’t know anything! He works for Lorenzo and Lorenzo keeps him and everyone else away from his business.

Davis thinks they need to find out who’s encamando (sleeping with) Lorenzo. (Hey! She called him “Treviño”!) And give this guy some water.

Rancho Zabala

Rafa wants to know what else Itzel was involved with with Lorenzo. He doesn’t want anything to happen to her–she’s the mother of his children, after all. “And I wasn’t the mother of your children when you had me beat up in prison?” Or is it that he wants to be the one to take care of her and see if he can do it right this time?

Rafa says if he wanted to kill her then he wouldn’t be defending her to keep it from happening. He’s just wants to know what else they had going on.

Well, Elena introduced them. Lorenzo hired lawyers for her. Rafa makes a snide remark about her paying in “services.” “Well, you left me with nothing.” But no, Lorenzo’s a gentleman, he wouldn’t ask for that. She slept with him because she wanted to.

Rafa says they have to stick together or the kids will end up orphans. Because if they come after Itzel, they’re going to kill him next. These people do not mess around!

News spreads

Mateo gets back to the van and says Selva doesn’t know anything and her brother’s not there. They’re all just staring and he asks if Amado freaked them out or what? He’s totally different in there. It’s probably a politician thing. So…are they going to sit here all night, or can they go?

Dylan asks if he talked to his sister.

No, she called and he couldn’t answer. Why?

Elena was killed. That’s what Gilda told him. Isaac’s been detained.

Mateo’s having a hard time processing this.

At the police station, Isaac’s being questioned WITHOUT A LAWYER. And he ASKS for one, so really he needs to quit talking. But instead, the cops want him to talk to their district chief….

And of course, it’s Canseco. Damnit. Isaac refuses to talk any more without his lawyer, but Canseco tells him to calm down. He has some more questions for him, just because he’s “curious.” Like, why was he getting back together with his ex after so long.

Isaac doesn’t see what’s so weird about that. They went out for a long time, they’d been chatting, she agreed to get together with him.

Today? On the very day she gets killed? Isaac can’t believe this insinuation–he had his sister call them so they could HELP him!

Oh, they’ve heard all sorts of alibis. Isaac needs to answer the questions and he’d better watch his tone or this is going to go badly for him.

At Mateo’s house, Belinda and Celestina are in shock. Celestina feels awful for Elena’s family. She knows the worst sorrow is losing a child. Belinda asks if she took her pills and gets an annoyed look in return. Everybody needs to quit bugging her about that–the problem is not her blood pressure, it’s all the crap that keeps happening.

Moisés is ready to go to the lawyer’s house with Gilda. Celestina’s worried about leaving Isaac alone, but Gilda says Mateo’s on his way over. Celestina just hopes they let Isaac out, the way things are going.

Julia’s in her room singing No Perdamos Tiempo and gets annoyed when Manara knocks. Yes, she was singing…a song she wrote in London. She realized she likes to sing too. No, she won’t sing it for Manara.

OK, Manara wants to know right now what happened in London. She’s the one who’s responsible for Julia in Amado’s eyes. OK…Julia goes over to a book on her desk and pulls out a picture. Manara assumes this is a boyfriend? Nope, it’s the guy she had sex with for the first time instead of Nico. Manara starts chewing her out about having sex, but she says it’s “worse than that….”

And then they hear Selva screaming and glass breaking.

Downstairs, Selva just got the news about Elena, but she doesn’t say who or how (was it a text message? News site?). Amado wants her to calm down, but she can’t reach Lorenzo. He yells for Agustina to make her some tea and says he’ll call him.

Up in his office, he has Ramon put Lorenzo on so he can tell him he made a mistake making Elena his accomplice. She’s dead now, it’s his fault, and he should feel bad about it. Lorenzo doesn’t believe him, but Amado says his sister’s downstairs crying right now, trying to call him. Lorenzo calls him an hijo de la [bleeped].

“Yeah, I hear that a lot.” If Lorenzo doesn’t want things to get worse, he’s going to pick up the phone when Selva calls, tell her that Amado told him what happened, and console her. And he’d better make up an excuse for why he can’t come back to LA. This is how Amado and Lorenzo are going to work together.

Ramon lays his gun on the table and Lorenzo calls them a couple of cowardly killers. He’d be nothing without that gun. Ramon calmly tells Lorenzo not to provoke him and do his part if he doesn’t want to end up like Elena.

Agustina brings the tea in just as Lorenzo calls. And then he sits there, barely answering Selva. She thinks the call got cut off. Ramon covers the microphone and tells him to answer or he’ll kill him. Lorenzo manages to say he’s in shock and ask how it happened. Selva doesn’t know. She wants him to come back. He makes a really bad excuse about a meeting he can’t cancel and says he’ll be home as soon as he can. He can’t talk right now because he’s not feeling well. Selva’s completely baffled by his attitude.

Julia remembers who Elena was–Isaac’s girlfriend. She just read a news article that says he was with her. And Selva just saw Mateo. She can’t believe the things that are happening to that family. Manara glares at Amado. (Oh yeah, she knows exactly WHO keeps happening to the Solars.)

At the jail, Mateo tells the guys that Isaac’s still in interrogation. They didn’t say whether he was being considered a suspect. His dad’s at the lawyer’s house. Valentín asks if they think he had something to do with it.

Well, Mateo’s family doesn’t but…it’s Isaac.

Isaac’s whining about having been there for hours and needing his pills because he had an accident and he’s still recovering. Canseco says he can’t leave until they check the evidence, THEN they’ll talk to his lawyer, THEN they’ll let him know. He orders some guy to bring Isaac water and calls Amado to tell him Isaac’s made his statement already.

In the living room with the family, Amado says that was the press calling because Elena wrote his biography. He needs to go call his people. Selva suggests calling Alexis and letting him take care of things.

You know how at the beginning, Elena was making all these really calm, professional reports about JC’s shooting? Well, she dies and she gets Lucho doing the on-camera reporting. We’ll miss you, Elena. You deserved better than you got from these creeps!

Anyway, Lucho reports she was with Isaac Solar, her ex, and how he had lots of problems.

Itzel starts screaming for Rafa to come look at her tablet. Did he know they were going to kill Elena?! Just in case we’d forgotten, we get a flashback to remind us that yeah, he totally knew.

Amado calls Canseco back from the office to ask what Isaac said. Per Canseco, incoherencias (nonsense). But nobody saw anything, there were no witnesses, and the guy who did it left everything there to frame Isaac. They’ve got his prints on the gun. So, does Amado want him tossed in jail?

No, Amado thinks he’s of more use free. Just make it sound like it was a robbery. Pinning it on Isaac could get messy. His family is powerful and famous. There would be a big scandal and Amado doesn’t want anything splashing onto him. They’ll use Elena’s murder to help the campaign, make it about fighting for public safety.

The next call is to Alexis, who’s already coming up with ideas about a special program. Amado tells him about his great new plan to spin this as a matter of public safety and use it to boost his campaign. He wants a press release for tomorrow, something that “sounds important.” And he wants interviews.

Isaac gets released. Mateo goes over to hug him and tell him their dad’s at the lawyers. Isaac’s upset about “Grandota” (you couldn’t use her name just ONCE?!) being dead and how horrible it is.

They walk over to the guys and Isaac says he knows they hate him, but thanks for being there. Básico turns his head so Isaac doesn’t see him making a face. (Um, yeah, we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have to give Mateo a ride.) Isaac whines that things are going to get ugly with the press. Mateo tells Isaac dad’s going to take care of that and Mom’s waiting at home so, let’s go. Dylan agrees–they should get him into the van before the photographers show up.

As they’re walking off, Mateo gets an angry phone call from Manara because he dared go to Selva’s office. He doesn’t see what the big deal is. She WAS his sister-in-law (almost).

Exactly! WAS. She isn’t now.

Mateo says he went to see her because Lorenzo sent him a message–that he knows who killed Julio. Selva didn’t know anything. She’s despistada (distracted). Must be why Amado likes her. Anyway, he’s got this thing with Isaac, it’s been a difficult night, and he’s not in the mood for her reclamos (complaints).

Manara and her stompy boots barge in to Amado’s office to confront him. It was him, wasn’t it?! He killed Elena! Just because he’s a politician now doesn’t mean he can lie without her knowing.

Amado tells her she’d be better off worrying about Mateo making up stupid excuses to barge into his life. Sure, the contest is real, but he’s using the radio transmission as a pretext. He wants Manara to find out what Mateo’s up to–use her charms like she used them to get songs out of him.

Oh, no, he’s not making her feel guilty!

Amado says if she doesn’t and Mateo goes near Selva again, he’ll kill him and he won’t care about the scandal or the election.

Rafa pours them tequilas and asks Itzel if Elena had some connection to her “lover” or something against Amado. Seriously? She JUST told him about her–that Elena introduced her to Lorenzo. They worked together. She wrote Amado’s biography.

Oh. Well, Isaac was there when she died and he’s a drug addict and he’d probably do anything, so they should just wait for the police investigation.

No, the only one “capable of doing anything” is Amado. And Itzel’s scared. She knows Rafa is too, she knows him. So why did he do it? Why did he sell his soul to the devil? She hopes he realizes now that he has to get away from them, from his sons. Because if anything happens to them, she’ll kill him.

Hey, Manara’s sorry she’s not reacting the way Amado wants, but she doesn’t believe he’d risk his campaign.

She’s right. He wouldn’t. But he’d hire someone. A professional. Just like he did to kill Mateo’s brother.

Manara tells him one day the truth will come out and Amado screams at her that she talks about the truth like this is a fairy tale. The truth belongs to whoever pays the most.

Manara says he’s full of soberbia (arrogance) and she’s done with him. It’s bad enough she’s lying to Mateo about his brother, but she’s not going to be his spy.

He asks if she’s up to a war, but they’ve already talked about this. The only one it would affect is Amado. Any little scandal will ruin his campaign, so if he wants to fire the first shot, go ahead. But he’d better remember that there are no small enemies.

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Visita/ Guest

Thanks for the recap, Kat. *phew*!!! Things are heating up fast and furious. Hmmm I wonder what happened to Julia to make her hardened. Was she raped? *worried* Remember when I wondered whether Amado had damaged Manara? Well, from all that has been happening, he certainly has. I’m tired of that family (with the exception of Julia), clueless Selva included. Why is Mateo so hot headed? I love him still but he needs to chill. He also needs to get over Manara and claim song writing credit. Ugh! I don’t feel sorry for Isaac. I’m just waiting to see how… Read more »

Autora/ Author

Thanks so much Kat. I always look forward to your comments about the episode.

Like everyone else I’m wondering what’s up with Julia. She did make it seem like her first time wasn’t a completely consensual thing, but she’s got a picture. I guess it seemed like a head shot and not a snapshot. Could he be a celeb or someone important?