La Mujer del Vendaval Thursday 2/09/17 #62

El Vendaval

Mateo insists on an answer–did Severo hurt Sagrario. She admits he did.

She refuses to press charges. Severo might kill them all and she can’t put them at risk. Mateo offers/threatens to kill Sev himself and beat him to the punch. It’s up to her–he can kill Sev or she can press charges.

Marcela overhears their argument and she says Sev has to pay. Wait, how did Marcela figure out Severo had raped Sagrario? She says it in front of Mateo and they’re both ready to go after him. WITH the shotgun, at that.

Lencho calls ML to tell her Severo’s back at his place and they’re all getting ready to watch some video July made.

ML’s on her way out of the house and Sagrario’s yelling at Rosa about bringing the shotgun every time Marcela asks. She just wants to know where the truck is. Sagrario and Rosa ignore ML and Silvana’s the one who has to tell her she can’t take the truck–Marcela and Mateo took it. Maybe Al can give her a ride? She calls him and gives him the chisme, but ooh, sorry, she doesn’t think Al can give her a ride into town after all.

Octavia’s nefarious plans

The deal with the bank is that Antonio (bank guy) couldn’t keep Alessandro from sending the proposal directly to the board members. He offers to make it more difficult for Aland Marcela, but Octavia has a better idea–accept the proposal, but make it so they lose everything if they don’t keep up their end of the deal.

Octavia tells Mauro about Damiana’s will. She’s going to have her lawyers look into it. But no way is she quitting the Toscana until Luciano treats her decently.

The contract for the land will be ready for Sev’s signature later today.

Mauro is heading out for a drink when Timo comes in with a basket of tunas (fruit from the nopal). I think there’s a double entendre in there, but I’m afraid to find out. He’s also here to tell Octavia that Camilo, aka their secret weapon, got kicked out of the hacienda.

Well, she’s not worried. They’ll just make it difficult for Al and Marcela to make their payments. She now owns the land at the entrance to El Vendaval, so what good is it for them to sell all their crops if they can’t get them to the buyers?

Timo applauds her brilliance. He’s in. He ignores a call from Eulogio (more later). Octavia says she can’t openly be the owner, so Timo’s going to be her legal representative.

He thinks that’s the first step to love. Ah, love. What a force it is…Ocatvia can’t believe it got Al to fall for someone like Marcela. But then, love is blind, right? Timo says it’s Marcela who’s going to end up blind.

Showdown at Timo’s

July and Eulogio are trying to hook the camera up to the TV. Or something. There are a lot of cables. I predict disaster.

Marcela and Mateo get there and start calling for Severo to come out and get his raping, murdering ass killed. I’m embellishing a bit.

Eulogio gets nominated to go deal with Marcela. He tries saying Severo isn’t there, but when he sticks his head out the door Marcela shoots up in to the air. Lencho tries to convince Sev to go out there, but he’s too much of a coward. (And then there was a skip in my recording.)

Back at El Vendaval, Sagrario prays to the Virgen not to let Mateo or Marcela do anything stupid.

Sev comes out of the house. Mateo holds him at gunpoint. Al and Marcela try to beg him to let the law deal with Sev, but what’s the law worth in this town if it couldn’t protect Sagrario? Al pulls Mateo away to keep him from shooting Sev.

Marcela demands Severo be arrested. Severo demands they tell everyone, in public, what they want him charged with. Al tries to beg Marcela to resolve this in private, but he still wants Timo to arrest him. Maria Laura shows up to defend Severo.

Silvana begs Sagrario to tell her what happened.

Oh, Maria Laura’s defense was only against Mateo. When it comes to Marcela and the shotgun, she gets right out of the way. It’s Al who has to get between Sev and the shotgun. Mateo’s still vowing revenge. He slugs Sev right in his smug face. None of the cops who showed up dare arrest Marcela.

Timo takes advantage of the crowd and does one of his usual spiels, but Bingo Bailable has now been replaced by Lotería de Monitos.

Sev whines about his wounded ego. Timo and Eulogio are suspicious and hostile, talking about nopales being…well, not the cure for it, but they sure do make you forget.

Hm, and as for Maria Laura, it sure was brave of her to defend her daddy like that. “You have no idea how much I need him alive.”

The video viewing is being suspended temporarily so Timo can have a talk with Severo. In private.

He wants the truth–Severo broke into the hacienda and hurt Sagrario, didn’t he? And who knows what else he did! Severo says it’s nothing any man wouldn’t do with his wife. Timo disagrees–Severo may be the husband “on the marquee” but “on the field” she’s with Mateo.

He warns Sev that “if” someone presses charges Sev’s in trouble. So…Timo’s not going to take any action. Except for kicking Sev out of his house. But that’s for selling the land to Octavia.

Castelós in the SB

Valeria ends her outing with Luciano for today before anyone can see them together. Luciano proposes a trip to New York next weekend. She’ll think about it.

Nisa hurts Camilo with her enthusiastic snogging. They start making plans…Nisa wants to set him up in an apartment.

Nisa busts Luciano buying flowers for Valeria.

Luciano has to send the flowers to Silvana to keep from getting into trouble with Nisa. As for Nisa, she claims she’s got an embroidery class to get to…that she goes to every day. When she splits, Luciano ups it to two arrangements–one for Silvana and one for Valeria.


Ilse and Amadeo take a taxi to the state capital.

When Ilse and Amadeo get to the capital, Roman’s there alright…but he had other warrants out. It’s news to Amadeo. This means they can’t just pay and have him released.

They’d been looking for Roman for theft and rape. Ilse and Amadeo insist he couldn’t have…but he’s staying locked up until the police can investigate. They’re looking for the person who pressed rape charges now, to have them come ratificar (confirm) the charges.

El Vendaval

Now Alessandro knows what Severo did and he wants to go after him too. Marcela’s upset that Severo’s using Sagrario’s fear of people’s gossip and her antiquated ideas to keep her from pressing charges. They know Sagrario’s the only one who can do it, but Marcela is furious that she’s the one who’s going to get talked about. It’s rapists who should have to face public scrutiny and carry marks on their faces for everyone to see what kind of dogs they are.

Alessandro tells her he gets it, but she needs to control her temper. Hey, she’s trying, but she’s so angry! One day he’s going to pay for everything he did.

Alessandro gets the call from the bank guy that their proposal was accepted, with a few changes. He and Marcela celebrate with smoochies.

Here we go again

The video’s finally set up. Timo sends Eulogio for popcorn. Maria Laura decides she needs to talk to Severo too. Timo tries to “relive old times” with July…yeah, that’s so not happening.

Octavia had been out at Timo’s spying. She has a laugh as she describes the scene for Mauro. She calls Timo to check and see if anyone else knows Sev sold her the land.

But first she wants to know what happened outside his house. Timo says it’s because Mateo’s in love with Sagrario and Severo won’t give her a divorce…and Marcela hates Sev ever since she found out he ran off with her mom, so she goes after him every chance she gets. But no, nobody knows about the land. Behind him, July listens in as she, Eulogio, and Lencho set up the cables…again.

Maria Laura repeats her earlier threat–either he gives her the necklace or she goes right now and tells the police he broke into the hacienda and hurt her mother.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

“Wait, how did Marcela figure out Severo had raped Sagrario?” I’m not sure, that might have been one of the things we missed in epi#60. I have a vague memory from way back when, the first time I watched, of her figuring out, helped by something ML let slip and something Sagrario said and and big intuitive leaps but it was a long time ago and I don’t remember very well (in fact its possible my brain just made it up to fill in the gap) but I also seem to remember a private convo between just Marcela and Sagrario… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Oh my gosh are they ever going to get around to watching that video?

And poor Rosa, gets yelled at no matter what she does – get the shotgun, don’t get the shotgun, they’re tearing her apart.

And thanks for the recap 🙂

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Plus, when Marcela was outside with the shotgun and everybody was hiding on the floor, I noticed Severo was over by where the camera was set up with the tv. I wouldn’t put it past him to be planning for the future even when he’s currently in danger.