Guerra de Ídolos Friday 6/30/17 #38

Episode 38: Urge distraer a la prensa

Gilda rushes in late to a meeting in the board room at JC Records, aka The Place Where Nothing Good Ever Happens. No, Rafa, Isaac’s not going to be there–he’s busy confirming his statement for the police.

Moisés thinks they need to figure out what action to take since every news report is linking Isaac to Elena’s death and since it happened outside a liquor store they’re all talking about Isaac’s addictions. And it’s just days before the anniversary of Julio César’s death–this is sullying his memory and the family’s name.

Uh, doesn’t he mean the family’s business? Moisés insists it’s the same thing. He wants to move up the singing competition to distract the press. Mateo objects–he wants to use KIDS to distract from a scandal? Moisés says they’re not “using” anyone, they’re just moving the event up. If Mateo wants to come up with another way to get the attention off Isaac’s “stupidity” he has one hour.

Casa Matamoros

Julia ducked out before breakfast. Manara knows something’s going on with her, but she doesn’t know what. She wants to get out of the house too before she runs into Amado. She’s got something important to do today at the label.

Casa Mateo

Isaac hopes he doesn’t have to go to the police station again. It’s painful for him. Chalino’s sure the lawyer can take care of things at this point. He’s going out to the car to get his phone and Isaac whines to him to please get some beer. He reeeeeally needs it. Chalino agrees.

Belinda comes in with the baby and he complains to her about there being no cameras, no witnesses, and the press is hounding him. Well, she’s sorry about Elena.

Isaac changes the subject to his poor nephew. All this chaos and him without a father *significant glance*.

His phone buzzes and he takes a call from Rafa. Rafa tells him about Moisés plan and how Mateo doesn’t want to go along with it. But hey, he’s going to help Isaac and Isaac’s going to help him.

Board Room

Mateo doesn’t have a plan so much as he thinks Isaac should face the consequences of his actions for once. (Sing it!) Moisés is mixing the label and family problems and that’s no way to do business.

Rafa comes back to the room and Mateo’s “plan” is that they treat the label like a dignified place and don’t use kids to cover up scandals. If they want a distraction, they can buy off some of the press to bury Isaac’s story.

Gilda’s sorry, but that would take too long and they don’t have time. She votes to move the event up. So does Rafa even though it’s going to be soooo hard with his schedule, but poor Isaac has been through so much.

Moisés starts giving the orders. Gilda will inform everyone about the rescheduling. And since Mateo said Selva would help, he wants to double the investment in publicizing this thing. He hopes it will get everyone’s attention on the scholarship and the kids, but Mateo’s sure the press is going to keep talking about Isaac.

Moisés suggests they try to get attention off Isaac’s behavior by having one of the teams sing the song Isaac wrote for JC, No Sirve de Nada. “How ironic,” Mateo snarks (“It doesn’t do any good”).

Rancho Zabala

Itzel’s reading a paper with the headline “Accident Elena” (uyyyy, please, Telemundo, call me! I’ll do your prop English-language newspapers, magazines and websites for free! I’m begging!). Neto comes to the table outside and says it’s a tragedy. Itzel agrees–she was a good person, young….

She knows they’ve never gotten along, but it’s time to leave that aside. Neto scoffs that the two of them can’t leave anything aside. Hey, she’s not saying it because of herself, but for the sake of the boys. Rafa’s been so busy lately and this could affect them.

Neto says, when you’re popular and you have influence there’s a price. Neto has used it, Rafa is using it….

Itzel thinks they should call it what it is–Rafa’s a criminal. This is going to affect the family. Elena was investigating Amado. Does Neto really buy this “robbery” story? Look, she knows things, but she can’t tell him until she trusts him. She gets up from the table and tells the maid she’ll have breakfast in her room.

JC Records

Davis calls to ask Mateo what to do about Carmelo now that they’ve gotten what they can out of him.

“Let him go.”

LOL, riiiiight…if they do that he’s going to go after Mateo, or come after Davis and crew, or go to the cops. Kidnapping and torture are crimes.

Mateo asks her suggestion. She told him he wasn’t cut out for this. She thinks Cafre should take care of him. No, Mateo insists they hide him for a while and then they can see. He’s sure they can get something out of him. Something weird is going on and they need to find out what it is.

Davis agrees to hold him for Mateo, but this is just delaying the inevitable. And remember, she doesn’t do anything for free.

Manara catches the last bit of conversation and asks what’s going on. He says that’s his business.

Manara wants to talk to him about Lorenzo. In the studio, she asks what they talked about?

They didn’t. He sent Mateo a messenger saying he knew who killed JC and then he disappeared. Manara remembers Amado’s threat that if Mateo went near Selva again, he’d kill him.

Manara says she hasn’t seen Lorenzo either, but Mateo needs to talk to Lorenzo directly if he needs to talk to him and quit looking for Selva.

Mateo assumes that’s a threat on behalf of Amado. Manara denies it. It’s just that Selva is Amado’s “woman” and he doesn’t like people getting into his business. She shouldn’t have to tell him that–he knows already.

She tells him to quit mixing things up.

“Then find Lorenzo and get him to talk to me.” Manara doesn’t know how, but she says she’ll try if he’ll PLEASE stay away from Selva. “Yeah, yeah, I got it. Your brother. Dangerous.”

In the lounge, Moisés is talking to the assembled guests and reporters about how much Julio César loved awarding this scholarship. So now they’ve expanded it into a competition between the finalists and the two teams are headed by Manara and Rafa. Manara and Rafa will sing live with the kids and the team that gets the most votes will record the song on Julio César’s tribute album, which Mateo is producing. The radio stations run by the Treviño Group have exclusive coverage and live streaming. So, in a few days they’ll have one more competition, which has become the signature of their label. (I roll my eyes.) The reporters get a few pictures of the two teams facing off.

Days later

Bianco and Anahí are listening to Me Gustas in the studio. She thinks it has a good rhythm. Is he going to record it with Manara?

Maybe. After they steal her. But not now.

She’s getting lots of publicity from the contest with Rafa. Anahí asks if he’s going to the event, but Bianco doesn’t think it’s a good idea for them to be seen anywhere near JC Records.

She wants him to hurry up and get Manara under contract already while her dad’s angry about Rafa leaving.

But Bianco insists on doing this “his” way.

Anahí says she’s pretty and talented and she’d better not take attention away from her. “Remember who keeps your secrets.” He starts jokingly calling her an “hija de…” and she says she’s serious. And kisses him. (Noooo, that wasn’t weird at all….)

Casa Matamoros

Agustina brings the baby to see Manara as she’s finishing getting dressed. She wishes she could stay, but she only has a few hours to prepare her team. The baby’s totally voting for her. (Their joke, not mine.)

Manara has barely had a chance to talk to Mateo lately–she’s been so busy working with her team on this song Isaac wrote. She’s tried to get hold of Lorenzo, but nope. At least she got Mateo to agree to leave Selva alone.

Agustina advises her to steer clear of that whole situation until it cools off. Manara wishes she could–and she doesn’t just mean because of her feelings. She hates lying to him. Agustina reminds her things fall under their own weight. Manara just wishes she could help him, but she doesn’t know how.

Rancho Zabala

The boys’ team works on Despertar with Santiago and Raquel. They’ve got some nice harmonies going, but Raquel’s griping at them to pay attention.

One of the boys says Santiago’s a good singer, but isn’t Rafa coming? He never comes to rehearsals! The contest is in a few hours!

Raquel reminds them Rafa wrote this song with JC, it’s a classic, and he’s out doing publicity to make sure they win. Santiago tells the boys to relax–they’re doing well and when Rafa gets here he’s going to be able to fit right in perfectly. He gets them going on it again.


Rafa’s out having lunch with Amado and stressing about the event. Not that he thinks Manara will win–she’s inexperta (inexperienced, a noob) and she “can’t.” He’s worrying about him and Amado being in the same place surrounded by JC memorabilia. (Seriously? What’s JC going to do?)

Amado tells him to quit tormenting himself (but he’s so good at it). He’ll only be there long enough to greet some people, take pictures, and then leave.

Laura Guzman, aka the board member with the glasses, arrives and meets Amado. Rafa introduces her as JC Records’ biggest investor and Amado as the next mayor.

Amado needs investors like her to help with his plans to “restructure” the city. Uh huh and what does he want in exchange? Amado laughs–he likes it when people are direct. Rafa says he wants to be in charge of JC Records. He thinks he deserves it, Moisés doesn’t know how to make decisions and it’s not just about his family–it’s a business.

Well, Laura can talk to her group, but they have one vote all together and Rafa has one vote, so the family still has a majority. Rafa says he’s “negotiated” for another vote and she gives him a weird smile.

JC Records

Manara’s team has matching outfits that echo hers. She’s got them pop-ifying No Sirve de Nada and I think I like it better that way. She changes the rhythm on “nada” to take it a little farther away from the original and has them try it again. (My suggestion–don’t breathe in the middle of a word. Or at least not in the middle of the same word every single time when they’re that close together. It’s too repetitive.)

One girl asks if Manara thinks they can win. She’s such a good leader–she says Rafa’s famous and he’s had a longer career than her, but if they give it their best, they have a chance. They get back to rehearsing.

Casa Mateo

The lawyer hands over a document stating the judge started the investigation and Isaac is only being considered a witness. He’s free of all charges. The lawyer takes his leave after accepting their thanks.

Celestina hugs Isaac in relief. She knows he’s not perfect, but she’s angry they keep trying to blame him for everything.

Belinda comes in with the baby so they can take him to the pediatrician. She’s happy to hear Isaac got cleared. She gives him a kiss on the cheek before they go.

Well, Isaac’s relieved, but Moisés is smoking again. Isaac says he’d better not let Mom know, the doctor forbid him from smoking!

“It’s the only thing that relaxes me.” (Have we not heard Isaac saying this exact same thing about gambling and alcohol?)

Isaac thinks changing the date of the event was brilliant. It diverted attention, and using the song he wrote for JC balanced out the bad press. “You saved me, Dad!”

Moisés starts laughing and coughing. Saved him? There’s no saving him! Moisés can’t keep tapando el sol con un dedo (“covering the sun with a finger,” not really fixing the problem) and he’s running out of fingers!

First Isaac is determined to be a singer and he has that ridiculous loss, against a n00b! Then he gets into a motorcycle crash, saying he wants to kill himself, and Moisés finds out he’s got all these vices and debts.

And then he took that sweet girl to a dangerous neighborhood and LEFT her in the car alone while he went to get a bottle of alcohol?!

Isaac whines that he feels bad and Moisés whacks him. Twice. He tells Isaac to wake up and quit acting like the victim.

(Wow…ok, I don’t disagree with him…not exactly…but all those things he just listed? Those were all points where HE could have handled the situation differently, so right now it looks more like Moisés feels guilty for not putting a stop to this sooner and he’s putting that all on Isaac instead of facing up to his own piece of the responsibility.)

Moisés always thought Isaac would be his successor (Why?) and instead he’s the disgrace of the family.

Los Treviño

Selva tells Alexis that seeing Elena’s parents at the funeral was terrible. And Isaac didn’t even show up. Alexis says he’s disappeared.

What he thinks is strange is that Lorenzo didn’t go. That sets Selva off because he’s not talking to her, he won’t say when he’s coming back, and she doesn’t even know where Carmelo is.

Alexis knows Elena’s loss is recent, but they can’t leave her position open. He invited someone here for her to meet. Selva’s surprised, but she agrees…

And it’s Lucho.

Ok, well…she can’t really make this decision without talking to Lorenzo. Alexis really should have told her and saved Lucho the trip.

Alexis says the show must go on. She should stop seeing Lucho as a competitor and start seeing him as an ally. He suggests she call Lorenzo now and do the interview already. Lucho thinks that’s a good idea. Selva’s pissed. (I’m wondering if nobody bothered to tell Alexis where Lorenzo actually IS.)

At a little shack in the desert, the guy who killed Elena picks up Lorenzo’s phone and tells Ramon that his sister keeps calling. Ramon asks if they’ve found her driver. Nope. But he’s not in LA. It’s like the earth swallowed him up. Ramon tells him to get some people together and find him.

Casa Davis

Hey, Mateo hopes there are no hard feelings for the way they treated Carmelo. Naw, how could Mateo think that? They just hit him and kept him locked up. (His joke, not mine.)

Davis tells him not to complain. He was safe and well fed.

So now what?

Now Mateo offers him a deal. After what Carmelo put up with, he’ll buy that he doesn’t know anything about Julio César’s death or where Lorenzo is.

Yes, Lorenzo’s still missing and Carmelo’s going to find him, with Cafre’s help.

Carmelo supposes there’s no other option.

Nope. Just find Lorenzo and bring him to Mateo so Mateo can ask him a few questions about his brother.

Carmelo agrees and Cafre gives him an encouraging smack on the arm that makes him flinch. He walks him out.

Davis doesn’t think they CAN find Lorenzo, but Mateo says Manara says he’s still talking to Selva–he just doesn’t say anything. Mateo wonders if maybe they’ve taken Lorenzo out, but Davis hopes not. Otherwise Mateo won’t get his answers.

She tells him again that they’re going to have to kill Carmelo. He knows where they are and who they are and she can’t expose her clients like that. He’d better get used to the idea. Mateo just says “OK.”

Out in the van, Cafre’s supervising the loading of weapons in instrument cases. He tells Carmelo he’s copilot on this trip, so where are they going? Carmelo figures they should start at the beginning and go to Monterrey.

Cafre decides it’s too far to drive. He tells one of the other guys to call the airstrip and have a plane ready for them.

Los Treviño

Lorenzo gets done with his shower and one of the other guys makes a crack about him taking “longer than a vieja.” This vieja mentally flips them the bird.

It’s already been days. How much longer is he supposed to be here? Ramon says it depends on him, but at least until the election. He sits him down and calls Selva on speaker.

And Lorenzo starts with “What’s going on?”

What’s going on?! That’s HER question. She’s tired of him being off on this trip, making excuses, and leaving her with all the work. Lorenzo claims he’s busy working and the sale of the building got “complicated.”

So come home then! They’ll find another buyer. She’s got a lot of things to resolve. They really need to fill Elena’s position.

Lorenzo says she’s president, so she should hire whoever she thinks is best.

“You’re an owner too!” He can’t just leave everything to her while he’s on vacation!

Oh, he wishes he were on vacation. He’s doing important things.

Selva wants him to name a day and a time when he’s coming back. She’s upset about Elena too, but she needs to know.

Lorenzo freezes up and Ramon has to cover the microphone and tell him to answer. Lorenzo says he’s gotta go into a meeting and he’ll call her after. He hangs up just as she’s telling him not to hang up on her. Ouch.

Ramon bugs him about those long pauses. He’s supposed to be calming her down. He should have made up a date to buy time. Lorenzo says he just didn’t know what to say. And Selva doesn’t buy excuses. Elena’s killer tells him to chill. Ramon calls Amado.

He’s almost apologetic–the junior is screwing up. He told his sister he was still in Monterrey and hung up on her. He thinks it raised suspicions.

Amado tells him to beat Lorenzo and he’ll take care of Selva. Ramon gets right on that.

Amado calls Selva and she’s upset. She’s tired of Lorenzo being off in limbo, going off on vacation while SHE has to work. Anyway, she thinks she’ll be back by tomorrow night at the latest.


Yeah, she’s going to Monterrey to see Lorenzo in person. There’s paperwork that needs signatures, money to be transferred…she can’t keep doing this alone.

Amado whines that he needs her.

Well, she’s got family business to resolve so she can focus on him. She’ll let him know when she gets there.

She asks Valeria, her assistant, to call and have the plane prepared for a trip to Monterrey.

The problem is, the pilot isn’t answering and the plane is still in Monterrey. Well, add that to Selva’s list of reasons to be pissed off–her brother didn’t even bother to return the plane! She tells Valeria to just rent one because they HAVE to go. (Wow. Must be nice.)

Amado hurriedly calls Ramon and tells him to STOP hitting Lorenzo now because his sister wants to see him. But he doesn’t want him moved yet.

Amado apologizes to Rafa and Laura, but he lost track of time and he’s running late for a meeting. He tells Laura it was good to meet her and if she helps Rafa, she’ll have lots of work once he’s mayor. (He’s not even bothering to be subtle anymore.)

Casa Davis

Now that the “prisoner” is gone, she wants to talk business. She stops to snog Valentín and asks what Mateo wants to propose to “her Vále.”

Mateo asks Dylan to pour him a drink and says since it’s going so well for the guys and they’re making a video and they have expensive belts…he wants them to do a song on the tribute album for his brother. If they want to.

They’re in. And Davis grins at Valentín like she’s so proud of him. Mateo starts playing the recording on his phone and says they can do it in whatever style they want to. He ignores an incoming call from Gilda, but she just calls Dylan’s phone instead.

While the guys work on La Protagonista in the background, Gilda tells Mateo she tried to go talk to Selva about the broadcast and Selva was gone and no one knows where she went and they don’t know anything about the livestream or anything! Should she see if they can cancel it?

Mateo tells her not to. He’ll fix it. Is Manara still at the studio? Gilda thinks she’s rehearsing with her team–she saw her car. OK, he’s on his way and he’ll fix it, just tell Manara to wait for him.

He rushes over to get his phone back and says he’s gotta go. Davis says he’s cheating on them with the other label–he’s going to have to decide if he’s with them or “us.” Mateo gives her a look and Valentín tells him not to worry about it–the song’s going to be badass. The guys get back to work.

JC Records

Manara’s still rehearsing with her team when Mateo gets there and asks the “preciosas” if he can borrow her.

He starts bugging her about Lorenzo again. Look, Lorenzo’s her cuñada’s brother and Manara doesn’t really talk to him.

He asks if she knows where Selva went, but it’s news to Manara that she went on an urgent trip and no one knows where she went. Mateo gripes that she didn’t even care about the event. Manara agrees it’s strange, but she’s sure Selva will send someone.

Right now, the girls are nervous and she wants to keep rehearsing with them. Mateo backs off and asks if he can listen to a little bit.

“Deal with my going.” –Buffy Summers

Selva’s flight out is leaving in a few minutes. They’re just waiting for someone to bring her clothes and stuff from the house. She tells Valeria she’ll be back tomorrow. As she’s getting off the escalator, Amado grabs her by the arm and says she’s not going anywhere. (The hell, Amado. THE HELL?!)

Selva demands that Amado let her go. She can go wherever she wants to!

Now he’s all fake-contrite, aw baby I’m sorry. He turns it into “Manara’s event is today and we have to go.”

Selva can’t believe he’s reacting this way over an event. He needs to go. And of course the station will be there because they’ve got exclusive coverage. Alexis will be there, with a new reporter they’re trying out, Amado can meet some people, take a few pictures and leave.

Amado whines–Alexis and some n00b? What about his image…the Solars…the election! She’s his good luck charm. He begs her to come with him…or doesn’t she love him?

“Of course. Don’t be stupid, one thing has nothing to do with the other.” (Her words, not mine.) She lets him kiss her and he says he loves her too. And he needs her to stay.

Nope. She can’t. She’s already here, she can’t put this off anymore and Valeria’s already got all her stuff.

Desperate, Amado tries to go with her, but hello, he “has” to go to the event. And Selva and Lorenzo have things to talk about. Just like he has stuff with his sisters, now it’s her turn. Alexis will be there and she’ll let him know when she arrives.

Itzel’s in The Closet remembering what she said to Lorenzo about their investigation being too easy and Amado setting a trap for them. Selva calls from the plane, asking if she’s talked to Lorenzo lately.


Because Selva hasn’t talked to him either, so she’s going to Monterrey to see him. She has this weird feeling…she knows Itzel and Lorenzo have a thing, which is why she’s asking. Is something going on with him?

Itzel remembers Rafa telling her to stay away from Lorenzo and everything to do with him or he wouldn’t be anything he could do to help her….

They’ve brought a doctor to the shack who says Lorenzo doesn’t have any broken ribs.

Selva sent a message telling him to pick her up at the airport, but Ramon says he’s going to take care of that. He suggests Lorenzo do something to piss her off so much that she won’t want to see him for a while. It’s just a suggestion. Lorenzo should be grateful to his cuñado for giving him this chance. He’s only doing it because of Lorenzo’s sister.

Lorenzo asks where he’s taking her.

To a restaurant. And all the guys will be there, so if Lorenzo does anything stupid, he’ll kill them both. Got it?

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And Amado’s mask begins to slip YET Selva is still clueless … Best part of this episode was Moises wacking Isaac TWICE!!! He he he he. Well, Isaac did kinda sulkily hit him first/push on his shoulder (or something). I don’t know…I don’t see how Moises is to blame for Isaac’s resentment and addictions. It’s his resentment and addictions that’s the root cause of all his problems. Moises definitely cuddled him but Isaac’s character flaws are all on him (Isaac). Well, after those slaps, Isaac will most probably feel justified in taking down his Dad. JC records is in trouble.… Read more »