Guerra de Ídolos Monday 7/03/17 #39

Episode 39: Frío y distante

Itzel says no, she’s only talked to Lorenzo lately about the trial and that was it. Who said they were dating?

Selva, embarrassed, says she just assumed…Lorenzo is so reserved. She’s having to go look for him in Monterrey to drag words out of him.

Itzel says their relationship is strictly professional. She’s grateful for what Lorenzo did for her. She’s sorry she can’t help.

Selva’s sorry she bothered her…and thanks.

The big day

Alexis comes to into the JC Records board room and assures Moisés, Mateo, and Gilda that everything is in order. He’ll be announcing and producing.

Selva’s not coming? Alexis says she had some family business to take care of. She’s probably still on her flight, but he’s here to take care of whatever Mateo needs. And Lucho will be here with his cameras–

Aw, hell no! He was one of the ones doing the most trash-talking after Julio César died! Moisés tells Mateo they need to leave that in the past. They can’t reject publicity.

Moisés mentions Amado will be here. He says Mateo invited him? Mateo snarks that Amado apparently keeps his word. Anyway, he’s got stuff to go do.

Moisés wants Alexis to emphasize that they’re launching a tribute album for JC (is it just me or is the world “launch” starting to not look like a real word anymore). Oh, Alexis will say anything they need him to, just let him know and he’ll take some notes and say it on the air.

In the hallway, Chalino’s directing some guys with boxes of equipment down to the lounge. Mateo calls Davis. She’s in a bubbly mood, asking if he wants her to break up with Valentín. “Don’t talk like that! He’s my friend!” He’s just calling because he heard Selva left.

Right, well, Cafre and Carmelo made it to Monterrey and they’ve been looking all over for Lorenzo. Mateo says the Treviños have a private airstrip–Carmelo will know where it is. She says she’ll pass on the information and gives him a flirty “Bye, galan!”


Selva gets to the airport where a driver who isn’t Ramon meets her (and I admit I’m a little disappointed not to see how Ramon looks in a suit). He says Lorenzo sent him because Carmelo is “occupied.”

From another SUV, Carmelo tells Cafre he doesn’t recognize that guy. He’s ready to charge in, but Cafre says they have to wait. They don’t have a lot of people. They’ll have to follow them.

At the restaurant, Ramon reminds Lorenzo that he’ll be close by and they have to get this done quickly before they go to their tables.

JC Records

The girls are sitting in the lounge, singing No Sirve de Nada while the boys look nervous. They tell Raquel and Gilda, somewhat accusingly, that they’ve been talking to the girls and THEY got to rehearse with THEIR madrina the whole time. Raquel reminds them the winner will be whoever the public likes best, not the one who rehearsed with their mentor (so…you’re saying it’s rigged?). Her phone buzzes and she goes out to get Rafa. Gilda tries to encourage them to just try their best.

Raquel meets Rafa on the stairs, scolding him because the boys have been waiting for hours. Manara comes up right behind her and says she wants to talk to him. Rafa goes off to the studio with her while Raquel glares.


Manara’s pissed of because nobody told her Amado would be here. Rafa says Mateo invited him, and besides no one has to tell her anything. This is Rafa’s label and she works for him. This thing tonight is about making HIM look good…or what, she thought she would win?

Manara thinks Rafa’s the one who thinks SHE’s going to win and he’s scared. Rafa whines that ever since he met her he’s been losing and he’s had enough of the humiliation and lack of respect (uh, then stop humiliating yourself). Manara disagrees–she’s respected him, she just hasn’t wanted a relationship with him.

Rafa tells her she doesn’t understand this business.

Is he referring to the songs? Because she’s not letting him be co-author. She’s not THAT ignorant.

Rafa calls her shameless. He’d say more, but he won’t because her brother’s his partner.

And are they partners in everything? Because she knows a lot about her brother. So he might as well say it, if he has the guts.

Is he her brother’s partner in all the atrocities he’s committed? Because she’s not going to keep quiet…

Rafa gets in her face and says he’s Amado’s partner in EVERYTHING. He’s not telling her the rest of what he has to say so he won’t offend Amado.

Oh, and whatever she does up there, he’s going to beat her because she’s light years away from him and she’s not going to make a fool of him! (Nope, he can take care of that on his own.)


Moisés shows Amado into the lounge. Amado says it looks great. Moisés says Amado’s company did a great job. Amado says the construction company just did the structure–they added he soul. (Careful, Amado, that almost sounded genuine.) Moisés takes him over to the bar to get a drink.

Moisés is glad Amado is here to support his sister and Rafa. Amado goes back into politician mode. He’s here because this event is about scholarships and education is the key to everything. Also Mateo invited him.

Mateo arrives just then, making a point of giving Amado a firm handshake. Amado says he’s glad to be here celebrating the memory of Mateo’s brother.

Family dinner

Selva gets out of the car with what looks like a bunch of papers sticking out the top of her purse.

In the other SUV, Cafre can’t tell if she’s being protected or she’s a prisoner, but Carmelo insists he wants to go in there.

Selva notices Lorenzo’s face. He says he just wasn’t being careful.

So why are they meeting here? She notices the guys and asks if he brought guards.

Yes, he brought guards. Because he’s been lying to her and it’s time he told her the truth. Ramon gets tense.

Lorenzo says he’s in their dad’s businesses now. The ones he always tried to keep her out of. Selva doesn’t believe him. He’s not capable…well, he thought that too. He wanted to shut them down, but then he couldn’t get out and now he’s used to it. This is why he’s been keeping his distance and why he can’t go back to LA.

She wants to know if Amado has anything to do with this. Elena said that Lorenzo didn’t trust Amado and they’d had problems.

Carmelo’s still insisting on going in, but Cafre reminds him they’re here to help him, not get themselves killed! They need to stay in the SUV! Carmelo ignores him and goes inside.

Lorenzo tells Selva Amado’s not involved, so don’t mix things. This is about their family.

Well, Amado’s her boyfriend and she needs to know if Lorenzo inherited the war between their dad and Amado. Lorenzo says it has nothing to do with that. He only inherited contacts and businesses. So, as she can see, he’s not on vacation here.

Selva still doesn’t believe it. It’s too “crazy.”

Maybe so, but now that she’s seen him, he’d like to sign whatever paperwork she brought so he can get back to his stuff. It’s dangerous for her to be here.

And then Carmelo comes to the table.

Still pre-show

Amado tells Mateo it’s too bad Selva can’t be here. He says she’s on a trip, but she’ll be listening in. Rafa comes over and greets Amado while barely looking at Mateo. Mateo leaves the two of them together, patting Rafa on the back extra hard as he goes. Lucho gets a picture of Rafa and Amado.

Mateo catches Gilda in the hallway and asks for her help keeping an eye on their dad. He’s too nice and they’re going to take advantage of him.

Good grief, he’s criticizing their dad, Rafa, Amado…and then he brings the Treviño Group here to cover the event…if he wants help with their dad, then he’s going to have to trust her!

Ok…the transmission and inviting Amado here was an excuse. He went to see Selva because her brother said he knew who killed JC, but Selva doesn’t know and Lorenzo’s gone. Mateo has people looking for him. That’s it.

Gilda thinks they need to leave JC’s death alone. The judge said it was Victoria, so let him rest in peace.

Mateo doesn’t think either one of them believes that. It was the Treviños and Mateo’s not going to rest until he finds out what happened, no matter what the cost.

Lucho gets a picture of Amado with all the kids. Alexis says they’ll be on the air in a few. Amado suggests they get some pictures of the artists, but Lucho wants one of him with his sisters. Amado’s ready to take off after that, but Manara grabs him and says they need to talk. She leaves Julia in charge of her team.

Outside, Amado jokingly asks if Manara thinks she’s going to lose, so she’s trying to run off. Actually, no, she wants to ask him if he has any limits.

Amado’s annoyed that she’s chewing him out. She knew how things were with Mateo and she used him anyway. Manara denies she did, but Amado laughs–he wrote all her songs. Did she think he didn’t know she was meeting him to work on them? And he knows how she “paid” for them, too.

Manara says if he’s trying to offend her he’ll have to use something else to do it. She’s stronger than he thinks.

Oh, he knows she’s strong and ambitious and that she slept with Mateo to get music out of him. And she didn’t even have to touch Rafa to control him.

Speaking of Rafa, he just threatened her. And the way he looked at her, she’s sure he was an accomplice in Julio César’s murder. Amado’s about to scold her for saying that HERE when Mateo saunters out saying he hasn’t seen the siblings together since…his brother’s funeral, right?

Amado asks if he forgot something inside…Mateo says he forgot to say goodbye. He’s glad Amado accepted the invitation.

Manara says they’ll be starting soon. She’s going inside.

Amado tells Mateo Selva didn’t want to come because she’ll always be angry at him about her father. Funny, Mateo knows Selva *smirk, eyebrow raise* very well and he thought she was excited. Amado insists she only agreed to do the event because of Julio César and to help Manara, not because of Mateo.

Family dinner gone wrong

Lorenzo’s guard stands up. Carmelo thought Lorenzo would be happy to see him, since he’s here for whatever Lorenzo needs.

Lorenzo says he’s putting Selva in danger, so he’d better go before things get ugly. If he won’t, Lorenzo will have his guys take Carmelo out.

Selva, however, wants Carmelo to sit down and explain himself.

Instead it’s Lorenzo who says Carmelo was helping him with the arms business, right? Carmelo asks if that’s the problem here, the GUNS. Yes, ever since the meeting with the Europeans things have continued. And he doesn’t want Selva to get hurt.

Selva asks them to stop talking in code. OK, then, Lorenzo doesn’t want a scandal, so Carmelo needs to get up and go. He doesn’t want him anywhere near his businesses, got it?

Selva says he’s not leaving, but Carmelo says Lorenzo has nothing more to explain. He’s sorry he interrupted and he understands. Elena’s killer follows him out.

On the sidewalk, Carmelo says he doesn’t know who the guy is, but he understands the message and he won’t do anything to get his patrona hurt. Two other guys come to drag him away.

Cafre calls Davis, telling her Carmelo wouldn’t listen–he insisted on jumping in there to see if his patrona was ok.

Well, wouldn’t Cafre have done the same for her? Yeah, but now he’s gotten grabbed. And there are only three of them and who knows how many of the others. Davis tells him to try to get Carmelo back…but as his jefa, she’s telling him take care of himself. “I don’t want to lose you.” (Awwwwwww!)

Lorenzo signs the rest of the paperwork and suggests he also sign a power of attorney so she won’t need his signature on the joint accounts. Selva still wants an explanation about Carmelo, so Lorenzo says Carmelo stole from him and he fired him. Now he’s angry about it and he’s a traitor, so Selva shouldn’t get close to him.

“Don’t get close,” “traitor,” it gives her chills to hear him talking like that. He sounds like their dad. He was trying so hard not to be like him and now he’s the same? Lorenzo agrees, it sure does look like it. Well, Selva can’t believe it no matter how much he tells her.

So Lorenzo hits her where it hurts. He says she’s always been a fresa and a spoiled brat and even as a grownup, she still is. He’s just telling the truth. And now he’s signed her paperwork, so can he get back to his stuff?

Selva only came here because she loves him, but she does NOT have to put up with him talking to her like that! Lorenzo says once the sale of the building is closed he’ll give her her share and then they should each focus on their own stuff. Selva gives him an angry, “Good luck. You’ll need it!” And Lorenzo wishes her luck too.

At his table, Ramon looks satisfied.


Amado goes home and hits the drinks cart. Ramon calls to tell him the dinner was intense. Lorenzo told Selva he was managing his dad’s businesses and she got angry. Amado still wants them to follow her.

Ramon mentions the missing chauffeur showed up and they grabbed him. They’re going to ask him some questions. Amado wants everyone separated and away from Selva, in case they followed her.

Davis calls Mateo to tell him they followed Selva to her dinner meeting–probably with Lorenzo. There were a lot of guys with him. Carmelo went inside and got nabbed and she has no idea who has him. Maybe it’s the same guys who were guarding Lorenzo, she doesn’t know. This situation is getting worse and she doesn’t have enough people.

Mateo tells her not to lose “him.”

Who? Is he not listening? He has to decide who they’re going to follow. Selva, Lorenzo–assuming that’s even him–or Carmelo.

Mateo says Carmelo. If they leave him alone they might as well be killing him. Davis doesn’t think that would be so bad (uh, if they don’t do it until AFTER he talks it would be). Besides, he tried to kill Mateo.

Mateo begs her to do what he’s telling her to do…please. And he’ll call her later–the thing is starting.

The main event

Manara goes back inside. The girls are nervous and they want to rehearse again.

Julia wanders over to talk to Lucía, but Nico gets her attention. She says the competition makes her nervous. He tells her to relax and strokes her face. (Did they talk already? Does he know? What did she tell him? Why are you torturing me, show?!)

On the stage, Alexis is doing his last-minute equipment check.

Still in Monterrey, Selva has the driver take her to the radio station building. Inside, she sits in her dad’s old office and remembers him offering her that expensive necklace. She asked if he felt that bad about hitting her and he apologized. Memo interrupted and she said it must be about his “other” businesses and she was going to LA to see Lorenzo.

Ramon calls to tell Amado that Selva’s in the radio station building. Amado figures she’s just feeling nostalgic. He tells Ramon to have them stay close to her.

Ramon says it looks like the guys who have Carmelo were followed. And Carmelo’s refusing to say anything.

Alexis starts off the broadcast, introduces the teams, and asks who’s going first. Rafa’s ok with “ladies first.” He pretends not to hear Manara saying “if you don’t mind” and comes off looking like a jerk for snapping at her.

Cafre and his guys find the car that had Carmelo. He thinks this is probably a trick, but they have to try. He sends the guy in the back seat to check it out and covers him, half hanging out the front window.

Carmelo is dead, with a sign that says “no” something.

Alexis introduces Manara’s team…Fernanda, Isabela, and Fernanda. They’ve named themselves “Team Venus.” And they’ll get to sing after this commercial break…. (It’s like fifteen minutes of show that he’s probably stretching out to an hour.)

Davis calls Mateo while he’s in the lounge and says she just sent him a picture from Monterrey. It’s Carmelo, dead, with a rope around his neck. Mateo asks what happened.

“Did you see both of the pictures?” He goes to look at the other one… “NO TE METAS” (Don’t get involved).

Davis asks what they should do. (uh, stop letting Mateo, the amateur, run this op?)

Mateo asks who it was. She doesn’t know, but her people are out. They lost track of Selva, they don’t know if they can find Lorenzo. This is all they can do, she’s sorry. She tells him not to torment himself about it–Carmelo’s the one who decided to go in after his patrona. Mateo hangs up on her.

Selva calls Amado. She’s in what’s left of her dad’s radio station. She used to run through these hallways as a girl. Why didn’t he tell her Lorenzo was in her dad’s business?

Amado says he tried to talk to him, but Lorenzo wouldn’t pay attention to him. He asked Amado for some “ugly” favors, but Amado’s been out of the business.

OK, but why didn’t he tell her?! Because Lorenzo told him not to and Amado didn’t want her getting involved.

She wonders what else he’s hiding. Amado tells her to come home and they can talk. Selva doesn’t know if she will. She’ll figure it out later.

Agustina and the baby are watching the broadcast. Manara’s team finally gets to sing No Sirve de Nada with the girls taking turns on lines and Manara joining them on the chorus.

The sound of their singing echoes up in the boardroom as Mateo grabs a bottle of booze and calls Selva.

When the girls are finished, Manara hugs them and looks over to smile at Julia.

Selva answers the phone. Isn’t the event on the air? Mateo says it is, but he has something else on his mind–what’s up with her brother? He explains that Carmelo came to see him on Lorenzo’s behalf, saying Lorenzo knows who killed his brother. Yes, Julio César. And then Carmelo said he was going to go find Lorenzo and he hasn’t heard from him. Does Selva know where he is?

She doesn’t have a clue. Why doesn’t he just talk directly to Lorenzo or to Carmelo?

Because Lorenzo disappeared and Carmelo is dead. Something’s going on here and Selva and her brother are going to tell him what it is.

Selva can’t believe Carmelo’s dead. She just saw him.

Mateo doesn’t know if her phone is being tapped or she’s with people, so he’s not going to go into details, but he found out from a reliable source.

Selva says that’s terrible. What does he want her to do?

He wants her to answer him–her or her brother. What’s happening? What does her family have to do with the tragedy in his family? He knows she’s a good person, so he wants her to help him understand. And if she won’t, he’ll find out anyway.

In the lounge, Alexis announces the boys’ team–Armando, Sergio, and Alberto. They’ve dubbed themselves “Los Ídolos.” Alberto looks nervous. The boys start singing Despertar.

Amado comes to Agustina’s room. (He changed out of his pajamas and back into a suit?) Everyone’s out of the house, so they have plenty of time for “us.” She asks if he fought with Selva.

No. And hopefully never. Because Selva’s the love of his life. He grins at Agustina and asks to hold the baby.

Santiago whispers to Lucía as the boys perform. When they’re finished, Alexis calls Manara up to the stage to let her have one last chance to encourage people to vote for her team.

Manara says it’s important to help new talents fulfill their dreams and she’s proud of her team, so…vote for them.

Rafa says it’s important to be grateful in this business, grateful to people who supported you…so vote for his team.

Alexis will be announcing the results tomorrow on his show. Moisés says he’ll meet Manara and Rafa there in the morning. Rafa asks Manara if this means they can be friends again–since he’s going to win anyway. Manara fake-laughs at him.

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Thank you Kat!

“Davis what they should do. (uh, stop letting Mateo, the amateur, run this op?)”

This. I thought Davis was the HBIC and she’s said that Mateo doesn’t have it in him so why does she keep asking him!?