Guerra de Ídolos Tuesday 7/04/17 #40

Episode 40: La verdad en la cara

The event’s finally over. Santiago and Lucía walk out with Julia, who’s trying to ignore Nicolas. He stops her in the foyer asking if she’s going to keep being so cold to him. What happened in London?

Julia says it’s late. She’s gotta go with Manara. He should invite her to a concert like he did last time.

Um…Sebastian Yatra’s recording in the studio, would that count?

Sounds good to Julia.

Manara runs into Mateo in the hallway and asks where HE was. Mateo’s excuse is that he had an important call about the tribute album. Rafa comes up and Mateo says he needs both of them in the studio–he’s got their songs picked out.

But Rafa says he needs official approval and they’re having a meeting tomorrow. They can talk about recording plans after.

When he leaves, Mateo’s like “Reviéntalo.” (Kick his ass.) Manara assures him that’s what she’s trying to do. Good, because that’s all Mateo wants is for her to beat him.

Casa Matamoros

Breakfast is over and Julia and Manara are heading out for the day. Julia assures Manara that almost everyone supports her on social media. Rafa’s, like, a different generation.

Julia tries to head off a talk, but Manara wants to know what happened in London, besides the boy.

“I don’t want to talk.”

Right, but did she “take care of herself” (i.e., use a condom or other birth control).

“I said I don’t want to talk!”

She said there was something more that had happened…?


She asks Manara to help her respond to her followers. Amado hears this and asks what she’s talking about.

Julia and her friends made videos while they were in London and got lots of followers. Amado laughs like “Aw, she thinks she has a lot of followers,” and asks how many.

Um, 2 million. (Sucka!) Anyway, she’s going to dance class. She tells Manara not to worry–she’ll beat Rafa.

Amado, on the other hand tells her not to take it the wrong way, but he’s hoping Rafa wins. He can’t have the guy singing at his campaign “closer” losing to a noob.

Manara’s in no mood for this today. She says he’s only rooting for Rafa because Rafa’s his sidekick and he’s known for a long time that Amado killed Julio César.

She figures…Amado killed Julio César to get Rafa’s support and help him get the label, then he killed Gabriel to get his daughter and the radio station.

Amado corrects her–it’s more personal than that. JC died for disrespecting Selva and Gabriel died for messing with her and Julia. And Manara’s his accomplice because she just kept on going with her career after she knew. She used the Solars, the Zabalas, and the Treviños. “So don’t play the victim. It doesn’t suit you.”

Selva arrives. She heard Alexis is getting the results soon. Yeah, so Manara’s headed to the label. She’ll talk to Amado later.

Selva needs to go to the office. Amado offers to take her so they can talk. (Oh. Great. Quality time with Amado. Just what every woman wants.)

JC Records

Gilda’s thinking Mateo got up early this morning. He was up all night in the studio working on Dylan’s song.

She’s been worrying about what happened to Lorenzo. He’ll tell Gilda when he knows.

OK, ’cause everything that happens here affects the family. Like she’s sure he’s having a relationship with “that lawyer” (Davis)…. Mateo says she’s acting like a “grandma” and forgetting he’s older than her.

“I love you, cisterna, but relax.”

Hey, she’s just telling him this for his own good. They go inside to see what happened with the contest results.

Moisés is on the phone with their lawyer. The voting has closed and the lawyer and Rafa’s manager certified the results. Mateo wants to hear who won, but Moisés is waiting for Rafa and Manara to show up. He will tell them there were lots of calls and lots of votes.

Rafa comes in and gets the same “we’re waiting for Manara.” Well, after they hear the results, he has something important he wants to talk about. Hey, if he has to wait for results, they can wait to hear what it is. Moisés and Mateo make faces.

While they wait, without Rafa, Mateo sits in the board room looking at the picture of dead Carmelo and I’m like, “Who does that?!”

Gilda complains that Isaac never showed up. Moisés says he’s on vacation because he’s still upset over Elena. Uh huh, so upset that he’s on vacation in Los Cabos and he’s paying for everything on the corporate credit card. (Who let him have that?! Cut it off already!)

Rafa comes in with Manara and Moisés tells Gilda to call Alexis.

Radio station

Selva tells Amado he doesn’t have to stay. They both have a lot of work to do. Amado says she didn’t talk to him at all on the drive. He knows she’s stressed, but he thinks backing her up against the closed office door and kissing her will help.

Selva is SO not into office shenanigans. Plus she can’t stop thinking about what Amado told her yesterday. And if he’s talked to Lorenzo about those other businesses then what does he think–is Lorenzo capable of killing someone? He fought with Carmelo right in front of her and she got a call hours later to tell her Carmelo was killed.

Who called you? (DON’T TELL HIM!)

Mateo. And he said Lorenzo knows who killed Julio César. (Didn’t I just tell you not to tell him?!)

Wow. That’s pretty serious. Yep, and she couldn’t sleep. Seeing Lorenzo was horrible and then finding out Carmelo died…she feels like her head’s going to explode. Amado kisses her.

And then he wonders if there are still problems between her family and the Solars. Selva shrugs and tries her phone. Lorenzo’s still not answering and she’s sick of it! She’s going to the studio to be with Alexis when he gets the results. Amado says he’ll wait in her office for her.

The shack

Amado calls Ramon and has him put Lorenzo on speaker. He thought Lorenzo was behaving himself, but now he realizes he was wrong.

What is Amado’s going to accuse him of now?

“Of what you just did.” Amado says Lorenzo threw a grenade at his back and it didn’t work.

“I don’t throw grenades. What are you talking about?!” He sent his driver to Mateo to tell him Lorenzo knows who killed his brother. He thought Mateo would overreact, but that grenade is going to blow up in Lorenzo’s face. He gives Ramon orders to beat Lorenzo.

As Lorenzo backs away and asks them not to, Elena’s killer grins.


Alexis asks how it went with Lorenzo. Not good, but she’s made a decision–she wants to hire Lucho. She liked how he handled yesterday’s event. The producer says the label is on the phone now, so Alexis and Selva put their headphones on to listen to the call.

Before they go on the air, Moisés wants to tell them the results to avoid any discomfort later. He really drags it out, telling them it was a big margin…and Rafa won. (And a great cry of “Bullshit, the voting was rigged!” goes up from…well, from my couch at the very least.)

Gilda congratulates Rafa and tells Alexis the news. Now the put the phone on speaker and listen to Alexis making the announcement over the radio and asks for Rafa’s reaction. Oh, Rafa’s happy…grateful…and he totally expected it.

Alexis heard there was a huge margin. It comes at the best time for him and shows that people support him being an independent artist. Yep, he’s getting away from Megavisa and he’s happy to be growing with HIS company that it’s taken HIM so much effort to build. Mateo looks angry. Moisés is…definitely not happy. Gilda looks horrified.

Alexis checks to make sure he heard that–Rafa’s breaking away from Megavisa and its owner Ezequiel Feler?

Yep, Rafa’s going to be on HIS label now, JC Records.

Hm, Alexis has heard that Ezequiel doesn’t like artists getting away from him. That must have been a difficult decision.

Rafa laughs. Everyone says Ezequiel’s a monster, but they’re buds. Ezequiel is happy to see Rafa developing as a businessman and producer of new talent.

Oh, of course, because he discovered Manara and JC.

Yep and HE is putting out a tribute album for JC and he’s inviting big artists to take part in it.

Alexis senses he’s got more to say, but Rafa says that’s enough for now. He’ll have more news later. Thanks to the fans for their love and support. Alexis takes the show to commercial….

Ya se armó

Moisés asks WTF that was. Well, Rafa didn’t want to say too much, but they need to restructure. He wants to be president because he “deserves” it. Gilda looks like she wants to cry.

Moisés tells him to slow it down here…Rafa wants to be president? He wants to take Moisés’ job?

Rafa tells him not to take it personally. The label needs to be at “another level” and it’s a level only Rafa can give it.

Moisés reminds Rafa HIS family founded it. It’s named after one of his sons!

Rafa whines that HIS sons are here, but this has nothing to do with family–it’s business. Like Mateo said.

Mateo tells Rafa not to involve him in his filth.

So instead Rafa points out that when this company was in crisis, they used HIS money and HIS talent as a producer and the votes speak for themselves. Now Mateo jumps in–the only “crisis” is that Rafa’s career was in decline and he used JC and this label to revive it.

Rafa claims the media only even talk about the label because he’s here.

Mateo wants this piece of crap to confirm that he’s talking about taking what they built.

Rafa’s talking about business and contracts. The media only talks about them because of Mateo’s alcoholic brother.

Mateo explodes and starts to come over the table to get at Rafa, but Moisés asks them to leave him alone with Rafa and let him take care of it. Mateo, Gilda, and a very quiet Manara who’s been wishing the floor would open up and swallow her file out.

Radio station

Alexis goes into Selva’s office to tell Amado that “Selva” is on her way and finds Amado behind her desk with his feet up. (Creeeeep.) Amado takes issue with Alexis calling her “Selva” and says it’s “Señorita Treviño” to him. And hey, he looks good here, right? Oh sure.

So what’s up with his cuñado? Selva’s worried about him.

Amado says that’s none of his business and he’ll take care of it. Alexis just needs to keep doing things well, like he has been. Did he get what Amado asked him to? Alexis presents him with a tiny velvet bag and says a friend got it for him…a distant friend.

Amado invites him to sit behind the desk. When he’s mayor, this will be Alexis’ place. Alexis thought he had forgotten. Oh, Amado never forgets anything.

They’re going to unite the station with the label. “That’s the plan you have with Rafa?” That’s the beginning of it. Because if you dominate the media, you dominate everything. (Is he supposed to sound kind of pretentious and clueless and laughable?)

Selva walks in as Alexis is asking what time to make a reservation. Amado says they were just talking about her. He knows she’s stressed, but he’s going to take her somewhere…it’s a surprise that’s going to change their lives. *kiss* (*barf*)

JC Records

Moisés asks his lawyer to come in and help him and his partner get some things untwisted. He figured this would happen, knowing Rafa, so yeah, he kept his cards under the table. He’s going to buy Rafa’s part of the company. Rafa’s out.

In the studio, Mateo’s complaining that he should have broken Rafa’s face in. “Oh, yeah, great idea,” Gilda snarks. Has he not grown up at all and learned something?! Mateo says Rafa has this colmillo (tener colmillo, be cunning) and it always gets his dad turned around.

So Mateo’s going to, what…hit him? Send killers after him? Send Satan’s Lawyer (Davis)?

Chalino interrupts the sibling bickering and says Dylan’s here to record. Mateo says to send him in. Gilda tells Mateo THIS is what he should be doing–making music. This is what he’s good at. Hitting? Not so much. “You sound like a grandma!” Mateo complains.

Tequila is a bad friend

In the memorabilia room, Manara drinks tequila. She remembers them taking a picture of Rafa and Amado last night…Amado telling her that she used Mateo. She drinks some more. She cries. She remembers telling Agustina she can’t do it, can’t keep lying…she wants to help Mateo, but she doesn’t know how and she hopes she gets an idea before it’s too late. She picks up the phone.

Bianco’s recording Pasa La Página. When he gets to the chorus he cuts it off. Something’s not right and he says it’s either him…or Tonio, the drummer. He says Tonio’s not giving him a good cue. Tonio complains that he’s not an orchestra conductor. “Obviously. That’s why you’re a drummer.” Bianco tells him to get it together if he doesn’t want to end up playing paint cans.

“And remember, I don’t just work with the best, I work with those who WANT to be the best.”

He goes out to get his phone from Candelaria, who’s been waving at him. Drunk!Manara tells him to get her out of here–she can’t take it anymore! She wants to see him. Bianco tells her to come over to the studio.

As she leaves, she stumbles past Mateo and Dylan. Dylan asks if Mateo’s going to keep suffering over her, but Mateo ignores the question and Dylan says they should go into the studio.

The mystery continues

Julia and her dance class dance to Sobrenatural. Julia looks happy.

They take a break and Julia tells Lucía she hopes the competition went well. Lucía wants her to promise to invite her if they throw a celebration party. Oh, no Julia’s sure there won’t be a party. She’s going with Nico to a recording studio, though.

Lucía asks if she’s escaping from her guards.

No, it’s not that. She just doesn’t care if they want to follow her or not. She’s not scared of her brother–she thinks that’s Manara’s mistake. Julia’s figured out the secret–don’t fight with him, just lie and tell him what he wants to hear.

So, is she going to lie to Nico or tell him what happened?

She’s going to tell him everything. And then “we’ll see if he wants to stay with me or not.” (Ominous….)

Rancho Zabala

Santiago and Nico are unpacking a new guitar that I’m going to guess is custom made and exclusive based on the way they talk about it. Santiago says the only thing Nico thinks about lately is instruments. What’s up with Nico and girls…or is Nico “like him” now?

Nico says he’s going to talk to Julia, but they’re taking it slow. She needs to adjust to being back. In Santiago’s opinion, Nico is really stuck on her and she’s really young. He should leave the commitments to dad and grandpa.

Leti wanders in, dressed in a bikini and a floaty robe, laughing on the phone. Nico starts laughing with her. Oops! She belatedly pulls the robe shut, she was just talking to their grandpa on the phone from the doctor’s office and he wants her to sing with him on the JC tribute album! Do they know what that means for her!

Nico says they don’t. (*snort*)

And Bianco’s going to be on the album too! He’s her idol! Hey, can Nico help her rehearse one of his songs so she can perform it for Neto when he gets back? Nico tells her to ask Santi.

Santi says he’s a big fan of Bianco’s. He and Leti bust into an a capella version of Me Gustas that proves the casting department did a good freakin’ job.


Bianco’s still singing and something about it just doesn’t sound good to me. He can see Manara wandering in and hugging Candelaria. (So at least she made it, but I’m pissed about her driving drunk.) He calls for a break and says he’ll buy everyone’s lunch.

Outside, they clear the room so he can talk to Manara alone. Bianco assumes she’s upset about losing the competition…and oh, look, the bad drummer’s still in there…with his phone….

No, it’s not about that. Bianco leans over like he’s going to kiss her…drummer snaps a photo…and smells her breath. Has she been drinking? “A little.”

Now Bianco notices Tonio and asks if he’s waiting for something.

Uh…he was missing his wallet…found it…and he’s sorry for screwing up earlier. (Gonna be sorry when you get fired for sharing that picture, bro.)

Getting back to Manara…she swears she’s going to burst. She’s tired of staying quiet and she wants Bianco to get her out of the label NOW. It’s hell for her.

Bianco doesn’t get what hell she’s talking about. They value her over there. (No, they fight over her like a toy.)

Manara explains that the last time they talked, she was with Mateo. He’s helping her write all her songs…and she loves him. But she’s been “engañando” him (double meaning–deceiving and cheating on). Bianco asks who with or what with.

With what she’s hiding. She’s been deceiving him because she needs him. Getting her album made and having Megavisa sign her is the only way to get out of this nightmare and take Julia with her.

OK, he needs her to calm down, because he’s not understanding any of this and he can’t help her. Manara sobs that she can’t wait for him to sign her. She can’t keep lying to Mateo! She’s trying to focus on her career, but she can’t keep living with this, with what she knows!

And what’s that?

“I know who killed his brother!” (Damn, just gonna lay it all on him, huh?) Bianco’s confused–didn’t a fan do that? Nope, Amado had him killed and Rafa was his accomplice.

What she’s saying is really serious. Is she sure?

Manara says Amado told her, to keep her away from Mateo. To poison her. This is too heavy for her to handle alone. And Rafa wants to keep the family’s label.

Manara’s sorry she’s telling him all this, she just needed to unload and he’s the only person she trusts. She’s sorry, but she doesn’t know what else to do.

Maybe she needs to tell Mateo…or the police.

No, if she tells Mateo, he just go after Amado and he has zero chance. If she tells the police, Amado will use all his influence to take her out and that will leave Julia alone.

So, what does she want him to do?

Sign her and let her take Julia to Mexico. With his power, he’s the only one who can get her out of this. She begs him to help her avoid a massacre.

The real meeting

The lawyer arrives and apologizes for the wait. He’s got the company’s activos (assets), pasivos (liabilities), post-mortem sales for Julio Cesar, and an estimated valuation of the company.

Rafa immediately starts griping about Manara being on the list, even though all the other artists are, along with the building and the studio. HE made that investment. She went on HIS tour. And they owe him money! He can sue!

Really? He’s going to start with his jaladas (bullshit) that Manara is “his”? She’s the company’s project and her success is due to singing one of JC’s songs that Mateo helped write.

Delusional Rafa says she’s a success because he sang with her. He “made” her.

And what has Moisés done? What has he brought to the table? Isaac’s reputation? And Mateo…he thinks just because Mateo launched Dylan–

Moisés interrupts to say Dylan is the best-selling música urbana artist right now. (Well, damn, Dylan! Congrats, man!)

Rafa laughs “Who told you that?! Your daughter!” (Dude. Don’t even.)

Rafa demands the lawyer make another list that includes Manara as “his.” And then he stomps out.

Moisés tells the lawyer to call the accountant and fix the numbers. He doesn’t want to have to see Rafa again. (And I don’t blame him, but I don’t know if getting rid of Rafa is worth losing Manara.)

JC Records

In the studio, Dylan is recording Un Millón de Veces while Gilda laughs at him from the booth. And then Dylan starts laughing too and not making any sense. Mateo calls a halt and Dylan asks if he likes it.

“Yeah, if you sing what you wrote I like it.”

Chalino comes in to tell Mateo that Rafa left the meeting. Gilda tells him not to do anything stupid, but Mateo says he’s just going to talk to their dad. He’s not going to go after Rafa now–he’ll save that for when Rafa least expects it.

When Mateo gets up to the board room, the lawyer is leaving. He bugs his dad about smoking again and Moisés doesn’t want to hear it. He’s got enough to do dealing with Rafa. He jumped the gun.

Mateo says Moisés waited too long. Seriously, Moisés is not going to let Mateo criticize or question him–they need to be together on this.

Mateo agrees. What’s the plan?

Moisés wants him to work on his brother’s album while Moisés convinces the investors to be on his side. And he needs to find Isaac.

Meanwhile, in Los Cabos

I’ve had a lot of physical therapy over the years and this is not standard treatment, let me tell you. Not only did the therapist go on vacation with Isaac, but she’s giving him a massage while he mourns Elena. He’s talking about how he loved her and when he had his accident she was the light at the end of the tunnel. She always listened and took care of him and he…

“I made them kill her.” He has a flashback to Elena’s death that doesn’t add to what we’ve seen before. He says everything he loves ends up in the trash.

The therapist thinks that’s terrible. It sounds like he has a lot of guilt.

Well, that’s why they’re here. He wants her to help him forget. “OK, I’m your natural tranquilizer,” she jokes.

Which totally explains why she tells him his cell phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

Oh, that’s his sister. Ever since she was born, every time he’s having a “relaxing” moment, there’s his sister. But wait, he’ll take this other call….

It’s Rafa, bragging about how he won and gave Manara a paliza. (beating. Supposedly saying you gave someone a paliza is an accepted way to talk about beating someone in sports, but this sounds really unnecessarily violent in this context and with that expression on Rafa’s face.)

Isaac assumes that’s why Gilda won’t stop calling him.

No, it’s because Rafa told them he wants to be president.

“Hey, that’s not what we agreed!” Rafa spouts some BS about just saying that to bring up the topic, but when it’s time to make it happen, it’ll totally be Isaac.

Isaac gripes that he can’t leave Rafa alone for a minute. His dad’s going to be all over Rafa and Mateo and Gilda are going to help.

Rafa tells him to quit judging and just get back there. He can go on vacation again as president later, but they have to act.

Isaac tells the physical therapist to buy a spectacular dress because they’re going to celebrate their last night here. (I assume she’ll be putting that on the company card?)

A match made in hell

The big surprise was taking Selva to lunch. The waiter pours champagne as Amado says he ordered the best champagne for the best woman. The waiter feels the need to tell Amado he’s voting for him and he’s read his book. He’d like Amado to sign it later.

Amado asks Selva what’s wrong and she says she’s not in the mood to celebrate anything at all.

But since it’s all about Amado, he reminds her he’s going to “close” his campaign soon, he’s going to win, and he owes it all to her. He just doesn’t want a single moment to pas without her knowing how he feels about her.

He pulls a ring box out of his pocket. With a ring in it. And proposes.

Selva cries.

Amado reminds her that she has to give him an answer.

She says yes. (UUUUUUUUGH!)

He promises they’ll have the best wedding, anywhere she wants it, with whoever she wants. Which is great, but she’s also sad–she doesn’t have anyone to share this with.

Amado understands and he’s going to help her get Lorenzo back. With him and Amado’s sisters, they’ll have the best family. And they can have as many kids as she wants! And hopefully they’ll all look like her! (Yeah, wouldn’t want them inheriting your horns and tail, now would we?)

The shack

Ramon packs up to go back to LA and be with Amado for the big campaign “closing.” Lorenzo says even if he failed, sooner or later everything’s coming back on Amado.

The henchmen laugh. That only happens in the movies! In real life, politicians get away with everything. Ramon thinks Lorenzo should make a deal with Amado. He’s sure Amado wants him alive or he would have ordered Ramon to kill him. “He saved you because you’re family.” (He saved him because he can use him to manipulate his family…that’s not the same thing.)


Bianco tries to call Ezequiel, but he has no luck–Ezequiel took off on a last-minute trip. And Bianco needs to go back to Mexico in a few hours. Manara begs him to take her with him.

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Wow! The bad guys keep winning.

Finally, we’ll get to hear what happened to Julia in London. I just hope it’s not something terrible + criminal.

Isaac and Rafa … *sigh* I really don’t know what else to say at this particular juncture. 🙁

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Oooops! I’m sorry, forgot to thank you for the recap. Thanks for the recap Kat. :*