Guerra de Ídolos Wednesday 7/05/17 #41

Episode 41: Callejón sin salida

Bianco doesn’t think it would be good for him and Manara to be seen together. People know who she is now, the press is always following him…it’s not a good idea to let Rafa know they’re friends. It could complicate things.

Manara offers to go somewhere else to hide, but Bianco’s upset. He’s kept himself free from scandal, but what she just told him was some serious stuff. She’s talking about dead people!

Manara gets defensive. If he can’t support her, ok, she understands. She just needs to know if he’s going to sign her or not, because she’s in a callejón sin salida (dead-end road) and if he’s not going to support her, she needs another option. Now.

Casa Matamoros

Selva and Amado come home all giddy about their engagement. Agustina meets them in the foyer with little José and Amado encourages Selva to show her the ring. Because Agustina’s “family.” He says she accepted, obviously, and kisses Selva in front of her.

And you know what, Amado would like some coffee after all that champagne so why doesn’t she just hand over the baby to go get him a cup. They’ll take good care of the baby. (He’s so frickin’ evil.)

Rancho Zabala

Rafa tries to wheedle a congratulations out of Itzel, but she’s busy worrying about what happened to Lorenzo. Rafa doesn’t appreciate her harshing his buzz.

Look, he told her to shut up and stay calm, but it’s been days! She needs to know if Lorenzo’s OK. Rafa says he’ll find out, as long as she sticks to the plan. For the sake of the kids.

Yeah, speaking of the kids, they’re rehearsing with his dad’s girlfriend. And Rafa’s worse than his dad–he’s senseless and selfish.

Unexpected news

Neto gets dressed after his exam and brags to the doctor about his hot young girlfriend…so he’ll be needing some of those pills, ’cause sometimes he thinks he’s not going to be able to make it!

The doctor’s pissed off. At his age, Neto should be worried about more than sex.

“I take care of myself! I eat well! Organic. No sugar, just honey….”

Yes, and the doctor asked him to get more frequent checkups. He has Neto’s test results from his last visit and they found cancer cells. He’s sorry.

Rancho Zabala

Leti and the boys rehearse Fuego Cruzado . Rafa walks in and rolls his eyes. He calls the arrangement espantosa (awful).

Mateo sent it over–it’s the duet Leti’s singing with Neto for the tribute album. Rafa says she has a long way to go before she’s ready for a professional duet. And why are his sons playing it so boring?

Nico takes the bait, asking why he’s being so annoying. Because he won the contest? Rafa gets in his face and says he’d have to sell one quarter of what Rafa has sold before he gets to talk to Rafa about music. Santi (bless him, he tries) asks then to stop before they start fighting. He asks Rafa if he has some advice to improve the song.

Of course, it’ll be a different song. It can be acoustic if they want it. And they’re going to Amado’s campaign thing. Leti says Neto doesn’t want that. “I’m not talking to you.”

So once they get it they need to start working on it. And AGAIN he feels the need to tell Leti “Not you!” Nico gives her a “Don’t worry, he does this to everyone” face.

Campaign headquarters

Amado talks to his staff about making sure to have some people hacer bulto (fill the seats) so it looks good on TV. He dismisses the meeting. And tells “Gloria” her name is inspiring. (Yeah, I dunno, he’s high on politician fumes or whatever.)

Alexis asks how the proposal went. She said yes, right? He’s got that reporter Amado wanted outside.

It’s Lucho. Oh. Great.

Lucho’s a big admirer of Amado’s. Uh huh, whatever…Alexis says he has some compromising videos of important people?

“I collect them,” Lucho smarms.

Amado thinks that sounds threatening.

Oh, Lucho would never threaten him. But he is the best at what he does and he’ll give Amado a little advance–he’s going to show him one that concerns him.

Aw, crap. It’s bad drummer Tonio’s picture of Manara and Bianco. Lucho thinks it could be a big scandal because Bianco’s never had a public romance. He paid for that photo, by the way, so it’s exclusively his.

Alexis takes a look and asks if Amado wants to save it or publish it?

Amado says it’s free publicity and if his sister wants to be famous…plus Rafa and Mateo will both be upset, heh!

Alexis gives Lucho the actual order to publish it and have paparazzi follow them. Amado likes that they all understand each other.


Nicolas and Julia are listening to Sebastian Yatra record Traicionera. Nico jokingly asks if the techs are her brother’s bodyguards in disguise. Because if not, then he’s going to get closer on the next song.

Julia distracts him by suggesting they take a selfie. And then she can’t help noticing that she’s getting messages from people because his dad beat her sister and they’re swearing they voted for her….

And then there’s the picture of Manara and Bianco. Nico’s surprised–that’s his dad’s friend. And Bianco’s never really been known to go out with anyone, so this is big news.

Sebastian calls out that they’re going to record the next take live.


Candelaria asks if Bianco ended up telling Manara about his thing, but he couldn’t because she was busy telling him some intimate, serious stuff that he doesn’t want to tell Candelaria about.

OK, but maybe this is a way he can approach the subject. He agrees, this might be a good day.

Manara meets them, saying she’s ready to go. Candelaria says goodbye. Manara thinks the tequila wasn’t a good idea. She probably said some things she shouldn’t have.

And aw, crap, she forgot she’s supposed to be recording something with Mateo! Bianco suggests telling him to send the track to the studio in Mexico. “And tell him I’m with you?”

Look, she’s been trying to keep everything under control for how long? Now she’s starting to let herself be guided by her feelings. It’s time to let things go and see if they’ll resolve themselves.

Manara considers it. She says she has to call Julia before she leaves.

Campaign headquarters

Amado heard Julia was with Nicolas, listening to Sebastian Yatra? Rafael says to leave them alone–it’s just kid stuff. Amado says that’s how you get more kids. Rafa laughs, but he didn’t mean it as a joke.

Rafa tells him not to worry about it–his family is supporting Amado and his kids will be at the event. Amado’s surprised Itzel allowed that. Well, she’s at the ranch and she knows nothing about Lorenzo. Amado reminds him that she’d better not open her mouth. Rafa blows him off and asks to see the plans for the stage.

In Amado’s office, Rafa rants about those “mugrosos” (filthy people) who thought he would lose and they’d humiliate him! Grace is clearing away the plans, probably trying to keep Rafa from spitting all over them in his ranting. (I mean, seriously, who listens to him and doesn’t wonder WTF his problem is? And I hate that he always uses that word, mugroso, when he’s talking about the Solars. Why? Because they didn’t start out rich? It gets to me on a visceral level!)

Anyway, he declared war on them and told them he wants to run the label. Amado’s just smiling blandly and Rafa asks if he’s listening.

Yeah. And Rafa was supposed to wait for him to become mayor. He’s screwing up the plan.

“I know what I’m capable of.” (SMH)

Well, Amado’s about to bring him down off his cloud, because he won thanks to him. Amado hired call centers, just like he did to look good in the polls…and they were expensive. (Hahahahahaha…with friends like these….)

Rafa’s all upset now. Why did he do this? Who asked him to do it?!

So Manara would lose. Plus, he can’t have a loser performing at his campaign event. Hey, at least he’s doing it openly…not like Rafa’s “friend” Bianco. He shows Rafa the picture of Bianco and Manara. “I’m told they went on a trip together.”

Rancho Zabala

Neto gets home and Itzel’s like “Finally, you’re here!” Rafael offered the kids to Amado for his campaign closing. He’s putting them at risk! She wants him to call Rafael.

Neto remembers the doctor telling him he has cancer and says he’s not going to do that. He’s going to go and sing with them. They need a truce with Amado.

Itzel thought they were going to try to isolate Rafa and not get involved.

Well. Neto’s been looking out for this family for a long time and this is what his conscience is telling him to do. He suggests Itzel do what her conscience tells her.

Itzel calls someone and says she needs to see them. Are they in LA? She’ll meet them anywhere they want…just don’t tell anyone.

JC Records

Dylan’s recording Un Millón de Veces. Mateo’s at the sound board. The camera lingers on his “Trust the universe” tattoo. Dylan starts making up lines, talking about Mateo…saying he’s Gilda’s Romeo. Gilda starts laughing. They get all smushy.

Mateo’s like “Can I work now?!” Oh, and by the way, he’s going to send Dylan a song soon that he wants him to record for JC’s tribute album. Dylan asks if they can break for a drink.

In the memorabilia room, he hits the booze and asks Mateo what’s up.

Everything. Manara. Rafa. He shows Dylan the picture of dead Carmelo–and there are more than two pictures now.

Dylan asks why Mateo didn’t tell him. Did Davis do this?

Mateo doesn’t even know. Things got confusing in Monterrey. Carmelo insisted on going in and maybe this was Lorenzo’s guards. He shows Dylan the message again–Don’t get involved.

Dylan wonders what Lorenzo is into. Mateo thinks the message means he’s supposed to leave the thing with his brother alone.

“Not to throw more wood on the fire, but…”Dylan shows Mateo the picture of Manara and Bianco that just came in on Mateo’s phone.

Mexico City

From the picture, Bianco can tell it was that “mediocre drummer” who snapped it. He tells Candelaria to fire him and call the company to have him blacklisted (and I’m thinking…isn’t she a stylist?). Manara’s phone rings–it’s Mateo. Bianco tells her to put out her fires and he’ll deal with his own.

Mateo’s been drinking. He says now he knows the truth and it sucks he didn’t hear it from her, but there’s nothing to talk about. Either she’s with the dude or she’s not with the dude.

Mateo thinks he’s obviously the problem here and Manara’s with Bianco.

No, she’s not with anybody! The photos are deceiving.

Mateo laughs an ugly laugh. She’s the one who’s deceiving. He keeps getting to know her by trancazos (hits). She got her songs, her contract, her album and now she’s with the güero to get famous.

Well. Now she knows what he thinks of her, so they’re done.

Mateo agrees and hangs up on her.

Casa Lorenzo

Itzel and her floppy hat meet Selva at Lorenzo’s place. Itzel is super nervous. She didn’t want to tell Selva anything on the phone because she was afraid it might be bugged.

Selva’s confused. Why would the phones be bugged?

No, seriously, she’s risking her life here, but her conscience was bothering her…Lorenzo’s investigating Amado.

Oh. Selva knows that. Elena told her.

“Elena, who just happens to be dead?”

Selva sighs. (I sigh at Selva’s sighing. She’s like a clueless adult in a kids’ show.)

Itzel’s sorry to say this, but Amado’s dangerous and she thinks he kidnapped Lorenzo. She lied on the phone. She loves Lorenzo DEEPLY and he needs their help.

Selva’s almost insulting in her disbelief–when would Amado have kidnapped Lorenzo? She just saw him yesterday and talked to him.

And did he say what he was doing?

Checking on their businesses. Itzel knows her dad had more than just the radio station.

Yes…she remembers Gabriel and Neto were friends. Neto used to lend him the airstrip to unload contraband…is Lorenzo in that business now?

Knowing him Selva would say “No,” but yesterday, seeing him disturbed her. What happened was terrible…no, nothing happened to Lorenzo. It was her driver. Carmelo showed up and argued with Lorenzo…flashback to dinner…and then Lorenzo had him escorted out by his matones (bully boys)…flashback to Mateo’s call…and then she found out Carmelo was dead.


Yes. Mateo told her.

And how did Mateo find out? Is she in contact with him?

He didn’t say exactly how, he just said that Lorenzo sent Carmelo to him as a messenger to tell him Lorenzo knows who killed JC.

And just like that Itzel’s gotta go. Her conscience is clear, she told Selva, and she’s going. Selva doesn’t understand. Itzel’s just not going to risk her life. She came to Selva because she thinks no other woman besides her loves Lorenzo more. She owes him so much…but Selva has to be discreet. She shouldn’t tell anyone she saw Itzel or what they talked about. (Bye Itzel. Nice knowing you.)

She’s out the door and Selva’s still asking her to wait.

Truth time?

The studio has filled up a bit more. Julia’s barely smiling or dancing, but Nico gets a smile out of her. The crowd applauds–it was like a mini-concert.

As soon as he’s done singing, Nico goes right over to greet Sebastian. He already knows Julia’s name. He has to go do some interviews and then he’ll be back.

Nico suggests they go get a drink, but Julia wants to talk. It’s like she has it stuck in her throat–she has to tell him. Nico says she can tell him, it’s ok.

Julia says she met someone in London and she was “with” him. She’s sorry. She asks him to forgive her for not keeping the promise she made. (There was a promise?)

What happened to “done”?

Mateo whines to Dylan that he keeps getting himself into things…but he still can’t help thinking something weird is going on. This isn’t normal. They’re doing something!

Dylan thinks it’s that she was dating Bianco and keeping it quiet because he’s Rafa’s friend. He gets a major laugh at the idea of Rafa suffering because Manara got away from him. But like he told Mateo–she’s looking for fame and money.

Mateo refuses to believe he’s that stupid (referring to himself). She couldn’t have used him like that! She’s not like that!

Dylan says he’d trust what he saw. Mateo should move on. He needs to go party! (No.)

Mateo pours himself another tequila and says he has to make an album. It’s not getting made on its own. And where’s he even going to get artists from? He’s sure not calling Bianco…and now he doesn’t have Manara or Rafa,

Dylan reminds him he’s still got Basico, Valentín and him, and other artists who respect him.

Los Cabos

It’s time for Isaac and the PT’s dinner. She bought a fairly plain red dress. (It’s pretty, and functional, but I was hoping since she was spending company money she’d go a little more out there.) Isaac tells her to wear red underwear for luck, but she finds it more lucky to go without. (Haha!) One more minute and she’ll be ready.

There’s a knock at the door and the way Isaac’s luck has been going I really don’t want him to answer it. But it’s just Moisés. I mean, sure, that’s awkward, but at least no one’s dying tonight.

Moisés realizes Isaac’s not alone. Just then the PT comes out of the bathroom and Isaac introduces her as Mirelis. He sends her down to the lobby to wait for him.

“That’s your physical therapist, right? Is she charging you for this?”

Isaac asks if that’s what he came for, to criticize him.

No, he came to apologize for hitting him.

Is that it? Because he’s heard Gilda’s messages. They’re having trouble with Rafa?

Yeah, he came about Rafa. And also because he can’t trust Isaac.

Different drama

Mateo’s still swigging tequila. Chalino comes in, saying he’s ready to do the mixes, but Mateo shows him The Picture.

Drunken whining from Mateo about how one woman just kicked his ass enough for all women. But when she’s with him, she’s not like this.

His phone keeps buzzing. It’s Davis. Yeah, she’s still after him, but she’s with Valentín. Chalino knows she’s still pissed at Mateo for breaking up with her and chicks like that don’t forgive. Mateo says at least HER he can stand, unlike Manara. Chalino reminds him Valentín was in prison, so he’s canijo (tough). And now he feels like he’s a star. He doesn’t think Mateo should mess with either one of them.

The phone buzzes again Mateo answers, even though Chalino tells him not to.

He’s apparently supposed to be at some party they’re having after the video shoot. Mateo completely forgot. He had a hard day.

Yeah, Davis saw that…his girlfriend dumped him for someone more famous. Well, the guys keep asking about him and he’s the producer, so anything that happens is his responsibility and El Diplomático is not going to pay for this video twice!

In the background some dancers rehearse in front of cars and a fire.

Mateo tells her to send the address and he’s on his way.

Davis announces this to a couple of other women, and seems suspiciously happy about it.

Mateo says the guys are making their video tonight and there’s a party after. Chalino’s going. Oh, not to take care of Mateo…he’s going for the chicks.

Thanks a lot, Tonio

Rafa leaves an angry, threatening message for Bianco about him needing to show his face and Rafa’s going to show him how wrong he was to mess with him.

Candelaria tells Bianco he’s got multiple angry messages from Rafa. Bianco’s waiting for him to wear himself out. He’ll have to confront him eventually–he knows how Rafa is. He thought he knew Rafa, but Rafa’s worse than he thought. Candelaria’s off to talk to their PR department to try to manage this.

Manara comes back to the table and Bianco asks what the deal is with Rafa wanting the Solar’s label. She says he wants to run it. He and Amado are partners and they’re probably planning something crooked. Rafa thinks he created JC.

And what does Mateo think?

He hates it. And he hates her too. He thinks she’s not with him because she’s with Bianco.

Bianco tells her to just tell him the truth and if he loves her, he’ll believe her.

She will. The WHOLE truth, she just needs to know the right moment.

Well, the news about the death of his brother is going to be a major bombshell no matter when she tells him. She knows that.

Yes, but she wants Bianco to help her figure out how. And soon, because it feels like they’re running out of time.

So far, the plan is Manara will stay in Bianco’s hotel and they’ll try not to be seen together. She’s willing to do whatever he says–she’s just sorry she got him in trouble. He tells her not to worry–it just sped up a few things that he’ll tell her about later.

Candelaria comes rushing in to say he’s got a visitor.

It’s Anahí and she’s pissed at Bianco for not being discreet and showing Manara off to everyone. Now she sees the reason for all that chemistry they had on the song. He assures her it was a misunderstanding and the PR team is working to clear this up.

Anahí hopes so. She turns on Manara and says she’d better worry about her contract, because Anahí does NOT share him with anyone. And then she snogs Bianco proprietarily. (Is she seriously his girlfriend or is she his Rafa?)

Bianco asks why she’s upset–those photos were faked.

Yeah, and she has some that aren’t.

“Can’t you do anything besides threaten me?!”

Manara jumps in and says this was her fault. She was depressed because she lost the contest with Rafa. But she swears, there’s nothing going on.

Anahí points out the obvious–Bianco is hot, famous, and successful. Everyone around him falls for him eventually. If Manara didn’t, she will. “So go drink with the assistant and let us talk or you’ll never work at Megavisa Music.” Bianco makes a face at her and Candelaria pulls her away.

Anahí turns to Bianco and asks if he wants to end up with nothing too.


Mateo and Chalino show up at what Davis says is El Diplomático’s house. She goes off to check on some stuff while Mateo swigs from a bottle and checks out the monitors. The whole thing seems to amuse him–cars, fire, dancers, people on stilts.

When the director calls “Cut!” Mateo says it looks cool, then advises the director to shoot them in a second set of outfits so he can mix and match…and get more light on Valentín’s face.

Valentín comes over for a swig of whatever Mateo’s having and says he saw Manara and Bianco. And he’s got a surprise for Mateo to help with that.

Uh huh. Mateo wants to hear how the video’s going. Valentín says it’s going good. Now, the story is complicated…it’s about expensive cars, a shitload of guns, money, hot chicks…. Mateo notices a gold bar, too. Básico says they asked for a Bengal tiger, but it was too expensive, so they got some more chicks instead. “What kind of world is this where you can’t get a tiger?” Valentín jokes.

Valentín calls for someone to put on music so they can keep partying. Básico tells Mateo to pick a chick. Um, no, it’s their night–they should pick. Valentín reminds Mateo he’s here with his domadora (tamer) so he’s gotta behave himself. They look over at Davis, in her animal print coat, and Chalino jokes that he thought they couldn’t get a tiger. Valentín jokes that…well, I think he said if Mateo saw him in bed with Davis he’d be proud.

Mateo looks over and Davis’ two friends are whispering and pointing at him.

No reaction?!

Sebastian says goodbye to some of the reporters and goes back to Julia and Nico. He apologizes for ditching them, but he had to do these interviews.

He asks Julia if she didn’t like the song and she assures him she did. Unconvincingly.

Hey, he heard Nico’s single and he was thinking…he’s going on tour and it’s gonna be brutal (awesome). Does Nico want to open for him?

Nico says he would, yeah, he’s just gotta get his manager to talk to their team. And yeah, it would help him…forget some stuff. (Ohhhhh dear….)

Sebastian steers them back to the bar. Julia goes with them, but she’s not looking too happy.

Casa Matamoros

Selva gets home and stands in the living room in the dark. She remembers Elena telling her Lorenzo didn’t trust Amado, for good reason. That she found things out about him that he’s hiding…and then Alexis interrupted. And just now, Itzel telling her that Lorenzo was investigating Amado and that Amado kidnapped Lorenzo.

Amado walks in behind her. “You scared me!” (He scares us all, Selva.) He complains he was waiting up for Julia. Look how late it is! Ever since she got back, she does whatever she wants to. Selva’s sure she’s fine.

She’s about to head upstairs, but Amado asks where she went. She got away from her guards. Selva says she just felt like being alone and drove around for a while. “What for?” (He totally put a GPS chip on that engagement ring, didn’t he?)

Called it

At the bar, Candelaria tells Manara that Anahí likes to use her power, but she’s just a spoiled millionaire daddy’s girl. This will pass. She’ll forget.

Anahí and Bianco come over and Anahí looks like she’s forgotten already. She says she’s gotta go–she’s leaving for the Bahamas early tomorrow. She tells Bianco to take care and kisses him.

Bianco asks Candelaria to go with her. She’s drunk and there are paparazzi out there–he doesn’t want another scandal.

So. Manara didn’t know he had something going on with Anahí. And what about her contract?

Bianco says they have to talk. She opened up to him and now it’s time for him to be honest with her.

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