La Mujer del Vendaval Friday 2/10/17 #63

Maria Laura isn’t worried about whether or not she has standing to file charges against him, while they’re hashing it out Severo will be spending quality time in jail.

Severo plays for time, telling ML he doesn’t have the necklace on him, its in a safety deposit box, he’ll have to go pick it up.

Whatever, just make it snappy, she says.


Octavia catches Mauro up on all the gossip re Severo and Marcela, and then calls Silvana to invite them to dinner as a ploy to find out if they know about Marcela’s pending blindness. Silvana says she’ll have to ask Luciano, who is grumpily stomping around town. Oct heads out to find Luciano as he grumpily stomps around looking sulky. She asks him to dinner, advising him to cheer up and accept what he can’t change. Luc says he can’t, Marcela has too many defects. Oct innocently says, oh you mean the blindness. When Luc obviously doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she pretends she didn’t mean to tell him, its just, everybody knows. Then she leaves, having accomplished what she set out to do.

Hotel Toscana

Inez and Alba and Cris. Cris wants to talk to Alba. So that he can tell her not to go, he needs to see her around. He feels terrible about it but life without her feels empty. He’s grown accustomed to her face. He feels stuff. Alba says now she really has to go, this makes everything even worse. Cris just wants Alba to stay till he figures out how he feels, but Alba reminds him he’s got a wife who loves and needs him. Cris says he’d never leave Nuria. So what does he want Alba around for? She won’t be his mistress. He’s not going to leave his wife, and tonight is the last time Alba’s playing in the Toscana because tomorrow she’s going back to El V. It does help her though to know she wasn’t imagining his feels for her. Please don’t’ ask her to stay, its already hard to do the right thing. They lean closer till they’re almost kissing.

Nope, Alba turns away from the almost kiss and flees Cris’s office in tears.

Timo’s Video Viewing Sala

The video isn’t working yet but Timo says the attempted assassination of the son of the presidente municipal will be punished severely. Hey, that sounds like Severo! Severo looks panicked.

They finally get the video to play but its Timo and July on a picnic in happier days. July is enjoying reminiscing but nobody else wants to watch it July suggest she upload it to the internet. NO! Ok ok she’ll fast forward.
We see a dark night, only one person on an empty street. Severo edges toward the door as Timo and Eulogio eulogize about how good Lencho looks on film. The video goes to snow and stops. They notice Severo trying to leave, stay Severo stay, July is fixing the video and they give watching it another try. Severo’s eyes dart as he tries to find a way to leave but he doesn’t need to, the video goes off again and July says the tape ran out.

Timo isn’t happy with July’s ineptitude. Well, July isn’t happy with Timo trading her in for Octavia. Words are exchanged and July leaves in a huff, with her video camera. Timo decides to have his house watched, since its so dangerous out.


Roman has a visitor – its Amadeo. Roman says go away cause I’m bad and you’re good and you don’t deserve to have a bad brother like me. Amadeo says he ain’t bad he’s his brother. He knows Roman couldn’t have done all that stuff they said he did. Roman says he is as bad as they say and worse. Ilse meanwhile calls Val in tears asking for help getting her son out of jail. Emil takes the phone and says he’ll help.

Roman’s story: he fell in love with a shopkeeper’s daughter, but her dad thought he was a drunk and a loser. So Roman got drunk and took stuff from the guy’s shop and he was trying to get the girl to go away with him but she wouldn’t go. He can’t remember if he hurt her or raped her or what happened, but when he woke up the police were looking for him and he wandered around for two years till he found Amadeo again, apparently they were separated for a while. Roman felt safe with Amadeo so he stuck around in San BP. He didn’t tell Amadeo before because he wanted to start over and leave the bad habits of the past behind. But Don Timo found out and blackmailed him to poison Marcela’s livestock and Huracan.

Now Roman is sure Amadeo is disgusted with him and will finally go away and forget he ever had a brother. Nope, Amadeo’s gonna get him out, he’s not given up on him yet, everybody deserves a second chance, and Roman isn’t as bad as he thinks.

Now Ilse and Amadeo are in the prison official guy’s office (I have no idea what this guy’s job description is, prosecutor? guy who gets yelled at by frantic family members of inmates? Whatever his job is it looks like it sucks) trying to get him to go easy on Roman; he’ll do the time, but no fair charging him with things he didn’t even do. The guy is unmoved by their pretty baseless pleas. (Both Amadeo and Ilse seem convinced Roman is not a rapist. Or even a thief. I hope they’re right)

Ilse says its ok, Emil will bring a lawyer and she’ll pay the bills, since Amadeo doesn’t have the dough. (ha! bakery joke ;P )

Emiliano’s Sala

Emil is heading out to rescue Roman, Val doesn’t know why he bothers, he’s got to get over this good Samaritan thing he’s got going on. Emil says he’s not going to get over it and anyway shouldn’t Val care more, Ilse is supposedly her friend. Val says she doesn’t get involved in domestic problems. Emil is just getting to know his sister and he’s not sure he likes her, she’s not even in mourning for their mom.


Sagrario and Silvana have a love fest, they’re both such good people, they’re sure they’ll get along. Sagrario tells how her husband ran off with her sister. Yep, Silvana knows how devastating a cheating husband can be. Mateo and Marcela and Alessandro get back from town, everybody’s so glad nobody got kilt or arrested.

There’s a big argument between Sagrario and everybody else, – upshot, she won’t press charges against Severo for rape, there’d be scandal and there isn’t any safety or justice in San BP anyway. Please don’t try to kill Severo, and lets forget the whole thing.

Now Sagrario and Mateo argue about her not getting a divorce from Severo. – Upshot, if she doesn’t divorce Severo Mateo is out. He won’t be the other man. It’s over. Tears on both sides.

Nuria’s Apt.

Cris gets home and tells Nuria the divorce was a false alarm. She nervously asks if he also took care of “personal business” at the hotel while he was out. Cris gets a little aggravated and admits he talked to Alba cause she’s quitting and he feels guilty. Nuria suggests she talk to some of her hotel contacts and see if she can get Alba a job at some other hotel. She wants to help and she just wants Cris to forgive her for being jealous and insecure.


Alba plays Chopin and reminisces about Cris.

Mateo’s Cute Little House

Mateo tells his parrot how sad he is, but sometimes one has to take a firm stand for what he wants.


Marce and Ale and Sil discuss how sweet and innocent Mateo and Sagrario’s love is and how horrible Severo is.

San BP

Nisa got Cami a better room, she’s still not gentle with his poor hurt self and he winces through several of her “love pats” as he thinks how this is going to make Ale soooo mad. (ok the whole ‘I’m going to date this person as revenge on them or their family’ thing is a sort of depressing way of thinking about yourself, its like saying I’m such a miserable so and so that its a punishment for anyone to be with me. Am I misreading it? )


Oct laughs to Mauro about how funny it was when she told Luc bout Marcela’s blindness. One more reason for him to stop the wedding ho ho.

Severo comes by to sign the papers, he wants Oct to promise him one thing, when she’s got the land she tear down Mateo’s house. Deal.

Rancho Kitchen

Marcela and Alessandro and Silvana are havin a good time cooking when Luc comes in to ruin it all, saying, ‘its a good thing everyone’s so capable, for when Marcela is incapacitated.’ They look at him funny, especially Silvana. ‘What?’ He says, ‘Was I misinformed, or are you going blind?

(Oh dear)

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth! For some reason, this line “One more reason for him to stop the wedding ho ho.” made me think Octavia should really have a mustache to twirl. Luciano’s such a smug jerk…I want Marcela to be all “Yeah, I’m going blind, but I can still see well enough to kick your ass!” I hope Roman didn’t rape that woman, but as soon as he said he was so drunk he couldn’t remember, I’m like, covering my eyes. Seriously? After all the drama with the camera and the tape ran out?! I mean, it’s funny, but it’s also kind… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Thanks Diva Re Octavia needing a big black mustache to twirl: There just aren’t enough really good female villains in film history. My big question is why were Amadeo and Roman seperated? Roman thought little bro would cramp his style? I really want to think Roman wouldn’t, even when he was drunk, hurt someone he was supposed to love, but my experiences with alcoholics suggest otherwise. Severo is the only character I’ve ever seen who can be funny and straight up evil at the same time – quite a feat on Marcelo Munoz’s part. I really think Marcela thinks Alessandro… Read more »

3 years ago

You’re right, I haven’t given Muñoz enough credit for his work on Severo. I’ve seen him in other roles, but this is really some impressive work.

Good point about Marcela. It’s not like Luciano can do anything to her, and they’ve already established he can’t do anything to Alessandro because Silvana’s not going to let him.