Guerra de Ídolos Friday 7/07/17 #43

Episode 43: La pesadilla de Moisés

Moisés is talking about firing Isaac. It’s in the statutes–he’s misused company money for his personal expenses.

Rafa remembers Isaac saying he’d help him get rid of Moisés, but only if he could be president or no deal.

Mateo breaks into his thoughts. Is he going to support them, or does he have some deal with Isaac? Rafa demands to know what kind of deal they could have. Can Mateo be more specific?

Moisés interrupts them both–he’s got Laura Guzmán on the phone. He explains he has Gilda, Rafa, and Mateo here and he’s sent her an email with the documents justifying Isaac’s expulsion.

Rafa stands there looking uncomfortable as Moisés talks about Isaac’s expenses…the hotel, plane, clothes, jewelry, fees to his physical therapist–all on the corporate card. Rafa tries not to look at him.

Uh huh, Guzmán is looking at them now…she texts Rafa, asking how to vote. Rafa’s phone buzzes and he says it’s his manager…he texts back telling her to follow his lead.

So Rafa says he doesn’t like being the executioner because they want to get rid of one of their family members. Mateo says he and Moisés BOTH want Isaac out. Rafa tries to get Gilda’s vote, but Mateo says to leave her out of it for right now.

So Rafa has to go with “If you want him out, then OK.” Guzmán now votes yes. She reminds him they still need to get the figures so they can discuss Rafa wanting the presidency.

Rafa smirks at them all. The next head they’ll want to cut off is his, right? But it won’t be easy. 30% of the company is a fortune! It will take them a lifetime to get it!

Gilda and Moisés have to keep Mateo from going after him. Mateo takes Moisés’ cigar out of his mouth before he can light it and tells him to stop it.

Mexico City

Bianco makes smoothies while he says it’s terrible what Amado and Rafael did and he thinks it’s only fair that Mateo know the truth and the guilty parties pay. But it could be dangerous. He has to think about it before he decides to support her.

For now they’ll deny everything in the magazines and go on like everything is normal–Manara’s got time to make it to the event. Manara’s not sure she should go, after the pictures, but Bianco says the publicity will be good for Amado and she shouldn’t upset him.

Well, ok then. And whatever happens, she wants Bianco to know that she’s glad he trusts her.

He pulls her back to him and suggests she stay longer. She could take his plane–it would be more comfortable. Manara thanks him and he thanks her for trusting him and kisses her on the cheek. (OK, so…they’re going to have a fake marriage with lots of touchy-feely-ness?)

Ezequiel meets Bianco at his restaurant. He remarks that It’s gotten bigger.

Well, like he told Ezequiel, now that he’s an executive, he wants to use the restaurant as his office too. What could be better than a place like this? He’s got a chef, a bartender…does he want to try the tapas?

Ezequiel likes it. He might borrow it for his meetings…since he paid for it. Bianco reminds him they made the money together.

So, he’ll get right to the point–he has a way to destroy Rafa. And he doesn’t just mean taking his singer, he’s talking jail. Surely Rafa deserves that for leaving Ezequiel?

And what does he want in return?

For Ezequiel to calm his daughter down and make Bianco an owner. He wants a percentage of the company. With what he’s sold, he thinks he deserves it.

Hm. But all he’s offering is Rafa? No, Ezequiel’s going to need something more to tempt him.

Ok, Bianco will give him a story. Megavisa will give Manara a contract and Bianco will marry her. Wedding, church, live coverage.

Ezequiel thinks Bianco’s just trying to dazzle him. But this does sound good…it will calm the rumors. OK–marry her and destroy Rafa and he’ll control his daughter. They’ll start with that.

Bianco insists they should be partners, but Ezequiel wants to see more of a commitment from him first. He wants a believable façade. He’s got a lot of money invested in Bianco. He’s their most popular artist. Get married and have a child and then they’ll talk percentages. (Uh…that wasn’t part of the deal.)

Manara’s lounging on Bianco’s couch when Amado calls. He congratulates her on being “faster than light.” Bianco’s successful and powerful…he hopes she doesn’t tell him too much.

Manara insists there’s nothing between them. It was a trick photo.

Yeah, speaking of the press, is she coming to the campaign closer? He needs to talk to her about Julia. Manara warns him not to mess with her, but yes she’s going anyway and she’ll be there in time for the photo op…she’ll see him tonight, she’s got another call coming in.

Candelaria says the driver is on the way and the plane is ready, but Bianco wanted to talk to her. She hands over the phone.

Bianco just wanted to say goodbye and confirm that he’s arranged her contact with Ezequiel. Manara’s so happy.

Bianco wants to record her album at Megavisa, but Manara thinks it’s going to be difficult. Mateo wrote all the songs and she’s determined to give him credit and keep Rafa from getting any. Bianco tells her not to worry–she’ll be able to credit the songs the way she wants to and he’s got some good lawyers to defend her.

He’s been thinking about what she said and it would probably be good to go slowly. Maybe they can arrange a trip for Julia to come visit, see how she likes it…and how Amado reacts? Manara’s sure he won’t like it, but Bianco’s going to leave the plane at her disposal so she can come back with Julia. Now might be a good time, while Amado’s busy with all this election desmadre (mess).

Los Cabos

Isaac is enjoying a nice relaxing massage at the excellent hands of Mirelis. Rafa calls mid-massage to tell him his dad just fired him, so he’d better come home and fix it or Rafa’s taking down the entire family, including him.

He hangs up the phone and Isaac’s just…”What?” (Yeah, so much for that relaxing massage.)

Casa Mateo

Isaac walks into Mateo’s house later, furious, calling the family a bunch of traitors and whining about how bad this looks that they fired him by email when he’s busy with his “recovery.” Celestina tells him not to talk about the family like that. Isaac wants to go to the office, but she makes him wait so she can call Moisés and ask him what to do.

Moisés wants to see Isaac at the office, but she’s coming with him. She keeps asking him to wait for her as he’s running out the door and snaps at him that he’s being rude.

Campaign headquarters

Amado’s practicing his speech. “This country needs us, and not just to do the jobs no one wants to do.” (That would be nice if I thought he believed it.) Alexis corrects him on where his voice should go up and down.

Selva arrives and distracts him. She assures him she just got a little burn from the coffee. He should get back to practicing and she needs Alexis to come with her–Lucho’s here with the cameras.

Rafa comes up as Amado’s kissing Selva and snarks that it’s so romantic. And then he starts complaining about the “mugrosos” and how they don’t just want to betray him, they’re fighting among themselves.

Meh, Amado’s sure they can manage it later. Anyway, Neto will be there soon. Amado calls Gloria over, “I love her name,” and asks her to show Rafa the schedule.

Rancho Zabala

Neto’s running late getting out of the house for Amado’s event, probably because he doesn’t want to go. Itzel’s sorry for what he’s going through. She’s the only one he’s told so far, and not so she’d feel sorry for him, but so he can gain her trust. Maybe now she’ll tell him what she’s got stuck between her heart and her throat?

It’s Lorenzo. He’s been investigating Amado to protect his sister. He found some compromising things and now she’s afraid Amado kidnapped him…or maybe killed him

Her conscience was bothering her, so she made some insinuations to Selva. She said Lorenzo was looking for Mateo to tell him about his brother’s death.

Neto’s surprised that Mateo’s also investigating. He doesn’t buy the “fan” story?

Itzel says the she and Neto don’t believe it either. So yeah, he’s investigating. And when he finds out what happened, things are going to get ugly.

Paulino interrupts to say everything’s ready whenever Neto’s ready to leave. Neto says he’ll be there in a minute. Paulino apologizes to “Señora” Itzel for the interruption before leaving. (Somewhat sarcastically, IMO. He’s been hostile to her for a long time. Maybe it’s because of Mirta?)

Itzel knows she can’t get involved. It will put her in danger, just like it will her sons–Rafa warned her. She can’t do anything. She begs Neto to help Lorenzo–he’s the son of Neto’s friend.

OK, if she wants Neto to help, she’s going to have to do what he says and that’s not a figure of speech. He wants her to think about it, even though she says she agrees.

Solar family drama

Belinda’s surprised when Mateo and Gilda get home. She thought they’d be at the label with Moisés. Isaac came back angry and went to find him.

Mateo and Gilda both sigh tiredly, but Mateo’s ready to go back to the label. Gilda tells him to let them deal with it on their own, but Mateo argues it’s not their stuff, it’s “our” stuff. He’s going. If she wants to come with him….

Gilda follows him out, whining “I can’t even rest?!”

Isaac can’t believe Moisés did this to him.

And Moisés can’t believe Isaac did this to HIM! He came to ask Isaac for help and Isaac stood him up.

Is that why he’s doing this?

No, it’s because he’s an addict, a gambler, he’s sick, and Moisés doesn’t trust him to have responsibility.

Isaac tries to get his mom to defend him, but she says he knows she always supports his dad. He made this decision, but Celestina’s the one who opened his eyes.

Isaac can’t believe they would treat him like this! He’s their child! Their oldest child! (On behalf of eldest children, can I just say…ACT LIKE IT! I swear that might just be the thing about him that bothers me the most.)

Celestina warns Isaac not to try to manipulate them. His dad gave him a chance to be on the board and look what happened–he screwed up! He supported him in his singing and he screwed up. She doesn’t want to keep escarbando (digging) because she’s afraid of what she’ll find.

Mateo and Gilda arrive and Mateo’s ready to save her the trouble. If Isaac won’t tell them, then he will–it’s Isaac’s fault Gilda got stabbed and she’s sterile. Isaac goes after Mateo, saying he’s trash, he has no “code.” Everyone has to intervene to keep them from fighting each other.

Celestina thought Gilda said she was OK. How could she lie about this? Because she’s over it and she doesn’t want to talk about it. Celestina hugs her and asks how Isaac can live with this on his conscience.

Isaac screams that it’s not his fault and Gilda snaps at him that she DOESN’T want to TALK about it! Celestina steers her out of the room, saying the two of them are going to go talk.

Isaac accuses Mateo of doing this because he wants to keep “all this.”

All of what?! None of them trust him. Isaac says Mateo’s such a know-it-all, but he should be keeping an eye on his “girlfriend.” She’s sleeping with Bianco!

Moisés shoves Mateo out of the room before he can attack Isaac again and says Isaac had better start telling him everything or he won’t just be out on the street–he’ll be in jail. Moisés reminds Isaac that the truth always comes out.

“Yeah, that’s what you taught me, but reality is different.” In reality, it’s the weak one who pays the price, not the one who actually did it.

Moisés calls that cheap cynicism. He taught him values! He’s less upset because what Isaac did hurt his sister than he is because he didn’t have the guts to tell him! What else does he need to know?

Isaac will only tell him if he promises it will stay between the two of them. He can’t hold it in anymore.

Ah, so there IS more. Is he going to admit that he has a deal with Rafa?

No, it’s not that, it’s worse…but he has nothing to lose now, so he might as well tell Moisés and get rid of his guilt. Because of his debts they hurt Gilda…and killed Julio César. Without realizing it he gave the address for where JC would be to the guy who killed him. He was alone, unprotected. The thing with Victoria was just a cover-up. It’s Isaac’s fault he died.

Moisés doesn’t think it’s possible, but Isaac says he had debts that got out of hand. And his creditors took it out on JC. It’s why he crashed his bike, but the broken bones weren’t even enough punishment to get rid of his guilt.

Now Moisés thinks he’s just saying this to upset him.

No, Isaac whines, JC was his brother and he destroyed him and destroyed the family. (OK, fair enough, but he’s still not admitting to the shit he did on purpose, out of jealousy, and how much he’s been lying. Everything he’s taking credit for was either not really him, or not him on purpose. I’m not buying his repentant act.)

Celestina wants to go check on Moisés and Isaac, but Gilda and Mateo both think they should let them talk. Gilda blames Mateo for this–she begged him not to say anything about the accident.

Accident?! Isaac’s lucky Mateo didn’t kill him when he found out in the hospital.

Celestina thinks it’s good that Mateo said something. Since Julio César’s death, they’ve all gone their own ways. If they’re going to be united, they have to the tell the truth. ¿O no?

Gilda’s not sure anymore that it’s always good to know the truth.

Isaac asks what Moisés is going to do.

For starters, admit that he’s been deceived by Isaac. That he idealized him. That he made bad decisions by going after the ideal–the ideal business, family, kids. If this gets out, they’re all screwed. The business will fail. The family will be destroyed. Isaac whines that this is why he didn’t say anything.

Moisés asks who killed Julio César, but Isaac claims not to know, except for the fact that the guy is dead. He doesn’t know his name…and when he tried to look further into it, that’s when the thing with Gilda happened. He didn’t want to expose the family any further. He was afraid they’d kill him too. He assures Moisés they’re the only ones who know this. Isaac can’t lie to him anymore.

I’ve seen bigger quinceañeras

What is up with this décor? This just…isn’t Amado. He can say it all he wants, that he’s a “man of the people,” but he’s not. He’s corporate. His house is all black and white and modern. I bet he doesn’t even listen to Neto and Rafa’s music! It just bugs me. And why are there so few people here when he made such a big deal about this thing?!

Amado takes the podium and thanks everyone for being there. He thanks Selva. “I used to be where you are. But now I’m here. When I’m mayor, you will never lack work or dignity.” He promises when he’s mayor there won’t just be plenty of work, there will be parties, dances, entertainment, the best bands, the best artists. He doesn’t just want them to work hard, he wants them to have a good time. (He’s been saying it over and over, but I really can’t believe he built an entire campaign around this.)

Manara comes racing in and Julia tells her to chill, he’s barely getting started. And hey, Manara’s going to tell her about Bianco, right? They smile at each other.

Selva and Gloria get up from the table as a few people go over to shake Amado’s hand. Gloria tells Rafa, Neto, and Leto to start playing as soon as Amado announces them.

Selva asks about Itzel, but Rafa thought Selva was going to pick her up. Neto says he *significant glance* talked to Itzel. He and Selva will talk after.

“I need your vote like you need me to be mayor. We speak the same language.” To prove he keeps his promises, he’s brought special guests, friends of his…Ernesto and Rafael Zabala.

Neto, Rafa, and Leti perform Poder Y Gloria. It looks like Rafa’s just ignoring the other two.

In the audience, Julia tells Manara that Rafa wants to kill her. Why didn’t she just stay in Mexico?

Because Manara needed to see Julia to ask if she’d come to Mexico with her.

Leti, Neto, and Rafa sing Va A Dolerte Mas Que A Mi. Rafa announces afterwards that it was a premiere, just for them. Amado comes up on stage to encourage the crowd to ask for another one…maybe one of Neto’s classics?

Oh, no…it’s Hasta el Mariachi Va a Llorar. I’m not sure Neto can make this, but they cut it off before the chorus.

Julia turns to Manara and says she’s not sure she wants to go to Mexico. She doesn’t want to be away from Nicolas. He didn’t even show up tonight! He’s angry at her after she told him what she did in London.

Manara’s pissed that SHE doesn’t know what Julia did in London. This is an opportunity they can’t pass up–to have a normal life, be together, start thinking about the future again.

Julia knows Manara is getting away from Mateo even though she loves him, but she’s not going to do the same with Nicolas! It’s tiring to be locked up, but to be honest, Amado has given her lots of freedom lately. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea to go behind his back like this.

In the background, Selva makes a call….

Amado congratulates Neto for a great performance and invites him and Leti to the after-party at his place. Neto says it would be a pleasure, Mr. Mayor.

Amado’s not even going to ask Rafa….

“No, go ahead, ask me!” After what Manara did, does he really think Rafa wants to see her?!

Actually, Amado thinks he should confront her. He told Rafa Manara deserves a punishment–Rafa needs to put her in her place. (I’m starting to think he’s trying to goad Rafa into raping her just to have more blackmail material on Rafa. Or an excuse to get rid of him. He’s just being so insistent about it, mentioning it over and over…it’s giving me the creeps!)

Casa Davis

Valentín’s been missing since yesterday. Básico told him what he saw and Cafre assumes he must be pissed off. Also, Selva called about the dead guy–does Davis want him to call her?

No. She figures right now Amado’s at his campaign closer. She’d rather talk to Selva after…but this is good, it means she’s interested and starting to suspect her husband.

Cafre thinks it’s dangerous, but Davis says she has to get something out of all that effort she put in, investigating Amado for Mateo. He couldn’t think she’d do it for free! She has to get results for El Diplomático and she figures when Amado wins as mayor he’ll have an image to protect. They should be able to get good money out of him and his wife’s the perfect person to start scaring him.

JC Records

Isaac tells Moisés to quit smoking–it’s bad for him.

Yeah, like he cares. Isaac just carved out his tombstone.

Isaac’s worried that Moisés will tell the family. It would destroy his life and his career. (What career? You have no career!)

Moisés is going to keep it between them for now, but everyone’s going to know eventually. He just has to calculate the damages. This is a nightmare, but he feels he deserves it for always protecting Isaac, letting Isaac manipulate him, being unfair to his other children to constantly side with him even when he knew Isaac was wrong.

Celestina comes in, complaining that it reeks of tobacco. “I only smoked two! For my nerves.” Right, but they’re bad for him. Are they going to stay here all night?

Moisés says they’re going home. It’s demasiado tarde (very late, but also too late).

Gilda says Mateo’s staying here to work. She asks Isaac if he’s coming. “Yeah, be right there.”

Mateo listens to Dylan’s track until he can’t anymore. Now there are just ten more to go. Chalino heard there aren’t a lot of people left to do the album?

Well, Manara, Bianco, and Neto are on Rafa’s side, so Mateo wouldn’t even ask them for his LIFE. He needs new people. Chalino jokingly suggests the Sobrinas, but Mateo says they were talented. Although, now with this thing with Valentín….

Speaking of Valentín, Chalino routed the security cameras to his phone and Valentín’s out there now. He shows Mateo the screen, Valentín screaming at him to come out. Chalino asks Mateo not to go out there, though–something like this is what got Valentín thrown in prison in the first place. He’ll just go get Lupita. She has a way of making everyone see reason.

Casa Matamoros

The party moves to Amado’s. Collins is there, eyeing Agustina as she passes out drinks. Alexis herds everyone together so Amado can bore them some more.

He thanks them all for being there, especially his sisters–Manara the star and Julia the future star. And Selva…. Julia seems to have just noticed the ring. Amado announces to everyone that he and Selva are getting married. “Seriously?” Julia mutters to Manara. Amado toasts to success in tomorrow’s election, to his family, and to his future wife.

While everyone applauds, Rafa goes over to whisper to Manara and Julia hugs Amado and Selva.

Manara meets Rafa in Amado’s office and tells him not to shut the door. If this is about the picture, it was taken from a bad angle. She’s never kissed Bianco. But then, she doesn’t have to explain her private life to him.

She does, according to him, have to explain her professional life. Is she planning on leaving “his” label? Because he’s not letting her leave here until she tells the truth.

Neto wanders over to toast with the skeevy guys–Amado, Alexis, Collins, Lucho. He asks to speak to Amado, who’s already expecting that he only sang at the event because he wants something. Well, sure–to tell him to his face that he underestimated him and he’s done a good job.

Amado smarmily thanks him. And this is only the beginning!

Sure, as long as nothing happens to destroy his image. Like his wife finding out he’s kidnapped her brother. Or if everyone found out that Amado and Rafa were accomplices to the murder of Julio César.

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