Guerra de Ídolos Thursday 7/06/17 #42

Episode 42: Fachada

Valentín and Básico are still doing their video shoot. It’s all kind of cheesy with the guns and the dancers and Valentín throwing up a bunch of money at the end.

Davis pulls Mateo aside between takes and says it looks like Amado and Manara share the same traitors blood after all. Mateo says he tried. Yeah, she knows how he is–sometimes he tries a lot, other times he doesn’t try at all.

Mateo tells her to cut it out, she’s Valentín’s woman (*snort* Davis is Davis’ woman) does she want him to kill them?

So he can see she’s not hitting on him, she got him company for the evening. The two women in black dresses are “Las Sobrinas” (nieces). She represents them, but Mateo could write for them and produce them, like he does with Vale. They’re marketed as regional, but they do more pop in English and Spanish. He could take them and do a “casting” in one of the bedrooms and get rid of his despecho (anger over being rejected).

“See, I’m looking out for you, partner.”

Mateo walks over to the Sobrinas and says he heard they were singers. Well, he’s a producer. And Davis said they wanted to sing, so he wants to hear them.

Casa Mateo

Dylan and Hilda walk in and he’s fussing about how her dad puts up with all of Isaac’s crap and he won’t even let Gilda have a boyfriend. He’s offended!

Gilda says he at least respects Dylan as an artist now. Didn’t he want that? Her dad’s just terrified right now because Rafa wants the presidency. He has to take care of Isaac because if Isaac goes against him, forget it–they’d lose every vote.

Dylan’s upset that Isaac didn’t even have the guts to tell her dad that what happened to Gilda was his fault.

She’d rather he quit thinking about that and just take advantage of the fact that they’re together. Not alone, exactly…mom and Belinda are upstairs with the baby. But Mateo’s working and Moisés and Isaac are in Los Cabos. So if they’re quiet, maybe they can spend the night together.

Los Cabos

Is Moisés really going to sit here all night and complain about him? That can’t be good for him.

“Don’t pretend to care about my health.” It’s clear he doesn’t care about anyone.

Isaac doesn’t think they’re going to get anywhere like this. Moisés doesn’t trust him.

Well, it’s difficult to. Isaac has no respect, no discipline…he’s spending $1500 a day on this room. And he brought his physical therapist?! And he’s paying for all of it with a business card from Moisés company!

Isaac disagrees, it’s THEIR company. He thinks Moisés should go to his room and rest, maybe a massage would do him some good. Mirelis is waiting for him. They can talk tomorrow.

And hey, he just wants to tell Moisés one thing–she’s not a prostitute, she’s a good girl with a good heart. (Those things are not mutually exclusive. And also I’m distracted by the wallpaper. For $1500 a day, they could at least make the print line up.)

Moisés says he’ll meet him tomorrow morning at the restaurant downstairs for breakfast. Early. “Six?” Isaac suggests.

As soon as he’s gone, Isaac calls someone and says he wants to go to the casino and they should order their biggest truck because JC Records is paying. Then he scoffs at Moisés calling it “his” company.

Casa Diplomático

The party’s started. One of the Sobrinas says Davis said Mateo felt bad. He’s like “Davis has a big mouth.” But hey, they’re the Sobrinas? Of who or what?

Who knows who, but if he wants to adopt them that’d be great. The other gets his attention and says she’s always been a big fan and loves his songs. They have something prepared for him to hear. They bust out into an a capella version of La Protagonista. With harmonies that start out OK, but then the taller one gets a little off.

Hey, Davis said there was a room inside with better acoustics….

Chalino asks where they’re going. “To do an audition….” And he doesn’t need any help? OK, then…have fun!

Inside…I really can’t tell if these two are fighting over him or tag-teaming…one of them is all over Mateo while the other one goes to change clothes and Davis comes in to kick them both out. Wearing just her underwear and robe.

Mateo, quite reasonably, asks what she’s doing. “I wanted you warmed up.”


She snogs him and says there’s nothing worse than rejection.

Davis is still smearing that other woman’s lipstick all over hers and Mateo’s faces…until Mateo pushes her away and says he’s not doing this. “Valentín’s busy. He won’t know.” Yeah, well Mateo will know. He doesn’t want to do this, but he’s leaving.

And then Básico walks in. Awk-ward! He complains that he knew this was all bound to get screwed up somehow. If Mateo doesn’t want Valentín to come after him, he’d better go. Básico does NOT like this!

Davis volunteers to leave and let the two of them work out their problems, but oh no, Bási says she’s staying right here!

“You don’t order me around! I do what I want! And you’re NOT going to tell Valentín!” It’s hard to take her seriously with Mateo standing behind her mocking her.

Mateo begs Básico to listen to him for one second–Davis is doing this on purpose. He came in here with two other women…and he has no idea where they are now…but she kicked them out and threw herself at him.

“But she’s Valentín’s vieja!” Mateo reminds him that Davis was his vieja first and THEN Valentín went for her, but hey it was all good!

Básico’s worried that Valentín is in love. Mateo says not to tell him. He’s not going to tell him–he’d kill him–but if Básico wants to, he can go right ahead.

Mateo walks out and Básico sighs “And nothing for me.” (Awwwwwww!)

Casa Matamoros

Selva heard Manara was with Bianco in Mexico. This is good for him, he’s getting some free press at the end of his campaign.

Amado’s all “Oh yes, our siblings. Ha.” Has she told Lorenzo about the wedding?

Nope. She didn’t like how he treated her, so she’s taking her time.

And did Mateo come looking for her?

After that ultimatum he gave her? Besides, the Solars and Treviños just don’t get along.

Amado says that’s true, after what happened with her dad. His cell phone buzzes–the guards telling him Julia just got home. He looks at the time and starts fussing, getting his robe on to go confront her.

And Selva remembers Itzel saying Amado is dangerous and he kidnapped Lorenzo. She reaches for his pants and pulls out his wallet to search it.

In the driveway, Nico angrily opens the car door for Julia to get out and then shuts it and immediately goes back to the driver’s side.

Julia can’t believe this is all he’s going to say. Would it help if she said she was sorry?

“Sorry for what?!” He knew she was going to go and she’d meet people. He just didn’t know it would hurt this much.

Julia says he doesn’t understand. The truth is that she’s sorry about more than that. She knew she shouldn’t have gone.

Nico impatiently asks what she’s sorry about. How come now she has nothing to say, just like the last few months when he’s been trying to get her to talk to him.

Julia wants to wait and talk when they’re calm. It really hurts her. She feels so guilty….

Nico says he’s the one who’s guilty…of thinking she was more mature than this. It’s not like he can ask her to understand what he’s feeling or to have a “code.” Because she’s just a little girl.

Julia goes inside and Amado starts yelling at her about needing to do what he tells her to. She’s a minor! Is she going to start acting like her sister.

Julia says she’s not. She’ll do whatever it is Amado needs her to do.

He tells her to quit thinking she’s funny and she tells him to stop treating her like a little girl. “You are a little girl!”Julia starts to cry

Amado asks what happened–ever since she came back, she’s been so distant and cold.

“OK, I’ll tell you.” (No way, for serious?!)

She was in London. With a guy. She had sex with a guy in London and she got pregnant. And she lost the baby. That’s what happened. She lost it.

“This is a joke, right?”

No, she had an aborto natural (miscarriage) and she knows it was all her fault. And the only reason she hasn’t told Manara is that she knows she’s not half as good as Manara is. This kind of thing would never have happened to Manara. But she does deserve to know, because Julia’s more like Amado than he thinks. (Oh…honey…no 🙁 )

More truth

Bianco has some tequila. He jokes that this way he can blame it for his confession. Manara doesn’t think anything could surprise her now.

Oh, his is more harmless and more personal. He knows what it’s like to have a secret that’s turning into a bomb.

When he started in the business he was young and Megavisa had him in that group, “Los Chavales.” Manara remembers that–who doesn’t? And then he went on and became an actor, did telenovelas and American soaps and plays and musicals. Megavisa launched his career as a soloist. It’s been…twenty years? He’s lost count.

From the beginning, he was friends with Anahí and they shared a lot. Like, relationships. With women. And men. And she uses that against him every time she wants to manipulate him.


Yep. He’s been with women and maybe his most sincere relationships have been with men. But it would be a blow to his career if his fans found out. (I am now officially hoping Bianco and Santiago get together.)

Manara’s laughing now. She’s sorry, she’s just surprised. But so what? It’s not a big deal.

Bianco says she has to understand that he doesn’t have kids or a family…it’s just his career. Bianco, La Bomba Latina, with his thousands of women fans, voted Sexiest Man. He can’t let it get out, especially now when he’s closing his world tour. He’d lose millions.

Manara gets it now. That’s why he’s helping her. Does he want to use her as a fachada? (façade, front)

Bianco says he picked Manara because he trusts her and likes her as a person. He thinks they can help each other without interfering in each other’s lives.

She asks about Anahí’s dad…oh, he knows. And he’s super conservative. He thinks Bianco’s at the right age to get married, so if Bianco doesn’t find someone, he’s sure Ezequiel will. Otherwise, Ezequiel can destroy Bianco, just like he created him.

Manara thinks they can help each other.

Would she really make a deal like that with him, he wonders.

Well, she wants to think about it and talk some more tomorrow. He agrees–they’ve both been drinking. They should go to bed. Separately, of course. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and he kisses her forehead.

Los Cabos

Mirelis wakes up to someone banging on the door. She rolls over and Isaac’s gone, so she gets up to answer.

It’s Moisés. Wow. Awkward.

She explains she’s alone–Isaac isn’t here and she doesn’t know where he is. She thought that was him at the door.

Moisés, fuming, says when she sees him she’d better tell him he waited an hour at the place they agreed and he’s only waiting a little longer.

Mirelis calls Isaac and he’s at, where else, the casino. She tells him his dad was just there…she doesn’t know what he wanted, but he’s not happy.

Rancho Zabala

Rafa comes outside, complaining about how the boys are dressed and telling them they need to look good so they’re ready for whenever Amado needs them to perform.

Nico announces he’s not going.

Rafa sneeringly asks if Nico’s trying to support his mother. Or is it because of Amado’s sister?

No, it’s because he has principles and he knows what kind of person Amado is. He’s not going to stand up for him. And whatever’s going on between him and Julia is none of Rafael’s business.

Rafael grabs him and starts screaming that Nico’s going to do what he tells him. Itzel and Santiago try to break up the fight, but it’s Neto who does it. He says he’ll trade Rafa the two boys’ participation for his. With the band and Leti.

Rafa and Neto go talk and Nico comforts his mom and sits her down at the table. He and Santi are both kind of fussing over her while Leti just stands there, freaking out, with no one to comfort her.

Rafa knows Neto’s always hated Amado, so what does he really want?

Peace. After being with a younger woman for so long, he’s realized it’s pointless to waste time fighting with someone like Amado.

Rafa doesn’t quite buy that, but he thinks it’s smart for Neto to do this. He excuses himself to answer a phone call. Itzel pops out from around the corner just so we know she heard.

Real friends

It’s Bianco calling Rafa. Rafa starts out blasting him for FINALLY having the guts to call. Hey, he’s got guts…and he also has limits, so quit insulting him.

“You stabbed me in the back and you expect me to be nice to you?!”

The picture thing was a setup and he’d know that if he would at least try asking instead of insulting.

Rafa wants him to explain how long he’s been seeing “his” artist.

“She’s not your artist.” Or his anything else. Is that was this is about, that he’s frustrated?

Rafa says he’s the one who’s frustrated–no family, no kids. Hey, so are the rumors true, that he’s a [bleeped]. Is he with Manara because he likes her or because he couldn’t have Rafa? (Ugh…this…nobody wants you, ok, Rafa! Nobody! Get over yourself!)

You know, Bianco’s glad he’s seeing what Rafa is really like now. Is this jealousy?

Oh, please, Rafa doesn’t envy anyone. (Hahahahahaha!) And Bianco had better be careful when he comes to LA, because he’s not welcome here!

“Are you threatening me?”

He’s just saying…Bianco might have his contacts in Mexico, but in LA, Rafa’s the one with influence. So they’d better stay off each other’s turf. And Bianco had better return “his” artist tomorrow.

Manara saunters in, asking if that was Rafa on the phone. She came to say she accepts. She’ll be his fachada for the press and Ezequiel and he’ll get publicity for her. And she’ll have freedom for herself and her sister. So if he gets the contract and lets Julia live with them here, she’ll do what he wants.

Bianco thinks they’re mixing things here–her sister is a minor and he’s not going to risk having problems with her brother. Well, without Julia, just the contract and publicity aren’t enough for her. Her priority is getting both her and Julia out of Amado’s hands now.

Hey, it’s one thing to have this façade, a relationship that’s good for mutual publicity, but he’s not going to sign up for having problems with a mafioso politician.

Manara apologizes. Obviously she’s asking too much. He obviously doesn’t have this kind of power. She’ll have to see what she can do. Thanks. Hopefully they’ll work together one day. She’s gotta go now, she doesn’t want to be late for Amado’s campaign thing.

She starts to walk out and Bianco tells her to wait.

Campaign headquarters

Alexis tells Amado that the Manara and Bianco news is everywhere. The news is covering it and so are the gossip mags.

Amado’s worried about Julia, though. She’s out of control. Alexis says she’s an adolescent. He needs Amado to focus now and deal with her later. They’re so close to the goal. Does he want to review his speech?

Instead Amado takes a phone call from Selva. She says she’s coordinating things to get the closing on radio and TV. As she’s talking, she looks through her mail and pulls a photo with a number written on the back. She sees the number first…and then flips it out and sees Dead Carmelo and drops her coffee.

Amado hears her gasp and drop the cup, but she tells him she’s fine…she just spilled her coffee. She says she’ll call him back in a minute.

The deal

Bianco says Mexico City is like, his fortress. He’s got his contacts here, people who look out for him, politicians he shares secrets with, even some boyfriends. Manara and Julia could be safe here. But more than Amado, he’s worried about Mateo.

Manara says Mateo’s a good guy….

Right, but her brother’s a politician and a businessman. He could do all the right things and win him over…but Mateo? How does she think Mateo’s going to take it when he finds out they’re getting married.

Manara laughs at the idea of marriage.

Yep, they’d have a contract. She’d get publicity and protection and she’d give him the image he needs. “Weddings sell.” Is she willing to go that far.

To get her sister out of hell and not have to be tortured, yes. They’ve been honest with each other and they’ll look out for each other.

But is she going to be able to manage what she and Mateo feel for each other.

Manara says they have no future together. She’s the sister of the guy who ruined his life. And once he finds out she’s been lying to him, he’ll hate her. (Well, when you put it that way….)

She’s still going to help him make sure her brother and Rafa pay for what they did, but she’s going to do it legally. She’ll have them thrown in jail if she has to. Is Bianco willing to support her with that too? He considers it.


It’s day and Mateo’s STILL drunk, hanging out outside the studio with Chalino complaining about “women are nothing but trouble” and he’s thinking of switching to the other side. Chalino jokes about Mateo taking Dylan away from his sister and they could keep it all in the family.

Gilda comes outside. She’s been looking for him for hours! “I came as soon as you called me.” He says they were out all night working on Valentín’s video. It was awesome!

Well, he looks like crap, so maybe he’d better get some coffee because dad wants to see him NOW.

Moisés says he’s calling a special meeting to day with Rafa. He wants to get Isaac off the board of directors.

Gilda tells him to breathe and calm down, but Moisés has breathed enough and he is calm. He needs to get Isaac off the board. It’s the only way to assure a tie in the fight with Rafa for the presidency. Gilda does the math–Moisés has her and Mateo, is he assuming Rafa has Isaac and the investors? But Moisés is still the majority shareholder.

Moisés wants extra insurance, because if there were a tie, Rafa would be able to buy him out. Oh, yeah, Mateo is sure he’d do it. Plus he’s a friend of the “future mayor.” Moisés isn’t sure that Isaac has a deal with Rafa, but after what he’s seen, he’s not going to risk it.

Gilda’s not even sure he CAN do this, but Moisés has been looking at the bylaws and Isaac’s expenses. The hotel, jet…and he took his physical therapist with him and bought her clothes and jewelry. He’s put it all on the company card. They can fire him for this.

He asks if he can count on their support, then asks to be left alone. Mateo stares at him until he puts out his cigar.

Isaac gets back to the hotel room finally. Mirelis is pissed–didn’t he hear her messages? His dad was looking for him.

Oh, well he was winning and then he got into a bad streak…but he kept some for her. He hands her a wad of cash and she asks if he’s planning to stay longer. As long as he’s paying, her boss doesn’t have a problem. Isaac’s sure the cash he just handed her is more than enough. He’s just going to make a call and then he’ll come get breakfast with her.

“Oh, sure, thanks.” (Uff, she’s losing her patience!)

While she’s in the bathroom, he calls Rafa. (If I never have to hear “campaign closing” again….) Rafa says it’s today and he’s been trying to call the label. What’s going on?

Isaac has no idea. He had an argument with his dad because Moisés was all worried about his vote at the meeting. They were supposed to have breakfast, but whoops! He stood him up. Oh, well, he had it coming.

Rafa says he’ll find out what’s happening and call as soon as he knows.

Rancho Zabala

Rafa finds Leti to accuse her of turning Neto against him. She says it was all his idea, but she supports him.

Rafa scoffs that she talks like his wife. Isn’t she embarrassed of herself?

Nope, her conscience is clear. She and Neto tell each other everything. He’s the one who told her Renzo worked with Matamoros’ people and he’s dead and Neto kept them from retaliating against her. And now she’s going to go with him and lick the mayor’s boots.

Uh huh, and did she tell him about them? “Us? Oh, please, there’s been nothing between us for a long time.” She thought he’d have the decency to keep that quiet. For Neto’s sake. Because Neto loves him.

Neto pets one of his horses, General. He always won him money on the quarter-mile races. He’s the best stud. And now look at him–time is passing and he’s old, just like Neto.

Neto remembers the doctor telling him he had colon cancer. He was frustrated that Neto never went to do those colonoscopies. Neto complained about being a “man” and the doctor snapped at him that medical tests aren’t a challenge to his “manliness.” Neto begged him to tell him what to do so he could live. The doctor said he’d do everything he could.

(And now for my personal PSA, since I spent the last three days getting routine medical checkups…temporary discomfort is worth it if it means preventing a much bigger problem later on. Just get it done. Take care of yourself!)

Itzel comes over to talk to him and he won’t look at her. “Are you crying?”

Neto says he always relaxes with the horses before he sings, so what does she want?

To thank him for getting the boys out of that obligation.

Well, Neto doesn’t like having to show his face for that criminal either.

But he didn’t answer the question–why is he crying?

Neto says he’s sick. He has cancer and he doesn’t want to die.

Itzel stands there getting choked up.

JC Records

In the memorabilia room, Gilda thinks Moisés is taking this too far. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea and she’s not going to vote for something that’s going to cause a family fight.

Mateo suggests she delay her vote, say she has doubts, make Rafa and the investors vote first to see what they do.

But does he really think that Isaac would go against their dad?

Well, she got stabbed because of him. “Not directly!” Gilda objects. But then why not tell their parents? He asked for time and he’s had months. He’s still hiding it.

Gilda begs him not to say anything. Oh, he sure wants to. Let them find out who their son is.

Moisés calls to ask Celestina what she thinks. It sounds so serious to her, but Moisés insists Isaac needs a punishment that will make him react. And he needs her support

Hey, she’s always supported him and she’s stayed quiet. Now that she’s sharing her opinions she’s starting to feel better. She thinks that’s the cause of her high blood pressure–swallowing the things she wanted to say.

Moisés chuckles. She’s free now and he’s feeling terrible.

Well, he’s trying to manage all these bad people.

Does she think he needs to be malicious?

Well, she’s glad he’s not, but sometimes he does need to be…a little.

Well, he’s going to show her he can. He gets a call that Rafa arrived. He’ll tell her how it goes later.

Casa Mateo

Celestina tells Belinda Moisés wants to disinherit Isaac and kick him out of the company. Belinda’s shocked. “Poor Isaac.”

Seriously? Did she think Celestina didn’t notice what was going on between them? This family has enough problems, so Belinda had better save them from having one more. Got it?

JC Records

Gilda and Mateo loiter outside the building. She nags him to clean his boots at least. He’s the boss–he’s supposed to set a good example.

Rafa comes up to them, asking where Moisés is. Uh, the board room?

And what does he want? Uh, go up there and find out?

They go in after him, muttering about why Rafa’s always gotta be like that, what a jerk!

Rafa comes stomping into the board room demanding to know how much his “part” of the label is worth so he can get out of here.

Moisés doesn’t have those numbers. He wants to make use of a contingency and they need to vote on something quickly. He’s calling Laura Guzman as the representative of the investors.

Rafa starts getting nervous. Moisés says they need to sanction a committee member. They need Rafa’s permission to fire Isaac.

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