La Mujer del Vendaval Saturday 2/11/17 #64

On Going Blind

Marcela says yes she is.

Alessandro says no she’s not, we’re going to find a way to prevent it.

And Marcela says she inherited retinosis from her mother.

Silvana looks from one to the other in horror as Luciano goes on saying yes Marcela absolutely is going to go blind and he doesn’t want her as the mother of his grandchildren and Alessandro absolutely cannot marry her. He told them all along she’s a total disaster, and Luc doesn’t want blind grandkids. (how bout selfish and jerky grandkids, cause they could totally inherit that too. From you.)

Silvana faints and Luc takes her outside to get some air.

Marcela tells Ale his folks are right to be concerned and he’ll lose them if he stays with her.

Ale thinks his folks should respect his choices, Marcela thinks he should think about what he’s giving up; his job, his parent’s support, and their love. Also their kids very well could inherit retinosis and even though its only a small possibility she can’t condemn her kids to blindness. So that means they’d be denying his parents grandkids. (so Nisa is chopped liver? Is everyone assuming Nisa will never have a stable and mature enough relationship to ever have kids? Or are they just counting her out cause she’s a girl? )

They’re making a huge mistake.

Marcela cries in her bedroom but when Sagrario asks what’s wrong Marcela won’t tell her.

Ranch Patio

Luc – ‘so, you on my side yet?’
Silvana – ‘its not about sides, it’s just, I always imagined lots of grandkids running around. Maybe Alessandro is right and there’s something to be done about it.
Luc – ‘ Nope, retinosis is incurable and hereditary. We can’t let them get married.’
Sil – ‘Maybe we should consult a doctor about it’
Luc – ‘ Nope, better to nip this in the bud.’

Luc thinks that if they work together and tell Ale they’ll pool their shares to kick him out of the hotel he’ll come to his senses and call off the wedding. Sil needs to think, she goes for a walk. ML comes by all friendly and stops to eavesdrop as Ale comes out and asks his dad if there wasn’t maybe a less brutal way to bring that up. Luc says it was the only way to make him realize what a huuuuge mistake he’s making.

Ale ‘I won’t leave Marcela just cause she has an illness she never asked for. ‘
Luc ‘ and what about your kids, gonna give them an illness they never asked for? ‘
Ale ‘the chance is minimal’
Luc ‘but real. Or are you not gonna have kids? I know you always wanted a family’
Ale – ‘ dreams change dad, I’d rather have Marcela than have kids’
Luc – ‘ we’ve got a family empire going here, you’ve got to have kids cause Nisa’s kids won’t have my last name’ (dude you should have thought about that before and maybe had more than two kids yourself, just in case one of them crapped out on you or died or married someone with a heritable disease or maybe just didn’t want kids or something. )
Ale – ‘ right, so I’m sposta crank out some kids for your family empire/ego’

Luciano understands what its like to go crazy over a woman, he experienced it himself when he cheated on Silvana, but he snapped out of it in time, he chose his fam, now its time for Ale to do the same. Ale says No. His love for Marcela is more important than anyone or anything else. Luc can’t believe she’s got him so bewitched bothered and bewildered that he can’t see how bad this situation is. If he marries her they will disinherit him, his mother is on Luc’s side now and they’ll totally cut him off.

Maria Laura eavesdrops and smiles.

Somewhere in San BP

Nisa got Cami a nice room, painted a pretty blue color. She says its very Mexican and very chic. He takes this opportunity to ask her to be his girlfriend and she squeals and jumps all over him hurting him again. (it’s wearing thin to see Nisa’s affection and affectations hurting Camilo but not as fast as it would were he less of a creep)

Timo’s House

Oct visits Timo and brought some cookies for Lencho – oh that’s nice, cause we’re all a little down now here, the cinematography dept. made a little miscalculation and the video didn’t catch the attack on Lencho. For now, the infamy goes unpunished. Lencho’s real down about it too. Oh, that’s too bad, Oct offers to go cheer Lencho up and sends Timo out to the cyber-bakery for a cappuccino, to get him out of the house while she goes upstairs to see Lencho.

Lencho is playing guitar and singing beautifully till Oct interrupts, then he gets all flustered. Don’t worry your dad is out, as she puts the moves on him. Lencho withdraws. Octavia pursues. He feels guilty, she feels his muscles and relieves him of his shirt and tips him onto the bed. Timo meanwhile is walking through the town musing on Oct’s maternal qualities.

Lencho can’t do it, not in his dad’s house. He feels terrible. Oct suggests he come back to the city with her and tempts him into agreeing.

(huh, Lencho is a nickname for Lorenzo, I wondered what his real name was)

Meanwhile home on the range where siempre is heard a discouraging word

ML lies in wait for Marcela and tellser Ale and his dad are fighting – the dad said something about how Ale is renouncing his dream of havin kids and Ale is just cryin and cryin. If he was cryin and stuff it musta meant it was real important to him, huh? Marcela didn’t want all this trouble, all she wanted was to make Alessandro happy and now he’s givin up havin kids. (Marcela is confiding in ML and talkin to her like she forgot ML is a low down snake.) Right, ML agrees, cause of course they can’t have kids, right? I mean that would be unfair to the kids and all. ML advises Marcela to break up with Alessandro now, that is, if she really loves him and wants him to be happy.

Guest House

Luc hopes Ale comes to his senses, Sil just feels sorry for the both of them, after all they really love each other. Sil is so not on board with the cutting Ale off plan she thinks they should support him in this difficult time. Luc asks her whose side she’s on, and why did she tell Ale bout his cheating on her, now Ale’s lost all respect for him. Hey, he can’t get mad at her, she told Ale a while ago when Luc was being a rotten jerk and she just couldn’t take any more. Speaking of his cheating, why did he go into town? Was it to see her? Nope Luc only went to town to use the internet, he had some bidnez to take care of.

Ale comes to Marcela’s room looking for her, but only finds ML, who says Marce went out and she don’t know where.

Marcela is riding Huracan through the ranch.

Ale checks in the kitchen, Sagrario says Marce went out through there, didn’t say where, just said she’d be back.

Marcela has gone to her father’s grave to ask his help in making this decision so she can put Alessandro first.

Mateo is sitting on his steps hitting a block of wood with a hatchet. (guess sometimes even Mateo just needs to hit something) Ale drives up looking for Marcela and notices Mateo is kinda down and asks about it. Mateo tells him he broke up w/Sagrario – gotta get back to work now.

San BP

Cami is still pitching woo to Nisa, he wants to tell her folks about them. She panics and says now’s not the time, lets wait a little while, ok? Ok, more painful hugs.

Cami has more hands than an octopus, Nisa has hands as heavy as lead. She’s gotta leave, she gets real excited and dramatic bout their secret forbidden love, just like Romeo and Juliet.


Alessandro is the best thing to happen to her, but now she has to think of him, so she needs dad’s help. Dad sends the wind.

Dad also sends Alessandro, they argue about having kids or not having kids, and sacrifices and playing the hand you’re dealt. Ale loves her more than anyone or anything else. She loves him enough to give him up. When he can’t convince her with words he grabser and kisseser.

It doesn’t work though. She doesn’t want to take chances with their kids health, and sooner or later he’s gonna feel like he’s missing something, he should accept reality and be honest with himself. She leaves him crying.

Ranch house

Silvana is looking for Marcela too, but when she finds Sagrario asks her at what age Marcela’s mom went blind. Sagrario instead tells Sil how Ale reacted to the news when he found out, how after he had a long think about it he decided to stick by Marcela no matter what, and how that totally won Sagrario over and instead of worrying Silvana should be proud to have a son who stands up for what he loves and believes in, and stands by the woman he loves.

Don Timo’s Sala

Timo and Lencho and Octavia are all sitting on the couch. Timo wants Lencho to get lost so he can put the moves on Oct but she insists Lencho stick around as chaperone. Lots of standing up and sitting back down on Lencho’s part and a scary moment when he thinks Oct is gonna tell his dad about them, but no Oct just wants to take Lencho to the big city with her so she can put him in movies.

Timo is excited and emotional – lets do this thing, he’s planning on going to the city with them, but Oct says he can’t, some company policy or something, Timo says he’ll pay his own way he’s not letting his little one go off on his own.

July’s House

Severo tells July he and Timo fell out over how Timo is treating July. Severo is on July’s side, and Timo kicked him out and he has nowhere to go. July says he can stay with her, especially if it makes Timo mad.

Kitchen, Ranch

Ale comes in and tells Sagrario and Silvana that he saw Marcela and Luc’s poison finally took effect.

Guest House, Ranch

Strong knock on the door. Its Marcela, she tells Luc he’s right and she’s setting his son free.


So, will our young lovers be separated this time?
Will Nisa and Cami end up like Romeo and Juliet?
Would we be sad if they did?
Will July find out the real reason Timo kicked Severo out is that he found out Severo attacked Sagrario and that’s too evil even for Timo?
Will Octavia make Lencho a big star?
Or just the star of her own personal video series?
Stay tuned to find out!

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth! I agree with everything you said about Luciano and his attitude over this whole thing…heir and a spare, dude! It’s not Marcela’s fault you didn’t think about that earlier! “Marcela is confiding in ML and talkin to her like she forgot ML is a low down snake.” I’m so glad you said that! It was so weird, I was wondering if I missed something. “it’s wearing thin to see Nisa’s affection and affectations hurting Camilo but not as fast as it would were he less of a creep” Word. Every time she jumps him I cringe and then… Read more »