La Mujer del Vendaval Tuesday 2/14/17 #65

El V

Maybe now that Luciano’s getting his way, he won’t talk so much. He asks if this is a trick, a way of proving to her that she’s a great woman. Oh, please, she has nothing to prove to him. She’s here to ask him for his help–she’s not going to be able to convince Alessandro, so she wants him to draw up the divorce papers so she can sign them.

Oh, no, Luciano thinks she’s just doing this to convince him she’s innocent. She really doesn’t care what he thinks. She just wants him to get the papers drawn up as quickly as he can. Marcela walks out and Luc smiles his evil smile.

Meanwhile Al rants in the kitchen. He’s not letting his dad get away with this. Silvana counsels calm and sitting down with Marcela to have a conversation about what they’re willing to give up before they continue the relationship. Oh, hell no, Al’s defending his marriage!

Nisa comes home all excited about her new relationship with Camilo. They’re keeping it quiet for now, Nisa’s enthusiastic shouting notwithstanding.

Maria Laura claims she has a good lead on the necklace and the guy who has it is over in the next town. Nisa wants to go with her to get it back, but ML says she’ll take Lencho.

Rosa comes to see if they want room service for dinner, ’cause things are pretty intense in the kitchen. She tells them about the fight between Alessandro and Luciano. ML says they’ll have dinner later.

Nisa wonders what the fight was about. She would have thought Al would tell their parents about Marcela’s illness sooner. She seems bothered when ML tells her that she heard Luciano threatening to cut Alessandro off if he goes through with the wedding.

Marcela’s out saying good night to Huracán. Mateo finds her out there. He’s getting some stuff ready because it looks like they have serious rain on the way. Marcela hopes it will wash away what the wind brought in–including Alessandro. She won’t tell Mateo why they fought, she just says he was right–they don’t belong together. (Of course now Mateo looks like he wants to argue that he was wrong.)

Silvana is appalled that Luciano’s having the divorce papers drawn up. “But Marcela made me do it!” Sure, because he wouldn’t quit bugging her! If they’re going to get divorced, let them do it on their own.

As he’s yelling about Marcela being the only sensible one around here, Al comes in yelling at him for poisoning the relationship. Silvana tries to keep the fight from escalating. She should be holding me back, not Al–Luciano’s yelling about Marcela not telling Al about her “defect.” Well, she told him when she could and he decided to stay. Does Luc not understand that his love is that great? Luciano gloats that she’s the one who decided to end it.

Mateo agrees a lot of things separate Marcela from Al…but some loves that never should have been survive anyway. If she loves him, she shouldn’t give him up. Marcela says she’s doing this for him so he won’t throw it in her face later if one of their children inherits this disease. Mateo thinks it’s best to leave that kind of thing up to God.

He doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but he knows that ever since Al arrived, she’s been smiling again. She has a light in her eyes like she did when she was a child. He doesn’t want darkness to get to her soul before it gets to her eyes.

Alessandro refuses to believe Marcela asked Luc to prepare the divorce papers. Silvana tells Alessandro to talk to Marcela. As he leaves, Rosa comes in with…well, rosas. Silvana never thought flowers could make her feel sad. She’d prefer Luc opened his heart.

Alessandro finds Mateo before he finds Marcela. She’s out on Huracán, so he asks Mateo to tell her he’s waiting for her in their room. Mateo tells Alessandro it doesn’t matter what anyone says–if he loves her, he needs to be stronger than everything else.

Maria Laura finds Al in his room and pretends to feels bad about what happened. Al shares with her that Marcela asked his dad to prepare the divorce papers, which gives ML an opening to say it sounds like Marcela has made up her mind. He should probably give her some space. Maybe go away for a while.

Marcela thinks about what Mateo said as she stands out on the lawn and looks at the house.

Maria Laura tells him it always works for her when some guy’s not paying her enough attention–she goes away and when she comes back he’s eating out of the palm of her hand. If Marcela signs the papers, then she just didn’t love him as much as he loved her.

Marcela comes in before ML can do any more damage.


Nuria calls the hotel restaurant to talk to Alba. She asks her not to quit.

Nuria feels awful, but Alba says this is her decision and it’s made. It is what it is. She just hopes Nuria and Cristian can be happy. Nuria hopes…no, she knows…that someone’s out there for Alba. She shouldn’t give up her job. Alba’s sure there will be another opportunity. She’s at peace with her decision. Nuria offers to help Alba find another job with one of her contacts, but Alba just wants to go home. And now it’s time for her shift, so she’s gotta hang up. Nuria wishes her the best.

Cristian’s getting dressed and thinking about Alba saying tonight is her last night at the Toscana…and nearly kissing her in his office. He wishes he could get Alba out of his mind.


At the jail in the capital, Amadeo hands over some food for Roman. Emiliano arrives. They’re still waiting to hear whether the judge has set bail.

Emiliano gets in to see Roman. Roman is upset to hear that Ilse called him and that she’s out there with Amadeo. Emiliano focuses on the practical stuff–they’re getting him a lawyer and trying to have him transferred to the jail in San Bartolo, but they also need to find the girl who pressed charges and her father. So, where can Emi find them?

Roman has refused any help, but Emiliano wants to try to find the people who accused him. Roman had their previous address, but he doesn’t know if they still live there. Ilse decides to stay at the jail, just in case he needs something. Amadeo is going to try to track down the people who pressed charges.

As for a lawyer, Amadeo suggests Cristian, but he doesn’t know if he has the right specialty. They decide to call Alessandro to get Cristian’s info.

San B

Lencho decides he’s tired and going to bed. Timo’s not surprised, after what he did. Lencho’s face: “?!” The video. All the cables and stuff. Oh, right.

Octavia’s tired too, so she’s off. She gives Lencho a kiss goodnight and hopes he…recovers. When she turns around Timo’s right behind her, asking her to reserve a really big room and talking about how he’s considered quite a catch around these parts. (I find myself rewinding a lot because I can’t figure out how we got to whatever idea Timo’s on and it’s taken me this long to realize it’s not that I’m missing something, that’s just Timo.)

Uh, OK, but Octavia needs time. And she needs their plan to work, so he really has to stay behind in San Bartolo to keep an eye on things with the land. He promises it’s going to be perfect. He moves in for a kiss and Octavia makes a run for it while his eyes are closed.

Timo finds Severo upstairs packing finally. Sev whines about having to leave, but Timo says he’ll thank him for it later–the farther he is from San Bartolo, the better. Oh, he’s not leaving San Bartolo. He still has stuff to do. He leaves without telling Timo where he’s staying.

Valeria likes the roses from Luc…but she wishes they were from Alessandro. She’s sure she’ll get him eventually if she can just get close to him.

Baby talk

ML leaves Marcela and Al alone (but I imagine her leaving behind a cloud of bad vibes) and Al asks why Marcela won’t fight for them. Before she can answer, his phone rings. It’s Emiliano calling to ask about a lawyer for Roman. Al says he’ll make a call for him and fills Marcela in. He asks for just five minutes to deal with this and then they’ll talk. Marcela goes to get them coffee.

She runs into Silvana in the hallway and they head into the kitchen to talk. Silvana’s not going to deny that Al wants kids, or that he asked Damiana multiple times to have a child, or that she’d like to be a grandmother. But beyond what she wants or Al thought he wanted is their love. As a mother, seeing her son convinced that she’s the love of his life and is willing to risk everything for his love convinces her that they shouldn’t separate. She’s willing to trade grandchildren for the possibility of her son’s happiness.

She’s never seen Al fight with his father like this. And no, Luciano can’t kick Al out of the Toscana without her votes and he’s not getting them. She respects Al’s decisions, even if she doesn’t understand them. And she doesn’t have to understand them–she can see how happy he is and she’s not going to destroy that. If Marcela loves him, she won’t either.

As for kids…not everyone has them. Sometimes they choose not to have them, sometimes they just can’t. Are those couples not entitled to happiness? Times have changed. People adopt. People decide not to have children. She needs to be happy with what she has, not what she can’t have.

Marcela feels better hearing this. Well, Silvana came here to meet the woman her son was in love with. She never denied she had her doubts, but seeing that Marcela would be willing to give up everything so Alessandro would be happy, she doesn’t have them anymore. Marcela is a great woman and her love is immense–kids or no kids. They have her blessing to marry. She begs her not to let Luciano get away with this.


Cristian tries to read in bed, but he’s seeing Alba’s face on the screen. He tells Nuria something’s bothering him…about them…where are they as a couple? Isn’t it time to have a child? Nuria’s face: “Where did that come from?”

Alba calls Inés and says she’s leaving tomorrow. Inés thinks she should have let Nuria help her find another job. It’s not fair–she has such a promising career ahead of her. If she just lets this pass, she can get back to her original reason for coming to the Toscana–to play the piano. Alba says her soul is already destroyed. She needs to get away from this. Inés offers to drive her to the bus station tomorrow, in that case.

Nuria thinks this is coming out of the whole Alba situation. But Cristian reminds her this is what he’s always wanted. Doesn’t she want to have a baby with him? She’s kind of still shocked…and she has to talk it over with the doctor. She’d rather go alone, though, but Cristian insists they have to do it together.

Rainy night in San Bartolo

The rain’s coming down. It might wash out the road.

Silvana’s off to bed. She makes a crack about it being a really rough day…like every day since they got here. (But it’s been, what? Two days? And almost twenty episodes.) She gets a chance to say good night to Alessandro before she goes.

He was able to reach a lawyer and he’ll call Emiliano. Al wants to take the coffees back to their bedroom and talk there. And they have a lot to talk about.

Maria Laura fumes to Nisa. She nearly got Alessandro to leave for a few days, but Marcela showed up. Nisa tells her to chill. If she’s THAT stubborn, Alessandro’s not going to be able to get her to change her mind. For once, Maria Laura’s happy she’s so stubborn.

Al gets right to the point–she’s not going to scare him off with her idea about ending this marriage and she’d better forget about getting his dad to help her with the divorce. He’s more stubborn than she is and she’s not getting rid of him. And he’s not listening to any of her stupidity either!

“But I don’t want to let you go!”


Marcela grabs him and hugs him and says she’s sorry, she’s just so scared that she can’t give him what he needs. He says that’s just her–no more, no less. If she changed, she’d stop being the woman he loves. (Aw, you’re cute. People change. You adjust. Source: nearly 20 years of marriage.) They make with the smoochies. Big time smoochies.

Silvana gets back to the guest cabin, to a grumpy Luciano who’s “tired of all this.” Oh, HE’S tired? Yep, of her not supporting him.

To bad, because she won’t support him doing anything against Alessandro. He’d better start getting used to the idea that he’s not getting his way this time.

Sagrario brought dinner to Mateo’s house. He’s not hungry. Is this the way it’s going to be? Not talking? He says they’ll only talk about work.

She says she loves him. He says she can show him by pressing charges. She says if he’s asking her to do something that painful, it means he doesn’t love her. If he loves her, he’d respect her feelings, her pain, her silence…. She takes one last look at him before walking out of the house.

Mauro and Octavia watch the rain. Everything here is extreme, isn’t it? But they can go back to the Toscana now. Mauro’s happy they’re getting out of town and away from Sev. She tells him they’re taking a souvenir back. A big one. “Something from Don Timo?” In a way…but it’s alive.

“Not another turkey!” (Hey, don’t talk about Lencho that way!)

No, not another turkey, but it does have certain characteristics in common. (Hey, don’t talk about Lencho that way!) It’s Lencho. Mauro’s face: “WTF?”

Marcela admits she’s afraid of the future. Al says they can defeat her fears if they share them and confront things together.

Marcela promises she’ll go to all the doctors he wants and follow all their instructions. Alessandro thinks they should start with having Emiliano give her a checkup. And from now on no more making decisions alone–they’re a couple now. In good times and bad. So no more talking about fears because they’re contagious (you just said you’re sharing everything…just saying), she should only talk to him about love.

Or maybe they should ditch the words and let lips and eyes and hands talk. She jokes that he’s getting the hang of the wind language. *smoochies*

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Thanks Diva, I love reading your recaps. And I love Rosa, she’s one of my favorite characters. Everything she does, she does with personality. “Nuria’s face: “Where did that come from?”” – my face too. Really Cris? ungh I mean if it really was part of their plans all along, ok, but if he’s only bringing it up now b/c he’s trying to find ways to re-interest himself into his marriage, then I don’t know. “If she changed, she’d stop being the woman he loves. (Aw, you’re cute. People change. You adjust. Source: nearly 20 years of marriage.) “- wisdom.… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I can see him doing one or the other, but not both at the same time ;P