Guerra de Ídolos Monday 7/10/17 #44

Episode 44: Pacto antes de morir

Amado can’t believe Neto’s trying to blackmail him in his own house, in front of his sisters and all these other people. And the day before the election!

Naw, Neto’s just telling Amado what he knows. “You’re setting off a bomb to help me?” Sure. Neto’s helped a lot of people, especially people in power.

Alexis comes over to say the union guys are leaving and Amado asks Neto to come with him to say goodbye before they continue their conversation.

In Amado’s office, Manara asks how she could possibly leave the label! The whole thing with Bianco was just made up by the press.

In that case, Rafa wants her to never see Bianco again because she’s HIS, she’s HIS artist!

Whoa, back up! She’s going to make that album, but she’s not his property. She can do what she wants with her life.

Rafa starts talking about wanting her to show that she values his support. Well, she does! She says it in every interview! What more does he want?!

He wants her to stop treating him like an “idiot” which in his mind means sex. What else we supposed to think when he slams her against the wall and forces his mouth on hers? And Manara, as all those workout scenes show, is physically strong, but it STILL takes some effort to shove him off. She says he’s drunk and that’s the only reason she’s not getting her brother to kick his ass out of here, but that’s the last time he lays a hand on her without her permission.

She runs to her room and calls Bianco to tell him that Rafa suspects she wants to leave the label and he’s being drunk and insolent. She doesn’t trust her brother enough to tell him and Julia’s off in her own world right now. She’s being rebellious and she doesn’t want to go to Mexico. Manara doesn’t know what to do.

Bianco says they need to wait for the right moment. He has the money ready to buy her contract. He wants her to come record in Mexico. Well, they’d better hurry, because Rafa wants her to record here. Bianco thinks with what Rafa just did gives her an excuse to avoid him for a while and stall.

As soon as she’s signed with Megavisa, Manara’s going to tell Mateo everything and help him make them pay.

Amado and Neto get to the office and Neto insists he’s not trying to start a fight. Amado wants to compare their “women.” His comes from a good family and is used to the best. Neto’s could walk out and maybe afford a molcajete.

Amado wants to buy status; Neto wants peace. That’s why he wants to help Amado, by working with Amado and putting out fires. He can calm Lorenzo, Selva, and Itzel.

In exchange for what?

Neto wants his family to be shielded from anything Rafa does, he wants his grandsons out of it, and he wants Leticia to stay alive. Plus 10% from all those dances Amado’s planning in an offshore account. Amado protests–Rafa’s already getting that money. Sure, but he’s on his own–the family is separate. Neto leaves Amado to think about it.

JC Records

Chalino brings Valentín down to the memorabilia room. Of course he’s not going to kill Mateo or he would have waited for him to come outside! Chalino keeps telling him to calm down. Does he think he’s so big because he’s got chicks asking for his autograph now? He’s only here because of Mateo, because Mateo did him favors and Chalino did him favors when he got out of prison…

Mateo comes in as Valentín is offering to pay those favors back. He doesn’t like being made a fool of and he doesn’t like them acting like he’s the same guy who just got out of prison. He’s grown and he thinks he deserves respect from both of them! It’s Mateo’s fault he lost his cousin and nearly got killed. When are they going to take him seriously?!

Mateo says he’s right, except that he DOES take him seriously….

He showed up late to the video shoot, drunk, and caused a scene! Oh, but Valentín is the stupid one for going out with Davis?! What about Mateo’s “woman” humiliating him?

Look, Mateo was late for a video shoot that they were doing for a mafioso. That’s serious stuff!

Mateo says he’s right and it’s not an excuse, but things here have been difficult lately with his dad and Rafa fighting over the presidency….

And since when is Mateo into politics instead of music?!

Since he feels like he has to have something to leave to Julio César’s son.

Valentín’s starting to think this was never Julio César’s dream. It’s his dad’s dream–to be an executive, to be powerful. But Mateo needs to wake up–his passion is music, not politics. He drops off a drive with the corrido he recorded. He hopes Mateo likes it.

If Mateo needs him to, he’ll find another producer–he wants one who WANTS to work with him because of the music and not because he owes favors to a mafioso so he can defend some morra who doesn’t even like him anymore.

Casa Mateo

Moisés is drinking AND smoking and remembering JC dying. Celestina comes downstairs to put out the cigar while asking him if he really wants to die.

Moisés complains that after all this stuff with Isaac he feels like a failure–as a father, a businessman, and a husband.

Celestina disagrees–he worked all those years for her and the kids and they’re just spoiled because they never wanted for anything. (Uh, Isaac maybe.)

Moisés just doesn’t know how they ended up like this–fighting, hurting themselves. Sometimes he thinks it would have been better if he died instead of JC.

Again, Celestina disagrees. It hurt, but that was JC’s fate. Maybe it’s time now for Moisés to let the kids be responsible for their own lives. No more intervening and no more guilt. Who knows how much longer they have left–they should enjoy it.

Davis Bidness

Davis does a shot of tequila while Cafre shows her the list of concerts planned for Valentín and Básico and the money that’s going to the radio stations for playing their songs…and how can she drink this early? Davis says a shot of tequila is good for helping clear up your ideas before starting the day.

She wants him to call and talk to Selva, start trying to get money out of her. She needs to show El Diplomático some results. Cafre questions whether it’s a good idea for Selva to see his face, but Davis says he’s the best at analyzing people.

Amado’s awake early and too damn chipper about this being election day. At least he brought Selva coffee, but she’s not even awake and he’s whining about wanting her to come give him a massage in the shower. She takes a groggy sip of coffee and answers her cell phone. Cafre gives her instructions to meet him at a café if she wants to know about the photo. And don’t worry about how she’ll know who he is.

Casa Mateo

Mateo gets home as the rest of the family is eating breakfast. He was working on making tracks all night and he’s going back in a little while to mix Valentín’s song for the album.

Moisés says he’s got a meeting with the lawyer–he’s got that valuation of the company ready and hopefully now he can make that offer to buy Rafa’s shares. He wants Gilda to help him with the scheduling.

As Belinda goes off to feed the baby, she tells Isaac she left some coffee on the table for him. Instead he grabs something from the island and says he’s not having breakfast–he’s gotta go find a job. Celestina nudges Mateo and he halfheartedly wishes Isaac luck.

This is not job hunting

Paulino drops Leti off somewhere and she tells him he might as well go, she’s going to be a while. He says he’ll be close by, but apparently not close enough. Isaac grabs Leti before she can walk inside. He says he has nothing to lose now and she does, so…he wants to talk. They haven’t done a “catch up” in a while.

In his car he reminds her of the stuff they did in there. Good thing they never got busted, right? She tells him to get to the point.

Isaac whines about this being the worst time of his life and she knows he’s like her–they enjoy the finer things. He’s told his dad that he was involved in JC’s murder, but he told him that he’s the only one who knows and that’s not true.

So how much is his silence worth to her? Because he’s thinking she needs to put him on her payroll. Just until he finds a job.

He’s not saying how much he wants…he figures he can tell her on a month-to-month basis.

Leti fumes. She’ll give him what she can, and that’s because she feels she owes his family, not him. Isaac asks for an “advance” and Leti foolishly pulls out a stack of money from her purse. Isaac takes the whole thing, of course.

Leti warns him it cost her a lot to get here, and she’ll defend her relationship with Neto to the death.

JC Records

The lawyer tells Moisés the amount for Rafa to buy the label is exorbitant. It’s because people are still following JC like he’s a saint. His image has enormous capital.

Moisés asks what would happen if his image were affected.

The lawyer doesn’t see how–he was a martyr. He died at the height of his success, murdered by a fan, and leaving behind an unborn child. Plus, people love his family.

And if the reason for his murder was something shady? If someone in the family were involved? He’s just asking…or can’t he trust him?

Of course he can. If it were like that, it could all change. If the press finds out it could destroy them. What really happened?

Moisés says it’s something so cloudy he can’t see clearly, so he’d rather not say. It’s absurd, but he built this label to be free, independent, say whatever he wanted…and now he has to keep his mouth shut to avoid destroying it all.

The lawyer cautions him to be careful–if the information is managed badly, it could turn all this into nothing. Especially if there were criminal charges against someone in the family. They could lose it all. Maybe he needs to at least listen to Rafa’s offer to buy him out–he’s prepared to pay a lot of money.

Moisés remembers Isaac telling him, in this room, that his debts were the reason Gilda got stabbed and JC died. He remembers JC lying in his coffin.

Rancho Zabala

Neto tells Itzel he talked to Amado. He’s negotiating to keep them all away from Rafa and get some additional savings for his grandsons. In exchange, he’ll be Amado’s accomplice.

Itzel figures he must be sick to do that–just how bad is it?

It’s colon cancer. The doctor didn’t give him a time limit, but he’s preparing for the worst. When the time comes, he wants to be at peace.

His phone buzzes–it’s Amado. He wants to close their deal. He wants Neto to be his mediator with Lorenzo. Whether Lorenzo lives or not depends on Neto. If he comes to the “bunker” (his campaign headquarters) Amado’s people will take him to Lorenzo.

Neto tells Itzel that Amado does have Lorenzo. He’ll see what he can do for him. She’s worried this is a trick, though, but Neto doesn’t think there’s anything he can do about that. He has to take the risk.

Pay to play

Cafre gets to the café, where Selva is already waiting. He hands her an account number and tells her to make a deposit if she wants to know about the photo and the other things going on behind her back. When she’s done that, they’ll know she agrees to the terms and they can give her the information. That’s all he’s here to tell her–she has to pay if she wants to know more.

Back at the house, Davis is curious to see how Selva will react. The fact that she slipped her guards to go to the meeting means she must be suspecting her “husband.” Now they’ll just see if she pays.

Valentín comes in, hears the conversation, and says she’s extorting money from Matamoros just to make things more complicated for Mateo. Damn, she’s bitter!

Davis asks what he ate to make him feel so smart today! She’d shoot him if she didn’t like him so much.

He taunts her about not feeling anything for him and she warns him to be careful–just because they’re sleeping together doesn’t mean he has the right to talk to her like this. Oh, that’s right, the last thing she wants from him is talk. He makes with the sex.

We told you to quit

Chalino comes rushing into the studio to tell Mateo something’s wrong with his dad. Moisés comes down the stairs from the board room, saying it’s nothing, he’s fine. He’s gotta go see the accountant. It’s just stress.

Mateo begs him to go home and get some rest or at least have Chalino drive him, but no, he doesn’t want anyone coming with him. He tells Mateo to hurry up and finish that album so they can get the money rolling in–that’s the best thing he can do for him.

OK…in that case, Mateo hands him a USB drive with some songs on it for Moisés to listen to. He needs to go home after the accountant. And stop smoking! As he and Chalino head back to the studio, Chalino quips that Moisés is stubborn like someone ELSE he knows….

In the car, Moisés remembers that last party after the concert. Everyone singing Hasta el Mariachi Va a Llorar together. JC toasting all of them for things that Moisés is now questioning…Moisés for teaching him how to work, Isaac for having his back on stage…. He starts to have trouble breathing and nearly hits a school bus before pulling the car over.

Gilda brings him home. At least he called her and she made him go to the emergency room, but he’s still complaining that Gilda’s “exaggerating.” (How much did you pay for med school? Shut up with “exaggerating.”) Gilda says HE’S the one exaggerating, with his cigars and alcohol and ranting and all the stress. He almost had a heart attack! Moisés complains it wasn’t even a “pre” heart attack. He just got a fright from nearly getting into an accident.

Celestina’s going to call Mateo, but Moisés tells her not to. He’s going back to the label right now. He needs them to have a meeting NOW.

Um, no, he needs to rest! And they’re not letting him out of here!

Moisés puts his arms around them both and says he understands. He needs rest. He agrees with that and he does want to rest, but if that’s going to happen then he needs to have this meeting. He’s just going to the bathroom and then Gilda can drive him.


Itzel checks in with Neto. He JUST got there…she needs to calm down. Well, Rafa’s treating her worse every day and she barely gets to see her sons, so she thinks she should make plans to leave. Neto tells her to ignore Rafa’s crap–he thinks they’re all safest at the ranch. He’s gotta go. He’ll call when he knows something.

Canseco mockingly greets Neto as the “padrino” of the campaign. He never thought he’d be here to celebrate. First he underestimated them and now he’s here to lower his head.

Neto says he practically handed Amado the win and if Canseco’s going to be chief of police, that’s thanks to him as well.

No, Canseco’s giving Amado all the credit. If it had been up to Neto, he would have been left out. Anyway, his people are waiting to take Neto to see Lorenzo.

“Who says you’re not going to kill me?”

“Who says you’re going to help us?”

Casa Matamoros

Manara’s packing. Her phone buzzes at the same time Amado knocks on the door. She tosses her bag into the closet before answering. He’s on his way to the “bunker” to hear the results, but he just wanted to thank her for her help. He thinks she finally understands and he doesn’t know how to thank her for making that trip. All their differences aside, he really loves her. (Twisted creep.)

Manara says she just did what they agreed. And she hopes if he wins, he’ll do what he promised.

And what was that? He promised so many things.

How quickly he’s forgotten. He said Julia would have more freedom. That she’d get to live a normal life. They’ve already talked about this.

Well, after he wins, they’ll sit down and talk about it again.

He’ll see her later. And bring Julia.

Manara calls Bianco. He’s worried about Rafa. Manara’s sure she can defend herself as long as there are others around.

He thinks she should come to Mexico while Amado’s distracted.

The problem is, Julia’s busy worrying about her boyfriend and Manara’s not going without her.

Then she’d better talk to her, because Bianco can’t go back once he makes a deal with Ezequiel. So should he go forward with this or not? It’s all or nothing.

Manara tells him to do it. She’ll figure out what to do about Julia.

Rancho Zabala

Rafa’s bragging to Raquel that today Amado’s going to win and change everyone’s lives. Julia shows up looking for Nicolas and Rafa introduces her as the sister of the future mayor. Nico’s here, but he’s rehearsing…that’s ok, Julia knows the way.

Julia listens to Nico playing the guitar for a while before interrupting to ask why he didn’t come to her brother’s (overhyped) event.

Uh, because he’s not going to be a part of that whole thing. And he had stuff to do.

So he’s going on tour?

Yep. It’s a chance he can’t let pass.

But what about them? Isn’t he worried about what’s going to happen if they’re apart again?

Nico says he wants to grow too, like she did in London. Well, not exactly like that, because he’s going to focus on his music and not…other things.

His band comes in and he introduces them. There’s one woman in the band, which gets Julia’s attention. Nico asks if there’s anything else, because they need to rehearse. Julia walks out, angry.

Taking his marbles and going home

Rafa’s standing behind the president’s chair, complaining that Moisés called this meeting and he’s not even here. He’s never been in charge of anything, has he? He just makes a big show of being in power….

Mateo says Moisés has ALWAYS had the power, and Rafa shouldn’t forget that. HE’s the one who made JC’s career, he made Mateo his producer, he made this company. That’s what it means to be the head of a family. Can Rafa say he’s done the same? Where are his kids…?

They have this whole stupid fight in in front of all the investors.

Moisés shows up and says he’ll get right to the point. This job has been affecting his health, he’s doing too much, and he needs a rest.

Rafa frickin’ grins, asking who’s getting the presidency while he’s on this break.

It’s not a break. He’s resigning the presidency. He’s been working his whole life and he wants to retire and enjoy his life.

Rafa’s laughing now that he would call a meeting to tell them he’s giving up his job.

Moisés says there are obviously two sides here. Rafa and Gúzman on one, and his kids on the other. Guzmán starts to argue, but he says she doesn’t have to justify anything–they know she’s been meeting with Rafa and Matamoros. It doesn’t matter anymore. What’s important is that there are two sides and they both like to confront each other and compete. So he has an idea.

Damn, the show just made me agree with Rafa–no more ideas!

Well, there are two votes on one side and two on the other and Moisés, as they all know, always breaks the tie. So he wants two tribute albums and whoever sells more gets his vote.Gilda: “Dad, seriously?” Yep, if Mateo wins he gets Moisés’ vote and the presidency (and if Gilda wants it?). If Rafa wins, he gets Moisés’ vote, the presidency, and Moisés will sell him the business.

He hands Rafa a folder that Rafa tosses aside after laughing at Moisés’ asking price. Gilda picks it up as Moisés says that figure is LESS than what’s projected for sales of JC’s records. If he takes this to his accountants, they’ll tell him it’s a good deal.

Mateo tries to call for a break, but Moisés tells him to sit down. Those are his conditions. Whoever sells more has his vote. He’s not just going to give it to either of them–if they want it they have to win it. If Rafa wants the business, he has to pay for it. This is his last decision as president.

Guzman looks at Rafa and asks what he’s going to do. (Uh…make a crappy ass album that Amado has to buy just to get this business that’s going to tank as soon as Rafa takes over? I’m guessing.)

Mateo catches up to his dad on his way out and asks what he’s doing. This is their future! Those are Mateo’s songs! No, technically Moisés has power over his work. Gilda says yes, they’re here because of the sacrifices her dad made, but this is too extreme.

Well, he’s trying to be fair. This place is worth a fortune and if he sold it as-is, it would be a great deal. He wants to give them a chance. If they want it, then win it. Or Rafa can have it and he’ll give them a share of what Rafa pays. Moisés toddles off and Mateo tells Gilda to do something.

Chalino’s fixing his hair in the side mirror of the SUV as Gilda chases Moisés down. He repeats what he jut said–if they want it, then they have to fight for it. He’s out.

Rafa tells Mateo he’s going to go for it. Is Mateo going to play too or doesn’t he dare? Mateo says it’s not a game and his dad is “crazy.” Rafa’s going to pay what he has to and get Mateo out of here. For his “honor.” He’s going to get what he deserves. (So, nothing then.)


Selva shows up, claiming she had radio stuff to deal with. Alexis announces that voting just closed and they’re ten points up. Amado cuts off the celebrating, saying they have to wait for official results. Gloria tells Amado the counting office (?) wants to talk to him. Amado tells Selva his sisters need to be there. She says she’ll call, but calls Lorenzo instead.

Elena’s killer complains that she’s been calling all day. Ramon says she’ll have to wait–Lorenzo’s got a visitor. Neto walks in and says it’s good to see him.

At Casa Davis, Davis and Val are sacked out on her couch, watching the election results. She says media and money can buy you anything. And now to figure out how to use Amado. El Diplomático never does anything for free and Mateo had him doing a lot of investigating.

Val thinks it’s the other way around–Mateo wrote that corrido and never asked for anything in return. Hm, well, Davis owes her loyalty to El Diplomático and it’s her job to find him “work opportunities.” So she’s extorting money from Selva and betraying his bro?

Davis gets snippy. Is he going to tell Mateo the chisme after everything….

Mateo wanders in asking what chisme. Cafre apologizes–he got in without permission.

At Casa Matamoros, Manara’s ready to go to campaign HQ. Looks like Amado’s going to win. Yeah, Julia saw, but she’s not in the mood to go. And maybe after Manara gets back they can talk about Mexico. Julia thinks a vacation would do her some good.

Davis says there’s no chisme, Mateo’s just being nosy. What right does he have barging in here?!

Mateo’s sorry for interrupting their romantic dinner, but he’s got a business proposition for both of them. He needs to make a [bleeped] album and he needs a [bleeped] of [bleeped] artists. In exchange for the favors he did for them. They’re going to screw Rafa over.

Alexis announces that Amado is officially mayor. Rafa walks in while Selva’s kissing him. Amado calls for champagne to celebrate.

Manara finds Julia upstairs. Selva’s been calling, but she’s not answering. Manara tells her to come to Mexico. Now. She’s got Bianco’s plane waiting, she’s got her contract, and she’s going to go live there. She wants Julia to come with her. Amado’s busy celebrating. They can get out now.

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