Guerra de Ídolos Tuesday 7/11/17 #45

Episode 45: Manara entre dos aguas

Julia thinks it’s a low blow to Amado to leave now, but Manara needs to stop being dependent on him. How long have they been waiting? Now’s their chance.

OK, Julia’s in. She starts packing.

Amado thanks his team, and Selva, for their support and says now that he’s achieved his dream it’s time for him to help others achieve theirs. (I wonder what those tailored fireproof pants cost.)

Amado quietly asks Selva where his sisters are, but she says they’re not answering their phones. He asks Canseco to check with the guards.

Manara goes to tell Agustina they’re leaving–all of them. She has a deal with Bianco and they’re going to Mexico City.

Amado has a drink in his office. Alexis invades his space to say they did it and he’s so proud…and there are reporters waiting to talk to him outside. Canseco comes in to say his sisters are still in the house.

Agustina says she can’t go. And Manara’s taking a big risk taking Julia today, of all days. He’ll never forgive her.

Well Manara’s never going to forgive HIM and she needs out of this place and away from his paranoia.

Does she really think this will get her freedom?

Manara says she’ll find freedom when she leaves and tells Mateo the truth about his brother’s murder. Yes, she’s going to tell him, and that’s why they need to leave.

Agustina breaks it to her that Amado knows José is his son and he won’t let her leave the house. Manara has something to negotiate with, but Agustina has nothing. He’d just kill her and her son would be left alone. If Manara’s going, she should go now.

Manara kisses Agustina and José goodbye.

Casa Davis

Mateo explains that his dad has had enough of the problems and wants to sell the label, but he’s giving Mateo a chance to be president. He just has to sell more albums than Rafa.

Davis declares his dad an ass. Rafa’s more famous and has more contacts.

“But I’m a better producer.” He just needs famous people and new talents, like the Sobrinas.

Davis scoffs that he wants something ELSE with the Sobrinas and Mateo has no problem telling her he’s OK with that if they are.

Valentín says he’ll go call them. And in the meantime, he wants Davis and Mateo to settle things, because he’s not going to be made a fool of again.

They barely get a chance before Cafre comes in to announce that Amado’s officially the new mayor. Davis looks grim as they watch the news.


Neto calls Selva from the shack. He apologizes for not having time to talk to her yesterday, but he’s here with Lorenzo now. He invited Neto to Monterrey to talk about some stuff.

Ooh, that pisses Selva off, since Lorenzo won’t even take her calls. She wants to talk to him, but Neto says he’s just on his way in now. He just wanted to tell Selva to relax, he talked to Itzel and he knows what the two of them talked about. He wants to talk to Lorenzo and see how things go. He’ll keep her posted.

Lorenzo scoffs at Neto for playing along with Amado, but Neto ignores him and asks the henches to let them talk alone. As soon as they clear out, Neto explains he’s here to get Lorenzo to understand that if he doesn’t back off, Amado’s going to kill him. He’s only alive because Amado says he loves Selva, but he’s got the noose around his neck already.

Lorenzo refuses to kneel to Amado.

Neto says they’ve got a wedding date. Gabriel must be rolling over in his grave right now. “Especially because Amado killed him.” Lorenzo snipes.

All the more reason Lorenzo needs to play stupid, calm down, and find a way to attack once he’s strong. Unless he’d rather die and leave his sister alone.

Lorenzo thinks if he bows his head to Amado he’ll suspect something.

Nah, his ego is inflated. He thinks he’s all powerful right now so if Lorenzo just gives him praise he’ll keep him alive. And soon all the people with scores to settle will start showing up. (Really, ’cause Amado’s been paranoid about them from day 1 and I’m still waiting to see some evidence of all these “enemies.”)

Lorenzo knows Neto was his dad’s friend, but he’s questioning his intentions. Is there something he wants besides just to help him?

Neto confides in him about the cancer. It’s given him a different perspective. He asks Lorenzo to just lower his head to Amado and help him die with the hope that somebody someday is going to break Amado after he’s gone.


Manara and Julia haul their suitcases downstairs, but Manara changes her mind–they’ll get past the guards more easily if they leave them and buy new stuff in Mexico.

While Julia’s stashing the suitcases, Amado calls all pissed off because he won and they’re not there. Manara says they’re just getting ready and didn’t realize how late it was, but congratulations. Sure, they’re on their way.

Outside, she tells the guards Amado sent a different car for them and they won’t be needed, so they should probably have Petra fix them dinner so they can celebrate. Outside the gate, they hop into a waiting car and Manara tells the driver to take them to the airport. One of the guards starts calling someone, probably Canseco.

Gloria’s trying to fix Amado’s hair, but he’s complaining about her slicking it down too much. Canseco says Manara and Julia just left, but they took another car. Amado wants guards to follow them, but that would leave no one at the house. Amado refuses to leave Agustina without security. He wants everyone’s security doubled. And he wants all of them to leave him alone!

Alexis whines to Selva that the press is starting to get desperate and Amado won’t come out of his office!

Canseco just found out that Manara and Julia are at the airport and they’re leaving. He asks what to do–but Selva comes in just then to ask why Amado isn’t coming out. The press is waiting. He and Canseco freeze.

Selva says he can’t turn his back on the press now.

Amado ignores her and asks Canseco where they’re going. He doesn’t know. Selva demands to know what’s going on and Amado says Julia and Manara escaped.

Alexis comes in and says they journalists are starting to leave. Amado wants to send him out there with Selva to make excuses, but she won’t go until he explains what’s going on. So Amado starts screaming that Julia and Manara left. On HIS day! They left! So get out there and talk to the press and get them to wait.

Selva’s backbone makes a brief reappearance as she says he can’t talk to her like that. Amado backs down enough to say he knows, but she knows how to talk to the press. Just get them to wait and they can talk later. Alexis guides her out of the room.

Amado tells Canseco to grab his sisters and not let them leave.

But he can’t. He has no jurisdiction at the airport. He’d have to call and have someone else do it and right now everyone’s watching Amado. A scandal wouldn’t be good.

Casa Davis

Davis suspects Amado’s going to lay low now, with all the attention on him. Mateo wonders if he can really pull it off. Well, he’s got an image to protect…but he’s also got a big ego. He likes attention on him at all times.

Valentín comes back in and says the Sobrinas are up for whatever, just tell them when and where. Mateo mentions another song he wants Valentín to sing, one Julio didn’t ever get to record. It’s going to be a big hit–for Val and Básico.

Davis reminds him not to push El Diplomático out of the focus and Mateo assures her, this will bring attention to the corrido. He goes to call Itzel and ask who she’s working with.

Itzel laughs at Mateo. He and Rafa kept hammering on each other with all this “competition” stuff and now it’s being used against them! But yes, he can count on her. He was the only one who helped her when she needed it so she’s with him.


Manara calls Bianco to tell him she’s on the plane with Julia. They don’t have Amado’s permission, but they have the paper he signed when Julia went to London, so maybe that will do.

Bianco says he’s going to get everything ready. Manara tells him to make sure he’s got her contract. It’s now or never. Bianco says he’ll be waiting.

He has Candelaria call the pilot. Manara’s on her way with her sister and va a arder Troya. Cande thinks it’s too risky for him, but Bianco has Ezequiel’s approval and Ezequiel wants to screw Rafa over. He can’t let this go–it’s his chance to own part of the company.

She gets that part, but what about their brother? He just became mayor.

Bianco knows he has to negotiate with Amado too, but he has an image to protect. And she knows “image” is his area. He tells her to have the studio ready so they can start recording tomorrow. Manara’s contract is their best cover for what they’re doing. He’s going to make this all look like it’s Rafa’s fault.

Amado finally comes out to talk to the press, apologizing for the delay and making it sound like he couldn’t pry himself away from all those calls of congratulation from governors and other mayors. (*snort*)

A reporter from Las Americas asks what his first words are for the people who voted for him. The guy makes a face as Amado blah blah blahs about being in the system, knowing what it’s like to have nothing, and he’s going to give the people what they need.

Next up is a reporter from Megavisa TV. Since he based the campaign on his background, his personal life, and his family…why aren’t his sisters here?

Amado jokes that his sister’s so famous he didn’t want her there to steal the limelight from him. And everyone laughs.

No, no, his sister is busy, she had a concert and she just couldn’t be here.

Julia’s sure Amado must know by now that they’ve gone. He’s probably furious. Manara tells her not to be afraid. However things go with Bianco, it can’t be any worse than the way it was living with Amado. She encourages her to get some sleep…but Julia’s not tired. In fact, she hasn’t slept well in a while.

Manara says she’s been sad and distant lately. Is Julia finally going to tell her what happened in London? Because it changed her.

Julia tells her about getting pregnant and losing the baby. She blames herself because when she found out she thought that she didn’t want to have it. “Who could wish something so terrible?” Manara hugs her. (Would it have killed her to say it doesn’t work that way and Julia didn’t do anything wrong? Seriously, show.)

Casa Davis

Valentín plays Si Me Dejes Te Dejo while Mateo remembers JC playing it after Mateo wrote it for him. Mateo wanted him to use it for his next concert, but JC wanted to save it for something special…and soon there was going to be a superspecial moment….

He said he wanted to get married and Mateo laughed at him. Married to Selva? No, Belinda.

Mateo comes back to the present and Davis is looking past Valentín to him. Valentín finishes the song and says he hopes he’s up to this responsibility, this honor. Mateo thinks it’s a perfect song for him. He wrote it for Julio, but he never thought it would end up on a tribute album. Davis says he needs famous artists now, and she’ll help.

Mateo thanks them both. And he wants to be clear on one thing–he never thought Valentín was stupid. Val’s his bro. He wants the three of them to get along.

Mateo’s phone buzzes and he excuses himself to answer. Selva’s calling from campaign HQ asking to speak to him urgently, just the two of them. She’ll send him an address.

Mateo tells Davis and Val that was Selva, but since she didn’t say more than that, he doesn’t have anything more to tell them. He tells Valentín again that the song sounds good before walking out.

Valentín turns to Davis and says she’s got him between la espada y la pared. Mateo trusts them. She says they’ll see what Selva tells him and Valentín had better stay out of it. If she screws up with El Diplomático, she can deal with him. If Valentín screws up, he’ll just kill him. Being her lover is one thing, but being her accomplice is another.

She’ll be waiting for him in bed.


Rafa gets Amado all worked up, complaining that his sisters left him at his “best” moment and didn’t even let him enjoy it. Canseco says the plane went to Mexico and Rafa starts seething about this being Bianco’s doing. Amado wants Rafa to call him right now so he can talk to him.

Candelaria brings him the phone, but no way is Bianco going to answer until Manara’s out of her contract. He tells her to go ahead and call the lawyers so they can handle the payment and getting the songs in Mateo’s name and getting his permission to record them. And he wants Moisés’ phone number too.

Casa Mateo

Mateo assures his dad he’s going to make a badass album and kick Rafa’s butt. Bitter Isaac wanders in and applauds his self confidence–but then Mateo still has a job. Mateo just makes a face at him.

Isaac’s never going to forget that Mateo voted against him at that meeting.

“What, so you want me to cry over you?” After all the money he spent in Los Cabos? It’s time Isaac took some responsibility.

Moisés asks to talk to Isaac alone about today’s meeting.

Isaac wants to know how much he gets when Moisés sells. Because no way is Mateo going to sell more albums than Rafa!

How much is he getting? Nothing. It’s Isaac’s fault they killed his brother and Moisés is stuck keeping that a secret.

Isaac says that’s not for him, that’s to avoid a scandal.

It’s for the FAMILY and for the business that at least puts money in his pocket.

And he doesn’t think that will change with Mateo? Isaac says this isn’t fair and if he’s not getting anything then he has nothing to do here.

“There’s the door. Good luck.”


Cande and Bianco are laughing about something in the restaurant when Manara and Julia arrive. Manara’s all huggy and kissy with them but Julia’s like…um, you’re usually on posters. Everyone laughs and Bianco hugs her and has Cande take her over to the house.

Manara can’t believe they pulled it off, but Amado hasn’t called, which makes her think he might show up.

Well, to avoid any violent surprises, Bianco advises her to treat this like a professional thing. She didn’t “escape,” she just came down here to close her contract. He tells her to break the ice and call Amado already.

So she does. Like she told him before, she kept her word, but Amado never gave her any assurances that she and Julia would get to live normal lives. She’s going to record an album with Megavisa.

Amado seems outraged that she’s changing labels and accuses her of trying to negotiate from a distance with Julia as a hostage. He tells her she’s going to lose and hangs up on her.

Bianco says she’s done it now, there’s no going back, and he’s got everything ready so she can start recording ASAP. The lawyers are getting Mateo to sign saying he gives permission, so…does she want to tell him or let the lawyers do it?

Putting the pieces together

Selva meets Mateo at Lorenzo’s and explains that he’s not here. He’s been hard to contact. The last time she had to get a favor from a family member.

Selva asked him to come here because strange things are happening and he was the first one to talk to her about it. She shows him the picture of Carmelo and asks if he has any idea whose number that is. They’re trying to get money out of her, but she won’t go along with it–at least not alone.

They want money in exchange for giving her more information. So Selva has decided she wants to be Mateo’s ally. If he tells her what he knows about Carmelo’s death, she’ll get him in contact with Lorenzo. She wants to know if he and her dad had something to do with JC’s death.

Mateo starts with the day Carmelo tried to kill him, on her dad’s orders, on the day he died. Later, Carmelo came to see him, saying Lorenzo knew what had happened to JC, but Carmelo himself didn’t know anything. He knows Carmelo saw her in Monterrey and he thinks her brother’s people killed him.

Lorenzo took over her dad’s businesses, didn’t he? Selva says that’s what he told her.

Mateo agrees to her terms–he’ll help her find out about the photo and the phone and she’ll get him into a room with her brother. Selva says they’re estranged now, but she promises she’ll get them in contact. And as a show of good faith, she has one more piece of information…she talked to Rafa’s ex and she and Lorenzo were having a relationship. They kept it very quiet.

At the ranch, Itzel has Daisy pour her some coffee. She’s going to the label. Rafa can’t believe she’s still going to support Mateo. Itzel reminds him that Mateo helped her when she needed it.

Rafa snaps that that was a different time. There are other things in play now. One wrong move and the killing could start.

Itzel told Selva that Lorenzo and Amado are enemies. Maybe Itzel will tell him more about that.

Mateo asks if she told Amado about this.

Well…some things. But he’s busy with the mayor stuff. She begs Mateo to believe her. She doesn’t know what to do or what’s happening, but she trusts him. Maybe because she still feels something for JC and he reminds her of him.

Mateo believes her and he’ll help. It’s what his brother would do.

Selva thinks maybe he can get to Lorenzo first and find out things about her family she doesn’t even know about.

Rafa tells Itzel if she’s supporting Mateo, she needs to leave the house. And when he wins and becomes president, he’s firing her.

OK, but the boys are coming with her. He knows they support her. She asks when they should move–but he’s not going to beat Mateo.

Done deal

Bianco’s “finally” calling Rafa to tell him that Ezequiel approved Manara’s contract with Megavisa. They’ve sent the money to cancel her contract with JC Records.

Rafa understands about the exit clause now and he says it’s not going to happen.

Uh, it’s already happened. The legal department is getting the rights to the songs–

Rafa screeches that they’re HIS songs.

Nope. Manara relinquished her rights to Mateo and she has proof they wrote them together. If there’s anything else, he can deal with the sharks Ezequiel keeps for lawyers, but Bianco wouldn’t recommend it.

Rafa calls to whine to Amado.

Moisés shows his lawyer the paperwork. The lawyer is impressed with the amount they’re offering. Moisés wants to know if he can make this decision alone or does he need to consult with the board?

The lawyer says technically he can make the decision, but he’d recommend consulting the board for “political” reasons.

Screw politics, Moisés is taking the deal. He doesn’t want the media finding out yet, or Mateo. Mateo’s so enthusiastic about recording that album, he doesn’t want to bring him down. As he signs he says he hopes Manara enjoys her growth.

Bianco has brought the recording equipment to the house so Manara will be more comfortable. Oh, it’s his house…or one of them anyway…but for now it’s hers and Julia’s. Julia loves this house. Cande explains they’ll stay at the hotel during the recording. She offers to give Julia a tour.

Bianco tells Manara the contract is in the works. Has she thought about the songs? Who’s going to tell Mateo? Manara says she’ll do it. He advises her to call him soon.

JC Records

Mateo explains to Las Sobrinas that he doesn’t just want to have famous artists on this tribute album, but new talent as well. That’s where they and Itzel come in. She’s the best designer.

Itzel shows them some sketches on her tablet and talks about using similar colors, showing off their bodies with tight, short dresses. Las Sobrinas are into it.

Chalino shows up and Mateo asks him to show them the studio and let them start getting familiar with the song. He shuts the door behind them. And then he turns to Itzel and asks what she knows about Lorenzo.

Uh, that he’s a good lawyer who helped with her trial?

Mateo knows he and Itzel have been a little distant lately….

Because they decided it was best to keep things professional.

And because she was dating Lorenzo. So what does she know? Where is he?

Itzel says they had something going on, but that was a long time ago. And it was very brief.

Mateo tells her to stop giving him the runaround–why did Lorenzo disappear?

She swears she doesn’t know. She hasn’t seen him in a long time. What’s going on?

Mateo says it’s nothing. Sorry. He’s going to go work now.

Cranky dudes with wounded egos

Rafa complains to Amado that Manara betrayed them both. He starts babbling about how Bianco’s going to go to the press and tell people not to work with him, which I have no idea where that’s even coming from. Then he babbles about having to use all their media right now so they can screw over Ezequiel, which I understand even less.

Amado tells him to focus on taking the label from the Solars and he’ll deal with Manara. He asks Rafa for Bianco’s number.

Bianco takes the call from Amado and congratulates him.

“Don’t screw around with me. I want my sister back, and I mean Julia. She’s a minor, you know. I could have you thrown in jail.”

Bianco plays innocent–Manara’s here working on her contract. She’s the one who brought her sister along.

Amado threatens to send people over there right now unless Bianco gets him a meeting with Ezequiel. If he does that then he can “keep” Manara and Julia can have a vacation. Otherwise, Bianco’s going to be dealing with him, got it?

Bianco’s excited. He tells Candelaria to call Ezequiel. This is going to score him even more points–Ezequiel’s going to get the chance to take Rafa’s biggest ally away from him.

Isaac meets with Rafa, who still wants to continue their deal. Isaac just needs to tell Rafa everything the other side is planning so he can win the contest and once the label is his, he’ll bring Isaac back to work for him.

Impending explosion

Itzel wants to show Mateo some designs, but he’s on his way out and she’s distracted by her phone. It’s Neto calling. Lorenzo is fine, he’s being guarded by Amado’s men, but Neto thinks he understood what Neto was trying to tell him.

Neto’s going to try to convince Amado that enough is enough. He’ll use Amado’s “love” for Selva to convince him.

Itzel says it might be too late. Mateo was just there asking about Lorenzo. He knows Itzel was seeing him. He’s putting things together and he’s about to figure out the truth. Did Neto know that Amado and Rafa killed JC?

Neto takes that in and asks what Itzel thinks they should do. She doesn’t know, but this is going to explode soon.

Mateo shows up at Amado’s house. No, he’s not here to congratulate him, but congratulations anyway.

He’s here to ask for a favor. He wants Amado to help him find Lorenzo Treviño. He needs Lorenzo to tell him who killed his brother. (*facepalm*)

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