Guerra de Ídolos Wednesday 7/12/17 #46

Episode 46: Lorenzo, como carnada

Amado’s not sure he’s the right person for Mateo to be asking…is it because Lorenzo’s his cuñado? No, it’s because he’s the only person who knows Lorenzo that Mateo hasn’t asked yet. (*snort*) So can he help?

Meanwhile, in Mexico, Manara’s trying to get Mateo to answer her phone call. Candelaria interrupts to introduce the musicians who have just arrived. Bianco gave them advance copies of her songs, so they know them already and they’re ready to rehearse. Manara goes down the line, greeting each of them before taking s a call from Agustina.

Agustina is flipping out because Mateo’s there, but she has no idea why. Manara begs her to listen in and tell her.

Amado says Lorenzo’s weird. He’s been missing a lot lately. Did Mateo talk to Selva?

Mateo says she either couldn’t or wouldn’t tell him, but he doesn’t blame her after what happened with her dad.

Amado recalls that she used to date Julio César. Anyway, he’s not sure what Lorenzo can tell him about JC, but he can see Mateo’s desperate, so he’ll do what he can to help. Oh, no he can’t just call him. It’ll take a few hours.

Mateo thanks him and prepares to leave. He can see Amado’s busy. And congratulations again.

Amado thanks him for coming. He knows they haven’t gotten along before and he’s taking this as a gesture of confidence. Especially after what happened with Manara.

Uh, what happened?

Oh, Manara got a contract with Megavisa. She’s going to record that album finally. He can see Mateo didn’t know…sorry.

Oh, no worries. Mateo’s happy for her. Megavisa’s a big company. It’ll be good for her career. Is she…here, by any chance?

No, she’s in Mexico. Where the label is.

Right, he forgot. They’re so big. Anyway, she’s going to go far. She’s a great talent.

Amado says he was surprised too. She did all this behind his back and took Julia with her, but hey, it’s her life.

Mateo agrees. Every family is like its own little world. He turns down an offer of whiskey, saying he’s gotta go.

Amado assures him again he’ll let him know when he hears about Lorenzo, but it won’t be fast. It’s his first day as mayor and he’s got a busy schedule.

Mateo can see that…he says, as he eyes Amado’s glass of whiskey…he’ll wait for Amado’s word. When he has time. Thanks.

Amado hopes to see Mateo soon. He needs talented young people like him in his government.

(Whew! Well…that was a great big load of fakery, but at least nobody died?)

And then there’s these two losers

Isaac will spy for Rafa, but he didn’t want to work, he just wants to be president. Yeah, yeah, he will be. Isaac’s going to help him because he wants to see Mateo fall. Leave him to his fate for once. (Uh, you mean watch him succeed because your dead weight isn’t dragging him down? Sounds like fun! Let’s do it!)


Lorenzo remembers Ernesto telling him to play stupid, etc., and tells Vidal (aka, Elena’s killer) for the umpteenth time that he wants to talk to Amado. Well, Amado’s busy. He’ll call later.

Canseco shows up at Amado’s apologizing for being late, but he’s got to move all his people into the central police building. Amado wants him to set up an office in the mayoral building just in case of an emergency.

Also, he wants Mateo Solar watched and investigated. Canseco tells him to chill–if he came here, they’ve got pictures, plate numbers. And speaking of musicians, what’s going to happen to Neto and his girlfriend.

Amado doesn’t think she’s a threat anymore and Neto’s cooperating. But Canseco doesn’t trust him. Although, he admits he did get Lorenzo to change his attitude–he keeps asking the guys to call him.

At the ranch, Neto complains to Itzel that he gave Rafa everything and in the end Rafa just sees him as competition. Kids are kids and you have to forgive them, right? Although, he’s not Jesus so there’s only so much turning the other cheek he can handle.

Amado calls and Neto flashes the phone screen at her before answering. Amado’s curious about Lorenzo wanting to talk. Neto says he obviously got the message.

Amado warns him that if Lorenzo goes “crazy” he’s not getting another chance. Oh, no worries, Neto’s sure it’s all going to get resolved.

Neto passes on the info to Itzel–Lorenzo decided to talk to Amado. There’s nothing more Neto can do. Itzel hopes Lorenzo has decided to live. Neto hugs her while she cries.

Musical drama

Mateo heads for the memorabilia room/office so he can whine at Manara in comfort. He’s pissed he had to hear about her leaving from her brother. What else is he going to find out from other people?

Hey, she tried to call him, but he didn’t answer his phone! She wants to talk. In person. When he complains that she’s 2,000 miles away and says to just tell him, she chickens out and says the royalties are all his. She didn’t recognize Rafa as a songwriter. But he’s probably going to sue.

Mateo tells her to do whatever she wants with the songs. He has more. And better ones. He has nothing more to say and he doesn’t want to see her again, so bye!

Candelaria, with more temper than she’s ever shown, comes over to Manara and says the band is waiting for her, they cost a fortune, and she needs her to get in there and make an effort. The owner of Megavisa is coming over and he paid millions to get her out of her contract, so please, she needs him to see Manara SINGING!


Rafa brags to Raquel about how this new multimedia empire is going to kick Ezequiel’s ass. When even RAQUEL is telling you to shut up….

Diego comes in with some brilliant idea. He starts singing Va A Dolerte Mas Que A Mi, which lets him show off his actual singing chops. Rafa doesn’t get it. It’s pretty, and it should be ’cause he wrote it, but it’s not a JC song.

Well, that’s Diego’s idea. Do a tribute album to JC that’s all songs by Rafa.

Rafa likes this idea, because he’s a total tool with an ego that needs its own separate zip code. But he needs singers. He tells Diego to call Cristian, since they know each other.

After some small talk that I’m not even going to get into, Diego makes the invitation, but ooh sorry, Cristian can’t do it. He’s working with Dylan on Mateo’s album…right now, actually. They’re rehearsing. (Behold the matching Cristian and Dylan posters on the wall.) Plus, helping Rafa means going against Megavisa and they’re the ones who gave Cristian his start. Diego says Rafa’s one of the greats and it’s Cristian’s loss.

Cristian fills Dylan in on the call.

JC Records

Chalino’s listening to the Sobrinas version of No Sirve de Nada when Mateo comes into the studio. (I’m so incredibly grateful to have a soundtrack album, but I really want a Volume II with some of these alternative versions of the songs.)

Mateo lays all the recent chisme on Chalino. Selva said Itzel was dating Lorenzo, but Itzel acted like she had no clue what he was talking about, so he went to Amado and asked for help finding Lorenzo.

“Are you crazy?!”

Mateo just wants to see what he does, how many threads he’s capable of pulling. And also Amado said that Manara went to Megavisa. Which means his dad must have signed paperwork without telling him. She’s in Mexico now, recording her album. She called about the rights and he told her to do whatever.

“You GAVE her the songs? Ay, Mateo….”

And now Mateo wants Chalino to come with him somewhere, and bring Lupita.

“Lupita’s always with me.”

Casa Manara

Bianco calls Manara out of the studio and asks how she likes the band. She thinks they’re incredible.

She talked to Mateo and he says he’s letting the songs go, but she was so nervous she couldn’t talk to him about the other thing. He’s angry at her for leaving the label.

Bianco says everything’s been moving fast. They need to let things cool down.

Well, she doubts Mateo ever will. He’s already gone to Amado. Not that it got him anywhere, but she’s sure he’ll get to the truth.

Bianco tells her to connect to the music right now. Whatever else happens is out of her hands. Like he said, she’s going to have to toughen up. The band is waiting and this is that sacred time to leave all her problems aside. Ezequiel’s on his way and she’s gotta show him those millions were worth it and he made a good investment.

Manara gives him a kiss on the cheek and fusses over removing her lipstick as they laugh. Bianco says it’s going to be an incredible album. She hopes so.

Back in the booth, she sings Si Alguna Vez while remembering Mateo.

Radio station

Amado comes over with flowers for Selva and an apology. He was nervous about the elections, he was selfish, and he treated her badly. So now he’s going to spoil her. Selva seems won over.

She asks about his sisters and Amado says Manara signed with Megavisa and went to Mexico with Julia. Yep, without his permission. He’ll deal with it–it’s a sibling thing.

But the important thing right now is Selva and how she’s so perfect and he loves her…and he wants to help her with Lorenzo.

Yeah, but like he said, that’s a sibling thing.

Amado mentions Ernesto’s trip and says he wants to go help him talk to Lorenzo. He’s going to Monterrey today and hopefully he’ll be back with good news.

Casa Davis

Davis is counting and bundling up stacks of cash. She says now that Amado is mayor, Rafa’s going to need a bunch of bags like this to launder all that money. She asks how it’s going with the album.

Oh, Mateo’s working on lining up an artist that’s really going to piss off Rafa. Valentín guesses it’s Cristian, but no, if that hurt him, this one will give him a heart attack. He just wants to check on one more thing…

Mateo dials a number and Davis’ cell phone buzzes. That was the number on the back of the picture that was sent to Selva. So…are they extorting money behind his back? He’s not surprised at Davis, but he didn’t expect this from Valentín. Something strange is going on here and he doesn’t trust anyone but Chalino right now, so can they clear this up or what? Chalino and Cafre are fondling their respective guns and keeping their eyes on each other.

Davis reminds him that he had her investigating Amado, interrogating people, keeping people in her house, paying for trips to Monterrey. And she told him all that wasn’t free. Selva represents a new opportunity to make money.

Mateo scolds her for having a short memory. He wrote a corrido for her boss, produced an album for her boyfriend that’s being played everywhere, all this cash they’re counting is from one palenque? How many more are there? And didn’t charge her a thing.

She says El Diplomático is the one who decides on the prices.

So Mateo will pay, but not with them doing stuff behind his back. He’s thinking this is really about something else….

Valentín gets between them as Mateo starts taunting Davis, saying El Diplomático doesn’t exist and she’s the one doing all this threatening, kidnapping, and killing in the name of a ghost.

Valentín admits that Mateo was right–he should have told him what was going on, but it’s done now. They need to keep looking ahead. The two of them will go to Dylan and Cristian’s press conference. Davis says she’s not going.

And Mateo had better decide what he wants. If he asks the devil for favors, he’s going to pay them in hell.

Mateo snorts and tells Valentín to be careful–he’s in love with the devil.

Casa Mateo

Moisés and Celestina are looking over travel brochures. He always wanted to go to Argentina. She wants to go to Corpus Christi to that crappy hotel they used to go to when they were young and hot and broke. Hey, they’re supposed to be getting away from their problems, right?

Isaac shows up. (Does he have radar for when people are having a perfectly good time without him?) He says he’s not here to fight, he just wants to talk to his dad…alone.

Celestina says they have no more secrets, so whatever he has to say, he can say it in front of her.

OK…can he live here? Until he recovers economically? And be part of the family? He wants to change. (Uh, no. And also it’s Mateo’s house, so ask him. And no.)

Here we go again

Manara works on a more acoustic version of Si Alguna Vez in the living room area. Ezequiel arrives and listens to the end, telling Manara he made a good investment–her talent is as invaluable as her beauty.

Manara says it’s an honor to be a part of his company.

“I know.” He asks her to please continue and she and the band do another take.

At the restaurant, Bianco tells Ezequiel that JC Records accepted his offer and he’s talked to Manara’s brother. Who, by the way, wants to talk to Ezequiel. He thinks he’s trying to start gathering support to run for governor.

Ezequiel sneers that he’s a “typical muerto de hambre,” he has one thing and wants more. He’s not interested in talking to him.

Bianco explains it would be like killing Rafa. Without Amado, Rafa’s alone.

OK, then, he’ll take the meeting. Now, about that beauty–Manara’s over at the bar with Candelaria–what’s going on with her? Is she just his façade, so he doesn’t have to come out of the closet? Does he care if Ezequiel takes her to the Bahamas for the weekend?

Rancho Zabala

Rafa tells his sons he wants them both on the tribute album.

Oh, didn’t he think they were too green? Nico’s not doing it. He’s going on tour. He turns around and walks away right then.

Santi says he’ll do it, but only as a soloist. Rafa agrees to that and says Nico’s going to be sorry.

Leti comes in with Raquel. Rafa was looking for her. He sends Santi with Raquel to start putting together a press release.

And now he’d like to take advantage of this moment to apologize to Leti, “sincerely” for all their problems and arguments. And he’d like her to participate in the project.

What, so the Megavisa thing got out and no one else is desperate enough to sing with him? OK, how about she’ll do it, but he needs to tell Isaac to leave her alone and stop hitting her up for money and threatening to reveal Rafa knows what information. Otherwise, she won’t do it.

She’s really getting a kick out of this. Rafa’s all alone and he can’t stand to be under anyone. Why can’t he just accept he needs her and lower his head.

“Not to a tipeja like you!”

OK, then he shouldn’t count on her.

Rafa grabs her, asking what’s the matter, his dad’s not giving it to her good?

“Don’t talk about your father like that in front of me!”

He thinks the fame’s gone to her head. Plus all the money she’s stealing from his dad. But she sold herself for less back in Texas.

Leti calls him an “idiot” so he grabs her again. Neto catches them struggling.

Leti’s so over this shit. She’s telling all to Neto now. When he told her not to lie to him anymore, she kept lying. Lucho didn’t just introduce her to Rafa, she slept with him.

Rafa tries to interrupt and Neto tells him to shut up and let her talk.

Leti’s sorry. She was desperate and she thought he’d leave her. She didn’t want to lose him.

“Tell him you used him!” Rafa screams

She admits she saw Neto as an opportunity she’d been looking for for a long time, but then she fell in love with him and that’s everything he needs to know. The good thing about this is Rafa has nothing left to blackmail her with, so…good luck with the album.

She walks out and Rafa starts to go after her but Neto says he’d better stay here and think of a way to convince Neto not to chase him out of here with gunfire.


Amado visits the shack. Is Lorenzo ready to play?

Yep, Neto convinced him he’d been impulsive. He was jealous because Amado was going out with Selva. But he wants to get along now.

Yeah, it’s not going to be that easy. Amado’s going to let him out, for Selva’s sake. He wants to start a family with her. So he needs to see some deeds. He needs Lorenzo to get Mateo away from him. He’s a public figure and Amado doesn’t want a scandal. Lorenzo tossed Mateo at him, now he’s gotta get him off Amado’s back or nothing else matters. And he doesn’t just mean Mateo, he means Lorenzo and Itzel too.

At the press conference, Gilda reminisces about how Dylan and Cristian used to be singing all the time, rehearsing constantly. She’s really proud of Dylan.

And, um, Dad told her about Manara.

“Oh, that’s nice. He didn’t say anything to me.”

She shows him the pictures of Manara in Mexico so he won’t find out from someone else.

Mateo tells her he went to ask Amado to help him find Lorenzo–he’s the one who told her about Manara. He just wanted to take Amado’s measure. Selva came to see him behind Amado’s back and told him Itzel was dating Lorenzo. But then when he asked Itzel, she lied about it. He just doesn’t know how long she’s been lying.

Itzel takes a phone call from Lorenzo. She’s happy to hear from him. He says he might be able to see her tomorrow, but he needs her to set up a meeting with Mateo. He’ll explain later, but it’s important, will she help? Itzel agrees.

Rancho Zabala

In the bedroom, Leti packs. Yes, she was sleeping with the both of them, but only at the beginning. Then things changed. Because Neto made her a better person…but she can’t stay under the same roof as Rafa after this. She assures him she’s only taking what she brought with her.

Neto stops her. Lately, he’s learned that no one is perfect, not even him. And he thinks you can’t judge a relationship by how it started, but by how it’s going. So…he’d rather make use of that suitcase and go to the beach. Let things cool off. He tells her to go calm down and have a shower and they’ll go. Life is short. He’ll take care of Rafa, she just needs to listen to him.

He takes a call from Itzel. Lorenzo just called and told her to set up a meeting with Mateo. Neto tells her to do what Lorenzo says and do it now.

But the last time Lorenzo got in touch with Mateo he told him about his brother and Mateo’s been investigating since then.

Neto’s sure Amado wants Lorenzo to distract Mateo. He just won and he can’t have the scandal, so…do what he’s asking and do it now.

Press conference

Itzel pulls Mateo aside and says Lorenzo just called and he wants to meet him.

Really? He just called? Yeah, that would be great. How nice that he showed up again, huh?

Stepping up the game

Bianco brings Manara over to their table and tells Ezequiel there’s something he thinks it’s time for him to know. They’re not just united by professional admiration. Because Ezequiel is Bianco’s padrino he wants to make this official for him before anyone else knows. It’s serious between him and Manara.

And then he kisses her, for effect. And doesn’t stop until Ezequiel very loudly clears his through. Ez proclaims them a beautiful couple and says Bianco waited a long time and he chose well. He excuses himself to take a call from Anahí and asks them to prepare to sing something for him, in private, a duet would be best.

Bianco apologizes–it was the only way to keep Ezequiel from asking her to go to the Bahamas with him. Ezequiel likes her, so it’s best to put an end to it quickly before he tries anything…unless she wants to go out with him?

Manara grabs his hand and says no way! She doesn’t want to be with anyone right now, but much less him! Good, because Bianco wouldn’t recommend it. He’s rich and possessive and he can’t accept anyone rejecting him. “I’ll keep that in mind.” But hey, Bianco knows how she is.

Yep, and now he also knows she’s a good kisser. They laugh. He suggests she go on and start getting ready to sing the song…she knows which one. He makes a face after she leaves. Kind of a “Hm, she really IS a good kisser” face? Or maybe it’s “Hey, this fake marriage thing doesn’t seem so bad.”

JC Records

Mateo tells Chalino that Itzel set up a meeting with Lorenzo. Funny how he showed up again after Mateo talked to Amado. Well, Chalino figures Amado’s got more power now. Mateo needs Chalino to do something for him.

Rancho Zabala

Rafa finds Santi at the corral and asks if he’s seen his grandpa. Yeah, he went with Leti to the beach. Did something happen?

Rafa ignores the question and says he’ll see him later, to rehearse. He gets a call from Isaac and snaps at him not to ask Leti for money again! It’s causing problems with his family!

Yeah, yeah, they’ll deal with that, but right now he’s humiliating himself with his family to get Rafa info. He’ll send Rafa a list of all the artists that are confirmed for Mateo’s event.

Rafa’s seen some of them.

Well, Isaac’s sure this will be a surprise–Nicolas is on the list.


Outside a restaurant, Lorenzo sits in a car with Ramon and Vidal. Ramon reminds him that Amado controls the city now. Lorenzo assures them they won’t have any problems from him. In that case, he’d better get in there and start straightening out the boss’ problems.

Lorenzo goes into the restaurant to meet Itzel.

Amado gets home and tells Selva that he saw Lorenzo and he’ll be by to see her later. Selva’s so grateful she snogs him in the foyer.

Itzel tells Lorenzo that ever since he sent Mateo that information with his driver, Mateo’s been looking for him everywhere. He’s close to finding out the truth. She tried to put him off, but it didn’t work. So now what?

Lorenzo says he’ll have to get him away from Amado, because if this blows up they’re also on the line.

Chalino arrives. He’s here to represent Mateo.

Mexico City

Manara opens the curtains and the sliding door to wake up Julia. Julia grumbles that it’s too early! She’s making up for all the rest she couldn’t get in London. She thinks it did her good to tell Manara what happened.

Manara’s sure it was the best thing she could do.

And the best thing Manara could do was bring her here and get her away from everything! She feels so much calmer. She’s wondering…what’s up with Bianco? Does Manara like him? Because he seems to like her….

“Can’t you think of anything else?!”

Hey, she thought Manara and Mateo could have a stronger relationship but if that’s not going to happen, Bianco’s a good candidate. He’s very cute.

Manara says that it’s a long story for another day. And she’s going to have a long day today, so she needs to go for a run and stop thinking.

“About Bianco or Mateo?” What? She’s got a poster of the guy staring at her.

Manara walks right past Mateo in the lobby. He’s been waiting for her. There are pictures of her at this hotel all over the Internet. So, what did she want to tell him?

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