Guerra de Ídolos Thursday 7/13/17 #47

Episode 47: Encuentro sorpresa en México

Manara doesn’t think the lobby is the best place for their talk. “Why? Because no one’s here to take your pictures?” Hey, she’s famous now. Bianco’s “woman.”

No, she wants a quiet place where he can listen to her.

“This is quiet. Look, there’s a sofa.”

Manara says she’s serious and leads him out of the lobby.

She takes him to one of the bars that’s not open until the evening, saying it’s OK for them to be there because Bianco owns the bar. Mateo scoffs–Bianco’s hotel, Bianco’s vieja. Things are going well for her.

She’d explain about Bianco, but right now there’s something more important. He refuses her suggestion to sit down. Manara says she feels like she’s been carrying a bomb around that’s about to explode and hurt a lot of people.

Mateo tells her to just do it already. Or is it going to screw him over more than he’s already screwed?

As if he knows where the conversation is going, he says it’s been over a year since they killed Julio. The problem with people is they forget things. They forget everything–even the dead. But Mateo doesn’t. He can’t get Julio out of his head. He thinks about him every day. There’s not a single night he doesn’t see him in that hallway, lying on the filthy carpet full of blood.

And he doesn’t buy the Victoria story. She was a fan. She was “crazy,” but she wasn’t a killer.

“So go ahead, tell me about Amado.”

Manara says it’s a good thing he came here. Amado’s been pulling strings because he’s the one who killed Julio César. He did it because of Selva. Gabriel and Amado planned it together.

He wants to know how long she’s known and how many times she slept with him knowing this.

You, sir, are no Mateo

Chalino knows they weren’t expecting him, but he’s authorized by Mateo to hear whatever it was Lorenzo was going to tell him about JC’s death. He introduces himself as Rosalino. Itzel knows him.

Um, no. Lorenzo wants to talk to Mateo, not his messenger.

Well, Lorenzo sent his driver to talk to Mateo last time, so….

Itzel tries to smooth things over–Mateo must have thought Lorenzo wouldn’t come after he looked all over for him. She knows Chalino. Lorenzo can trust him.

OK, well, he’s just gotten back from a long trip where he’s been kind of hard to reach. He transports metals from Michoacan to China. He inherited Carmelo from his dad, so to speak, and Carmelo came to Mateo with this fake rumor because he and Lorenzo had a fight over money. They’re in the arms trade.

Chalino tells him to stop with the stupid stories. Does he or doesn’t he know who killed JC?

Nope. Carmelo just wanted Mateo and Lorenzo fighting. He also said Mateo burned down the publishing house. Lorenzo never believed him, though. This has all been a misunderstanding. He’d like Chalino to tell Mateo that he wants to apologize in person.

Chalino agrees to tell him, says goodbye to Itzel, and splits.

Lorenzo doesn’t think he bought it. Itzel agrees, but Lorenzo’s going to have to stick to this story. Carmelo’s dead and the dead don’t talk. They’ll have to keep making excuses, at least until Mateo finds out the truth…and he’s close.

Lorenzo asks if she’s going to let him go up against Amado. He’ll kill Mateo.

She’s sorry about that, but it’s not her fight. She has to think about her sons…and Lorenzo. She won’t let anything happen to them.

Rancho Zabala

Isaac insists, Nicolas is on the list and he’s confirmed. So, is Rafa just gonna take it?

Rafa doesn’t think it’s true. Mateo’s probably messing with him, but thanks anyway. He mutters about that effin’ kid and goes looking for him.

Nico’s playing in the rehearsal casita and Rafa starts screaming at him, asking what’s this he hears about him recording on Mateo’s album. Was the tour a lie?

No, he’s going on tour with Sebastián Yatra AND he’s recording a song on Mateo’s tribute album.

Rafa pulls that brand new custom-made guitar out of his hands and starts smashing it on the floor. Nico takes it better than I would–he tells him to go right ahead, it was Rafa’s money that paid for it.

“Why are you doing this to me?!”

Nico doesn’t know what he means. Cristian asked him to do it, it’s a big opportunity for him.

Rafa says he’s THIS CLOSE to breaking his face to teach him some respect.

Yeah, well, Nico’s not. Because he’s not going to waste his time on someone who means nothing to him. He doesn’t respect Rafa. He doesn’t admire him. And the thing he hates the most is the way Rafa treats his mom. Does he need more reasons than that to understand why he’d record on the album of his “enemy”?

Casa Matamoros

Agustina is wrapping the baby up when Amado comes by with Petra and has her take the baby out for a walk.

Then he starts choking Agustina and demanding that she tell him what Manara said before she left or he’ll send her far away from her son. (OK, first off, you made that threat already. And second, I really hate it when the bad guys want something, but they make it physically impossible to do.)

Agustina eventually manages to convey that yes, she’ll tell Amado what he wants to know.

When he gets his hand off her throat she says Manara and Julia wanted her to go with them, but she wouldn’t go. She doesn’t want to go against him, she just wants to stay with her son and be close to Amado. She doesn’t want money or anything else, but to be allowed to live and care for her son. She’ll do whatever he asks her to do.

Whatever he asks? Amado gets that speculative, happy look on his face that doesn’t bode well.

Explanations get us nowhere

I hate scenes like this where it’s words, words, words, and nobody’s changing anybody’s minds. Anyway….

Amado told Manara when he knew she had feelings for Mateo, to poison her. He didn’t want them together, he wanted her with Rafa, so he would support Amado. She’s known for a long time. She didn’t tell him because she wanted to save him. He would have gone after Amado and gotten killed and she was trying to prevent a massacre. It wasn’t the time….

He assumes she’s talking about her career and calls her a selfish child.

Manara insists her career isn’t just for her. She had to get Julia out. Does he know what it’s like to live for ten years with a psychopath. She wants him to know that she was never with anyone else–she was faithful to her feelings for him.

She can dress it up however she wants, but she’s just like her brother. She knew about this, she was his accomplice. She helped him become mayor.

Manara insists she had her reasons, just like he has his reasons to hate her. She just hopes one day he figures out what weighs more–how much he hates her now or the love he felt once.

Is she telling him that all this stuff with Rafa and the pushing him away and keeping the horror to herself was just for Julia?! (Excuse me, person who has repeatedly said JC was your whole life, you wanna dial that back a bit?)

Manara says Julia’s everything she has. And yes she did do it for herself. She’d always dreamed of being a singer.

Mateo applauds sarcastically and says she’s got it. She’s got her contract, and now what? He’s supposed to forgive her?

Manara wishes he could see things as they are, but he can’t imagine someone looking him in the eyes and saying they loved him while knowing who had killed his brother.

Manara tries to explain that she was locked up, threatened…and killing Julio César isn’t even the worst thing Amado did. Can he imagine living with someone like that?

Mateo wants to know what else he’s done.

Julia’s looking at pictures of Nico on her tablet…with the band…and I’m assuming that’s Sabrina. Cande comes in looking for Manara, but as far as Julia knows she’s exercising.

Hey, so is she not with Rafa’s son anymore? Julia stares. Oh, she manages press stuff, so she knows all the gossip. Is it true Julia has a thing with him?

Had. He’s with someone else now.

Well, Cande knows the best therapy–shopping.

Julia agrees and goes to get dressed. Cande calls Bianco. The concierge said Manara went into the bar with someone–she’s sure it was Mateo. Bianco asks her to keep Julia distracted and he’ll take care of Manara.

Manara tells Mateo that Amado killed Gabriel. If only his brother hadn’t screwed around with Selva!

Mateo growls at her that she’d better not be putting any of this on JC!

No, she’s not saying anything justifies what happened to him, but he wouldn’t be the first person who ever got killed for something like that. But Gilda hadn’t done anything. Amado had her stabbed to keep Manara quiet.

And Mateo, predictably, says he’s going to kill Amado.

“What for? To ruin your life?!” She’s telling him this so they can do something.

Exactly–he has to kill him. He has to pay!

Manara points out that if he tries to shoot Amado, he’ll only get himself killed. They have to do this legally. She asks him to tell her what he wants her to do.

Mateo doesn’t know who’s worse–her brother the killer or Manara the manipulator. She insists she’s trying to help him, but Mateo goes off about how she “helped” Amado become mayor. So, what laws? He IS the law! Doesn’t she see that? (Um, she’s known that from day one and she’s been trying to explain that to you for the last ten minutes.)

Now he accuses her of doing all this just to get Mateo to kill Amado for her. Again, she insists that she’s been waiting for this moment when they could confront him legally. Does he think he’s the only victim here? They need to find someone to help them, to build a case.

Mateo tells her to shut up. He’s not interested. She can keep her crappy career and Bianco and her [bleeped] life. She’s right where she wanted to be and she dragged everyone along with her that she could.

Manara begs him to promise he won’t do anything stupid.

Mateo refuses–he doesn’t owe her anything. Did Rafa have something to do with this?

She doesn’t know. But she’s sure he knows about it.

In that case, Mateo asks her to do one thing for him–don’t tell anyone she told him. Can she do right by him for once?!

He doesn’t wait for her answer, just goes stomping out angrily while she’s trying to choke out a “yes.”

Rancho Z

Nico’s got his bag packed and he’s leaving the ranch for a while. He tells Neto he’s going to work on a new song, his tour…he needs to get away. He’ll let his mom know he’s leaving, but Neto needs to put Rafa in his place. If not, then Nico will. He’s not a kid anymore and he’s tired of everyone looking at him like he’s an “idiot.”

In a bit of product placement, I suspect, Nico’s car reads him a text from Sabrina saying she’s waiting for him. He tells the car he doesn’t want to respond.

Neto heads for the rehearsal casita, where Rafa’s sitting on the couch playing his guitar with the smashed remains of Nico’s all over the floor like it’s no big deal.

Neto thought after what he did with Leti, Rafa would leave, but nope, here he is. And what’s this? *indicating smashed guitar*

Rafa ignores the question. He says he’s here because he wanted to talk to Neto to his face about Leti. What she said was true and he didn’t tell Neto because she asked him not to and now she’s playing the victim.

Neto doesn’t think there are any victims here. He knew where Leti came from. He knew she needed someone to help her make a name for herself. He took advantage of her, wanting to feel young and less alone.

Rafa clings to the “she used you” story, hoping to get a reaction, but Neto says he’s forgiven her. HER, not Rafa. Rafa didn’t keep it quiet because she asked him to, he did it because he wanted to feel superior to Neto.

Rafa says that’s just it. Neto’s not superior anymore. His moment is gone and now it’s Rafa’s moment. (Rafa totally copied that facial expression off a toddler.)

Neto says it’s Rafa’s SADDEST moment. His failure on the album is a sign that he’s alone. He has no support from other artists or his family.

“Artists aren’t with me because they’re jealous of me!” (That’s so pathetic I can’t even laugh…much….) He says Neto’s taking advantage and trying to look good in front of the kids and his ex, but he knows there’s a wolf behind the sheep skin.

Neto says there’s no wolf and no sheep. He’s trying to rebuild things, put them in order. He tells Rafa he has cancer. He’s dying.

Rafa’s eyes start to water, but then he laughs and says it’s not true.

Neto wishes it were a lie. Now Rafa’s seriously crying. Neto wishes he could go back to when he was Rafa’s age and value what he had. He hopes Rafa doesn’t realize it too late and end up like Neto. He leaves Rafa sobbing alone in the rehearsal casita.

Back in town

Amado talks to some reporters about mayor stuff. I kind of tuned him out. It’s not like he’s being specific about anything. Talking “reorganizing the cultural team” and bringing Fran Canseco on as the new chief of police is about as concrete as it gets.

The point is, Lorenzo’s watching on his tablet and shaking his head. Ramon comes to the door to tell him the boss will be there soon to take him to the radio station.

When Amado arrives, he wants to talk first. He’s not sure it isn’t a mistake to let Lorenzo live. But he loves Selva, he wants a family with her, and he has to respect that Lorenzo’s her brother. In time he hopes he’ll see that Lorenzo’s on his side. But like he said before, he’s being watched closely, so Lorenzo had better behave himself and do everything Amado asks.

Selva’s in her office, complaining about having a headache and asking her assistant to bring her some of her usual pills. The new ones are making it worse. Um…these ARE the usual ones. Selva thinks it’s weird, but ok…she’ll just have some tea, then.

Amado comes in with Lorenzo and leaves them “alone” since they probably have a lot to talk about. There’s a mic mounted under the table. Selva’s happy to see Lorenzo, but before they get comfortable she hands him the envelope with the picture of Carmelo in it and asks if Lorenzo killed him.

He swears he had nothing to do with it, but after what Carmelo did, he sure would have liked to.

Selva doesn’t understand him–Carmelo was her driver for a long time. Lorenzo reminds her that he was also a killer for their dad and he betrayed Lorenzo.

Well now Selva needs to know who killed him and who’s extorting money from her.

Lorenzo’s surprised to hear that. She explains they want money in exchange for telling her about this and about other things they say are going on behind her back. But she didn’t pay them.

He asks if she’s talked to anyone else about it and Selva admits she told Mateo because he’s the one who told her Carmelo had been killed. She didn’t tell Amado–he’s been so busy with the campaign. She doesn’t know what to do or who to believe.

Lorenzo says he’s there to support her and from now on if anyone else gets in touch with her about this, she should tell him directly. He’s sorry he pushed her away and treated her badly. He loves her.


Mateo calls Chalino while he’s in the booth recording Valentín’s version of Si Me Dejes Te Dejo. He’s on his way back to LA and he wants a meeting with Davis, alone. When he hears that Chalino’s with Val now, he says he’ll call her–but he doesn’t want Val or anyone else to know! Can Chalino keep him there until tonight? Chalino says he’ll try, but what happened?

“Nothing, but it’s going to.”

He calls Davis and she snarks that if he’s looking for Valentín, he’s off recording at “YOUR” label. Mateo says he needs to talk to her alone–without Val knowing. Can he trust her?

The show must go on

Manara gets back to the house, apologizing for being late, but something came up. It won’t happen again!

She gets a scolding from…I think he’s the sound engineer? He says he’s gonna say the same thing Cande did–those guys charge by the hour, they’ve been waiting a long time for her, and it’s easy enough for them to stick around and do nothing while they charge, but it’s up to her.

Manara swears she’s ready so he asks her to give him five minutes. And then she takes a phone call.

She apologizes for not returning Agustina’s missed calls yet, but Mateo showed up. Agustina asks if she told him everything and Manara freezes, remember what Mateo asked her. She snaps out of it and says she couldn’t tell him.

Agustina doesn’t believe her. Manara says she didn’t dare. They started talking about the songs and Mateo got so angry she’s sure he never wants to see her again. She mentions Julia’s out shopping and she needs to catch Agustina up on what happened in London, but for now she’ll say that Julia can’t be left alone.

The engineer says they’re ready and Manara hurries to hang up the phone. She’ll call later.

Agustina calls Amado to tell him that Mateo went to see Manara in Mexico.

Manara’s in the booth trying to record En Plena Oscuridad, but she’s so off her game…she starts sobbing and Bianco tells everyone to give them a minute.

He heard she had a visitor. He’s assuming she told Mateo everything and assures her she did the right thing, but Manara lies. She says she couldn’t tell Mateo–she’s a coward.

He tells her not to punish herself. Just forget it. Use all this pain to sing better. Manara swears she can’t sing. Well, Bianco wishes he’d suffered like this when he was recording his first album. She should use it, let people feel, let them cry with her voice. Just finish the song and it’ll be incredible.

New Place

Nico gets to…Sabrina’s? Wherever this is, she tells him there’s plenty of room for him and the band too if he wants. They could rehearse here and everything.

Casa Matamoros

Lorenzo thought Amado’s sisters would be here for dinner. Oh, didn’t Selva tell him? Julia went with Manara to Mexico because Manara signed a contract with Megavisa. She’s going to be recording an album.

Lorenzo supposes they recognized her talent. Selva agrees, she’s very talented. But she can’t help thinking this is revenge against Rafa for leaving the label. She knows Ezequiel and he doesn’t like people leaving him. Rafa’s made an enemy for life.

Still, Lorenzo thinks it’s impressive how quickly Manara’s achieving success.

Selva says the music industry has changed. Now you sell songs, not albums. And all of Manara’s songs have been hits. You need social media and videos….

Amado says she took advantage of her opportunities just like he did. (Oh, I’m sorry, did we forget to talk about you for an entire minute there?)

Speaking of taking advantages of opportunities, Amado changes the subject to asking formally for Selva’s hand, since her dad’s not here (BECAUSE YOU KILLED HIM, YOU CREEP!). Would Lorenzo do the honor?

Lorenzo’s mouth says “of course” but his face says “Whatever.” They toast. And snog. (*barf*)

Casa Davis

Chalino tells Davis Mateo’s on his way. She doesn’t understand why all the mystery. And Valentín called to say he has to record all night–she thinks this is Chalino covering for Mateo. She asks Cafre’s opinion.

With all due respect, he doesn’t think this is what Davis is hoping. (I admire a villain who doesn’t feel the need to kill off a perfectly good hench just for saying something she might not want to hear. It shows character.)

As soon as Mateo walks in, he says he wants to talk to her alone and she has Cafre take the other guys out with him. Mateo gets right to the point: Amado killed his brother. Manara told him. And he was also responsible for Gilda getting stabbed. He wants Amado dead. Now. He wants that bullet she owes him in Amado’s head.

Uh, that’s not exactly going to be a walk in the park. He’s a new mayor. It would be a huge mess.

So, do it. He’s got all the cops and judges on his side. Mateo needs someone bigger than him–that’s El Diplomático. He owes Mateo a bullet and Mateo wants that bullet in Amado’s head.

OK, then she’ll call and find out what El Diplomático wants in return.

What? He did the song in exchange for the favor.

Davis insists this isn’t about music or propaganda, this is killing. The deeper Mateo gets into this, the harder it is to get out. (Dude, when DAVIS is warning you….)

Mateo doesn’t care about getting out, he just wants Amado dead. Does she not understand that?

Yes, she does, and he needs to think smart and calm down.

Mateo says he wants her to kill Amado and keep this between them.

She assures him nobody’s going to find out. But what about Rafa? Did he have something to do with it?

Mateo admits that’s only a suspicion right now.

In that case, Davis suggests he use him. Get Rafa to deliver Amado to him.

Uh, Mateo can’t be nice to him. He’ll know something’s wrong. He knows Mateo can’t stand him.

Well, if he wants to catch Amado with his pants down, Rafa’s the doorway. Mateo knows how to treat musicians–use his ego, his insecurities, get into his circle, be his friend. Then give them the scoop and they’ll do the dirty work.

Mateo agrees.

Rancho Zabala

When Itzel gets home, Rafa’s having dinner alone and he asks her to come over. She heard about his fight with Nicolas and she wants him to know that Nico has her support. She’s going to make sure he doesn’t want for anything.

That’s not what he wanted to talk to her about. He wanted to ask her if she knows his dad has cancer.


Rafa can’t believe Neto told her first! Who else knows?

What does he care? Is he worried about Neto’s health or the press finding out?

Rafa asks if he doesn’t have a lot of time or what?

Itzel doesn’t know. She knows by the time they caught it, it was already advanced. She hopes this gets Rafa to change his mind, realize his mistakes–the worst one being becoming Matamoros’ partner. If he keeps going this way, his days are numbered. (And also, he shouldn’t avoid getting a colonoscopy when his doctor recommends it.)

Gilded cage

Neto visits Lorenzo’s. He notices that Lorenzo’s still got guards on him. Yeah, Lorenzo says it’s just for a while. He’s working on fixing his relationship with Amado.

He offers Neto a drink and then insists he take one…so he can slip him a piece of paper.

Well, Neto’s glad things are getting better between Lorenzo and Amado. Yes, and Lorenzo’s grateful to Neto for opening his eyes.

Neto’s just glad he can do something to help his friend’s kids. Lorenzo’s dad always said puppies open their eyes after three days, but “idiots” never do.


Selva’s looking down the stairs at Petra sweeping and something about that angle makes me nervous. Amado left for the day already. Petra offers to make Selva breakfast, but ugh, she can’t even stand the thought of food. She asks Petra to bring her up a té digestivo (tea for her digestion).

Agustina comes up behind her, asking if she’s not feeling well. Selva says she’s just been throwing up lately and having headaches. Agustina wonders if she couldn’t be pregnant.


Julia can’t understand why it’s so difficult for Manara to explain why she left Mateo even though she loves him so much. There’s a knock at the door and Julia thinks it’s Candelaria again…but it’s Amado. “If Mohammed won’t come to the mountain….” He says he’s here to celebrate with them. Manara thinks that’s quite a coincidence.

JC Records

Rafa’s fussing with the vending machine. He can’t get it to give him a “Dilly Soda”. Mateo comes up and asks if he missed the meeting or what? Rafa doesn’t know–he just got here. But he’s glad to see Mateo here showing his face.

He says he always shows his face. Does Rafa? Mateo kicks the vending machine so it coughs up the soda Rafa paid for. Rafa whines about Mateo taking everything from him. His artists, his son, everything! Doing everything behind his back!

Mateo says he gets goosebumps every time someone says that. It makes him think of Julio César, shot in the back.

Rafa mockingly says he’ll find another way to describe his lack of loyalty and cowardly games.

Hm, the thing with games is, everything comes out eventually. Before he can tell Rafa what he means, Gilda comes out of the board room and says they’re waiting. Someone wants to see them both.

Moisés is in the board room with the lawyer, Belinda, and JC Jr. Before they talk about albums or presidential stuff, he wants to ask Rafa something…he asked Belinda to come here and bring his grandson. He wants Rafa to see him, to decide in front of him.

“Decide what?”

Well, this is Rafa’s big opportunity. His moment to show whether it’s true that he loved the father of this baby…or if he was using him the entire time.

Mateo can hardly keep the smirk off his face. Gilda’s doing a slightly better job.

Moisés asks if Rafa’s ready to show the truth….

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