La Mujer del Vendaval Thursday 2/16/17 #67


Linda’s dropping the charges, and she says so not ten feet from a police officer who doesn’t seem to care that her dad’s telling her she’ll do and say what he tells her to do if she doesn’t want a beating. He repeats his threats and hauls her into the office while the members of Team Roman look concerned.

Roman tells Amadeo how relieved he is now that he knows he didn’t hurt Linda. He’s a little iffy on whether he’s still in love with her or not, but there were definitely some feels when he saw her again. He can’t wait to get out of here and he’s actually happy to hear that Alessandro sent them a badass lawyer.

Roman meets with the lawyer and Emiliano and boy is he happy to see that lawyer now! Vélez asks Roman to explain what happened in his own words. So he starts with the theft–he only took his salary that Nabor refused to pay him. And as for the rape, he wasn’t sure because he’d been drinking and he couldn’t remember, but Linda just told him that he didn’t do anything.

The problem is, she just verified her charges and said he did rape her.

Roman’s furious. She just told him he didn’t do anything and she said she was going to tell the truth. She even encouraged him to tell them about his wages and defend himself. Well, something must have made her change her mind. No…someone. He knows Nabor hates him.

The lawyer asks him to stick to the truth and Roman repeats that he only took his wages and he didn’t hurt Linda. OK, then, it’s time to go tell that to the judge.

In the Ministerio Publico’s office, Linda sobs while he and Nabor shake hands and gloat about Roman getting thrown in prison for the rest of his life. The MP barely even raises his eyebrows at Linda sobbing “Please” while Nabor yanks her out of her chair. The secretary outside is shooting eye daggers at Nabor.

In the lobby, Ilse stops them and begs them to forgive Roman. This is all her fault because she didn’t give him the affection he needed. She’s willing to pay back the money he took. Nabor gets all indignant about how they can’t repay what he did to Linda and all he wants is for that guy to get locked up for the rest of his life. Ilse begs him to have mercy and put himself in her place. He tells her to put herself in his–she wants to protect her son and he wants to protect his daughter.

He walks off without Linda and Amadeo grabs her and pulls her aside, demanding to know why she didn’t tell the truth. Linda tells him to ask Roman to forgive her, but she can’t help him. Nabor comes back to drag her off again.

Ilse starts sobbing and Amadeo tells her not to cry. They’ll figure something out.

Roman’s testifying now. Emiliano and Amadeo agree that Linda went back on what she told Roman because she’s scared of her dad.


Alba gets off the bus, happy to be back in the SBP.

Alba heads for the panadería, but Penelope’s behind the counter. She tells her Amadeo left yesterday and hasn’t been back. Roman got arrested and Amadeo hasn’t been able to get him released.

Alba gets back to the hacienda and happily greets Marcela and her mom. She tells her mom she quit. Long story. Anyway, is it true Roman got arrested? Marcela says Amadeo, his mom, and Emiliano are all out there trying to help him, plus Al sent a criminal lawyer. Alba thinks she needs to go support Amadeo the way he’s always supported her.


Luciano whines to Valeria about what went on at the ranch.

Luciano’s still trying to talk Valeria into going to New York with him. Silvana will be busy at the ranch and she’ll never even think of him. Valeria agrees to go–as soon as Emiliano gets back. I did not need to see their weird mouth smushing.

Don’t make me go!

Lencho tries to think of a way to get out of this trip with Octavia, but he’s drawing a blank. He’s even considering telling Timo that Octavia’s coming on to him, but when Timo comes home whining about people being a bunch of hypocrites, he can’t do it. And then Timo says Lencho’s the one person who’s good and pure and he wants to reward him…by letting him go on this trip.

Lencho begs Timo to punish him by not letting him go. He doesn’t want to leave! Timo says it’s time for his little piglet to become a pig. To leave the paternal home and become a man.

Did Timo do that? No, but he read a lot. He mentions Kaliman and Lencho asks if he means the comic books? Hey, it doesn’t matter where truth comes from, you just have to follow it.

And that sainted woman is opening the doors of the world for him so he can lift up the names of the residents of San Bartolo. When a woman like that grabs you and pulls you to her breast, it’s practically a sin to reject it. Lencho’s gotta go out into the world and eat it up.

Octavia shows up to do the grabbing and Lencho gives his dad a desperate look.

Octavia’s all set to go, but Lencho hasn’t packed. She’s not worried about clothes–they’ll give him an entire makeover. Timo says he’ll be following in his footsteps. Uh…with a different designer. Lencho goes up to pack his personal items, then.

That gives Timo another chance to hit on Octavia. She removes his hand from her knee and reminds him he needs to be on top of the harvest at El Vendaval and prevent anything from getting to the buyers. No worries–he’ll make sure the lovebirds end up broke.

Lencho still can’t get hold of Maria Laura. She followed her dad to the bank. She’s surprised to hear Octavia wants to take him to the city, but she says it’s his own fault. He might as well accept the invitation. Lencho begs her to come throw a tantrum or tell his dad they’re getting married tomorrow so he won’t let him go.

First off, she’s not even in San Bartolo. And second, she is NEVER going to marry him. He should consider himself lucky someone wants to show him another world–maybe he’ll finally learn something. And lastly, she’s so not into fighting for him. What for?

Just to confirm, Lencho asks if this means she doesn’t like him at all. She says he was just a stepping stone for her. A way to get to something better…like Alessandro. Now HIM she’d fight for.

She angrily hangs up on him and watches Severo walking out of the bank and counting some money. He completely misses the big blue truck as he answers his phone and tells Maria Laura he had an emergency come up…oh, yeah, he’ll meet her tomorrow for sure.

Octavia’s getting impatient waiting for Lencho. Timo’s ramblings are interrupted by a phone call from Valeria. She tells her about Luciano’s visit and how Alessandro kicked him off the ranch. She knows Octavia was trying to prevent the wedding, but she didn’t reckon on Al’s love.

Lencho gives an impromptu concert to Maria Laura’s calendars. He starts ripping them up and weeping. He insists he loves her…loved her…ok, he’s done with the love!

Octavia moves away from a hovering Timo and tells Valeria she still has an ace up her sleeve. But for now, she’s leaving San Bartolo. If Valeria’s that interested in Alessandro, she’d better get a move on.

Lencho comes downstairs with just his guitar. Timo makes a big deal of saying goodbye to Octavia, but she turns her face so he only gets her cheek. Then it’s time for a rambling goodbye to Lencho and his blessing and even more talk.

Toscana and surrounding areas

Nuria visits her doctor (not sure which specialty) and sure enough, she can’t have kids. Oh, not because of the cancer–that didn’t touch her reproductive organs. This is something that she already knew about before she married Cristian and her doctor won’t lie for her.

Nuria doesn’t want Cris to know she lied to him. The doctor has no sympathy for her. And if she says it’s because of the cancer, Cristian’s just going to want more opinions and the doctor will end up looking like an ethic-less hack.

She tries to explain that Cristian will leave her if he thinks she’s lied to him and he wants to have a baby because his heart and his mind have wandered away from her. The doctor thinks that’s very noble of him, but he’s still not going to lie.

Cristian’s doubtless thinking about Alba when Nuria walks in. Their outfits are color coordinated. She tells him she went to the doctor and they need to run some tests before they start planning a family. Cristian wants to think positive, but Nuria doesn’t want him to get his hopes up until they get the results back.

Nuria and Cristian make dinner plans. He jokes about having so much to do because there’s no one in charge at the hotel…and then he gets the call from Sandra that Octavia’s on her way back.

El V

Al and Mateo and a couple of other guys are getting everything ready for delivery. Marcela calls to tell him Alba came home and she wants to go catch up to Amadeo. Marcela doesn’t want her to go alone. Alessandro says he’ll take her. He tells Mateo that Alba’s back, but he doesn’t know what happened with her job.

Alba’s unpacking. Marcela comes to tell her all three of them are going to find Amadeo together. Neither of them can believe that Roman is guilty, and they feel bad for Amadeo. He’s looked after Roman like a father, even though Roman’s the older brother.

While they wait for Al, Marcela wants to know what happened at the hotel. Alba says she fell in love.

Alba tells Marcela about the whole Cristian, Nuria, email mixup. She still has no idea who was sending those emails.

Alba explains how she wasn’t entirely wrong about Cristian also feeling things for her…but he’s married. She assures Marcela that he kept his distance and was completely respectful. He just never mentioned her because she was in the US getting treatment for cancer.

Alba tells her about the Nuria drama and Marcela’s ready to hate on her, but Alba says she understands. And what if she’d come back a month later and Cristian hadn’t been able to resist and–Marcela tells her to quit “What if?” -ing and put her feet back on the ground. She’s sure Alba will find another love.

Hey, Alessandro knows lots of people…. Oh, no Alba wants some alone time! And what has she missed around here? Marcela hardly knows where to start.

Love nest

Nisa catches Camilo up on the ranch gossip and she realizes he already knew about Marcela’s illness. Yeah, but he loved her. Nisa says he was blind too…they’re all blind until love opens their eyes. She giggles at how deep that was. Camilo is less impressed…plus she keeps grabbing him and hurting him.

Nisa has a sofa and some tchotchkes brought in for Camilo’s apartment. He hardly knows what to say. She’s definitely thinking “thank you” and then she has a whole list of pet names he can choose from. She thinks he’s looking better. Camilo says it’s his new love. And then he mentions going to El Vendaval.

ML vs. Sev

Maria Laura follows Sev back to July’s.

When Severo leaves, ML follows him on foot.

As soon as ML figures Severo’s gone far enough away, she comes back to July’s and climbs in a conveniently open window. She finds Sev’s wallet first and steals all his cash. And then she finds the necklace in a brown paper bag. She’s just stuffed it into her purse (at least keep it in the paper bag!) when Severo comes home from his shopping trip with a bottle of wine and calls out for July.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Um, I know my knowledge of cancer treatments isn’t the most up to date, but since Nuria’s wearing wigs and scarves I assumed that meant she’d had chemo and I thought that generally caused sterility. What am I missing? Also am I a bad person that I don’t mind her wanting to blame it on the cancer? I actually think it’s a pretty good idea, I mean what difference does it make now what caused it?