La Mujer del Vendaval Friday 2/17/17 #68

Ladrón que roba a ladrón

By the time Sev gets into July’s room, Maria Laura has already gone out the window. He finds his empty wallet and the empty paper bag.

Maria Laura strolls casually through the plaza imagining her guest appearance on Laura, talking about the success of her calendar and entertaining offers from Luis Miguel, a European prince, and a hotelier. And then there’s the telenovela, the album, the nude photos in a very exclusive magazine called (I kid you not) Playpuppies. Oh, Laura thinks she’s daydreaming….

ML’s ringing phone interrupts her daydream. Did Sev just realize he was missing something? Hm? He insists he was going to hand it over. Yeah, right! She’s as smart as he is and she needs that necklace more than he does. He whines about how much more they could get for the necklace if they sold it.

Oh, please, she knows he wouldn’t give her a cut, just like he’s never given her anything before, and he certainly didn’t give her any of what he got from Marcela’s mom. So she took a little cash to buy some things she needs.

But…but…she doesn’t even have contacts, or know how much that necklace is worth! “A lot. That’s why I’m giving it back to its owner.” She wishes him luck in New York, but he says he’s sticking around. He needs to watch some things fall. Yeah, he’d better not mean her or they’re going down together. He should watch his back, because there are people in this town who don’t like him much. Byeeeeee!

She checks on the necklace and says this is her way to get to Alessandro. Now her daydream is about sex with him. She just has to figure out what’s the best thing for her to do. (Put that damn necklace in a bag so you don’t break it or get your chewing gum all over it.)


Camilo says he needs Marcela to pay him his severance. Which is the same word for “kill me.” Liquidar. Nisa opts for the more dramatic meaning. He whines about not wanting to be a kept man. Nisa’s not sure he’s ready to go.

Is she sure it’s not because she’s embarrassed to be dating a…. “Campesino?” Nope. But her dad would be. Her mom would get over it. Al would have a heart attack He thinks it’s best to hurry it up, then. Nisa convinces him to wait until Maria Laura’s back so she’ll at least have an ally. She’s out tracking down the necklace.

El Vendaval

Guess what?! Conchita Pimentel has agreed to organize the wedding! Yeah, I don’t know who she is either. Silvana says she’s the greatest wedding organizer in the world. She’s exclusive and it’s not just because of how much it costs to hire her.

OK, so now Alba also knows who Roman and Amadeo’s mom is, and that Camilo didn’t really run off with her. And that he pulled a bunch of stuff–and Alba doesn’t think he’s done yet. And that Al’s parents found out about her illness. And that they restructured the hacienda’s debt and they have to comply with the terms or they’re sunk, but all the crops are in and sold thanks to Alessandro. Marcela can’t even imagine being debt-free after all these years.

Silvana comes in with her happy news. They don’t know who Conchita is either.

Alessandro, Marcela, and Alba are ready to leave. Silvana’s worried that Conchita isn’t going to take it well that they’re not here, but Marcela tells her to just welcome her as if it’s her house and they’ll be back early. Mateo tries to convince Marcela not to go, but Alessandro says once a Morales woman gets an idea in her head…. Oh, Mateo knows, they’re stubborn as mules. Sagrario elbows him in the ribs for that and for a second it’s like the whole “strictly business” thing went out the window.


Timo misses Lencho and Octavia. He tells Eulogio she took him off to the city to turn him into the next Luis Miguel. Eulogio thinks that will take a miracle. He has a hard time walking that back.

Timo decides he needs feminine consolation. Could Eulogio perhaps convince July to come back to him temporarily? Eulogio: “Guau.”

Yeah, Eulogio can’t do anything about July. He thinks Timo should go to the capital because of Roman. Uh, why? Oh, right…because Roman might tell everyone about them ordering him to poison the water at El Vendaval.


Octavia’s going on about all the shopping they’re going to do, like that’s supposed to interest Lencho. Mauro snipes at him from the back seat of the van and tells Octavia she’s going to have a lot of work to do “educating” him. Yeah, well, she did it for Mauro, didn’t she? Lencho just sits there looking uncomfortable.


Roman’s back in his cell. He says he told the truth, but it didn’t look like they believed him. He’s just leaving it in God’s hands. Amadeo’s not content with that, especially not after Linda basically told him the truth outside and told him to tell Roman to forgive her. Roman says he has.


Luciano gets back to the hotel and tells Cristian that Al kicked him out. Can you believe it?! All he tried to do was tell Alessandro it’s “crazy” to tie himself to a blind woman. And now they’re running the risk of HIS grandchildren having this terrible disease! Assuming he has any grandchildren. (I hope Luciano ends up alone and poor. I wish I could think up something worse, but that would probably be the worst for him.)

Cris advocates for respecting Alessandro’s decision. Luciano rants. Then he tells Cris to call a shareholders meeting to see what kind of support he can get for buying Alessandro out.

When Octavia gets to her office, her assistant quite reasonably wants to get to some actual WORK, but Octavia’s busy telling her to put Lencho in her suite and running roughshod over Mauro, threatening to fire him if he doesn’t stop questioning her.

Luciano insists he wants this meeting called, and yes, Cristian can do it without Silvana here, because it’s just informal. Cristian reminds him he’s going to need to give them a reason why he wants to buy the shares…. Luciano tells him to just call the meeting. (So, if I were a shareholder, and someone called a meeting just to ask me if I’d support them in buying some shares that they want because they’re an entitled jackass, I’d be kind of pissed off I actually came to a MEETING for then when he could have called or sent an email.)

After accepting Luciano’s praise for being the one employee who still takes orders from him like he should, Cris calls Alessandro first. Heh.

Nora and Inés both show Lencho to Octavia’s suite and watch him checking stuff out. As he’s stocking up on the hotel toiletries to take back home with him and singing into the hand-held showerhead like a microphone, Nora tells Inés that this is Octavia’s latest “toy.”

Cristian’s assistant can’t get Alessandro on the phone and he’s not at the hacienda. He tells her to keep trying.

Field trip

While Al, et al, are heading out, they meet Valeria’s taxi coming the opposite way on this one-lane dirt road. She’s just so worried about her friend and Emiliano’s not answering his phone…. They invite her along with them.

Al drops Marcela, Alba, and Valeria off at the jail while he looks for someplace to park the SUV. Cristian’s call finally gets through so he can tell Al what his dad’s nefarious plans are. Al tells him to do what Luciano asked and not get in his way. He’s still got his mom and his sister’s support. I don’t know what Cris means about “But it could still be very uncomfortable for you” but Al’s not worried about that.

Cris tries to convince him to talk to his dad, but…um, no. And Cris had better be prepared to come to The Wedding That’s Happening Whether Anyone Likes It Or Not. Cris brings up Marcela’s illness an the fact that Alessandro hadn’t said anything to him yet. Yeah, well, it was difficult for him to accept, that it could get in the way of a lot of things, and that a future by her side might have a lot of dark spots. But he thinks if you can’t love the dark spots, you don’t know how to love.

Cristian’s impressed. He’s like a whole new Al. Alessandro says that’s all down to Marcela. And he knows Cristian’s like him–one of those guys who would never abandon his wife no matter what. Cristian looks guilty. He wishes Alessandro good luck and says he’ll be there for the wedding.


Inés finds Mauro at the roof bar having a drink and asks how his trip went. “I survived.” He wishes he’d never gone, and now that he’s back, he’s not so sure he wants to be back. No, it’s not about the guy Octavia brought with her–he hopes Lencho takes advantage of everything he can. Seriously.

Inés suggests that while Octavia’s otherwise occupied, he could find someone else.

No. He doesn’t want to. What he wants is a different way to relate to life and love. And he thinks he found the woman he’s been looking for–if she’s willing to give him another chance.

Inés has been waiting so long to hear Mauro say these things, but…she’s already been fired once and she has a son to support. She can’t risk that no matter what she feels for him. She doesn’t want him to get himself fired either. And she can’t let Luisito get attached to him.

Mauro just wants to know one thing–does Luisito like him? Yes, but Inés isn’t going to put him through another loss like his father leaving. She’ll give him another chance AFTER he breaks up with Octavia. When she’s no longer a shadow over their lives and she’s not ordering him around. But for now…just colleagues.

Alone in Octavia’s suite, Lencho checks out her collection of booze and helps himself to some fruit. (It does seem a little odd to me that she gets a room like this IN the hotel as opposed to being at some attached property that’s employees only so they’re not really losing a room they could be getting money for when the hotel is full.)

Octavia tells Cristian she’s Damiana’s heir, according to Alessandro. (Because?)

Cris remembers Alessandro ceding a small fortune to Damiana in property, jewelry, bank accounts. The problem is, Octavia doesn’t know Damiana’s lawyers and she ignored all their calls. She’s finally ready to do what her daughter wanted, if Cristian can put her in contact with her lawyers.


When Marcela, Alba, and Valeria get inside, Emiliano and Ilse are just waiting for the judge’s ruling. He explains what they think is going on with Linda’s father. Marcela and Alba insist they have to do something. Alba goes down to the cafeteria to find Amadeo.

Nabor takes Linda back home and locks her in her room. He threatens her not to do anything stupid, or else. She sobs that Roman didn’t do anything and now he’s going to jail and it’s all Nabor’s fault. “That’s not my problem.” (Wow, running neck and neck with Luciano for Father of the Year, this one.) He’s locking her in her room until this is over.

Emiliano goes on to explain that the theft was just Roman trying to get his wages and the rape never happened, but they think Nabor is manipulating Linda. She told Roman nothing happened, but she told the judge it did. They’re just hoping that somebody changes their mind. Valeria takes Ilse to get something to eat.

Marcela’s glad Emiliano is here supporting Roman, even though he barely knows him. Emiliano tells her Roman was there for him when he first got to San Bartolo. This is the least he can do.

And how’s it going with the in-laws? She tells him Luciano found out about her illness, tried to use it as an excuse for them not to get married, and Al kicked him off the ranch. Emi approves. Someone has to put a stop to that guy. Marcela’s worried about him carrying out his threats to kick Alessandro out of the Toscana. Emiliano tells her to trust in Alessandro–if he’s doing this it’s because he loves her. She shouldn’t let anyone take away her happiness, especially when Alessandro’s risking everything for her.

Al comes in and sees Emiliano holding Marcela’s hands in his.

In the cafeteria, Amadeo and Alba have coffee and pastries. Amadeo’s frustrated that Linda didn’t tell the truth. He knows Roman has made mistakes, but he doesn’t deserve this. He apologizes for crying, but Alba tells him to let it out.

Marcela agrees all she’s going to think about is Alessandro. She thanks him for his support…and supporting her aunt, even if she won’t press charges on that creep. Al finally wanders over and Marcela says she told Emiliano what’s been going on. Emi says there’s no need for Al to explain his dad. He’s glad they’re friends and he hopes their friendship lasts forever. He’s decided to stay in San Bartolo.

Alessandro says he wants to ask him for a favor–can he recommend a specialist to evaluate Marcela’s condition? Actually, Emiliano can do it.

Valeria took Ilse to a restaurant so she could get something more than a sandwich. She assures Ilse she’s there for her for as long as she needs, but she thought bubbles that she’ll be here as long as SHE needs to get to Alessandro.

Amadeo finally gets embarrassed about crying in front of Alba. He didn’t want to do it in front of his mom or his brother–they need him to be strong. Alba says he is.

Amadeo changes the subject to Alba and finds out she quit the hotel. He gets angry, thinking Cris must have done something. Alba says that wasn’t it–she needed to stop getting her hopes up over a guy she shouldn’t love.

Alba says she thought she and Cristian had a connection. And she thought he was the one sending those emails. She got her hopes up and now she feels stupid. She doesn’t know who sent them. Amadeo says the important thing is she realizes Cristian isn’t for her and she’s home again.

Alba hopes he can forget about her and be happy in his marriage.


Yep, he’s married.

Amadeo’s angry–he told her so! Alba says she’s the one who misinterpreted everything. All she wants now is to forget him and forget she ever worked at the Toscana. Amadeo grabs her hands for a second and says he’ll help her forget. And he’d like to take piano lessons again…or start really, since he never actually took one.

Vélez has news and it’s not good. They’re transferring Roman to prison. Ilse faints.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Thanks Diva
Well Sagrario doesn’t deserve a kid like Maria Laura but Severo sure does. I dislike both of them less when they’re causing problems for each other.

If Camilo goes to the ranch the person who’s going to liquidate him with Marcela’s shotgun is Alessandro