Guerra de Ídolos Monday 7/17/17 #49

Episode 49: La sangre llama

Davis wants to warn Valentín about the inauguration, but Mateo doesn’t want him involved.

Does he really think someone who steals an apple isn’t as much of a thief as someone who robs a bank? If Mateo wants to lie to him, then they might as well lie about everything. Mateo tells her not to start.

Rancho Zabala

Santiago’s singing in the rehearsal casita. Rafa calls for a break. He starts asking about the girl Santi was dating, but he says he only went out with Lucía a few times. He’s been thinking more about the person he dated before her.

Rafa, completely missing his pronoun play, says women are like that–first they’re an inspiration, then a problem. And whose are all these new instruments? They look expensive.

Oh, that was Nico doing retail therapy while Julia was away.

Rafa’s glad he’s keeping his distance from her.

Santiago changes the subject completely, asking about Rafa’s business with Amado. Rafa claims it’s all about the music, Amado’s very populist.

And the album? After what happened with Megavisa, nobody wants to sing with him.

Rafa says he’s thinking of doing something totally different from what Mateo’s doing. Acoustic. It’s going to be acoustic and he’ll call it “Rafa al natural” (Uh, “Naked Rafa”? Pass.) just him with guitars and Diego doing some beats. And when Nico sees how Santiago’s growing he’s going to be so jealous. Assuming Santi’s in?

Santiago says he’ll do it. (But seriously, nobody hears the words coming out of Rafa’s mouth lately and just wants to ask WTF he’s talking about?)

The other Zabala

Nico’s rehearsing Traicionera with Sebastián Yatra and Sabrina. He asks when the tour’s starting and Sebastián’s kind of vague about “a few weeks.” What he does know, unfortunately, is that they’re starting in New Jersey, then going to Orlando, then Mexico City.

Ya se armó. Sabrina’s all cranky about the Mexico City date, even though Nico says it doesn’t matter to him. He explains to Sebastián that Julia’s in Mexico City and Sabrina’s just being “funny.” They get back to playing.

Mexico City

Julia asks why Manara and Amado are always fighting and Manara says they just don’t have good chemistry. Julia feels like she’s the problem–she’s the one in between them, even more now that Manara’s in Mexico City. Maybe she needs to spend time with both of them until they fix their problems.

Manara says she’s not leaving and there’s nothing to fix. She’s going to go to school and Manara will work on becoming her legal guardian until she’s of age. She wants Julia to be happy. Doesn’t Julia want that?


Amado talks to the governor of CA about meeting his family. He gets off the phone and scoffs to Vidal and his driver that the governor was talking to him in Spanish–what a convenenciero (opportunist). He tells Vidal to call Canseco–he wants a meeting in LA when he arrives.

In the meantime he pops in his earbuds to listen to Selva saying she’s pregnant with his baby, doesn’t want to have it, and doesn’t want to marry him. He immediately calls Lorenzo and tells him to fix this.

Uh, he’ll try? But it’s pretty personal. Amado threatens to kill Itzel, aka “Your girlfriend who pretends to know nothing but knows more than both of us put together.”

In that case, give him time and he’ll let him know. He hangs up quickly when Selva approaches and when she asks who that was, says “a gangster.” She doesn’t appreciate the humor. And the way he hangs up every time she comes near him reminds her of their dad. Lorenzo walks her into her office so they can talk, while the ever-present Alexis spies on them. (When does he ever get any work done?)

Casa Davis

Mateo looks over some paperwork and agrees to write a couple of songs for El Diplomático, but it’s going to take a couple of weeks. He reminds Davis that Valentín can’t have anything to do with killing Matamoros–he has to just get on stage, sing, and go.

Davis advises him to fight with Valentín if he goes to the event. If he does that, security will give him information that he can pass on to them.

When Mateo leaves, she asks Cafre what that look’s for.

Well, he’s not cardboard! He’s angry seeing the way Davis has to beg Mateo. She says it’s on purpose–so his rejection will make her angry, so she can lie like she has to and betray him like she has to.

Mexico City

Manara records En Plena Oscuridad and then comes out of the booth after. Bianco says she’s going to have to keep going, but Manara assures him she can.

She just wants his help with something. She wants Julia to stay with her and Amado’s already come by to put pressure on them. Julia’s upset now.

Bianco thinks maybe it’s time she tells Julia about Amado. She’s not as young as Manara thinks and she deserves to know. And of course, he can find a school for her, but has she thought about what’s going to happen when she’s on tour?

She has, actually, and she wants Julia to open for her. Bianco’s intrigued by the idea and says they can try, but it’s up to Anahí to decide and right now she’s angry at them. Julia has to be ready for an audition with her–Anahí won’t tolerate a mistake.

JC Records Lounge

Básico and Valentín are wondering why Mateo’s friends with Amado all of the sudden. Why are they going to his inauguration?

Mateo says the issue with them was Amado’s sister and now that she doesn’t want him, well, he needs artists for his event. It’s going to be good exposure for them, good money. It’s a business decision. And now he’s in this fight with Rafa for the presidency and hasn’t everyone been telling him he has to think with his head and not his…uh, feet?

The Sobrinas arrive and Mateo explains he wants them to do a song with Valentín and Básico for a big event. Hey, if he’s producing, they accept, says the taller one.

Casa Mateo

Isaac comes downstairs, ready to go out. He stops to say goodbye to his nephew and Belinda notices he’s wearing JC’s cologne. Isaac insists it’s the other way around–JC used HIS cologne. Little brothers always copy their older brothers. Cologne. Clothes. Women.

Belinda’s not buying that one–JC always went out with Mateo.

Ah, but Isaac’s the one who saw Belinda at a concert and pointed her out to JC. Didn’t he ever tell her? (1. Is this even true? 2. If it is, how is this a good story? 3. Why is Belinda smiling at him?)

Anyway, has she seen his keys? He jokingly picks up Junior’s toy keys before grabbing the real ones and complaining that his dad cut him off and he has to “reinvent” himself. Since he has nothing to do, they could take Junior to the beach or something.

Belinda would like that, but she can’t. She’s meeting with her lawyer about the trust for Junior. (WHY ARE YOU TELLING HIM THIS?!) So she’s celebrating her birthday AND the trust.

Isaac says he’s happy for her and Junior, but I swear that’s code for “I’m going to figure out a way to get my hands on that money.”

So much despecho

Manara gets back to hotel after a day of recording and starts calling for Julia. It’s Candelaria who pops out of the bathroom…closet?…and says she sent Julia to the gym to work off some of her despecho (heartbrokenness, pain of being rejected). She was talking about Nicolas all night.

She shows Manara the pictures of Sabrina, who’s allegedly his new girlfriend. They do the traditional “She’s not even that pretty.” that’s somehow supposed to be a comfort, but really just keeps upholding the patriarchy.

Now, on to important things–Manara’s throat hurts and she sounds a little hoarse. Cande says she’ll have them send up some tea with lemon and honey and cinnamon. She’s gotta be at 100% tomorrow and they’re recording early. She says they’re going to start out with Fuego Cruzado.

Yeah, Manara knows it. Cande leaves to let her study and get some rest.

Manara remembers Mateo taking her to the house in Houston. It must have been recently, because there are cardboard boxes and plastic-wrapped furniture.

She flashes back further to the night she was singing Fuego Cruzado from the plaque at the party.

In the more recent flashback, Mateo starts snogging her, avoiding the work they’re supposed to be doing. They end up on top of the pool table.

In the present, Manara cries.

The Sobrinas and Básico try to get Mateo to come with them for a drink, but he says he has to stay behind and work. Valentín says to leave him, he has to kick Rafa’s ass with his album. Mateo agrees, telling them to drink a few for him.

In the lounge, the taller Sobrina finds him drinking alone. She says she forgot her purse, but seems more interested in what’s going on with Mateo. He says it’s nothing. It’ll pass.

Maybe this is forward of her, but she thinks she knows how he feels. She knows all of his songs…. Mateo laughs–if she knew how many of them were lies! It’s all just math. Exaggerate and it sells.

She doesn’t think he lies. She thinks his songs are hits because he feels them, not because he lies.

She tries to entice him into going out with her and the others, guaranteeing it will be one of the best nights of his life. Or at least one of the best nights of hers. Instead they have sex on the stage.

Afterwards, she says she wants Mateo to produce her album…but just her. She assures him she’ll be up to it. Doesn’t he believe her? She even prepared a surprise for him. She starts singing Si Me Dejes Te Dejo.

Julia gets back to the room and notices Manara’s been crying. She welcomes her to the “club.” Nico’s left her on “Bitter St.” and she can see Mateo’s done the same to Manara. She can tell Manara misses him. OK, she chose to put her career first, but she can’t hide what she’s feeling.

Manara says she has to control her feelings and make music her great love.

Julia’s like “Dude, that’s cheesy.” And it’s not that easy.

Manara thinks it depends on the person. But never mind that–they’re here together, at the biggest label in Mexico. All the doors are open to them–that’s what’s important.

Julia reminds her she’s the one with the contract.

True, but she asked Bianco to let Julia open her concerts and she’s gotten her an audition. Can she imagine? Interviews, radio, TV…it’s a big opportunity. Julia agrees, and she’d love to, but she doesn’t think she’s ready. She’s not a professional. She doesn’t have a repertoire.

Manara says they can deal with a repertoire later and she can become a professional. Everyone starts out at the bottom. They’ve always sung together (uh, at least until the show started?) and Julia’s a great dancer. She can sing the one Julia showed her, the one she wrote. It’s up to her–Julia can either advance or stagnate. Is she ready to look ahead?

Julia nods, but she doesn’t seem certain to me.

Casa Matamoros

Amado arrives as Selva and Lorenzo are finishing dinner. She’s sorry they didn’t wait for him, but she was so hungry…. Amado says it’s ok, he had a meeting that ran late. Selva practically runs from the table, saying she’s tired and going to bed. She’ll see Amado upstairs later.

This leaves Lorenzo to defend himself to Amado. Hey, he heard the recording–Lorenzo’s trying to convince her, but she insists she’s not having the baby. (So…did Amado intend to confirm that there’s a bug in her office?)

Amado says if Lorenzo wants to earn his trust, he’s going to have to make more of an effort.

Hey, Lorenzo can resolve the Mateo thing, but this is more personal. He’s worried about Selva. She seems to not be doing well.

Amado tells him not to worry about her. He’ll take care of her. He loves her–and Lorenzo still being alive is proof of that. He kicks him out.

Agustina approaches and says she knows how to convince Selva to have the bay. Selva trusts her. All he has to do is stop threatening to take José away from her and let her stay with him. She promises she won’t cause any problems for him.

Amado swigs from a bottle of booze while he looks down at José in his crib. He thinks José looks like him. (I think he looks like Agustina.) And who else could he look like? He never met his dad and he only saw his mom dead in the morgue.

Agustina tries to encourage him to go to his own room before Selva starts looking for him. Meh, Drunk!Amado doesn’t care. He doesn’t want to see Selva. He can’t understand how she doesn’t want to have his demon spawn!

Agustina patiently explains that Selva thinks he’s hiding things.

Drunk!Amado ignores her and says when he was Selva’s bodyguard, he promised himself he’d have her and he did it. And sure, what she has is useful, but he loves her.

Agustina knows this is going to sound strange, but Selva’s a great woman.

Hey, Agustina knows he loves her too, right? It’s why he lets her stay here with her son. Because deep down he wants to be close to her.

So does this mean he accepts her proposal?

Of course. He wants her to get Selva to want to marry him and have his babies and he’ll let her stay here with her son, but she knows his condition–she always has to do what he wants, what he needs. And she knows what he needs…. (Apparently right now, sex with someone who can’t say “no” to him without putting her life in danger.)

When Amado gets back to his own room, I swear he’s limping. He goes into the bathroom and Selva’s eyes pop open.

Casa Mateo

Gilda and Dylan come downstairs joking about him spending the night. They say good morning to Belinda and lean over Junior’s crib so Dylan can sing him a little song about how his uncle the reggaetonero is only around when his ogre of a grandpa is away. Gilda tells him not to talk about her dad like that.

Well, Belinda thinks it’s too bad her dad and her mom aren’t here to celebrate her birthday with her. Yes, she told Gilda, but Gilda must have been busy working or something. And it’s a double celebration, because the trust for Junior is ready. Gilda’s glad and she wants to organize Belinda’s party. Dylan says he’ll help.

When Belinda goes upstairs to give the baby a bath, he asks about the trust and Gilda explains that they took Megavisa’s fee for Manara and put it in an account for the baby. It’s a huge amount. Her dad did good. Dylan agrees, her dad’s great…with everyone but him.

And then he brings up wanting to start a family and Gilda and I are both giving him the side eye.

“With a woman who can’t have kids.”

Hey, with kids, without, the love he has for her is enough. (Oh. OK.) He already feels like he’s part of her family. Mateo’s his producer and his friend. And he wants to protect her.

Gilda gets the giggles as Mateo wanders in and says it’s no fair he’s working all night and they’re here romancing. Gilda tells him to shut up. He was working all night with his “new singer.”

Mateo assures them that viejas are not on his list of priorities right now. He’s after justice. Gilda doesn’t like the sound of that. Mateo says he just means he’s going to beat Rafa and keep the label. It’s poetic justice.

Mexico City

Manara sings Si Alguna Vez with the band as Anahí arrives with Bianco. (That bugs me about this setup–what if you’re getting a really good take and someone just comes tromping in?) She wraps up her take and goes over to talk with them.

Anahí asks if she knows about the plan. For the media. For their fake relationship. Bianco explains he and Anahí have been working on it. It’s going to go in phases–first the rumors, then the paparazzi, then they’ll deny it in interviews, then finally they’ll accept it.

And all this is supposed to happen during the tour?

Bianco says it’s going to be good publicity for her and he’s going to work on a new album as well.

“And then the wedding,” Anahí pipes up. Unless by then there’s been time enough for Manara to succeed on her own merits. Also, they’ve talked about Julia and Anahí wants to see her. She’s going on a trip and she wants to audition her once she gets back. That should give them time to train her. If she doesn’t like her, she won’t sign her just because she’s Manara’s sister. “Welcome to the company,” she says, with something approaching a genuine smile.

Coming to the table

Alexis and Canseco go over the VIP invitations list for Amado’s inauguration concert. Canseco hates this–there are too many people in one place and that’s dangerous.

Amado insists his campaign promised dances and artists, so they’ve gotta.

With only one confirmed? And look at which one. Alexis starts to suggest an artist from Tijuana, but Rafa swoops in and says HE lines up the artists. Amado dismisses the other two to talk to Rafa alone. As they wander out, Rafa’s muttering under his breath.

Amado can’t believe he asked Valentín to sing at his inauguration. How desperate is he to get one of Mateo’s singers?!

Rafa says he wanted raza and Valentín is in vogue right now.

Yes, but he and his cousin are friends with Mateo. They helped him at the shootout with Treviño. Does Rafa want them to shoot Amado?! Or does he want Amado to shoot him? What is going on with Rafa and Mateo? (Somebody’s jealous….)

Rafa looks nervous. He says he’s not trying to deceive Amado. Maybe Ezequiel’s putting ideas in his head, because Rafa always supported him.

Amado reminds Rafa he doesn’t need a pretext in order to fire him. Why is he getting entangled with Mateo?

Rafa insists he’s been “managing” Mateo since his brother died….

Um, maybe Mateo’s the one who’s been managing him. He knows the truth and wants revenge. He even came over to the house asking about Lorenzo. And he went to see Manara in Mexico.

Rafa thinks the obvious answer is that Manara’s the one who told him about JC. She’s known for a long time. Amado doesn’t see any logic to her doing that, but Rafa reminds him she’s going to do anything she can for her career.

No, Amado doesn’t buy that.

Rafa doesn’t get it. Wasn’t he just talking about Manara needing a “corrective”? Who understands him?

Yeah, but Rafa and Mateo are sharing the same “pain” now. Bianco got the girl, so they’re compadres.

Um, no, they’re nothing.

Amado wants a meeting to clear it up, in that case. With Mateo, Selva, and Lorenzo.

Oh, no, Rafa’s not sitting down with Lorenzo!

“I’m the mayor. I make the decisions!” (Spoken like a toddler.) It’s Rafa’s job to deal with concerts and artists or maybe he should get Alexis to do it. Or Megavisa. They’ve already made Amado an offer–their support in exchange for Rafa’s head. He hands over his phone and tells Rafa to call Mateo and tell him Amado wants to see him, face to face, to see if he has to kill him or not.

Mateo’s at his house, holding Junior, talking about needing to fill him up with love and leave him free so he doesn’t have to deal with revenge. Chalino suggests if he wants to care for this baby’s spirit, maybe he shouldn’t talk about vengeance? When Mateo’s phone starts buzzing, he takes the baby and coos to him about how he used to change his uncle and his daddy’s stinky diapers. (He’s a Renaissance man, that Chalino.)

Rafa’s calling on Amado’s phone to invite Mateo to come talk about the inauguration event. Mateo’s annoyed–his one condition for helping Rafa was that Rafa would take all the credit. Rafa says Amado finds out everything, so…he can bring whoever he wants with him. Rafa will send the address.

Mateo tells Chalino about the meeting and Chalino doesn’t think he should go. Belinda comes back downstairs and they hand off the baby, saying they’ll see her tonight at the party.

Outside, Mateo says if El Diplomático’s going to do the dirty work, he can at least get him some intel.

Isaac is driving up and Mateo considers telling him the truth about what happened to Gilda, so he doesn’t keep thinking it’s his fault. Chalino suggests someone wanted him to think that, so he’d feel bad.

When Isaac gets out of his car, Mateo says he went too far telling their parents about Gilda. He’s sorry. Isaac suggests they deal with it tonight over mezcal.

As Mateo and Chalino are driving away, Isaac calls out to him that he did go too far. “I know! I owe you one!” Chalino calls out that Isaac’s looking good.

Selva’s putting on her makeup when Agustina comes in to bring her some tea for her nausea. Selva’s soooo grateful. She really needed it.

Agustina asks if she’s told Amado about the baby yet. Selva says she’s just had too much on her mind…too many things to do…like, look at this! Lorenzo’s saying they have a meeting with Amado and he didn’t even tell her!

Selva calls Lorenzo on her way downstairs and complains to him that Amado scheduled a meeting with Mateo and didn’t tell her. Lorenzo says he doesn’t know what this meeting is about either. No, he can’t come pick her up, he’s got things to do. He’ll meet her there.

At his apartment, Lorenzo answers the door. Ramon says they’re waiting for him.

At Amado’s office, he complains that Selva called him and didn’t understand what was going on. So what is it this time? Amado makes a big deal of needing Lorenzo to talk to someone he knows, blah blah blah. It’s Rafa.

Rafa smarms about whether he’s supposed to thank Lorenzo for helping his “wife” with the trial.

Yes, he should. Now what do they want?

Amado blah blah’s about taking power and needing to cleanse his environment or whatever bullcrap. So he wants Lorenzo to tell them what Itzel said about them. (Because things weren’t already junior high enough.)

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