Guerra de Ídolos Tuesday 7/18/17 #50

Episode 50: Los hilos del poder

Lorenzo says Itzel didn’t tell him anything about Amado. And she didn’t have to tell him anything about Rafa, ’cause he can see it for himself–he likes to hit women. “Also imbeciles,” Rafa helpfully adds.

What could Itzel have possibly told him, Lorenzo wonders. And as for what he told her, he gave her legal advice.

Amado’s more than happy to let it go. Rafa’s his collaborator, he’s in charge of artists, concerts, and propaganda. And Lorenzo’s going to stop seeing his “wife” so they don’t complicate things.

Lorenzo says he’s already not seeing her. And he’s dong what Amado asks because Amado’s family, but Rafa’s nothing to him. And also, Rafa needs to quit asking for Lorenzo’s respect if Lorenzo doesn’t have his.

Mexico City

Julia sings No Perdamos Tiempo while dancing in Manara’s studio space. It looks way too small for that and I’m nervous about something getting knocked over. But it also looks like Julia’s struggling to keep her movements small.

Afterwards, she says that was tiring and asks Bianco, Cande, and Manara if they liked it. It’s her song and her choreography. And it’s hard to dance and sing at the same time!

Bianco laughs. He says she has talent, but before she does this for Anahí she’s going to need more practice. He has nothing to say about the dancing, but as far as the singing she needs to work on her breathing.

Julia agrees, it’s hard to do both at the same time and she’s really more about the dancing. Manara volunteers to get her ready, but Bianco says he’s hiring teachers just for Julia–Manara needs to focus on the album. They’re running out of time. Manara looks annoyed, but her phone’s buzzing so she excuses herself to take the call.

It’s Agustina calling to tell her that Mateo’s going to a meeting with Selva, Lorenzo, and Amado. Yes, she’s sure. She knows Manara doesn’t trust her since she told Amado about Mateo’s visit, but she begs Manara not to make her feel like she’s alone in this.

Manara tells her to chill. Agustina can count on her. Now how’s Selva’s pregnancy going?

OK…Amado found out about it. That’s why she’s calling on this phone. If Manara needs to call back, she should use this number.

“Don’t be so paranoid.”

Uh, it’s not paranoia when the creep you live with controls the police. He’s got ears everywhere. Agustina’s just glad Manara’s away from there and hasn’t told Mateo anything. If they want peace, they have to do what Amado says.

Manara thanks her for calling and sends kisses to José.

JC Records

Cristian’s recording Cuando Te Veo for Mateo. There’s some discussion about whether Megavisa’s going to be OK with this and Cristian seems convinced there won’t be a problem, but his explanations–that they’re all upset about Rafa and he’s thinking of telling the press this version is in honor of JC and the re-release will make more money–don’t really explain.

He’s ready to go eat, Mateo teases him about his attempt to grow a beard and reminds him about the party tonight…and then he gets stuck in the studio taking a phone call from Selva.

She’s surprised that he’s doing Amado’s inauguration. She had no idea they were in business together. Did Mateo tell Amado what they talked about?

Mateo says he didn’t really have time. He also couldn’t find out anything about the number on the back of the photo. As for them doing business together…it’s because of Rafa. Rafa’s his partner so he has to.

Lorenzo’s going to be there too? She doesn’t understand that.

Neither does Mateo. After Lorenzo cleared up the thing with Carmelo, Mateo thinks it’s best they leave things alone between their families and just do business, ok?

Sure, OK. She’ll be waiting for them at the station. (So disappointing that now that Selva’s actually realizing something’s wrong all the guys are like “Nope, don’t know what you’re talking about….”)

When Mateo gets off the phone, Chalino says he doesn’t think Selva had anything to do with what happened to JC.

Well, screw her. If she hadn’t thrown a tantrum, Julio would still be here. Screw her and Matamoros and all of them.

As they’re trying to leave, his cell phone buzzes again and he tells Chalino to hold on, he’s obviously very popular today.

This time it’s Manara, calling about the same meeting. Mateo asks if she kept her promise or not.

Manara assures him no one knows what they talked about. She told them all they talked about the songs. Why doesn’t he believe her?

Mateo says he played his cards, now he’s going to go find out if she’s telling the truth or not. If he doesn’t call back it means her brother shot him.

Candelaria comes over to whisper to Manara that the musicians are waiting for her (again) and waves her hand at her neck like “cut it off already!” Mateo tells her to just go work–what he does doesn’t matter to her.

Radio station

Selva reviews some paperwork with Alexis before Rafa, Lorenzo, and Amado start pouring in. Alexis is producing the concert and handling the invite list. They’re still waiting on Fran. Mateo arrives and shakes some hands.

Amado heard he wants to help with the event. Mateo says he’s been thinking about what Amado told him when he came over looking for Lorenzo. That he needed people for his inauguration. So here he is. His and Rafa’s label is growing and any opportunity is a good one for them. Rafa prompts him to share his plans for the entertainment.

Mateo says he’s got Valentín and his cousin lined up with a couple of women. They’re new, but it should be a good show. Mateo and Rafa both basically repeat this information, for no real reason, other than to add all the names? Valentín, Básico, Lila, Gisela.

Amado asks Selva’s opinion, as the organizer. She says it sounds like just what he promised–a party and popular music. And there’s no better producer for that than Mateo.

Fran finally shows up and they go through introductions again. He’s handling security, Alexis is production, Lorenzo’s doing the financial stuff. Lorenzo adds “legal” to that. And now that they’re all here, Amado’s gotta go…and so does everyone but Alexis, Fran, and Selva. So what was the point of this meeting again?

Rafa walks out with Amado, saying he doesn’t think Mateo knows. He’s so impulsive, he would have done something. He mentions that he’s set up a studio at his house for his acoustic album. It’s the only way he thinks he can assure a win.

Amado says he’d better win–he wants to combine the radio station and the label so he’s got the ability to both promote himself and defend himself in case anyone tries to talk smack about him. (I believe that’s called “telling the truth” in your case.)

Rafa says Amado’s got his full support. Good, and if Mateo gets stubborn…Rafa’s gotta be careful, they’re public figures now, but he’ll have to get rid of Mateo. And this time it’s Rafa who’s going to get his hands dirty.

Lorenzo takes a moment to tell Mateo he’s sorry about Carmelo. He knows Julio César’s death is still a sensitive topic. He hopes they can just leave this as a misunderstanding. Mateo agrees, this a good chance for them to do some business, and he thinks they should look forward.

Casa Mateo

Belinda’s busy inflating balloons for her own party. Isaac’s on his way out, whining that he’s not sure he’ll be there. The guys from PR don’t like him, blah blah blah. Belinda wants him to come. (Why? Seriously, Belinda, what is so attractive about this creep?)

Since they’re alone, Isaac gives her a present. A diamond necklace. She doesn’t ask where he got the money, although she mentions that he doesn’t even have a job. Isaac says he’s got a new “project” and he got an advance. He doesn’t want to say more or he’ll ruin it. She fixes his collar before he leaves.

Mexico City

Manara’s back after a day of recording. Julia’s alone in the hotel room, feeling like she just crashed into reality–she gave it everything she had and she could see the doubt on Bianco’s face. How are they going to do this? Manara doesn’t have time in her schedule.

Manara insists she’ll make time. And Julia’s not going back to LA.

Why not? What did Amado do to her? If Manara doesn’t tell her, she’s taking the first plane back to LA to ask him herself.

Manara says Amado has illegal businesses.

Yeah, she knows that, or rather she figured.

OK, well, it’s better if she doesn’t know what they are. Manara keeps her distance too, for her own safety. So let him stay away.

Julia’s dying to be here with her, but Manara has a lot of work. As the days pass, Julia’s realizing Amado isn’t the only one who wants her to go back to LA. She has her whole life there, her friends.

Manara’s guessing that includes Nico. Is this about him?

Partly, yes. She just doesn’t want to be a burden to Manara, so if she doesn’t get her own contract with Megavisa, she’s going back to LA. Manara’s the one with the career and Julia knows she’s going straight to the top. And she knows Manara is sad, and so is she, but it’s lonely at the top and this is the life Manara chose, OK?


Belinda’s looking sad. It’s her first birthday without Julio César and it feels weird to her. Gilda reminds her life goes on…and what a pretty necklace she’s wearing.

Yeah, her “aunt” from Houston gave it to her.

Valentín announces he and Básico wrote something for her….

In Houston, Celestina and Moisés are still packing stuff up in the memorabilia room. She can’t believe this house isn’t theirs anymore. Moisés says nothing is anyone’s. The house stays, but they’re taking the memories with them. Junior can grow up with his father’s memories around him.

Which reminds Celestina about Belinda’s birthday. She calls just as everyone’s applauding Valentín and Básico for the song we didn’t get to hear. (BOO!) They wish her a happy birthday and ask how the baby’s doing. Belinda says she misses them and the baby’s good and he’s growing.

Upstairs, Gilda’s giving Mateo instructions for how to feed the baby and rock him back to sleep. He sends her back downstairs to enjoy the party while he fusses over Junior, thinking he’s gotta be hot wrapped in all those blankets. “I don’t know about all this bottle and diaper stuff, but I do know you can count on me your whole life. And I can tell you your dad’s going to be able to rest like he deserves to soon.”

Dylan comes in, glad he’s caught Mateo so he can’t get away. What is he planning? Why is he so buddy buddy with Matamoros all of a sudden? How come Valentín’s playing the inauguration?

Mateo claims Dylan had too many other commitments.

Uh huh. Dylan reminds him they’re friends, family even. He loves Mateo’s sister. He wants a family with her and she’s tormented that she can’t have a baby. Isaac destroyed her life.

And what if Mateo told Dylan something that would change his opinion of Isaac? Like…that it wasn’t him? He says as soon as he feeds the baby and gets him back to sleep, he’ll tell Dylan.

Casa Matamoros

Selva comes home and Agustina starts putting her plan in motion. Sure, it seems innocent enough to greet her with the baby and say she’s worried about how fussy he is and how he’s been teething and hand the baby off to Selva while she calls the doctor, but we all know what this is about.

Selva remembers Lorenzo telling her abortion wasn’t a good idea. “Are you talking to me about morality now? You’re an arms dealer!” Selva said she didn’t want to bring a baby into the family she’s surrounded by.

And if she doesn’t, what’s she supposed to do, speed up the wedding so she’s not showing? Lorenzo thinks the last thing that’s important right now are the appearances and the cheap “aristocracy” they were raised in. She needs to think about it and not hurt herself.

Selva snapped at him that he has no idea what hurts her and what doesn’t. Lorenzo said she’s cold and calculating when it comes to business, but when it comes to her personal life, she’s fragile. He asked her to think about it.

Petra walks into Agustina’s room without knocking and startles her. She just wanted to tell her dinner’s ready and she can stay with José if Agustina wants.

Agustina tells her to leave the baby with Selva. Selva specifically asked not to be interrupted.

Petra looks suspicious.


Celestina and Moisés look at the last photo of JC, standing with Mateo and a grumpy-looking Isaac. Moisés gets maudlin, talking about how you never know when it’s your last day. Celestina knows most women who lose a child stop believing in God. She thinks she’s reconciling with life. Maybe because of their grandson. And of course her love for Moisés.

Casa Mateo

Mateo comes downstairs after getting the baby to sleep. He tells Gilda to show Belinda her “dance,” which if it’s anything like Mateo just demonstrated…no.

He complains to Dylan that it was hard to get Junior to sleep. And he’s feeling tired himself, what with the album. So about Isaac…. Yeah, he’d better go say “hi” to him since he just walked in. Dylan reminds him that until Mateo tells him otherwise, he’s going to keep treating Isaac like this is his fault. Gilda’s his “woman” and he’s only not beating Isaac’s face in because he’s Mateo’s blood.

Mateo goes over to greet Isaac and everyone else gets quiet.

After a while, Isaac’s ready to leave. He says Valentín’s throwing vibra (vibes) at him. Gilda gives Mateo the sad eyes about how Isaac’s trying to get them to like him, but they just don’t. Mateo reminds her that Isaac got them fired. And now they’re doing music and getting money and he’s unemployed, so. Well…Dylan’s never going to forgive him, she’s sure. Mateo tells her to leave Dylan to him.

Chalino comes in with cake and poetry and gets everyone singing Las Mañanitas to Belinda. Isaac and Belinda smile at each other.

(Actually, the poem is included in the Pedro Infante version, which I’d never heard before, with a few small changes by Chalino:

En la fresca y perfumada mañanita de tu santo,
recibe mi bien amada la dulzura de mi canto.
Encontrarás en tu cuarto un bello ramo de flores,
que mi corazón te da, chiquita de mis amores…)

Mateo pulls Dylan upstairs to his room and they banter about it. Seriously, though, Mateo gets that he’s pissed at Isaac and he’d want to kill him too, but it wasn’t him. The person who hurt Gilda is the same person who shot his brother–Amado Matamoros.

He explains about Selva, that Julio César ditched her and so Treviño wanted Amado to kill him for it. Plus, Amado knew she’d never pay attention to him as long as JC was alive, so he killed him, then Treviño, and he got Selva and the radio station.

As for Gilda, that was his way of getting Manara away from him. He told her about JC and then had Gilda stabbed to shut her up.

Well, now Dylan’s even more pissed–Gilda got stabbed so Amado could intimidate Manara? What a son of a–.

Yep. And she offered to help get him sent to prison, but he’s the mayor! Dylan laughs at that as Mateo goes on ranting that he’s got the police, the judges, everyone. They have to get at him in some way that he can’t react.

Well, Dylan’s in. But Mateo says he’s already taken care of it. He doesn’t know if it will help with the pain, and it’s not going to bring Julio back. He just…can’t believe his sister can’t have kids and he had to bury his brother and Amado’s out there like it’s nothing! To his face!

Business as usual

Amado talks to Canseco and the non-legit part of his team about moving the business to Nuevo Laredo but now that he’s won mayor he’s ready to get back to the human trafficking business and take over the whole city. No, not by negotiating with his competition, but by taking advantage of his new power to round them up and take their spots.

For now, the henches are instructed to find them, tell them that Amado wants to negotiate, and then after the inauguration, they’ll go after them.

He also wants Fran to find out what’s going on with Lorenzo. He’s being cooperative and it makes Amado nervous. They also need to spy on their contrincantes (opponents). Being mayor is just the beginning. If they want to win it all there can’t be any loose ends. (Like…basically…every guy in this room? Just saying.)

At Davis’ she and Cafre look over the plans that Chalino sent over for the show. El Diplomático wants it (Wants WHAT?!) done there, and done well. Cafre will have to do it. He thinks this looks like a suicide mission, but he’ll do anything for his patrona.

Canseco explains to Amado that those plans are just for the musicians, but he’ll change them at the last minute. Sure, the place will be full of cops and guards, but you can never have too much security. Amado tells him to do it–his life is in Canseco’s hands.

At Mateo’s, he tells Dylan that El Diplomático wants to take out Amado at his inauguration. It sounded like a good idea at first, but now he thinks it’s too risky. There will be too many people around. Davis is trying to convince him not to do it.

Dylan’s angry that he’s sending Valentín and Básico in without knowing, but Mateo says if they now, they’ll be accomplices. So he wants Dylan to come with him and if it goes wrong, they’ll have their backs.

Rancho Zabala

Leti finds Rafa…um, no not to ask his “forgiveness.” She knows about Neto’s illness now and she knows he knows, but it’s worse than Rafa thinks. He was trying to hide it, but the pain was awful last night.

“What do you want me to do about it?”

Uh, quit looking in the mirror and get closer to his dad? He’s scared and he needs Rafa. Rafa thinks about it.

Neto’s looking at trajes with his tailor, talking about how he wants something for this homenaje that’s…different. Think Elvis in Las Vegas, but like a charro. (Um, why are you not asking Itzel? No offense to this guy, but I’m not convinced he understands the reference.) The tailor holds up a white traje with minimal gold accents. Neto says it’s close, but he wants all gold and a hat with…everything, he doesn’t even know what, but he wants it fregón (badass).

The tailor walks out with the traje and Neto gets a sudden pain and sits down. He gripes at the pain, or the cancer, saying “You’re not beating me!” and calls his doctor. He says the pain is back…it’s been coming and going, but now it seems to like him and it’s sticking around.

In that case, they need to move up the operation. Neto asks how risky it is and his doctor pulls no punches–it’s very risky and he’d better prepare his loved ones.

Neto’s putting some cream on his back when Rafa comes in to ask for a favor.

If it’s singing on his album, no.

Rafa says he just wants Neto to come help him audition a new band. Sing a few songs with him. “What’s the catch?”

Oh, yes, el león cree que todos son de su condición. Well, ok, they can both be tricky, but on stage they’re both badasses. So can they call a truce for music?

The montage

Celestina and Moisés are ready to leave the house. She remembers the kids running around in the living room and toys everywhere. Moisés says they’ll take the memories and leave the sadness. Celestina’s feeling nostalgic. She wants to go back to LA and see her grandson and the kids.

But Moisés says they need some distance. It’s time for the kids to do things on their own. They’re adults.

“Mateo has tough weeks ahead and lots of work to do if he wants to win the presidency.”

Cristian records Cuando Te Veo.

“In the next few weeks he’s going to record an album with his friends singing his songs, in honor of Julio César.”

Rafa sings in his home studio.

“Rafa’s taking on the challenge alone, betting on his career. It’s already gotten more personal than ever, since one of his sons decided to record with Mateo.”

Nicolas records his version of Despertar.

“Since Manara went to Megavisa, the rivalry seems to have calmed down. Especially now that she’s with Bianco.”

Manara and Bianco record Pasa La Página.

“They’re having fewer fights.”

Mateo and Rafa review some paperwork in the board room.

“They’re coordinating the show for Matamoros’ inauguration together.”

At the event venue, the stage is being set up.

No, Celestina knows her son. He’s sweet, but he’s not diplomático (*gulp*). They both hope he’s matured a little.

Celestina remembers when the family was like an organ, everyone going up and down together. And now they’ve all taken their own paths. Moisés says they have to close this chapter and move on.

He shuts the door to the house.

JC Records

It’s the day the albums are being presented. Mateo greets Rafa, saying this confrontation thing sells itself. May the best man win.

Moisés welcomes everyone, saying it’s a special day for JC Records. They’re releasing two albums today, both with Julio César’s songs, in tribute to him. One was produced by Mateo with guest artists. The other produced and performed by Rafa.

He invites Belinda up on stage and Mateo and Rafa go over to help her. Mateo takes the baby so she can unveil a plaque in honor of Julio César.

As Fuego Cruzado plays, he and Belinda unveil the plaque in memory of Julio César Solar. “Music is the bridge between reality and dreams”

Dylan and Cristian wrap up Cuando Te Veo and Mateo thanks his friends, saying if you put your heart into it, everything goes well. And now he’s going to give the stage to his friend Rafa.

Rafa’s honored to share this moment with all of them and with his son Santiago and Diego. They start singing an acoustic version of Fuego Cruzado.

Mexico City

Now that Manara and Julia have finished their run, she suggests some yoga. Come on, Julia has to focus! Exercise will help! Julia complains that she’s done a lot already.

She’s rescued by Bianco and Candelaria. Bianco asks to talk to Manara and Candelaria asks Julia to come with her. Anahí’s here and she wants to do Julia’s audition. Manara says she’s ready for it. Yeah, Cande told him Julia has improved. Oh, he has no idea.

It’s also the last day of recording on the album. And also her brother’s inauguration. Is she going?

Manara says she has to. Julia wants to see her friends, so they’ll go for a few days. Since the last time she talked to Amado, things have calmed down and she wants it to stay that way.

Is she planning on seeing Mateo?

No. They don’t talk anymore. It’s best that they’re apart, focusing on their own careers…and their own secrets.

Julia’s barely out of the shower and Manara’s already dressed. Julia jokingly asks if she’s seeing someone. Um, Anahi? Yes, she knows.

Plus it’s the last day recording the album and there will be press and stuff, so she’s excited. She reminds Julia not to be late for her audition. The last thing she needs is to have to audition for Anahí when she’s in a bad mood!

Just after Manara leaves, there’s a knock at the door and Julia realizes she left her sunglasses. She picks them up and takes them with her to answer the door…but it’s Nicolas. He was just waiting for Manara to leave so he could talk to her alone.

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