La Mujer del Vendaval Tuesday 2/21/17 #70


Amadeo explains to Ilse about the emails and how Alba ended up falling for a married guy. Ilse asks why he doesn’t just tell her it’s him, but Amadeo’s too terrified.

When Valeria finally makes it to the table, Alessandro and Marcela are smooching. I’m sure that won’t deter her one bit. Emiliano gives her his seat and asks the server for another menu. She confesses she was taking a bath. Cue chatter about how pretty Valeria is and how she thinks Marcela and Alba are so nice and so pretty themselves and how neither one of them thinks they are.

Emiliano, Marcela, and Alba go upstairs, leaving Alessandro and Valeria having coffee. She suggests a liqueur after the others have gone.

Alba walks Marcela up to her room. She’s sure Alessandro will be there soon. Jealous of Emiliano’s sister? Why would she be jealous? Just because she’s beautiful and elegant. Alba laughs and wishes her a good night.

Amadeo’s lurking out in the hallway waiting to talk to her. He confesses he’s the one who sent her those emails. Um…she doesn’t take it well.

Alba’s angry that she shared things that she thought she was sharing with Cristian and he knew it. He let her get her hopes up over someone who was never going to be able to return her feelings. Amadeo had no idea she would think they came from Cristian–Cristian didn’t even exist for him! But he did for her and Amadeo knew it.

He tries to say she did it for love, but she tells him not to talk about love to her–he stabbed her in the back. He hid the truth and made her look like a fool in front of the only man she could have loved. She doesn’t just not love Amadeo–she hates him. (Well, that sucks.)

Casa Timo

The drinks Timo offered Maria Laura and Nisa look like diluted Pepto Bismol. He says it’s pulque blended with strawberries. I take it it’s an acquired taste.

Maria Laura’s ready to find out what this dinner is really about. Well, first off, they’re both being detained in this house.

Maria Laura tells Timo to stop with the jokes, but he’s not joking. Something serious is going to happen at the hacienda and he wants to protect them. Nisa’s worried about her mom, but he says nothing bad will happen to the women…as long as they stay inside the house. He’ll send someone to watch them and make sure nothing happens.

Maria Laura demands to know WHAT is going to happen. Timo says that tonight El Vendaval will be sitiado (besieged, surrounded).

Timo’s talking about protecting his investment and putting up a fence tonight to establish the boundaries. Hey, it’s not his fault that his property is right at the entrance. Starting tomorrow, nobody can get in or out of El Vendeval without his permission…oh, but he’ll give instructions that people on foot can go in and out. No vehicles, animals, produce….

Nisa whines that her brother’s supposed to be getting married at the end of the month. How will they get everything in and out for the wedding? (*cough*helicopter*cough*) Maria Laura loves that idea! Oh well, too bad. No wedding stuff in, none of the harvest out. Timo agrees–nothing without his permission. Maria Laura kisses him and says he’s so smart! No wonder he’s president!

Nisa gets friendly with her pulque as Timo tells Maria Laura this is all to protect the inheritance of her future husband. Things might get a little rough soon–it’s best if they spend the night here. Nisa’s not understanding a thing, but she wants to go back to the hacienda. Maria Laura pulls her aside and says he has a right to defend his property and he’s the cacique.

“The casi que?” Nisa eventually gets that Timo is to San Bartolo what her dad is to the hotel. Which, as ML explains, means it’s best not to go against him. And then she spells out for her that this means no wedding–so shut up and stay here.

Nisa gives Timo a hug. He looks confused.

Casa Mateo

Eulogio keeps pouring the drinks, insisting he’s the one who wants to get drunk. Yes, he’s sure he’s in love with this woman and he doesn’t have friends to talk to about it. That’s politics. But forget what he said….

Mateo tells him he already started, so spill it! Eulogio says he doesn’t know when or how it happened, but suddenly he found himself liking July. Whoa! That’s got Mateo’s attention!

Eulogio says she’s got her charms…and one day he started dreaming about her. What should he do?! Mateo pours himself another drink and says this is quite a problem he has. He’s really risking it, being in love with the presidente’s woman. There’s no solution. Love’s got him. He’s stuck for life. It’s like going bald–you can’t reverse it. Eulogio decides the only thing to do is keep drinking.

Eulogio and Mateo are still drinking. Mateo starts to feel sick, but Eulogio’s been faking it and getting the plants drunk.


Marcela argues for giving Amadeo a chance, but Alba insists she hates him. Marcela doesn’t think it will be for long. Alba insists she can hate him for life. She’s not giving him a chance–he betrayed her. He should have said something the first time she mentioned the emails! It’s his fault she’s stuck in this endless tunnel! (Well…and hers…and Cris’…and Nuria’s!)

Amadeo cries to Inés that Alba hates him now. She blames herself for giving him bad advice. Well, she was pretty clear about it–she hates him. “And when the Morales hate….” Ilse says when women hate that means there’s a ray of hope. (Nope, can’t back that.) She thinks there’s hope as long as she’s not indifferent to him. Amadeo’s sure he’s lost her forever.

Alessandro is sitting down in the restaurant telling Valeria the entire story of him and Marcela. He’s completely oblivious to the way she’s hitting on him. Al thinks he’s found the one person who truly understands the way he loves Marcela.

Alba’s ready to leave Marcela’s room again. She jokes that if she kills Amadeo in the middle of the night, the lawyer can give her a discount. And Marcela’s still waiting for Alessandro and debating calling him.

Amadeo lets Alba into her hotel room and scrams. In the hallway, he runs from Emiliano…and Marcela, who marvels that nobody’s getting any sleep tonight. Emiliano was going to go take a walk and offers to go with Marcela to look for Alessandro.

Well, now things are weird since Alba’s rooming with Ilse. And Ilse’s trying to go to bat for her son. Alba says she doesn’t want to talk about him.

When Marcela and Emiliano get downstairs, Alessandro and Valeria aren’t in the restaurant and they’re closing. Al and Val went to a pharmacy to get her sleeping pills…and so she can hit on him some more. Marcela’s so lucky! He’s such a gentleman! This gets Al to tell her he has a dark side, and from there it’s easy enough to get him to tell her he hates with the same intensity that he loves, AND to confess that betrayal and lies are what make him hate people.

Emiliano is sure Valeria is just so high-maintenance that she forgot something and HAD to go find it. He kind of finds it funny that Marcela’s jealous. And what other defects does she have? Yes, he’s heard about the infamous shotgun. And what else provokes her rage besides jealousy? Betrayal, lies…or if some woman tried to “take” Alessandro away from her.

Alessandro hands Valeria more ammo. Damiana cheated on him. Camilo tested him, but he realized Marcela would never cheat.

Marcela tells Emiliano she’s never had a love like what she has for Alessandro. It makes her scares it’s going to end. Emiliano doesn’t think anything can destroy what they have. He thought he had that with his ex-wife, but things got boring and routine. He doesn’t want to talk about it. He suggests going out to look for them…

Right at about the time Alessandro and Valeria get to the front door and she deliberately dodges the wrong way so he accidentally kisses her on the lips. Marcela blinks like she’s not entirely sure of what she’s seeing.

Al and Valeria come running inside with Valeria’s completely plausible story about the pills. Marcela still looks furious. And Emiliano doesn’t believe she really forgot the pills.

In their room, Marcela throws a tantrum about him spending so much time with Valeria. And why did he kiss her?

Alessandro thinks this is hilarious. They just accidentally went to the same side. He demonstrates. It’s not helping.

Then he tells her it’s not fair for her to be jealous after he’s put up with Camilo and her new friendship with Emiliano. At least he admits that he’s jealous–she doesn’t! OK, she admits it. He swears he’d never hurt her. *smoochies*

Emiliano knows Valeria and she’d better leave Alessandro alone. He’s not going to cheat on his wife. He goes up to his room and Valeria declares this is just the beginning.

Amadeo cries, thinking about Alba saying she hates him.

Alba thinks about Amadeo saying he did it for love.

Marcela thinks about Alessandro asking her to trust him.


In a cloud of cigar smoke, Luciano reminisces about Valeria. Conchita Pimentel calls HIM about the wedding planning. She can’t get plane tickets for her entire team and she does nothing with her entire team. Luciano says he can’t lend her his jet…but on second thought, it IS available. He just needs one little favor….

Evening in San Bartolo

Maria Laura turns down Timo’s offer to sleep in Lencho’s room. She assures him if he’s worried about them sneaking out, they totally won’t. He should go on up to bed.

Nisa almost immediately DOES leave, to go stay at Cami’s. She’d rather sleep in his arms than the arms of a sofa.

Unfortunately, Cami’s arms are currently around some woman at the cantina. Whoever she is, she and her friend are worried that if he keeps drinking it’s going to cause a “short circuit” with his medications. They tell him about Roman flipping out in San Jacinto. So he really should cool it with the drinking.

Nisa gets to Camilo’s empty apartment.

Nisa finds Camilo at the cantina and takes the beer out of his hand. She informs the girls this one’s spoken for. Nisa sobs that she went to all the trouble of sneaking out to be with him and here he is, drinking. Those girls were just…childhood friends. And he’s just here because he was bored.

Nisa drags him back to the apartment, where Camilo says he’s the one who should be angry. She’s embarrassed of him and won’t tell anyone about him. She says she’s just taking it slow because of what happened with Cuchi. She wants to go slow to keep him interested. Cami whines about having “needs.” But Nisa’s not going to be meeting those…except then she changes her mind.

El V

Mateo wakes up with a hangover. He hears the workers shouting outside and finds that the entrance to El Vendaval now has a metal gate, and it’s shut.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Well some more of the secrets are now out, so why aren’t I happy about that?
Maybe its cause I’m worried about Luc’s little favor