Guerra de Ídolos Wednesday 7/19/17 #51

Episode 51: JC Records en juego

Nico gets a look at Julia in her jammies and apologizes–he just wanted to see her, not make her uncomfortable. He’s happy to wait for her to get dressed.

Julia doesn’t want him to wait this time. They start kissing, clothes go flying, and they make their way to the bedroom. (Go, Julia!)

Manara records Una y Otra Vez while photographers do their thing. Bianco’s happy. And that’s it for the album. Anahí barely gives her a second to take that in before telling her she’d better get ready to travel. The tour can’t wait.

And where’s her sister?

In bed with Nico. He swears this wasn’t his intention…. “Then why come to my room?” Because there are a lot of press around and he didn’t want them to be seen together.

Press or Sabrina? She knows they’re together. She’s seen photos of them, they’re going on tour together. She gets interrupted by her buzzing cell phone and realizes she’s seriously late to her audition with Anahí.

Nico’s pissed that she’s staying in Mexico. He barely listens to Julia’s “It’s what my sister wants.” He’s in too much of a hurry to get out so he doesn’t “distract” her any further. He says he’ll see her at the inauguration and she can tell him how it went. He wishes her luck.


They’re still getting the space ready. Ramón points out to Canseco the VIP area, the “preferred” section, and then everyone else goes in back. Canseco wants undercover cops in every area.

Davis says “he’s” going to find out who’s in charge soon. Does Cafre have the exact location yet?

Cafre says they keep changing it. Amado’s being protected by the chief of police himself. It’s almost like they’re just waiting to screw them over.

And so what if they are? Cafre’s the best. (Awww, it’s nice she appreciates him.)

Cafre’s going to have to side with Mateo–they have to change the location.

Nope, ’cause whatever El Diplomático wants, El Diplomático gets. He wants to humiliate “him” and show him who’s in charge. (Uh oh, so it sounds like somebody’s getting shot and it’s not Amado? Or Amado’s getting shot, but not killed?)

Cafre asks what to do if Mateo gets “crazy” and Davis says Mateo will have to work it out with El Diplomático. She has a lot of affection for him, but if things get complicated and the boss decides to take him out, there’s nothing she can do. There are no contracts in this business. It’s the law of survival, and it’s not the one who’s the strongest who survives, it’s the one who’s the most hijo de la chingada (SOB).

JC Records

Moisés tells Rafa and Mateo he hasn’t made the presidency battle public, for obvious reasons. And he’s going to keep his word. In 24 hours they’ll check the sales figures and find out who won.

Rafa asks if there’s anything else–he has a meeting. Mateo invites them both to come to his rehearsal for Amado’s event so he can get their opinions. Moisés agrees, but Rafa just makes a face.

Moisés just wants them to understand the reason he did this. It wasn’t just to have two albums to release–he wants them to think like partners and learn to work like partners. And seeing them work together on Amado’s event gives him peace of mind. They’re behaving like professionals.

Rafa hopes that continues, no matter who succeeds him. Mateo “toasts” to that with something crunchy–apples? Jicama?

Rafa takes off and Gilda comes in. Moisés wants Mateo to know that he’s already “won” no matter what he sold. Moisés is proud of him. He’s gotta go do a phone interview now. Mateo yells at him not to smoke on his way out.

And now Gilda wants to know what’s really up. He’s planning something. He and Dylan are both being shifty. When Mateo won’t tell her, she says she just hopes that what he’s built with his hands he doesn’t destroy with his feet.

“You sound more like grandma every day.”

Casa Mateo

Isaac bought a bunch of clothes for Belinda. Her response is “You didn’t have to spend so much.” (How about “Where’d you get the money?” or “It’s weird that you’re buying me clothes.”)

He won’t say where he was, but says it was a productive trip. He’ll be signing a contract soon for a television program. He can’t tell her what it’s about, but it’s going to be good. (Reality show? Everybody Hates Isaac?)

He advises her to put everything away because Gilda’s going to be jealous. And how about she goes to dinner with him one of these days? Belinda says she’ll think about it.

Secret meeting

Rafa and Isaac meet in what looks like a small upscale bar. Which makes it SUPER OBVIOUS when they’re in there with Rafa in a hoodie and Isaac in a baseball cap.

So, Rafa heard Isaac’s going to do his show. Yep, and it’s going to be good. They paid him in advance, and he invested in his romantic future.

And is Rafa going to win the contest? He’s sure he will, which is why he brought some money to pay Isaac for his “services.” He hasn’t seen Leticia lately, has he?

No, not since she hooked up with Neto. As for information…Mateo’s being too friendly. “What do I care?” Hey, Rafa’s paying for info. He’s pretty sure Mateo’s preparing something with that guy Gilda’s dating. (Seriously? You haven’t bothered to learn his name?) He’s going to find out. And Valentín and Básico are really doing something for Amado?

Yep, a show with a couple of “girls.”

Isaac’s convinced there’s more than just a friendship there. There’s some kind of business thing. Mateo’s making some money, being their pantalla (front? screen?).

Speaking of representatives, Rafa shows him Davis’ card and asks if he knows them.

Isaac remembers them contacting him. They’re a manager or promoter. He thinks they’re the ones the primos are working for.

And didn’t Isaac say Mateo had another job?

Yes, but Mateo’s the only one who knows about it. Isaac thinks the other people involved aren’t “decent.” He’s no sabueso (sleuth) but it doesn’t look good.

Isaac wishes Rafa good luck tomorrow, which gets on Rafa’s nerves. He’s said it so many times Rafa thinks he’s doubting him. Oh, no, never. Isaac thinks it’s all going to fall into place. He’s ready for the presidency and rooting for Rafa to win.

Raquel shows up and Isaac quickly stashes the cash and says goodbye to her on his way out.

She asks Rafa if he wants to work or relax.

Well, he wants to relax, but he needs to ask her something first. He shows her the card for Davis and asks if she knows them. Raquel thinks they do regional or something. Why?

Rafa says it’s nothing. He’s going to give the card to Amado so it’s not bugging him. Does she know if Manara’s coming?

Nope. It’s like she’s behind four locks at Megavisa. And they really hate Rafa. He has to win, because they’ve banned him and no matter how big he is, every road will be closed to him.


Julia runs in apologizing over and over again. Anahí tells her to just hurry up–she has to leave.

Manara scolds her and Julia says she fell asleep after all that training Manara made her do. Manara thinks she’s trying to make Anahí reject her so she doesn’t have to go on tour.

Julia tells her to back off, she has to concentrate. And if she doesn’t get in, she’s going back to LA.

Julia does her intro for the camera and Anahí asks her to turn. She says Julia’s as pretty as her sister, which seems to give Julia a bit of a boost.

But once she starts it’s kind of blah. She’s not singing, she looks like she’s not doing it full out, and she slips. When she’s done, Anahí asks if she wants to add anything. Julia offers to change the song, but Anahí says she can decide from what she’s seen.

Megavisa is a strong company, with prestige, and the only thing they ask in return is talent. She can tell Julia has it, but what she doesn’t have is experience. Anahí’s not giving her a contract.

Manara jumps in asking for another chance, maybe another song?

Well, success isn’t something you deserve it’s something you achieve. What she can offer is to sign Julia up for Megavisa’s school either in Mexico or in LA. And maybe next year she can have another audition.

And now she’s gotta go. And Manara had better get ready, because she’s going on tour soon. Bianco walks Anahí out and Manara tries to comfort Julia, saying she liked it. Julia’s face: “Whatever.”


Davis tells Mateo she tried to convince him, but El Diplomático wants to do it there and that’s his final word. They can’t get any more guns in. There are tons of detectors. Just leave it to the pros.

Mateo says he’ll think about it and call her back.

Chalino does not trust them. He thinks they’re going to do something and pin it all on Mateo.

Mateo doesn’t want to leave Valentín and Básico hanging. Whatever El Diplomático is planning, he’s not going to let anything happen to them or anyone at the event. Even if he has to go alone, he’s going. But he needs guns.

Chalino nods sadly and says “OK.”

At the venue, Ramón says they’ve got another tarima (floor, platform) coming. Canseco wants it there by tomorrow at noon or Alexis will just have to do without. He reminds Ramón to be careful not to run into Selva or she might recognize him. And also, Rafa gave Amado this card and he wants Ramón to check it out. Cafre spies on them.

Davis explains Cafre will be there as part of the event staff. He’s already snuck in an unloaded gun. The rest of the weapons have to go inside the instruments, which he’s taking care of.

Mateo complains that they should listen to him–there will be too many people. Like Davis has told him before, El Diplomático listens once, then he says where and when. Mateo slaps down a drive and says there are five more corridos. And he’s leaving because he’s got an important day tomorrow and he can’t stick around talking.

Rancho Zabala

Rafa’s holding the watch JC gave him and remembering the night before the concert.

Santi interrupts his thoughts. He’s been reviewing social media to see who sold more and he thinks Rafa’s got more pull with the public, but since Mateo invited all those other artists, it’s hard to tell.

Rafa smarms that hopefully people will go for quality.

Santi understands, Rafa’s playing it all. He wishes him luck. He’s not going to the meeting, Nico just got there and their mom asked them to meet her…something about grandpa. He asks Rafa to call and let him know how it goes.

Out on the lawn, Itzel greets the boys and says Neto’s in the rehearsal space waiting for them. Rafa gets there in time to snipe at her about since when does she get involved in his dad’s stuff? Uh, since he doesn’t.

The boys start walking past him and Rafa stops Nico to ask if he’s not even going to greet him. Nico just keeps on walking. Rafa calls them a bunch of ungrateful…. Paulino’s like “Yeah, what can I say. The car is ready.”

Neto’s in the rehearsal space, playing an accordion. And not badly. Santi says he kept that well hidden! Nico says what’s really hidden was what a good relationship he has with their mom. But it’s good.

Neto asked them here so they wouldn’t find out from the gossip magazines. He’s sick. He has cancer and it’s very advanced and he’s got an operation scheduled in a few days. He doesn’t know if he’s going to make it.

Nico hugs him while Santiago stands there in shock.

In his room, Neto gives them a folder, explaining it’s information for a bank account in Switzerland in both their names. He doesn’t want Rafa to know about it–this is between them and their mom.

Santi says it’s too much. They can’t accept this.

It’s not theirs to “accept,” it’s theirs to inherit. They’ll get it when he dies.

Nico’s upset that he’s talking about this like it’s going to happen tomorrow and it’s NOT. He’s going to get better!

Neto calmly explains he wanted to talk to them about this now while he’s still lucid. They’ll both have to sign to get money out of the account, because he wants them to stick together always. It doesn’t matter if right now Nico’s working for Mateo and Santi’s working for his dad, he wants them to promise to stay together always.

Neto says he loves them in some measure it’s necessary to bleep out. Nico and Santi hug him. (*sob*)

Casa Matamoros

Amado gets dressed while he complains that tomorrow is one of the most important days of his life and he’s upset that there’s this distance between him and Selva.

She says lately she’s had a lot of strong emotional sacudidas (shocks) and maybe she’s being extra sensitive because she’s pregnant.

Amado’s thrilled. This is great news! He starts kissing her, not caring that she’s not participating. He wants to know why she didn’t tell him.

“Because I didn’t want to have it.” Because she’s been feeling like he’s lying to her. But she finally understood it’s not the baby’s fault.

Amado doesn’t get it–what fault is she talking about?

She knows right now isn’t the best time to talk, but like she told him, she’s not marrying him if she doesn’t feel like he’s telling her the truth.

Amado gets his cheese on, saying the only “truth” is that he loves her.

Well, sorry, but she doesn’t think that’s enough. Lorenzo calls and she says no, he can’t wait. And Amado should know, Lorenzo’s the one who convinced her to keep the baby. (Let’s be real, it was probably José.)

From his apartment, Lorenzo says all the flights out of this part of…Asia…are running late, so he won’t be there for the inauguration. Tell Amado he said good luck. And kisses. (For Selva, not Amado.)

Amado apologizes for being distant, but he’s been so nervous about tomorrow. He has nothing to hide from her.

Uh huh. First he was nervous about the elections, now the inauguration, and tomorrow…? When is he going to be calm?

Before he’s forced to answer, Petra knocks on the door to say his sisters are here.

Amado acts like the fact that they showed up means something in the context of his conversation with Selva. He says he just needs time and everything will get back to normal. Her telling him that they’re going to be parents makes him the happiest man in the world. He gives her another kiss she tries to ignore.

Downstairs, Manara’s in Agustina’s room, holding José. Agustina gives her the update–Selva’s having the baby, but she doesn’t trust Amado.

As for Mateo, she hasn’t heard anything more than what’s been on the Internet–he’s preparing a special number for the inauguration.

Manara doesn’t know anything about that. She knows he’s been working on the homage to his brother and he invited a bunch of artists to participate.

Agustina knows Manara doesn’t trust her, but if Mateo’s planning revenge Manara has to stop him.

JC Records

All the usual suspects are gathered in the board room. Moisés gets the envelope with the sales figures for the album and says they’re going to vote on his successor. Mateo and Rafa, of course, can’t vote, so it’s up to Ms. Guzmán, Gilda, and Moisés.

Ms. Guzmán has talked to the investors and they’re voting for Rafa. (Which should be suspect, because they keep saying they’re out of any “artistic” decisions, so if they’re not basing this on the numbers….)

Gilda’s voting for Mateo. (I still say she should have been an option, especially since she doesn’t appear to be making any move to get back to medicine.)

And Moisés is going to vote for whoever sold the most albums. Mateo’s getting the job directly if he wins and if Rafa wins he’ll be paying the amount they agreed on and he’ll be both president and majority shareholder.

Rafa tells him to get on with the results.

Moisés looks over the contents of the envelope, talks too much, stalls, says “The winner is,” looks at Rafa…and it’s Mateo. (*snort*)

There’s applause from the investors. Moisés asks if Rafa’s OK. Rafa asks Raquel if this is legit and she assures him it is. Still, Rafa wants to know just how badly Mateo kicked his ass. By 30%. Heh.

Gilda proposes a toast. The investors start milling about. Rafa tells Mateo he’ll let him celebrate and walks out without shaking his hand. Moisés says he’s proud of Mateo. Raquel congratulates him.

In the memorabilia room, Rafa’s shaking and crying. He pours himself a drink and JC appears on the couch behind him, telling him to face it–he’s never going to be who he was again. (YES! Not gonna lie, I gasped out loud.) Every generation has its moment and you can’t stop your decline.

Rafa snaps that this is all Dead!JC’s fault! Ever since Rafa discovered him, he ruined his life!

And Rafa ruined his. Meeting each other was the end for both of them.

Ms. Guzmán’s gotta go. She congratulates Mateo and says he can count on the investors for whatever he needs. As soon as Mateo has a work plan, he’ll send it out. (This is how they get you, Mateo…you’re management now. Say goodbye to producing.) Ms. Guzmán asks to see the other investors outside for a moment.

Moisés grumbles that he brought her into this and she allied with Rafa behind his back. Mateo agrees, they’ve got a lot of parasites that have to GO.

Rafa’s still not back and they’ve got more to do. Mateo says he’ll go get him.

As they walk down the stairs, Chalino says he’s glad Mateo kicked Rafa’s ass. Hey, it was a team effort. And about time, too! And if they get Amado tomorrow, then they win.

Mateo asks where Rafa went and Chalino points him to the memorabilia room. He looked sick, like he doesn’t like defeat.

Well, if he had anything to do with JC’s death, that’s never going to end. Chalino mumbles something about it’s never going to end or he’ll fill his mouth with worms?

Rafa pours himself another drink while Dead!JC gets philosophical. His end came quickly–just one shot. But Rafa’s dying slowly, little by little. (They’ve put a slight echo on his voice that’s just so perfect!)

Rafa tells him to shut up!

JC chuckles. “Every day people love me more. But you…they’re forgetting you.”

Rafa screams that he told him to shut up!

Mateo walks in and asks who Rafa’s talking to. Was he talking to himself?

Rafa pretends he was on the phone, but Mateo doesn’t buy it. He says they’re waiting in the board room. They need to review sales and talk about artists they’re signing.

Rafa says he’ll be right there and Mateo asks one last time if he’s ok before leaving.

Back in the board room, Moisés says sales were good. Rafa insists on knowing which of the songs on Mateo’s album sold the most. Gilda checks the paperwork and says Valentín’s came in first, then Nicolas…he sold almost as many as Rafa did. He’s got a lot of talent.

Rafa mumbles a thank you and Raquel tries to appease Rafa by saying Nico inherited it.

Well, Mateo thinks they should talk about signing him, Gisela, and Lila. Moisés gloats that he’s already thinking like a president. As Mateo takes the chair he says he doesn’t have a choice–he is one.

Moisés reminds him he has to present to the board soon. Mateo assures him some guy named Marco who we’ve never heard of before is working on it.

Moisés says he’s still a member of the board, along with Ms. Guzmán, Gilda, and Rafa, who owns 30% of the company. And he’s throwing a big dinner party at the house and they’re all invited. Especially Rafa. (Oh yeah, I’m sure Rafa wants to hang out with y’all.)

Casa Matamoros

Now that his sisters are here, Amado wants to give them the news that he and Selva are going to be parents.

Julia’s excited. But they’ll have to hurry up the wedding, right? Selva says it’s not necessary. It’s still early.

Agustina comes in with José in the clothes Manara brought him and Selva jumps up to hold him. She starts talking about how her child with Amado’s going to grow up with José. Julia jokes that if it’s a girl, they could date. Amado excuses himself to make a phone call.

Casa Davis

Cafre and Davis review the logistics. He’s gotten guns and bullets in. Cafre’s got a cop helping him, a brother of one of their guys. He’s not happy with what’s been going on inside the new administration. He has a key role tomorrow.

On the radio, Cafre gets a call that Detective Ramón Díaz is here to talk to Davis. He recognizes the name as one of Matamoros’ men. And he might have seen him, so he’ll have to hide.

Ramón, yes that Ramón, tells Davis he’s on the security team for the inauguration. She represents Valentín Vargas?

Yes, and a lot of other artists.

Then why was the contract negotiated with Mateo Solar? See, he thinks she’s hiding something.

Davis says she works with Mateo and she has nothing to hide. If he needs to investigate, he can go right ahead.

Ramon’s cell starts buzzing. It’s Amado, wanting him to hand the phone to Lorenzo. Um…he’s not near him right now (because this is what happens when your team is spread too thin). Fine, then Amado wants him to get Lorenzo and take him to the warehouse NOW.

Ramón smoothly says they’ll have to continue this conversation at the inauguration. Davis assures him that whatever they need, she’ll be here.

Cafre sneaks back in once he’s gone. They’re obviously going to need a lot more people to get to Amado. Cafre agrees. And blood is going to flow. (WHAT is the plan?!)

Family business

Manara’s working out when Selva comes to see her. She’s never been in the gym before, she marvels that it doesn’t even seem like part of the house.

Manara says it’s the place she missed most. Amado built it for her, so she could exercise without leaving the house. But that was another time.

Speaking of that, Selva wants to know what happened between them. She saw his face when Manara and Julia left. Why did she do it?

I thought he said “warehouse”? Lorenzo’s waiting at the ex-campaign headquarters. Amado introduces him to some guy named Osvaldo and says he’s involved in Amado’s “private businesses.”

OK, but what does Amado want? Why is he introducing him to this guy?

Amado wants to thank him. Selva’s having his baby and he owes it all to Lorenzo.

So, now Amado can see he has good intentions. Now what? How much farther are they taking this?

Just to here. Tomorrow Amado will be mayor and he’ll have no time for Lorenzo. He doesn’t believe in Lorenzo’s good intentions. He thinks Lorenzo’s trying to gain his confidence so he can stab him in the back.

OK…so he brought Lorenzo here to kill him? Lorenzo tells him to do it already.

Manara tells Selva that Amado has always been possessive, controlling. He never wanted her to do music. He only supported her when it was convenient for him. He needed allies–that’s why he introduced her to Rafa. He needed Rafa to become popular and clean up his image and become famous. And Manara used him for that too.

Selva doesn’t understand what Rafa gets out of it.

Manara doesn’t know. Business, probably. Money. Isn’t that what everyone wants?

Rancho Zabala

Rafa gets home, furious, asking where Nico is. Santiago tries to tell him they’re in the rehearsal casita, but Rafa walks right past him.

Nico’s trying out the accordion. Neto talks to him about getting his hand in the right place and takes it back to show him. Nico wants to learn, so Neto says it’s his. He can play it when Neto’s gone and dry his crocodile tears. Nico tells him not to say that–Neto’s going to be here and if anything happens, he’ll dry his tears with money.

Rafa comes in screaming about how Nico’s something redacted and he was letting Nico challenge him, but not so he could “betray” him. He punches him and Neto gets between them, asking if Rafa’s gone crazy or what? Nico just glares at Rafa.

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