La Mujer del Vendaval Wednesday 2/22/17 #71

The gate

So, Mateo’s locked in and the workers are locked out. And the guys who installed the gate aren’t forthcoming about who told them to install it.


Don Timo wakes Maria Laura up in the morning and she claims Nisa went to get coffee. ML’s in a hurry to get to the ranch and see the look on Marcela’s face. He’s so happy to have an ally inside the ranch. She reminds him she’s only his ally as long as he’s bothering Marcela. Timo gives her a password so she can get past the gate.


In the morning, Marcela tells Alba she plans to split up El Vendaval and give half to Alessandro. Or really it’s more like half of it’s going to Alba, Sagrario, Mateo, Maria Laura and the other half is Alessandro’s, which means it’s hers anyway. She wants it to be a surprise for the wedding. Yes, El Vendaval is like a part of her–that’s why she wants him to have half.

Alessandro shows up and he and Marcela go downstairs to leave Amadeo to talk to Alba. She’s still upset. She tells him their friendship is over.

Marcela, Alessandro, and Alba are going home…with Valeria. And Emiliano, Amadeo, and Ilse are stopping to visit Roman before they go. Ilse wants to pay Alessandro back, but he insists they can talk about it later.

Valeria apologizes to Marcela for last night and tries to play innocent. I’d care more about what she said if I thought she meant it. The good news is, Marcela doesn’t trust her.

All the drama’s at the ranch

Rosa and Sagrario are getting ready for their latest wave of visitors when Mateo comes running in, out of breath, saying he has to talk to Marcela. They’ve been locked in!

On the drive home, Alessandra and Marcela are holding hands. Valeria asks about the wedding plans. And then Mateo calls and tells Marcela the hacienda’s been gated off.

Maria Laura comes over to Camilo’s apartment to fetch Nisa. She’s in a hurry to get back to El Vendaval and see Marcela’s face when she can’t get into her precious hacienda. Camilo’s confused.

Mateo’s having the workers check the other ways in and out and see if anything’s going on there. He’d have them pull the gate down, but they said “the owner” would be angry and…he thinks it’s best of she just gets home.

Marcela says they’re working on it. Maybe the bank did this. She tells the others in the car what happened.

ML tells Camilo no one’s getting in or out of El Vendaval without Timo’s permission. Camilo thinks it’s funny, but he’s mostly thinking of el catrincito‘s reaction. Nisa hears him and asks if he’s talking about her brother. He acts like he’s entitled, since Alessandro’s acting like he’s going to save everything. Then for some reason he wants them to help him get his cast off.

Alessandro calls the bank and Felgueres has no idea what he’s talking about.

Silvana checks in with Luciano. He tells her he lent Conchita Pimentel the jet so she and her team can get to El Vendaval. Just so she knows if this doesn’t work out, it wasn’t because of him. (*snort*) If he’s calmer now, she’d like to talk, but he says he’s busy. And he has no plans to return to the ranch–he’s still hoping the wedding doesn’t happen.

Mateo hydrates with juice and tells Sagrario what the guys at the gate said that he can’t understand. Sagrario wonders if it might be the bank…or maybe…but he doesn’t even have the paperwork…. She’s thinking of Severo. Who else acts in the shadows like this?

Mateo blames himself for getting drunk last night. Sagrario thinks it was for her. No…well, maybe a little…but if Eulogio hadn’t come over, he wouldn’t have at all. Sagrario’s surprised Eulogio would do that when they’re not friends. Mateo wonders if he had something to do with this….

Sagrario thinks this is all strange. And she’s going to make him some chilaquiles for his hangover.

Eulogio reports that the gate went up as planned and now they’re getting ready to put up the enclosing wall. Timo tells him to charge it to some fund for seniors. Eulogio doesn’t get the logic. Well, by putting up the wall, they’re ensuring that in her retirement, Octavia will have her nice little piece of land to retire to. Eulogio praises his brilliance.

He does wonder if they should wait and see what Marcela’s reaction to the gate is first, but Timo would like to avoid her reaction entirely. Eulogio’s sure the shotgun will be involved. Well, if he dies, Timo wants it known he died a martyr for Octavia’s love.

Sagrario shares the news with Rosa and says Mateo’s out calming down the workers and their families. Silvana walks into the kitchen, wondering what’s going on…but her phone rings. Conchita and her team are here and they’re on their way to the hacienda. They break it to her that they’re locked in and Conchita’s locked out. Plus, Rosa doesn’t think Nisa and Maria Laura came home last night. Silvana tries to call Nisa…she leaves an angry voicemail message. Silvana’s about had it with Nisa being so irresponsible. She’s going to get dressed and, gate or no gate, she’s dragging her back here by the ears!


At the prison, Amadeo’s still worried about Alba hating him and Ilse’s telling him to give her time. Emiliano found out that they can only have a short visit with Roman and it has to be one at a time. Ilse goes in first.

Roman’s not happy to see Ilse, but she’s wearing him down. She explains that she’s moving nearby and if he doesn’t want to see her, that’s fine, but she’s going to be there for him all the same. She hurries to end the visit before he gets too upset and he looks like he’s struggling not to ask her to stay longer.

Emiliano tries asking Roman who ordered him to poison Marcela’s animals, but he says he can’t tell him. OK, then, if he changes his mind, Roman knows where to find him.

Now it’s Amadeo’s turn to visit. The bros hug.

Rather than talk about his situation, Roman encourages Amadeo to go after Alba. Now’s his chance! Oh, Amadeo SO doesn’t want to talk about it.

In that case, can he find Linda and tell her he forgives her? He hopes when he gets out he can find some way to make up for the harm he caused.

Nabor unlocks Linda’s door, now that Roman’s in prison.

Amadeo sends Emiliano and Ilse on ahead–he has an errand to run for Roman before he leaves.

Trouble continues to brew

Eulogio and Timo walk out of Timo’s house with four cops for security. They even have a bulletproof vest and helmet for Timo. Severo wanders up–he heard about the gate at El Vendaval. Timo won’t tell him anything, and he advises him not to come with them. And if anyone asks, he should keep his mouth shut. They walk off and Severo smiles his creepy smile.

In town, Al, et al, drop Valeria off at home.

Timo calls Octavia way too early to tell her that he’s already started cutting off access to El Vendaval.

Mateo drives Silvana up to the gate, but the guys guarding it start waving them off. Silvana’s out of the truck before Mateo can even stop it. She demands to be let out. At the same time, Nisa and Maria Laura are demanding to be let in. Unfortunately, the little slip of paper where Timo wrote down the “password” fell right through Maria Laura’s cleavage and out the bottom somewhere between here and Timo’s living room…not that this guy (whose badge says “POLICE”) seems to know anything about any password. People start yelling and this cop decides to shoot his gun up into the air, threatening to empty it into anyone who gives him trouble.

Timo promises he’s going to put up a wall. She’d be more impressed, but she’s falling asleep. She had a long night…she says…as she’s stroking Lencho’s arm. Sure, she’ll share the news with Lencho when she sees him. She falls asleep listening to Timo babbling about how he’s risking his life for her.

Silvana’s not happy that Nisa took Timo up on his offer to spend the night when she barely knows him. Al, et al, arrive and Alessandro tries demanding to be let in. The new guards won’t listen to Marcela either.


Antonio, the guy from the bank, checks with Octavia, now that he’s heard about the gate going up at El Vendaval. Octavia says she had to take action, since he couldn’t stop Alessandro’s proposal from being accepted. She expects him to keep it quiet that she’s the one who owns the land now. No, she couldn’t possibly come see him–she’s very busy.

Lencho gets dressed, but Octavia’s not liking his outfit. They’re going shopping after breakfast. (Yes, please, we need some levity!)

In the lobby, the female employees and the security guy who’s not Nestor are giggling over Octavia’s latest “toy.” Mauro interrupts, thinking they’re talking about him.

Everybody screams at everybody else

Timo shows up, all helmeted and ready to be fired on. Al tells Timo to arrest these guys for breaking the law…Timo tells Eulogio to explain what’s going on here. Eulogio explains that they’re the ones trespassing. Timo says Marcela doesn’t own this land…now he owns it.

Marcela tries attacking Timo with her fists and has to be pulled away. ML laughs in the background.

Amid much Timo-ism, he explains that they found the paperwork showing that Demetrio gave Severo this portion of land when he married Sagrario and Severo sold it to him. (But he’s still legally married to Sagrario and she didn’t sign anything, so why isn’t anybody bringing that up?!) He claims they’ve registered the sale with Notario #22 at the capital if she wants to verify it.

Anything else?

Marcela’s got one more thing to say. He’s a disgusting old man. She punches him right in the face and he starts complaining she broke a tooth. I’m ok with that.

There’s a lot more yelling and insults get thrown around–mostly at Timo–but in the end, he’s not going to have Marcela arrested for punching him. She didn’t just break a tooth, she knocked one OUT. Maria Laura finds this as amusing as she’s found everything else today.

Alessandro quite reasonably tells Timo that even if he owns the land, it doesn’t give him the right to close up the entrance so they can’t get in and out of their own property. Severo decides to wander up now, braying loudly about how it’s not their land anymore. Timo interrupts before he can say it’s Octavia’s land.

Mateo’s now angry enough to get one of the guards/cops out of the way and open the gate. He and Silvana squeeze through and Mateo’s just itching to get at Severo.

More yelling…and then Severo says he’s just here to make sure they carry out what was promised and knock down Mateo’s house. Maria Laura tells everyone else to back off–Severo has the right! (Was it in writing? No? Then he doesn’t get to say what happens to “his” land once it gets sold.) Alba gets involved–why can’t he just accept that he messed up and let her mother be happy with someone else. Severo has no intention of letting anyone be happy as long as Mateo’s still at the hacienda, making love to “his” wife. (I need somebody to kill that guy right the hell now.)

It’s not like they even have any equipment to tear down Mateo’s house with, but Severo keeps telling Timo to do it! Do it now! Alba can’t believe he’d do something that affects his own family. He does know they live here too, right?

Timo insists when Maria Laura marries Lencho, it’s going to end up being hers, like somehow that makes it ok.

Marcela wants the fence down. “Look, Marcela…oh, sorry, I forgot you can’t see that well!” Maria Laura laughs at Timo’s “joke” Timo says he’ll send over a written proposal so they can settle this.

Silvana steps in and says he can’t really mean to keep these girls away from their home. Timo tells his guards to let everyone outside in and everyone inside out. They swing the gate open and I’m pretty sure at the very least, a pickup truck or a van could make it through. Anything bigger was never going to get through anyway.

Marcela repeats for the last time that she wants the gate down today.

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