Guerra de Ídolos Thursday 7/20/17 #52

Episode 52: A punto de ser alcalde

Nico decides he’s going to take this opportunity to punch his dad in the gut and point out the obvious–Rafa’s angry at Nico for his own failure. Neto has a sudden pain, everyone’s screaming at each other, Rafa’s blaming everyone else, but especially Itzel. She goes out after Rafa, leaving the kids to help Neto.

Rafa’s still going on and on about how it’s all Itzel’s fault. She screams at him that it’s his fault because he always wanted to be the winner, the seducer, the number one. And things have changed–he’s not the same anymore. That’s nobody’s fault. Mateo won because he did a better job than Rafa.

Nope, it’s all about the betrayal for Rafa. Itzel did it so that’s why Nico did it and that’s why “the filth” are humiliating him.

Itzel says Nico didn’t “betray” him, he wanted to work with Mateo because Mateo gave him the opportunity to be himself, which Rafa never does.

Rafa’s all “I MADE SANTIAGO SHINE!” But like Itzel says, he had Santi in second place while he was in front with his JC tribute all selfish and desquiciado (crazy).

Rafa starts attacking Itzel and she screams at him to let her go. He ends up hugging her from behind and sobbing that he needs her help because he’s going crazy.

Casa Matamoros

Manara explains she didn’t want to work with Rafa anymore, so she accepted Megavisa’s offer. And she wasn’t running away, she just had a deadline for the contract and she didn’t want to lose it. She took Julia with her as kind of a security blanket.

And now she’d like to ask Selva, since she won’t be around, to look after Julia. She’d ask Amado, but…Julia’s not a little girl anymore. She needs the “sensitivity” they have to grow up. Manara’s sure Selva’s the right person to guide her.

Selva’s glad she thinks so, but worried because there’s some distance. Manara’s sure that’s normal when entering a family. She’ll open up with time. And they’ve got a new nephew to look forward to.

Selva’s bummed that she’s not going to get to spend a lot of time with Manara now that she’s going on tour. But they’ll see each other at the inauguration, right?

Manara cryptically says she has some other things to take care of, but yeah.

JC Records

Mateo sits in the president’s chair in the board room, remembering writing Fuego Cruzado with JC and JC saying he’d give Mateo his life. Mateo cries.

Ex-campaign HQ

Lorenzo was going to tell Mateo that Amado killed his brother. He risked letting Lorenzo live so he could use him to calm Selva. He was going to get rid of him, but Lorenzo “saved” his son and that’s important to him. He has a “code” and he’s going to commit to letting Lorenzo live.

“So what are we doing here? Why are they here?”

Well, Osvaldo here has been running some of Amado’s changarros (businesses) away from here so Amado wouldn’t be at risk during the elections, but Amado just found out he’s been stealing from him.

Osvaldo gets out “Boss, I never–” before Amado shoots him. See, he gives people lots of chances, but if you screw him over he doesn’t forgive. Ramon takes the gun in his gloved hands and starts wiping off the fingerprints.

Then he holds it out for Lorenzo. (Aw, hell no!) And once he’s got Lorenzo’s prints on it, he takes it back. Amado explains that now Lorenzo killed that guy. The gun will be with the police and the body will be frozen, but if Lorenzo does anything to Amado, they’ll throw the body on the beach and Lorenzo will spend his life in jail.

So, he’s not going to do anything, right? After all, his sister lives in Amado’s house and she’s pregnant.

Amado tells Lorenzo to get out and the other guys to deal with the body.

Rancho Zabala

Rafa sobs about feeling alone. First his family turned their backs, then the public, and ever since he and Itzel separated, he can’t find his balance.

And what was that balance? Sleeping with all the women he wanted to and taking photos for the front page, pretending to be a happy couple? A happy family? OK, so Rafa feels bad, but has he forgotten all the suffering he made Itzel go through?!

No, he knows he’s been unfair and if he’s getting so violent it’s because he doesn’t know how to express his feelings. (Which may be true, but learn to frickin’ use your words!) It doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate that she’s always been by his side.

Itzel warns him not to get confused. She’s here to watch over their sons and make sure Rafa doesn’t ruin their lives.

Rafa whines that they’re “our” sons and not all the front pages were fake. They learned to be happy together. He messed up, but he thinks he deserves another chance. Now that his dad is sick, wouldn’t that be a good gesture? For them to see Rafa and Itzel being ok together? He begs Itzel to give him a chance, but she shakes her head.

And then her phone starts buzzing. It’s a very creeped-out Lorenzo, trudging up a hill on foot and asking if he can see her later. He thinks he’s lost his guards. Itzel says she’s on her way over.

Rafa asks about the call, but it’s none of his business anymore. To be completely honest…she doesn’t love him anymore. He ended their love and there’s no going back. She leaves and Rafa cries.

Take two

Itzel makes it to Lorenzo’s where they hug and he declares he’s finally free…sort of. And he’s not going to make the same mistake again. He wants to take care of Itzel and that means there are things he’s going to have to leave her out of.

She asks if he made a deal with Amado

No, you can’t make deals with him–he never keeps his word. Lorenzo has promised himself two things. The first is that he won’t let Amado screw him over. And the second is that he’s going to do everything he imagined he would do if he ever saw Itzel again.

Dinner party

Celestina toasts, hoping this harmony lasts for years. Moisés toasts to the new president of JC Records. Mateo toasts to family.

And then Isaac shows up.

He’s glad to see them together. He congratulates Mateo on winning the presidency and says he’s got some good news…well, not as good as Mateo’s but…he got a TV program. He’s going to play poker and live in Las Vegas.

While Celestina’s face freezes in dismay and Moisés looks pissed, Mateo toasts to Isaac and Isaac chugs his champagne.

Event venue

People walk in through the metal detectors. The posters with “Amado New Mayor” are weird. Cafre gets stopped so they can check his backpack. He claims his microphone is something he needs for his job.

Alexis gripes at all the staff to pay attention! He wants no problems and no mistakes, got it? (As opposed to?) The mayor is on his way. And what’s this accordion doing here? He told them to take it away! Cafre and a police officer whose face I’m going to forget in five minutes salute each other.

Casa Mateo

Moisés and Celestina are leaving again. They’re going to be completely disconnected, but Belinda has the number of the place they’re staying. And she’s only supposed to use it if the baby needs something.

Gilda’s taking them to the airport. Mateo’s already at the office working and he’s got the inauguration today, so they can imagine how he’s doing. Isaac says he’s happy for him and Celestina’s glad they’ve reconciled. She hugs him goodbye.

Moisés hangs back to tell Isaac that even though his grandson’s future is secured and he’s doing OK economically, he’s still forbidding Isaac to talk to the press about the thing the two of them know. Yes, he does think Isaac would talk–out of anger, jealousy, to be famous. Isaac can do whatever he wants with his life, but if he hurts one of his siblings again, he’ll have to deal with Moisés.

Oh…and he doesn’t believe Isaac’s happy for Mateo, either.

Isaac tries to convince Belinda to come to Las Vegas with him. He thinks it’ll give her a chance to think about what to do with her son’s money. (Nothing. Let it sit there and compound interest. Definitely don’t do anything with it that Isaac would do.)

Belinda says it’s not that easy. What would she tell everyone? “I’m going to Las Vegas with Isaac?”

He whines that she wouldn’t even be “with” him really, because he’ll be busy with his reality show. His plan is to get a bunch of money together and use it to become famous and then make his album. He doesn’t care what anyone else has to say about it. His parents are getting old together. Her son needs a man to help raise him. And who better than Isaac because he’s his “blood” and he loves his mother.

He didn’t push before because she was pregnant, but things have changed now. He’s seen the way she looks at him and he looks at her the same way.

He kisses her while I puke. Belinda was not indifferent. Damnit!

JC Records

Mateo gets to work and asks the receptionist for a calendar of upcoming events and new talent. Chalino tells him someone’s waiting upstairs. No really, he should go up there. Just go.

It’s Manara. He’s surprised she’s there. She’s not surprised he won–he deserves it.

“Thanks?” So is she here to congratulate him?

No, she’s here to see which Mateo won, the musician or the one who’s willing to sacrifice everything because he’s poisoned by hate.

Mateo doesn’t get it. And isn’t it all the same to her?

No, it’s not, because she loves him. So she came to help him decide. Which is code for “shag you in the board room.” Mateo at least thinks to go lock the door.

After, Manara asks if this is his answer.

Uh, what answer?

That he chose love over anger.

Mateo laughs. This isn’t love. Love isn’t like this. It’s not selfish. He tells her not to be confused–he’s not angry, he’s disappointed. This is the biggest disappointment of his life. He thought if they were together again, if he “had” her again, the feeling would pass, but it’s still there.

Manara tells him to go ahead and hate her, but don’t do anything stupid. If this number today for the inauguration is a way to get to Amado, she wants Mateo to tell her. She wants the truth.

Mateo asks why she’s here. She’s got her new life, her famous boyfriend, her million dollar contract. Did she forget what was real? Is that why she came to find him?

No, she hasn’t forgotten. She came to find him because she loves him and misses him.

Mateo declares this his revenge, “having” her like this, her “giving” herself to him. She cheated on Bianco and he’s enjoying it.

Manara calls him rencoroso (resentful). She’s sure he wants to get her brother today, but he has no idea the kind of people he’d be messing with. They’re soulless. She’s telling him–once he does it, there’s no going back.

Casa Matamoros

Amado meets Julia and Selva downstairs. They’re ready to go over with him, but Manara’s meeting them there. She had some things to do.

Canseco lets the family out of the gate after checking the street. He’s sending Selva and Julia in one car and Amado in the other. Selva jokes about not wanting to imagine what his security will be like when he’s got a higher position. Amado says he won’t mind as long as she’s First Lady.

Selva and Julia get into their SUV and Canseco asks Amado if he’s ready to triumph. Nope, ’cause Alexis is calling. AGAIN. WHY?!

Um, because he and Lucho jut pulled Drunk!Rafa out of a congal (brothel). A few people got pictures, but Lucho’s taking care of it.

Amado wants him revived and bathed…. “But what if they publish the pictures?!” Then it’s press. Get something in him because Amado wants him at the event in front of the cameras.

In the SUV, Canseco reviews the floor plans. Amado’s suddenly worried about where Manara is. Canseco actually doesn’t know–she left early and he didn’t put a guard on her because Amado didn’t ask him to. Amado starts calling.

JC Records

Manara warns Mateo that she’s going to be at the inauguration. He tells her to enjoy the show. Well, if something happens, she’ll know it was him.

She tries pleading with him again–they have the advantage! They know the truth. They can strategize and put Amado in jail.

Mateo’s phone buzzes..Chalino’s telling him to hurry up and get downstairs. Mateo tells Manara he’ll be right back.

Downstairs, Las Sobrinas have arrived and Gisela shows off their outfit for today. Lila’s in the lounge waiting for Mateo.


Amado’s holding what looks like a copy of Davis’ driver’s license, which creeps me out. Canseco says she represents musicians. If it’s a cover, she hides it well.

Amado wants to know which corridos her musicians sing and if they have padrinos.

Casa Davis

Valentín’s all sequinned out and ready to go, complaining to Básico that they’re running late. Básico was just looking at social media and Alexis says they’re not closing, some other guy is. Valentín’s pissed. Davis is sure that guy paid Alexis.

Valentín asks Davis if she’s coming, but she thinks it’s best to be discreet. If anything happens, Cafre’s there. Valentín says he’ll send her kisses through the TV and tells her to behave herself.


Cafre takes the microphone out of his backpack and the bullets out of the microphone and pockets them. He gives a “Yes, officer, all good” to someone who might or might not be his inside man.

Cafre shows another guy where to find his gun. Davis calls and he says he’s got both his men bought and ready. She tells him Valentín isn’t closing, so as soon as he’s done she wants Cafre to come up with an excuse to get him out of there. She doesn’t want him here when it happens. (Aw, Davis, you big softie.)

Cafre says he’d better go–they’re arriving.

As Amado gets out of his SUV, Canseco hands him a gun. He says it’s a big op, you can never have too many. He gets ushered inside to get into makeup.

JC Records

The Sobrinas are early. Lila says it’s the excitement of the show. OK, really, she came to see him. And show him the look.

Mateo likes it. Are those boots comfortable? He stops her from taking a shot of tequila, saying he needs her sober.

Manara comes out of the board room, looking for Mateo. Chalino says he’s busy. He can have him call her later….

Gisela comes up the stairs saying she can’t believe it. It’s her day! She admires Manara so much, can they get a selfie? Wow, she just can’t believe it! She heard Manara’s looking for Mateo–he’s in there with her friend, but it’s probably better if she doesn’t go in…could they take another selfie?

As Chalino goes chasing after Manara he tells Gisela a closed mouth gathers no flies.

Mateo’s actually trying to get Lila to keep her clothes on, saying they’ll save it for later.

Manara walks in on them and assumes “this” is his way of pushing her away. Lila doesn’t appreciate her use of “this” and tells Manara to show some respect–Manara herself was no one only a little while ago.

Manara reminds Mateo of what she told him and tells him to choose well. She’ll see him at the event.

“Can you remind me of what you said?” (Shut up, Mateo.)


Rafa interrupts Amado’s makeup time and kicks everyone out. Amado’s laughing at his face. Rafa says he had a bad day yesterday. His “wife” turned the whole family against him.

And also he lost the label.

Well, yeah, it was his son’s fault because “Mateo manipulated him into screwing me over.” (Rafa’s head is a special place where logic is…not.)

Amado gets it–everyone treats Rafa badly except him. Well, he should go on to the VIP area and relax and they’re going to resolve it all later.

Rafa hugs him, relieved, and thanks Amado for always being good to him. They’re going to get that filth out of the label and go ahead with their plans! He runs into Alexis on his way out.

And Amado tells Alexis to have Lucho publish those photos. And send them to Megavisa–let them make themselves useful.

Down in the second row, Julia tells Selva this is crazy! Amado always said he’d win, but she never believed him. He and Manara are alike that way–they get what they go after. Julia wishes she could be like that.

Selva’s sure she will be. Getting into the Megavisa school is going to be good for her. And she can count on Selva.

Alexis walks up, asking her to verify the order of the program–first Valentín, then Amado, then this guy Alexis brought in, El Mayor (The Best One) of Tijuana.

Selva says it looks good, but has he consulted with Rafa? He’s the one who’s supposed to decide about the music.

Alexis assures her he will, no worries.

El Mayor thanks Selva for the opportunity to perform.

Selva sits back down and Julia and asks if Manara told her what “stuff” she had to deal with. Julia thinks it was just an excuse. She and Amado don’t get along and Manara probably doesn’t want to come.

Manara calls Amado from outside JC Records. He assumes she’s telling him she’s leaving, but he doesn’t care–Julia’s with Selva. Actually, she’s calling to propose something.


Nico and Santi are jamming and watching the footage from the venue. Nico tells Santi he saw Julia in Mexico and…a lot of things happened. It was better than he thought.

But what about Sabrina?

He doesn’t know. They have a good time together, but there’s nothing else. She’s off in Nevada right now, dealing with a problem with her student visa.

Julia calls and Nico says he was just talking about her. She saw his dad and she was disappointed–she thought he’d be there.

Nico says he had some things to do before the tour. They both agree they miss each other, so Nico invites her over after. He’ll send her the address.

Santi’s like “HERE?!” (Yeah, I agree, she’s not going to be happy he invited her over to Sabrina’s place.)

JC Records

Dylan arrives and he’s got the gun. They’re going to sneak it in on Lila’s person to get them past security. Dylan says it isn’t high caliber, but the bullets hurt all the same.

Mateo wants to make sure no innocent people get killed. Dylan’s sure he can hit Amado. Mateo’s sticking by Lila and Dylan’s supposed to be in the palcos (gallery) while Chalino’s back with the raza.

Then they debate whether they’d rather go to jail for this or be dead. Mateo says it’s going to be Amado’s jail. OK, then, dead is better.


Manara arrives and bumps into Rafa. He may be sober, but he’s still kind of…extra-obnoxious? He’s demanding she at least stick around for a minute because she owes him.

As Va A Dolerte Mas Que A Mi plays, Amado’s make up is done and he’s ready to start.

Lucho shows Amado the “terrible” pictures of Rafa he published. The first one has Rafa’s face half covered by the back of someone’s head. The other one looks like…well, Mr. 5ft asked if he was auditioning for a vampire movie.

Amado wants it to get out that Rafa’s there. He’s not worried that it will hurt him–all publicity is good. Later, Lucho can publish stuff to wash away the stench of Rafa, so to speak.

A photographer gets a picture of Rafa, Manara, and Manara’s pained smile before they get back to that “minute” he thinks she owes him. He accuses her of taking advantage of him and using his contacts and his feelings for her to rip him off. Also, it’s her fault he’s separating from his wife.

Manara’s like “No, you’re doing that because you want to.” And this conversation is going nowhere.

No, wait, he’s not done. He’s never going to forgive her and that’s not a threat. It’s a done deal. She can go cry to her brother if she wants to–Rafa doesn’t care, after what she did. Manara and Bianco are going to be hearing from him!

Casa Lorenzo

It’s two minutes to the inauguration and he’s not going. He and Itzel are in their jammies. They can watch it on the iPad. He thinks it will be interesting to see what happens, but Amado’s so nervous he won’t even notice Lorenzo’s missing. Plus, he can think of better things to do….


Mateo, Dylan, Chalino, and the Sobrinas get to security. When Lila sets off the metal detector, she blames it on the boots and their giant zippers. Gisela jumps in and joins her, begging them not to make them take off their boots!

And in they go.

Casa Mateo

Isaac’s watching on his laptop. The camera goes past a very cranky looking Rafa, so Isaac shuts the lid and calls him.

He heard Rafa lost the presidency. So what do they do? Rafa says his friend is the mayor so they’ll get something, just be patient.

Isaac assures Rafa he’s with him. Rafa thanks him for the support. But it’s more than that, it’s solidarity–like Isaac told him, people want to step on them, but don’t get down because the best is yet to come.

Belinda comes downstairs. The baby finally got to sleep. She tells Isaac what he did wasn’t good.

And then she kisses him while my brain starts screaming.

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