La Mujer del Vendaval Thursday 2/23/17 #72

At the gate

Marcela wants the gate to come down today. Alessandro warns Timo not to piss off his wife…and they ain’t even SEEN him get angry yet. He follows Marcela to his car. Alba says she’s staying here with the only guy she’s ever known as a father. (Take that, Sev!) Mateo tells Eulogio he knows now that last night was a trick. Eulogio at least looks guilty.

ML’s staying outside because she has things to discuss with devil daddy.

ML congratulates Timo. She’s never seen Marcela so angry! Yeah, speaking of…he tells Eulogio to get him an emergency appointment with the dentist for a new tooth. Gotta look good for the elections.

Anyway, he’s going to write up a proposal and he’d like Maria Laura to deliver it to Marcela. Severo asks Maria Laura to excuse them so he can threaten to tell Marcela and Alessandro who he sold the land to if Timo doesn’t tear down Mateo’s house. I’m pretty sure Maria Laura is still close enough to hear them.

Eulogio found some paper and a pen and he’s ready to write up that proposal now….

Maria Laura whines about taking in Timo’s proposal, but she eventually agrees. She’s about to head inside when a van arrives with Conchita Pimentel and her team. Whoever the guy is who’s acting as Conchita’s spokesperson is, ML dismisses him as a “reinita de cabaret” and says there won’t be a wedding here, so they can go back where they came from. This may be the one and only time I’ve enjoyed seeing someone literally unable to take “no” for an answer. Purple shirt and the two people poking their heads out the sunroof of the SUV are all looking like “Huh? What did she say? I don’t get it.”

Purple shirt tries to argue with Maria Laura, but it doesn’t get him anywhere. She saunters inside with Timo’s proposal, gloating about Marcela’s ruined wedding.


Mauro signs some paperwork for Inés and turns around to see Octavia and Lencho. She demands he get ready to come with her and asks Inés to find her if somebody named Larios calls.

And he calls right then. So Octavia delegates Lencho’s makeover to Mauro and tells him not to skimp. She waves them out the front door as she tells Larios she’ll be there waiting for him.

Mauro. Lencho. Shopping. I like the blue shirt and grey jacket best. I think Mauro does too. At least he seems somewhat amused by all this.

Lencho’s got both hands full of shopping bags and he’s crowing about not listening to the sales guy. He wanted to dress him like he was going to a funeral! Mauro’s sure Octavia will be impressed. And he agrees that Lencho inherited his dad’s style. Now Lencho looks worried.

El V

In the living room at the hacienda, the topic of conversation is Marcela punching Timo. Nisa’s agin’ it. Sagrario found it satisfying. And now there’s this “proposal” to deal with. Mateo’s convinced he wants money. Al says they’ll have to pay to get their crops out–there’s nothing for it. Sagrario wonders, though, how Severo could have sold the land. Mateo says the worst thing is how Sagrario’s staying quiet to protect him. (Sagrario looks like she’s reconsidering that.)

Marcela and Alessandro are worried about the crops. Since all their workers can’t get in, the only thing they can do is have the ones inside the gate work double. He tells her not to worry–Timo’s just looking for money and Al can negotiate with him.

He’s going to go check on his mom. She’s acting calm, but she seems upset.

What Silvana’s worried about is that Conchita quit since they wouldn’t let her in.

And in the middle of all this, Marcela’s consulting a lawyer about how to give Alessandro half of the land she’s going to lose if they can’t get their crops out the front door!

Conchita’s angry and Silvana completely understands. Alessandro asks Silvana to call her and tell her Al will go to town to speak to her himself and it was all a misunderstanding.

From Marcela’s side of the conversation, it sounds like the lawyer is concerned about the debt. She explains they’ve arranged a payment schedule with the bank. She asks for a draft of the paperwork and a bill and says this is a present for her husband. (You know, you could have asked if it’s legal for a petty despot with more hair product than sense to block off the entrance to your land while you were at it. Just saying.)

Alessandro tells Marcela that his mom’s freaking out about Conchita. Is there any other way in and out of the ranch? Welll, there’s another road, but it’s tricky to navigate and kind of dangerous. Al asks if they could do it with a guide, like Mateo maybe? Because he doesn’t see any other way…Marcela does. “¡Rosa! ¡La escopeta!” Al objects–they can’t solve everything this way! She already knocked out Timo’s tooth. What’s she going to do now? Kill him? “I’d be doing a favor to San Bartolo.” Rosa comes in and they fight over whether Rosa’s leaving the shotgun, taking the shotgun, leaving the shotgun, taking the shotgun…. Al decides he’s going to town and he’ll figure something out. He takes the shotgun and starts to hand it back to Rosa, but he hesitates.

Marcela apologizes to Silvana for the scene earlier, but if she knew the kind of crap Marcela has had to put up with! Silvana reminds her she has a man around now to help. She doesn’t have to act so…. “Macho,” Nisa supplies. Silvana glares at her.

She hopes Al can convince Conchita to do the wedding. She’s quit for less than this. Oh yes, a wedding is a matter of honor to Conchita. A matter of life or death!

Maria Laura comes in, pulling the proposal out of her cleavage and handing it to Marcela.

Marcela finishes reading out Timo’s demands. He’s charging any trucks 50% of the value of their contents to pass through his land. Maria Laura and Nisa gloat behind her back while Silvana agrees with Marcela that this is absurd. And she knows Alessandro’s never going to go for it either. There has to be some way to make Timo be reasonable. And she doesn’t mean violence! He’ll just dig his heels in.

Marcela reads the proposal to Alessandro. He says he’ll negotiate. He knows this land is an extension of her…the road is her skin, the wind is her breath, and he’s die before he lets a part of her die.

San Bartolo

In his office, Timo complains about getting punched. Does anybody actually care? He wants Mateo’s house to come down tonight. He can’t risk Severo running his mouth and getting him in trouble with the woman he doesn’t have a chance in hell with. (No, that’s not what he said. But it’s the truth.)

Eulogio tries to ask for clemency–Mateo has nothing to do with this. Timo says that (1) he’s on the opposing team, too bad, so sad and (2) he fell in love with his boss’ wife. (HE WAS DEAD!) Eulogio says you don’t choose who to fall in love with.

Timo loses patience with him, but Eulogio doesn’t stop arguing. Severo left, that means Sagrario was free. Nope, because in Timoland, once you’ve had sex with a woman, she’s “yours” for life. (Sounds like a lot of dudes think they’re living in Timoland.) The house is coming down. Eulogio had better warn Mateo to move out.

Timo has decided that what he really needs, in addition to the dentist, is a massage from July. He tells Eulogio to go hire her back at twice her previous salary. But he’s sensing Eulogio doesn’t want to follow his orders…. No, it’s just that Eulogio doesn’t think that’s the best way to approach July. Hey, Timo pays him to follow orders, not give advice.


Larios is Damiana’s lawyer. He brought the list of everything Octavia inherited. But instead of looking happy, she looks confused and worried.

Larios doesn’t know how Damiana got Alessandro to hand over so much. To Octavia it’s a sign that Al was telling her he’d rather be poor than be with her and Damiana must have been humiliated. Anyway, they agree this divorce cost Al dearly. So what happens now? Larios carries out the will and gets those properties transferred to Octavia’s name.

And one last thing–she never knew under what conditions Damiana and Alessandro were married, but she always assumed it was por bienes separados. Nope. Bienes mancomunados. Octavia says to herself that she’s finally going to get the hacienda and her revenge on the Castelós.

El V

Mateo’s supervising the few workers who are left. Eulogio tries to plead with him to move out of his house because Timo’s going to tear it down tonight. Eulogio says he tried to convince Timo…ha! Like Mateo believes that. Eulogio does whatever Timo tells him to. He’s just a bootlicker helping that poisonous scorpion make their lives impossible. Eulogio says it’s just business. More like government corruption! Eulogio swears there’s nothing more he can do. Well, he can quit calling Mateo a friend. A friend doesn’t behave like that. Eulogio swears what he said about his feelings was absolutely true. He does admit that the El Vendaval crew are the ones in the right and with Team Timo it’s all fighting dirty. He’s sorry. He would have liked to be Mateo’s friend.

When Alessandro gets to the front gate, the security guy has to call Timo to see if he’s allowed out.

Mateo begs Eulogio to explain why Timo’s doing all this to Marcela. What does he have against her? Eulogio says it’s not Timo, he’s acting on someone else’s behalf. He can’t say any more. There are powerful people who want this land and they’re going to take it one way or another–and he’s not talking about Timo. He’s sorry about the house.

Maria Laura’s doing a victory dance, but Nisa’s upset. And she doesn’t think keeping Conchita Pimentel from getting into El Vendaval is going to stop Alessandro and Marcela from getting married. ML says it’s another stone in the bag and soon the bag is going to break.

Nisa thinks she’s the one who’s going to explode–of passion and desire. She had a taste last night and she’s jonesing for more. But here she is, locked up like a nun while Camilo’s on the other side of the gate. She’s going to have to take drastic measures to prove that he’s the love of her life.

The two cops on guard duty are annoyed with all this “Open the gate, close the gate” business. Camilo rides up, claiming he has a message for Marcela from Timo. The guy tries to call, but the line is busy. He lets Camilo in, but he can’t bring the horse.

Camilo sneaks into Maria Laura’s room to see Nisa. Or at least so far, that’s why he’s here. Silvana busts them snogging.

Camilo cuts to the chase–he and Nisa love each other.

So, just to clarify–he was sooooo in love with Marcela that he was prepared to do anything to stop her from marrying Alessandro, but now he’s in love with Nisa? Yep, that’s Cami’s story. He finally realized that Marcela had him bewitched and Nisa’s the one for him. Silvana says Nisa’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. Oh, no Nisa swears he’s a hardworking, passionate, feminist gentleman. Well, Nisa’s not going to be seeing him anymore–this is over.

Nisa throws a tantrum. How come Alessandro can do whatever he wants to and she can’t?! “Because he THINKS!” Nisa keeps swearing she won’t be kept from her “love” and Silvana flips out and slaps her.

San Bartolo

Alessandro bursts into the dentist’s office to ask Timo WTF that joke of a proposal is about. He warns Timo that he’s going to use every resource at his disposal to expose Timo’s shady business dealings. They’re not going to submit to extortion.

The dentist kicks Alessandro out, so he says he’ll be waiting in the lobby. He has to settle this today. A friend of his mother’s is being kept off the property. Oh, if she’s a friend of Silvana’s, Timo will give orders for her to be allowed in. He starts calling his toadies at the gate while he complains to the dentist about what a headache–and a toothache–it is to be a property owner.


Timo calls Octavia from the dentist’s office to brag about getting his tooth knocked out. Uh huh, whatever. Mauro gets back from shopping with Lencho and Octavia laughs that Timo called to say he got his tooth knocked out because of her and he’s STILL eating out of the palm of her hand. Uh huh, whatever. Mauro’s all set to show off Lencho’s makeover. Yes, yes, it’s all brand name, but he put the outfits together himself. You know how it is–you can take the guy off the ranch, etc.

I don’t think it’s so bad, except for him insisting on wearing the collar turned up. Octavia’s horrified.

Octavia thought Mauro was going to be advising Lencho. Hey, he tried, but Lencho has very firm ideas. Well, now he and Octavia are going to have to return everything. For now she needs Lencho to scram so she can talk to Mauro. “Can I go to the pool?” Lencho pouts.

Mauro reviews the list of Damiana’s assets. He’s impressed. All that time they were telling her to get everything she could from Alessandro and she’d already done it! Octavia says now she’s going to be rich enough to get her revenge on Luciano and humiliate him the way he humiliated her. If Damiana married por bienes mancomunados, she inherits half of what Alessandro had at the moment of her death. (Uh, I don’t think it works that way.) And she doesn’t mean money–she means shares in the Toscana.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

Thanks bunches for the recaps, ungh its really gettin ugly now with the gate and all. What if we could get Timo and Severo and well Octavia to all stand in a huddle and let Marcela shootem with buck shot. Interestingly Luciano is looking less horrible now by comparison and that’s just depressing. “(You know, you could have asked if it’s legal for a petty despot with more hair product than sense to block off the entrance to your land while you were at it. Just saying.)” Well if characters in telenovelas used common sense and knew how to prioritize… Read more »