Guerra de Ídolos Friday 7/21/17 #53

Episode 53: Atentado

Belinda can’t understand this (bizarre) attraction she has to Isaac. He reminds her of JC…the way he looked, his gestures. (And that doesn’t bother Isaac?)

He keeps trying to convince her to come to Las Vegas, but she doesn’t want his family to know they’re together. Or the public–she’s the one they’ll hate for it. They won’t understand. (Oh…good point. I mean, even I’m blaming this on her. I can understand what Isaac sees in her. It’s the other way around that I don’t get. It’s not a “How dare you cheat on Dead!JC” thing. Go fall for someone else. Just not Isaac!)

Isaac puts it all in her hands and she opts for not telling anyone, but continuing to snog.


Valentín, Basico, and Cafre hang out backstage. Amado walks by them all with his security team. Cafre encourages him to say something, so Valentín tries thanking him for inviting them to perform. Amado’s return “thanks” is pretty flat. (Of note: the little rhinestone V’s on Valentín’s lapels.) One officer, their plant, guards the doorway after Amado goes through.

Manara gets to her seat between Selva and Julia. She and Julia see Mateo talking to Lila on stage.

Mateo tells her this is her chance to show she’s not just a body, but she’s also got a voice and talent. Lila thanks him. And she gave the thing to Chalino. Because she feels like she owes Mateo. But she doesn’t want him getting into any trouble.

Mateo promises it’s just Chalino’s usual thing as his bodyguard and they couldn’t get it past security. He tells her to just focus on singing, kisses her and Gisela both on the cheek and gets off stage.

Julia snarks that she can’t tell if he’s with one of them, the other, or both. Manara doesn’t care.

Backstage, Mateo approaches Cafre and says it’s time for them to see what he can do without hurting any other people. Cafre says any complaints are not his department. Well, Mateo’s prepared to support him if necessary. Cafre’s eyebrows go up.

He calls Davis and tells him Mateo just threatened him. He thinks Mateo suspects something. Davis tells him to stick to the plan and screw Mateo.

Alexis goes to the dressing room downstairs, not the nice open room Amado was in before, to bring El Mayor de Tijuana to meet Amado. El Mayor’s all excited, saying he voted for Amado and read his book.

Amado ignores him. Rafa’s in charge of the music. If Alexis wants his job he has to arrange it with him. Amado doesn’t care about this guy or the other performers.

Alexis walks out with El Mayor, right past Mateo. He asks if Amado’s ok–he looks tense. Hey, he knows going onstage is complicated, but Amado will do well. It’s all politics. Anyway, he hopes Amado enjoys what they prepared for him. He tells Amado he looks good and walks out, leaving Amado smirking at himself in the mirror.

Alexis comes out on stage as emcee. I notice the seats aren’t completely full and laugh. He welcomes the crowd as Mateo sits down by Dylan and says Cafre’s ready. Dylan says Chalino is too. Chalino’s actually busy eating a hot dog (*snort*).

Alexis blah blahs about how Amado’s one of them, now he’ll be their voice, etc.

Cafre dawdles in the hallway, watching Amado head for the stage.

Alexis introduces Valentín, Básico, Lila, and Gisela. In addition to the four of them, there are also dancers. They perform Si Me Dejes Te Dejo. It’s ok, but I don’t see what the big deal was. Selva likes it. Rafa’s grouchy. Mostly it covers up Amado’s ridiculous campaign promises in English (pretty sure the mayor of Los Angeles doesn’t negotiate trade deals). Someone comes to take Manara backstage before the number is over.

Then it’s time to bring a podium up for Amado while Valentín, et al, walk off. Cafre meets them backstage and says the boss wants to talk to them right away. He’ll take care of their equipment. Lila would rather wait for Mateo, which means Gisela’s staying too. (Are Gisela and Básico kind of together?) He still suggests they move on down the hallway so they won’t be “in the way.” (Oh, no, that wasn’t suspicious at all.)

Amado gets up there and blah blahs about keeping his campaign promises, which basically amounted to free concerts with famous artists? And then, as a special surprise he brings up a star, THE star, his sister Manara.

And now Mateo’s nervous.

Manara won’t let Amado leave the stage. After all, she’s here to sing to him. And everyone who knows it can join in, right? She and Mateo nod to each other as she starts playing an acoustic version of Sobrenatural.

Backstage, Canseco is furious–why didn’t Alexis tell him? He wasn’t prepared for this! Alexis tells him to pipe down. They were last-minute orders from Amado. Right, like Alexis’ last-minute changes to the closing act without telling him? Alexis brushes off his concerns and says it’s too late to cry about it, just fix it. (If Canseco decides to off Alexis and make it look like an accident, I’m not gonna feel bad for him.)

As the song continues, Mateo and Dylan are assuming Manara’s doing this to protect Amado. (I think she’s also doing it to annoy Amado and make him stand there pretending he enjoys her performance.)

Selva’s impressed that Manara isn’t just here, but singing. When she’s done, Amado calls for an encore and tells Alexis to get someone out here to accompany her. El Mayor de Tijuana and his band start taking the stage and Manara hands off her guitar. Turns out El Mayor and the band know Amor y Desamor, which just tickles me for some reason.

Now it’s Rafa’s turn to go after Alexis. He didn’t authorize this! Is Alexis trying to make him look stupid?! Alexis says he’s saving Rafa’s skin. Uh huh, Alexis just happened to have them ready with their outfits and instruments and everything? Alexis shuts him up by reminding him of what he saw at the congal.

Amado’s back in the green room, turning down another application of makeup. Canseco complains to one of the officers that his sister being there screwed up the security arrangements, so stick to the boss but don’t freak him out. (Is this our plant? I can’t keep track anymore!) As Amado and crew start heading back to the stage, Cafre calls his guy in the audience and says it’s time.

Amor y Desamor is not bad as a banda song. El Mayor messes up the words and makes an apologetic face at Manara.

In the audience, Cafre’s guy shoots his gun into the air. Cue chaos. El Mayor gets taken off stage, but Manara’s just standing there staring until Mateo leaps up to grab her.

I guess former bodyguards make lousy protectees. Amado cannot handle being shoved behind a wall of suits. He wants to deal with things himself. Canseco tells him to go…just before the shooting breaks out. Amado gets shot in the arm.

Selva, Rafael, and Julia are all being shoved out a back door. Julia’s freaking out about Manara. Selva’s worried about Amado. Rafa keeps them both moving along.

The shootout moves toward the green room area and one guy in a uniform shoots another guy in uniform who possibly dies. It’s all kind of messy and with all the uniforms, I can’t tell who’s who.

Amado ends up in a bathroom, bleeding all over the place. He thinks it’s Canseco coming to look for him, but it’s Cafre. He’s here on behalf of El Diplomático, who knows all of Amado’s dirty dealings. And Amado’s been pardoned…as long as he does what El Diplomático wants, when he wants. Refuse and Amado will first be burned in the media, then his sisters will be killed, and then Amado will be killed.

I believe the bleeped phrase Amado tosses out before he spits in Cafre’s face is something like “you and your boss can blow me.” And I’m making that guess because Cafre says Amado’s the one who’s going to [bleeped] him, right before he bashes him over the head and spits right back.

Manara’s trying to find out if this is all Mateo’s doing, but he says it’s not important. A pair of cops show up and grab each one of them, pulling them apart. Dylan comes out of nowhere, starts fighting with the cop who’s got Mateo and tells him to ignore Manara–currently being held around the waist while she screams to be let go–or they’re going to get arrested.

Cafre whips off his baseball cap and black t-shirt, barely making it out before a bunch of security guards start holding back the fleeing attendees.

Canseco finds Amado unconscious in the bathroom bleeding all over the floor and calls for an ambulance.

Dylan and Mateo join the crowd of people on the stairs and jump the railing. Suddenly there’s a police officer there, telling them not to try anything or he’ll shoot. They try to argue they haven’t done anything, they’re just afraid like everyone else. But no, he’s here because he was SENT for them. Which explains what happened earlier, I guess.

Manara shoves her way past a security guy in the hallway as she follows the trail of blood to the bathroom.

Chalino saves Dylan and Mateo by shooting the cop and then telling them to make a run for it and split up.

By the time Manara gets to the bathroom, Amado’s on a gurney and paramedics are trying to stop the bleeding. Canseco tells her to go find the rest of her family. Alexis says he’s taking care of everything and under orders to manage the situation so don’t say anything to the family or the press. He’s holding Manara, trying to get her to agree with him, but she pulls away and leaves without replying.

Canseco complains that it’s going to be difficult to hide this, but Alexis says to just sneak him out and he’ll figure out an excuse.

In the parking garage, Julia’s still asking about Manara while Selva’s worrying about Amado. Rafa tells them they can go if they want to–he’s already called his driver. Manara arrives, ignores Rafa, and hugs Juli and Selva. And then a officer says Amado’s taking care of things here. It was just an ajuste de cuentas (settling of scores) between the musicians. They can go on.

They all pile into the SUV, leaving Rafa behind, standing in the middle of the parking garage by himself.


Cafre gets to the van where his guy is already waiting. He calls Davis before telling him where to go.

Davis is watching on her tablet, hearing that there was a shooting at the event, a confrontation between members of the public. She’s worried when Cafre calls–the news isn’t saying anything. How did it go? He says he did what she asked, but he thinks they should have killed him.

Well, those were El Diplomático’s orders! He’s going to have to take a forced vacation now.

Cafre hates the idea of leaving her alone. He’s sure Amado will try to get to her. He’s already sent one of his killers.

Davis brushes it off–they’re in the US. He’s limited by being in public office. Was Cafre clear with the message? He says he was, but he still wants Davis to get reinforcements. She tells him to chill and disappear. If someone sees him, they’re both screwed.

As soon as she’s off the phone with Cafre, she calls someone named “Mariscal” and says she needs help.


Alexis forces cash on a doctor to keep things quiet. He actually tells the doctor it’s para que se compromete con nosotros (so he feels an obligation to them).

To El Mayor and his posse, he says they’re going to say Valentín’s group attacked them. Uh…but they had already left by then. Doesn’t matter–Alexis will find witnesses who will say they hadn’t. They’ll say that the fight was over the “girls” who were with them. El Mayor has no problem with that, but when those guys say they’re lying they’ll just look stupid.

“Chill. We run the city.” If they want a contract and their songs on the radio, they’ll say what Alexis tells them to. They agree. (Anybody else getting the feeling that Alexis isn’t just taking advantage of a situation that someone else created? It’s just a little too tidy.)

Amado wakes up in the room with Canseco. The bullet went straight through and he’s had surgery already. Amado says the guy knew what he was doing–he could have killed Amado and he didn’t. Do they know who he was?

Canseco says his name was Vasquez, but he got away. (OK, so that wasn’t Cafre’s plant in the green room?)

Amado mentions getting hit over the head and Canseco’s confused–there were two? Well, now he’s done it. Amado’s mocking him for being useless. Hey, Canseco accepts responsibility for what happened, but when Manara showed up it screwed things up.

Alexis wanders in, bragging about how it’s all under control now. Nobody knows what happened and he put up a good cover story. Amado wants him to take care of the family so they don’t worry. And he wants Canseco to investigate El Diplomático. Never mind why! Just do it if he wants to stay Chief of Police.

Casa Matamoros

Alexis calls and tells Selva it was just a small wound from a stray bullet from the fight between the two bands and Amado doesn’t want anyone to know.

Selva passes that info on to Julia, Manara, and Agustina. Julia says according to the Internet Valentín started it over some problem with El Mayor. Maybe something to do with the “viejas” who were singing with them? Manara doesn’t know.

Selva says someone’s coming to get them to take them to see Amado in the hospital. In the meantime, she’s going upstairs and she wants Agustina to bring her some tea–this whole thing has given her horrible nausea. Julia goes off to call Nico.

And Bianco calls Manara. He’s pissed. She can’t just perform without permission! And her contract with Megavisa completely forbids her from performing at political events. (I see they learned their lesson after Rafa.) And what about all the stuff she said about Amado?

Manara swears there’s an explanation, but is he really going to keep throwing what she told him in her face?! No, Bianco says she can trust him. But Ezequiel is angry and he wants her here ASAP, so Bianco’s sending a plane. No, she can’t be there tomorrow, she needs to get here NOW and deal with this. Bianco’s not going to let her burn him with Ezequiel, he’s sorry.

Casa Davis

On Davis’ tablet, she, Valentín and Básico watch Lucho give the news that what happened was a confrontation between El Mayor and Valentín because of “territory” and women. No one’s dead (and he sounds disappointed) but a police officer was wounded.

Valentín’s furious. It’s all lies! Básico agrees–they were out in the truck! Davis is their rep–isn’t she going to talk for them?!

Davis is like “Duh, it’s better they burn your image than the mayor’s.” They’re all sold–the police, the media. Valentín is confused–what aren’t they telling him?

Mateo shows up, screeching at Davis that she failed. More confusion from Valentín. Davis tells Mateo to tell him already.

So Mateo says Amado killed his brother and he asked El Diplomático to kill Amado. Valentín’s angry he wanted to use them as bait. Mateo’s sorry–he didn’t want to get them involved. But they are now! And Mateo blames Valentín’s “woman” for that.

Davis says bullets don’t always go where they’re supposed to. Mateo’s not buying that–he thinks El Diplomático used him. It was more convenient for him to have Amado alive.

Davis blames it on Manara. Was Cafre supposed to kill Amado when she was up there on stage with him? According to Mateo, yes. That’s his job.

Valentín’s lamenting the loss of his career and Mateo just gapes at him. His career? When Amado finds out he’s going to KILL them! What career?!

Rancho Zabala

On the way in, Paulino notices reporters in the street. Rafa says he doesn’t want them getting any pictures–just run them over. Which he doesn’t, but he’s not driving carefully. Rafa flips them off out the window. They definitely got pictures of THAT.

Inside, Neto’s looking at the earlier photos. He tells Rafa they look good. The chicks, he means. The ones from the congal. Look, here they are. Wow, he was dunk…so how many of them did he have?

Rafa tells him not to be angry. Well he is angry. Rafa did this just when Neto’s about to do his program about his illness. He shows a bit of where Rafa gets it from, complaining that it’s HIS moment! His private moment with his public! Is Rafa trying to compete with his cancer?

Rafa makes a disgusted face and says he had a bad day, his son “betrayed” him, and he finally realized he’d lost Itzel completely and he couldn’t handle it.

Casa Lorenzo

It’s still jammie time, but now they’ve relocated to the living room. Itzel watches the news report and Lorenzo scoffs over the “official” story. Itzel agrees–who knows what happened, but it’s going to be a show.

Lorenzo gripes about Lucho and Alexis. They PAID them and now they work for Amado. Itzel knows it’s going to be worse when Amado marries Selva. He’s going to feel like he owns it all.

She wants Lorenzo to tell her what’s going on with him. He says it’s going to take some time, but he’ll get Amado. Hm, Itzel thinks Mateo was behind the fight. Valentín’s his BFF. Maybe Mateo knows the truth and this was an attempt to get revenge. Maybe Lorenzo won’t have to do anything. He can just…sit at the door of his house and wait for his enemy’s corpse to pass or something. Lorenzo laughs but Itzel says all he has to do is stay calm.

Casa Davis

Mateo gets off the phone with Chalino. The cops are already looking for them, but NOT officially. Which is worse, because it means they can be bumped off with no one the wiser.

Dylan’s all set to just go take out Amado, but Valentín’s asking Davis for a plane. He knows where they can hide.

The mysterious Mariscal arrives and Davis introduces him. She says he’s a living legend. He’s El Diplomático’s right hand and he’s here to help reinforce her security. So, see, they’re not the only ones worried. And he brought his plane, so they can go to wherever, but they have to remember to keep their cell phones off.

Casa Mateo

Belinda’s holding the baby now while she and Isaac coo over what he’s going to be when he grows up. Maybe a singer like his daddy. “Like his uncle,” Isaac coos (dude, you’re barely a singer).

Then again, it’s an unstable career. There’s a lot of fighting and jealousy. She should take care of his money so he can go to a good university.

Belinda gets quiet. Isaac’s not just with her for Junior’s money, right?

Isaac reminds her he’s been wanting her for a long time now. Well…OK…’cause she’s not touching that money.

They start kissing again, but they break it off when Gilda arrives and pretend they’re just hanging out. Belinda takes Junior to change his stinky diaper.

Isaac asks Gilda what happened at the concert with the shooting between Valentín and that Tijuana guy. She doesn’t know. Her phone buzzes and Mateo asks if she can talk without anyone hearing her. She pretends it’s a call from a hospital wanting to hire her and goes upstairs to take the call.

Isaac follows her. Not that there’s much to hear. She asks if it’s true what the press is saying–Mateo says it’s all lies. He has to leave for a few days and he’s taking Dylan with him. He wants her to take care of the label and not tell their dad. He’ll explain later.

She asks why he’s running away–what did he do? Mateo just asks if he can count on her. Gilda says he can.

And turns around to find Isaac standing there asking why she lied. If Mateo and his friends and her boyfriend are in trouble, they’ll have to find another president for the label. He knew Mateo couldn’t handle it. And Isaac’s done a lot for the family business.

Gilda reminds him he got FIRED because of his vices and his failures. One word of this and he’ll have to deal with her.


Amado reviews the paperwork for the backstage crew, but doesn’t recognize anybody. And Canseco and Ramón also have some profiles for guys who could be El Diplomático, but no one knows for sure. He works through go-betweens, he’s not part of a cartel or any other organization. He handles the financials. He works with good and bad people with no distinction, hence the nickname. He’s got major connections because he does money laundering for both private organizations and governments. He owns banks. He might live in Mexico, Chicago, or New York. It all feeds into his legend. (It sounds like they’re writing more verses for the corrido.)

Amado’s confused–this guy wants to extort money from him? Canseco says Amado plays “alone.” And getting to him opens the doors to the city.

Amado says El Diplomático has information about him, details. Where did he get it? Canseco says someone close to Amado must have opened the door.

Casa Matamoros

Manara’s throwing clothes in a suitcase when Agustina comes in. She explains Megavisa wants her to come back today–they’re angry she sang at the event. And with her contract, they’ve got her career in their hands.

She doesn’t know how she’ll sleep leaving Julia behind. Agustina promises to keep an eye on her.

She asks how Amado’s really doing and if it was Mateo. Manara says he’s more hurt than what they told Selva and she’s trying to call Mateo, but he’s not answering.

She has to go or they’ll freeze her out and ruin her career. Agustina agrees she has to go. Without her career she has no way to protect herself. Manara complains that she was always looking for freedom, but she’s starting to think it doesn’t exist for her.


Canseco also investigated all the corridos written for El Diplomático and one of the most famous ones is Valentín’s. He found out Mateo wrote it under a pseudonym. Amado tells them to bring Rafa.

When he arrives, he’s confused–he thought he’d been summoned to Amado’s office. Alexis explains that Amado doesn’t want anyone knowing what’s going on, for security reasons. Canseco tells him to go on in.

Amado tells Rafa the story about the fight was all a lie. This was an assassination attempt. Amado has an idea of who’s behind it, but he needs Rafa’s help.

Ohhh, Rafa does NOT want to be involved! Well, too late–he already is. Amado’s sure Manara told Mateo and Mateo was the one behind this. So he wants Rafa to go see her and confirm it.

“You go! You’re her brother!”

Nah, Amado’s got other things to do. Rafa should go and he can cobrarla (make her pay) what she owes him. Rafa whines that she doesn’t want to see him.

The doctor comes in with pills for Amado, for the pain. He warns him to only take half now and half later–they’re very strong. Amado would rather have something that gives him energy. He has things to do. Sure, the doctor will get right on that. (Just how much did Alexis pay him…and given that it was Alexis, do we trust this guy?)

After Amado takes his half a pill and the doctor leaves, he tells Rafa he knows this is a difficult situation, but Rafa’s the only one who can help him with Manara! Look, Rafa’s upset about her, right? Rafa doesn’t know…he’ll do what he can, but he can’t promise anything. Amado says he’ll make sure Manara gets into Rafa’s hands.

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