La Mujer del Vendaval Friday 2/24/17 #73

El Vendaval

Silvana says Alessandro has a thousand reasons to love Marcela. She wants Nisa to name ONE thing Camilo has done to earn her love? She says he’s changed her life by showing her the injustices to the campesinos.

Uh huh, sure, whatever. She’s forbidding this train wreck of a relationship. Nisa and Camilo insist they love each other, they won’t be kept apart, blah blah blah. Cami decides he’s not sticking around to keep getting insulted and goes out the window. Silvana asks when Nisa’s going to realize all these losers see her as a giant bag of money.


Octavia and Mauro need to do some research to find out how many shares of the Toscana Alessandro had when Damiana died. She’s starting to feel like she’s going to win.

Luciano calls Valeria to tell her he’s made the flight and hotel reservations. When is she arriving? She isn’t. This time around she’s the one who makes the rules of the game and she’s not in the mood to play. She hangs up on him.

Mauro will look into the shares. Octavia also gives him the task of educating Lencho, whether he likes it or not. And she reminds him to keep things quiet–she can’t have Luciano finding out about the shares.


Back at Timo’s office, Alessandro says what Timo wants to charge them to move their crops is absurd. Well, he just wants to get SOME benefits from owning that land. Uh huh, but if they can’t move their crops they won’t be able to pay the bank and if Timo doesn’t back off then it really looks to Al like Timo was the one behind everything that happened at El Vendaval….

Timo swears he wasn’t. Al says Roman told them someone powerful was behind what he did–that could very well be Timo. And if it wasn’t, then why did he buy the land? Timo says Severo offered it, that’s all. He just wanted to own some property. Since it happens to be at the entrance then he wants to negotiate–he’s not trying to hurt them.

Right? And his prices? Pues, “de acuerdo el sapo es la pedrada” (the size of the rock you hit the toad with depends on the size of the toad; in this case, “What’s the big deal? You can afford it!”). Hey, if they tell him who their buyers are, he’ll tell them who to sink their teeth into. He grins, showing his missing tooth, and laughs at his cleverness.

Al says there’s no way he can raise his prices 70%. Timo insists they have to cover their new overhead. “But they’ll never buy from us again!” OK, since he has such affection for Marcela he’ll bring his fee down to 40%. Al was thinking more like 5%. 7% tops.

Al complains that he can’t negotiate with Timo like this. Doesn’t Timo realize he’s getting married? There are going to be guests and trucks and workers needing to go back and forth. Hey, Timo’s totes sorry, but he’s just a poor public servant who has to provide for his own retirement. Alessandro says he’s not negotiating anything with him. He’s getting out if they have to knock that gate down. Timo says if he does he’ll be changed for vandalism and Timo will have him thrown in jail. Al says he tried to be reasonable, but clearly that’s not possible with Timo.

El V

Marcela knew Timo was a greedy thief, but she never thought he’d get this bad! Sagrario says Severo was desperate to get rid of that land so he didn’t have to give her anything. Marcela’s hoping Al can work out a deal.

Sagrario thinks the best thing they can do right now is have Padre Arsenio come bless the hacienda. She’ll just call and see if they’ll let him through.

Marcela tries to talk to Alba about Amadeo, but Sagrario’s off the phone too quickly. And what does Alba mean they fought over nothing? People don’t fight for no reason. Alba insists they did.

Mateo gets a look at Timo’s proposal. He hesitates to tell them what Eulogio said, but does it anyway. If Timo’s not the “powerful person” behind everything, then who is? Luciano’s the only possibility Marcela can think of. And then there’s the other thing Eulogio came to tell him–that they’re tearing down his house today.

Marcela calls for the shotgun again, intending to stand guard over Mateo’s house. He tells her to chill–he’ll move into the warehouse.

Silvana comes in to ask Marcela to ask Camilo to stay away from Nisa–he’s not going to get a cent out of her. Wait, what?! Yep, she just busted them kissing. “ROSA! I told you to bring me that shotgun!”

Nisa sobs. Maria Laura has no sympathy for her. Nisa swears nothing will separate her from Camilo! Ever!

Marcela prepares to go out, WITH the shotgun, to talk to Camilo. Silvana wouldn’t ask, but if this gets back to Alessandro…. And she really thinks Mar should leave the shotgun behind. Marcela hands it back to Rosa and goes off in search of Cami–he can’t have gotten far.

On horseback, Marcela easily catches up to Camilo. She demands to know what’s this about him seducing Alessandro’s sister. He’s pissed that she’s talking to him now when she couldn’t be bothered when her “bought” husband threw him out. Oh, please, he had it coming. His cheap trick didn’t work and he could have killed her! Camilo whines that he just wanted to get her back any way he could. She can’t believe he’s not even apologizing. Camilo doesn’t think you have to when you do it for “love.”

He tries to walk off and Marcela blocks him with Huracan. He was sooooo in love with her a few days ago and now he’s snogging Nisa? No, she’s not jealous, but she’s angry at him and feels sorry for her. Camilo says Nisa’s been good to him and it only takes an instant to fall in love–Marcela should know that. It happened with Al and now it’s happened to him too.

Marcela accuses him of being after Nisa’s money. Camilo complains that she’s so snotty she thinks only she and Al can be in love. Soon she’ll find out Al’s the only one who deceived her.

Camilo isn’t going to give up on Nisa. Marcela says he has nothing to offer her and she’s used to having the best of everything. Hey, Camilo’s “worked hard” all his life (*snort*) and he’s not leaving the hacienda with his hands empty. How much is his severance.

Um, I think at the point you nearly kill your boss you probably forfeit rights to a severance package, no? Marcela certainly thinks so. Fine, they can talk about it after she sells the crops and pays the bank. Camilo insists he’s going to sue her. Go for it. She just came out here to tell him to stay away from Nisa before Alessandro finds out. The family is never going to accept him.

Or, she can get him his severance right away if he agrees to leave Nisa alone. She knows he’s only going after her to piss off Al. Camilo doesn’t see why that should be a problem.

Al took the only thing that meant anything to Camilo and left him with no family, no home…and now he wants to decide who Cami can date? No way is Camilo going to let this opportunity pass him by. Marcela tells him to think for once! He tells her to listen for once! As long as Nisa loves him, he won’t give her up. As he walks off, he gloats to himself that this is his wedding gift to them–he’s going to be part of the family now.


Amadeo catches Linda outside the shop. She asks if it’s true they took Roman to prison and says this is all her fault. He passes on the message from Roman–that he forgives her and hopes when he gets out he can make this up to her.

Linda knows Roman’s a good person and he doesn’t deserve this. Hey, Amadeo knows that–he’s only in this situation because she accused him of something that never happened. This is up to her and her conscience.

Linda asks if she can visit him. Amadeo doesn’t see what the point would be, but she swears she’s going to find a way to get out. She kisses him on the cheek and thanks him before rushing inside.


Eulogio leaves a kitten in a basket at July’s door, hoping this works. I don’t know what he expects this to accomplish but that’s a very cute kitten.

Eulogio is using the kitten as a bribe to get July to come back to work. He left her a note signed with Timo’s name.

Eulogio reports to Timo that the plan is in motion and if all goes well, July will be working for him again by tomorrow. Timo tasks him with finding out who placed orders with El Vendaval and letting them know–reluctantly, of course–that El Vendaval is besieged and they probably won’t receive anything. Eulogio praises Timo’s brilliance, etc.

Ilse and Emiliano get back to the house. Ilse is tired, but she wants to start packing so she can go back. Valeria doesn’t see what the point is. Emiliano tells Ilse to go rest so he can scold his sister for being a crappy friend. “What? I’m telling the truth.” Changing the subject, she asks him to come with her to El Vendaval.

Valeria tells him about the gate. She wants to go find out what happened. She tried to call, but the line was busy. Emiliano agrees going in person is best.

El V

Conchita’s on her way to the hacienda. Again. Silvana starts shouting the news to everyone.

Silvana walks out front and meets Marcela to tell her Conchita’s on her way. She wants Marcela to come greet her. And did she talk to Camilo? Yes, but…he says he loves Nisa and he’s not giving her up. Silvana says Luciano’s going to have a heart attack when he finds out. (And the problem with that is…?) She thinks it’s about time Nisa went back to school. But the first priority is Conchita.

And then she looks at Marcela’s clothes and says maybe she should go take a bath and leave Conchita to her…too late. She’s in the driveway. OK, act normal!

Mariana Kerr is Conchita…and she is horrified to see that Marcela is the bride. And Marcela shakes her hand. The assistants are scandalized!

Conchita takes a good look and a whiff and tells everyone not to panic. Spiky-haired assistant thinks they need to make a run for it. Really, after all the trouble it took them to get here?! No! This is a challenge! And there are no impossible missions for Conchita Pimentel!

Silvana keeps Marcela from mouthing off and tells Marcela to just trust her. Conchita says they need to start with improving her aroma. She has Tuti, aka Purple shirt, pencil it in. Angelo is spikey hair. Sasha’s the woman. She wants it clear that the assistants follow HER orders and any orders they give are as if they come from Conchita. You can only have one captain on a ship and that captain is Conchita. Got it? Marcela looks like she’s got it but she don’t wanna get it.

Conchita meets the rest of the household. She immediately notices Alba’s hands and has the assistants make a note that she plays the piano. There’s banter between Conchita and Rosa. She mutters to Silvana about the family being “pintoresca” and having a lot to work on and a little time to do it in.

Conchita’s staying in a guest room and the assistants will be in the workers’ quarters since there’s nowhere else to put them. Tuti and Angelo are already hoping for hot cowboy action. Mateo looks concerned.

Unfortunately, the first hot action Tuti gets is Maria Laura and her snotty attitude. He eventually gets past her but he says to himself that this whole family needs lessons in manners and THAT one most of all!

Silvana gets Conchita settled in her room, but she is completely unsettled by this ranch. And Marcela. They’re going to need divine intervention! Oh, now Marcela’s very pretty and she has a lot of charisma. Conchita makes a list of all the things she doesn’t have–style, a sense of fashion, refinement. She’s got one thing, though…that horse smell. Conchita doesn’t know how she’s going to teach Marcela (to…?) but she’s determined to do it.

She’s sorry to be so honest with Silvana, but it is what it is. Silvana’s going to be honest too–Alessandro loves Marcela the way she is, occasional horse smell and all. Conchita thinks he must be traumatized after Damiana’s death. Silvana asks her to please just do the best she can and give this wedding her special touch and give Al and his wife the most special day of their lives.

For her she’ll do it….and for the love of those kids! In a few days they won’t recognize that girl! Silvana leaves Conchita to rest and contemplate her latest challenge.

Instead of rest, she gets Maria Laura. After a brief confusion about ML being the maid (though, if she’s going to brag about being an owner, that makes her one of Conchita’s hosts, which means the request for extra pillows is not out of line) ML apologizes for Conchita coming here under false pretenses. She’s here to organize a wedding, but Marcela and Alessandro are already married.


Severo stops by Timo’s office. Yep, Mateo’s house is coming down tonight. Severo’s curious why Timo Is willing to be Octavia’s front. What does he have going on with her?

No, what does Severo have going on with July? Sev swears he’d never “betray” Timo. Oh, well, coming from Sev…he’s worried.

July is back and sooner than expected. Timo doesn’t have a clue what Eulogio gave July on his behalf and the way she talks about…her present…concerns him a bit. If he behaves himself today and doesn’t mention a certain someone’s name, maybe he can get some kisses and they can play with…her present.


Octavia’s happier with Lencho in white pants and a plaid shirt. I’m not seeing the appeal.

Lencho has shopped again. He’s less happy this time. These clothes don’t go with his personality. Well, duh! They’re going to change his personality to fit the clothes. Really? He thought this would be more of an exterior renovation. Octavia’s going to turn him into a man of the world. When she and Mauro are done with him his own father won’t recognize him.

*gulp* “Will it hurt?” Octavia says Mauro’s just going to teach him some basic etiquette.

Uh, is she calling him country? Octavia says if he’s going to eat San Bartolo he needs a certain kind of education. If he’s going to eat up the world…he needs her. She begs him to just trust her. Nobody knows how to climb the social ladder like she does.

El V

In Marcela’s room, she and Alba have a laugh about Conchita. Or as Alba calls her, La Generala. She’s even tougher than Marcela! Well, whatever suegra wants, suegra gets. To Silvana, Conchita’s like a god. Alba thinks they’re all like strange bugs to Conchita. Marcela does an imitation of Conchita saying “THAT’S the bride?!”

Marcela’s just sorry she showed up just now with the crops needing to get out and the entrance blocked. Alessandro gets in and Marcela tells him Conchita is here and she’s very…particular. Yeah, he met her once and that was enough. Alba goes to help her mom. Marcela explains they’re bunking the assistants in the workers’ quarters. And did he come to an agreement with Don Timador (swindler)?

Nope. People can go in and out, but that’s it. He threatened to bring the gate down, but Timo threatened to throw him in jail. He thought of some more threats, but what for? No point starting a war with him. They’ll just have to create another way out.

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