La Mujer del Vendaval Tuesday 2/28/17 #75


Marcela tries to kick Camilo off the ranch, but he won’t go until he talks to Alessandro and Silvana about dating Nisa. She has to pull Alessandro back to keep from beating Camilo’s smug face in. Camilo grandly declares he won’t return the punches out of respect for his beloved or something like that. Nisa demands Al respect her relationship, but Al says you’ve gotta earn respect.

Marcela lets slip that she knew about this already and Al’s about to go off on her, but Silvana says SHE told her…right after she found Nisa and Camilo snogging. It’s just another whim, but Nisa’s going back to school. Camilo shoves her forward and says she has to defend their love like he’s doing. So she gets in front of another attack from Al and tells Cami they should go.

Marcela’s like “Don’t do it! Camilo has nothing to offer you.” Nisa makes a big show of not listening and Camilo says he will once she gives him his severance pay. Al punches him. I’m pretty sure you can’t cash that.

Conchita is appalled, but Tuti and Angelo are having a great time watching all the drama.

Al has no intention of paying severance. Emiliano agrees Marcela had every reason to fire him. Camilo insists they owe him and he needs the money to start a new life with Nisa.

Silvana tries to beg her to reconsider, but Alessandro tell her to just let Nisa go. Nisa baby-talks that she’s just going to go pack her bags.

Conchita scolds her crew and tells them to get back inside–this is none of their business. (Oh, sure, now that the show’s over.)

Sagrario suggests the El Vendaval crew do the same. ML insists Nisa’s like family.

Al warns Camilo that Nisa going with him doesn’t guarantee him money. His father is going to take everything away from her as soon as he finds out. Camilo will be as poor as ever.

Nisa packs. Marcela and Silvana come in to talk and Marcela asks for a moment alone with Nisa. She says she understands–love makes you do crazy things. Nisa’s convinced that Marcela’s so vain she thinks Camilo still loves her. She baby-talk brags that Camilo loves HER now.

“How do you know? What has she done to show you?” Does she really think fighting with Al is enough proof of his love for her? How many times has she trusted in a guy and given her heart to a guy who didn’t deserve it. She’s not making these guys make an effort. Is she really going to give up everything for nothing?

She really doesn’t know what it’s like to be poor. To go without eating. She asks her to consider if this might be another mistake. That’s all. She leaves a red-nosed, teary Nisa to think about it.

Marcela tells Silvana she’s not sure she accomplished anything. Nisa seems really in love. She never thought this could happen, but maybe this is a lesson Nisa needs to learn.

Silvana goes into Maria Laura’s room and hears Nisa telling herself Camilo is different. He wouldn’t betray her. Silvana says if she’s determined to go, she won’t stop her. Nisa asks if they can make a deal.

At the dining table, Conchita tells Sagrario she hopes Silvana gets Nisa away from that boy. He’s nothing compared to her! Maria Laura says he’s just like Marcela and Alba and Sagrario scold her. Conchita asks for a té de valeriana for her nerves after all the drama. Alba gets up to help Sagrario make the tea.

Maria Laura asks why Conchita stayed after everything Maria Laura told her. Because Marcela convinced her. She’s a diamond in the rough and Conchita’s going to polish her. The day of her wedding, she’ll be a star! ML thought bubbles that she’ll be a prisoner. She imagines her being arrested on her way out of the church.

Alessandro tells Camilo he might as well go, Nisa’s probably not coming out. Marcela joins him and tells Carmilo if this is about his severance, they’ll pay him. “When we can,” Al adds.

Nisa comes out of the house without her luggage and says she’s not going with Camilo. BUT they get to keep dating. Silvana says Nisa’s in love and this man says he loves her too. Marcela tells Camilo she doesn’t know what he’s planning, but she feels sorry for him. Silvana wants to give them the time to find out whether they’re actually right for each other.

Al throws a tantrum and goes inside. Valeria smirks that Camilo got his way this time. Camilo tries to ingratiate himself with Silvana, but she turns down his offered hug. If he wants to show that he’s a great son-in-law, he’s going to have to show that he’s a good man, that what happened with Marcela is in the past, and that he’s willing to do anything for her daughter. Camilo asks if Emiliano isn’t going to congratulate him. What Emiliano does is tell him to be careful.

Valeria saunters over to Silvana and says Camilo’s her cousin. He’s a total loser and her daughter made a mistake. She must be so proud.

Camilo snogs Nisa and tells the mariachis to start up again. Pick a song and play it in tune, fellas.

Al continues his tantrum in the bedroom. He can’t believe his mother’s letting Nisa date this uneducated, uncultured, campe

Yep, a campesino like Marcela. Uncultured and uneducated just like her. Plus she’s in debt. Al’s sorry, he’s just upset. No way does Camilo love Nisa. Marcela says something else is going on. Maybe yes he wants to get rich, but that might not be all. She suggests he’s looking for revenge.

Nisa tells Camilo they did it–her mom’s letting them date and he’s going to get a chance to show how much he loves her. They might even get to get married!

Camilo asks about all the people there. He sneers at Marcela and Alessandro having a wedding planner, but Nisa tells him to chill–Conchita will probably do their wedding too. And his cousins? They’re friends of Al and Mar’s and they got invited to dinner.

Speaking of dinner, he’s hungry-Nisa says they should go inside and eat with everyone else, now that they’re officially dating.

Al’s tantrum continues. It gets worse when Marcela tells him that Camilo told her he wants revenge on Al and he’s going to use Nisa to get it. He starts kicking the furniture. Marcela has to talk him down from going to kick Camilo’s ass off the ranch right the hell now. Nisa’s too crazy in love to listen to anything. They had a hard enough time convincing her not to go with Camilo.

She needs to see who Camilo really is. So maybe Silvana’s plan isn’t so bad. And with Conchita here, she can show them that she and Camilo aren’t really good enough. What? Isn’t this also a test for her?

Al insists Silvana’s only intention with Conchita is to throw them a great wedding. Marcela halfheartedly agrees.

But back to Camilo–what do they do? Marcela says they need to just put up with him.

Dinner, take 2

In the dining room, Rosa’s arguing that she can’t keep reheating things or they’ll get salty. Camilo and Nisa are standing by the table while Camilo talks about how hungry he is and how Sagrario’s such a good cook and he got to eat her cooking every day when he was dating Marcela. Conchita and the team need that explained to them again. Nisa looks annoyed already–just give her five more minutes and she’ll be kicking him out herself.

Marcela tells Al he’s going to have to ignore Camilo and let his sister live what she needs to live. If she suffers it’s because she wants to. He’s just going to have to accept it. She begs him to calm down. If it seems like it’s no big deal to him, Camilo will get bored and leave. And yeah, Nisa might suffer, but she’ll learn.

Conchita finished dinner and split with her team. Camilo asks why they all had to go and Nisa explains with a verbal eye roll in her voice.

Marcela and Al saunter in and Al makes a toast to family and friends and the enemies it’s best to keep close. “Welcome to the family, Camilo.” Camilo looks like he’s terrified. They all seem to be staring at him. Isn’t he going to toast? Camilo belatedly picks up his glass.

Al gives Marcela the credit for getting him to see everyone deserves a chance in love. ML toasts to Nisa getting what she wants. Now that everyone knows, Nisa can snog him at the table. Yay? Valeria praises Al’s maturity, but he says he’s just accepting what is. It’s Nisa’s life and she can make her own decisions. If she’s happy, he’s happy for her. Nisa says if he’s happy for her then she’s happy for him, etc., etc.

Alessandro thanks Sagrario for dinner and goes off with Emiliano and Mateo to look for a place to open that other road. Silvana claims Marcela for some wedding planning. Nisa tries to get Cami to take her riding, but he whines about his horse being out at the gate, missing him.


Mauro sits with Lencho on the roof bar for his “lesson.” For starters, Octavia doesn’t like “strong” language. Except for…you know…oh, Lencho knows. But wait–was Mauro her lover?

Why is Lencho asking? Did Octavia say something? No, but he can tell. OK, Mauro admits it, but it was more than that–Octavia was the love of his life.

Octavia calls Timo and asks how it’s going. No, Timo, she doesn’t mean personally. He asks when she’s visiting, but she’s sooooo busy with the hotel and promoting Lenchito. Oh, he’s…behaving…marvelously.

Anyway, how’s it going with her business. Timo asks about tearing down Mateo’s house. Octavia doesn’t care. Timo’s just worried that if they don’t do it, Severo might talk. Well, in that case, tear it down.

Lencho orders them beer and tequilas. Mauro says he wants to get over Octavia, but damn it’s taking a looooong time. He can’t wait for the day he wakes up and feels nothing for her.

Lencho says he’s in the same boat with Maria Laura. Did Mauro never get to the part where he just wanted to wring her neck, because he thinks he’s at that phase with ML. He hopes it goes away, because it doesn’t feel good. He wants to forget her, but he wants a nice memory. Mauro says that’s not likely with Octavia–she’s not the kind of woman who leaves behind good memories.

Nuria lies to Cristian and tells him she didn’t make it to the doctor’s office in time to pick up the test results. She says she’s nervous about them. He offers to come with her, but Nuria turns him down. Cristian is OK with that, but he’s laughing at her for being so stressed about it.

An infinity of wedding planning

Conchita tries to interest Marcela in picking out her ajuar, but all the dresses she keeps showing her are too fancy for her taste. Valeria intrudes on the meeting and puts her cup of coffee on the piano. I watch the rest of the scene through a red haze.

Marcela listens to everyone arguing about which dress they “vote” for and she interrupts them. This is HER wedding and she’s the only one nobody’s listening to. Sasha suddenly excuses herself. Marcela wants something way simpler than what they’re showing her, and if it has to be white OK, but she wouldn’t care if it were red. Cue panic among the planning team. Silvana says only a hussy would wear a red wedding dress. Valeria not-so-innocently asks if Silvana is calling her daughter-in-law a hussy? Oh, she didn’t mean her? Then why did she say it?

Not wedding planning

Alba’s avoiding the fuss and hanging out in the kitchen with Sagrario. Sagrario has noticed that Alba’s demeanor has changed since she came back from the hotel. Rosa agrees–she doesn’t even play the piano anymore and when she does it’s nothing but sad songs. Sagrario begs Alba to confide in her–it’s something to do with Amadeo, isn’t it?

Alba says Amadeo betrayed her trust. Sagrario doesn’t get it, because Alba’s not telling her the whole story. Just the part where Amadeo said he was in love with her. And Alba’s not going to tell her the rest.

Sagrario hopes she can figure out how to make up with him, because she needs her to go get the bread. And if she doesn’t go get it, nobody’s eating bread today.

Sagrario calls the panadería to check and informs Alba that it’s safe to go down there–Amadeo’s gone and he won’t be back for a while. An angry Alba wants to know why Maria Laura doesn’t go. Uh, because when has Maria Laura done anything for anyone else? Alba says she’s going, she’s taking the truck, and Sagrario had better hope she doesn’t run into Amadeo. Sagrario just laughs at Alba’s temper tantrum.


Ilse is getting ready to go back to the capital and check up on Roman. Amadeo tells her not to worry, he’s used to being on his own.

Yeah, she can tell–he needs a haircut. And to unbutton his shirt because it looks stupid like that. And why doesn’t he wear contacts? She can give him the money–and there’s a good optometrist in San Jacinto. He just looks so…old fashioned. Amadeo didn’t realize it was that bad, but Ilse says he’s in desperate need of a makeover.

Amadeo wishes she’d said something BEFORE he lost the love of his life. Oh, Ilse’s sure a change will get her attention again. She decides they’re going now!

Amadeo gets his eyes checked, gets his contact lenses, gets a haircut….


Timo comes over to July’s with flowers. He thought she’d be prepared for something more “sepsi.” He shows off his new gold tooth and whines about missing her. He wants some kisses, but July’s thinking more like dinner. Out. He doesn’t really think she dressed up so no one could see her.

He asks about playing with her…you know…. She says he can play with her…you know…at the restaurant.

El V

ML ponders how she’s going to get the necklace out of the potted plant with all these people in the house. She decides she’ll do it in the middle of the night.

After the dudes go out to look at land, Alessandro’s opting for the south. There are a lot of plants, but at least they won’t have to deal with trees. Emiliano offers to help–he’s still waiting for a piece of equipment to be delivered for his office, so he’s got time. ML comes in, saying Marcela’s busy arguing with everyone about her dress, still. Mateo decides to go say goodbye to his house before it’s gone. I’m pretty sure Al hears Maria Laura’s muttered “I hope that teaches you that we never needed you around here.”

Alessandro comes out to the living room, where Marcela would rather hear about the road than listen to everyone arguing about her dress. Conchita tries to pry her away from Al, but she grabs him and begs him to get her out of there. Al announces that he’s going to have to kidnap the bride, sorry. He’ll bring her back later. He’s sure they can trust Conchita to pick a dress out all by herself. The male assistants and Valeria are all salivating over Al.

Hel-lo, panadero!

Penelope packs up Alba’s bread order and talks about her Internet boyfriend who keeps saying he’ll visit in every email, but so far hasn’t. Penelope offers to help her carry the bread out to the truck, but as they’re leaving, Alba gets a look at Amadeo’s makeover. Basically, they’ve gotten rid of the glasses and the center part. Oh yeah, Alba likes!

I wanna hold your….

Camilo rows Nisa out to somewhere or other where they start getting frisky au naturel…Camilo comments on Nisa’s cold hands…but that ain’t Nisa’s cold DEAD hand he’s holding! (AAAAAAAAAAAH!)

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