Guerra de Ídolos Monday 7/24/17 #54

Episode 54: Manara cae en la trampa

Amado calls Manara. He’s sorry she had to see him like that, but he thanks her for not saying anything. Well, like she said, she wants to keep the peace. Amado knows she’s doing this for Julia, so he’s prepared a document so Julia can travel with her, just in case anything happens to him.

Manara says she’s in trouble with Megavisa and they want her back today, so why doesn’t he send it by messenger? Amado insists it has to be signed in front of a notary and hey, he’s doing this for her. Because he’s grateful and he wants Julia to be able to be with her in case anything happens.

Maybe they can do it when she gets back…. Manara doesn’t know when that will be. So agrees to take care of it now, before she leaves and Amado says he’ll have his assistant call her.

Rafa doesn’t understand the point of all this. Is Manara coming here? No, Amado doesn’t want to see her–she’ll be coming to Rafa.

Amado shuffles off to the bathroom, leaving Rafa alone with the pills the doctor conveniently informed us would knock someone out if they took a whole one. He pockets the bottle.


Mateo, Dylan, Valentín, and Básico arrive at Juancho’s bar. (I think this is their usual Monterrey hideout?) The entire place is decked out with Valentín and Básico posters that Juancho asks them to sign.

Is it true they got into a fight with El Mayor? Bási says it’s all lies. It did cause some trouble, though, so they’re here to hide out.

Juancho says the place is theirs. He’s even got their songs on the jukebox.

Dylan starts collecting cell phones. Juancho backs him on that–they got some guys recently by tracking their GPS. It’s best they write down whatever numbers they need and get rid of the phones.

Being the excellent host he is, Juancho lends Mateo the owner’s satellite phone. He starts telling Valentín he should write a corrido for the owner and offering everyone drinks.

Mateo gets hold of Chalino, who’s in hiding at a friend’s place outside LA. It looks like a carpentry shop. Mateo wants him to come to Monterrey, but Chalino thinks they’re going to have to wait–the cops are after them and Amado is still alive.

Yeah, Davis told him. They screwed up. Chalino doesn’t buy that. He thinks Davis and El Diplomático tricked Mateo so they could put this all on him. And now they have to hide until things calm down and who knows when that will be.

Mateo can’t believe this happened just after he got the presidency. Chalino doesn’t think he’ll be able to enjoy it now, considering what he knows. No, considering what he knows Mateo won’t rest until he’s killed Amado.

Casa Davis

Mariscal says it’s a miracle he was in the area. But he can’t stay–he has things to do for El Diplomatico. Will Davis be ok?

She thinks it’s just best to be prepared. Amado’s already sent one of his police officers around. She doesn’t know if he’s watching her, but the way the press went after Valentín–it makes her wonder.

Mariscal offers to call and tell El Diplomático he’s staying, but Davis is sure having his people here will be enough. Cafre’s the one she sent after Matamoros and she was feeling alone.

She gets a call from him now, but she’s upset that he’s still hanging around. If they see him, they’ll both get taken prisoner. Cafre doesn’t think so…and he says it in the sense of “we’ll be dead, not arrested.” Davis reminds him this isn’t Mexico–the police and the mayor have to follow procedures. He needs to disappear!

Mariscal says she seems nervous. Is she really going to be ok? Davis assures him she can take care of herself. He begs her not to be proud–she knows how important she is to them. Davis thanks him again.


Canseco has a group assembled to do what Amado asked, whatever that means. Amado wants to go with him, but first he needs to see Selva and Julia.

Blah, blah, blah, yeah, Amado’s fine. He tells the official story like it’s true. Gloria comes in to tell him the wounded officer’s going into surgery. Amado tells her to let the family know they have his support, and money if necessary, and he’s already looking for the culprits.

Julia makes a weird face.

Campaign HQ

Manara calls Gloria from the parking garage. Amado’s not there, but the lawyer and the notary are. Manara says she’ll go upstairs.

It’s dead in there and creeping me out, but the lawyer and the notary are in the conference room. The lawyer assures Manara that as Amado’s legal representative it’s basically the same as him being there. She hands over a folder full of paperwork for Manara to sign. She calls it an “exception” so that Julia can go with Manara wherever Manara wants.

Rafa comes in, supposedly because since Amado couldn’t get released from the hospital and Gloria was busy, he gave the lawyer and notary a ride over. He stands there hovering behind Manara’s chair as she looks over the paperwork.

Juancho’s bar

The guys have beers. Valentín asks Dylan why he and Mateo are so upset, so Dylan spills about Amado being the one behind the attack on Gilda. Valentín and Básico think someone needs to stop that guy.

And what about Rafa? Dylan says he might not know, they can’t prove anything. It had something to do with Selva.

From the jukebox, Mateo says Manara told him. She said her brother told her to scare her and then went after Gilda to get Manara away from him. So she’s in danger now too. Mateo reaches for the sat phone again.

Campaign HQ

The lawyer asks if there’s a problem with what Manara is reading. (No, there’s a problem with Rafa lurking.) Manara says the document is fine and starts signing. The lawyer will take them to her office–she hands Manara a copy for herself.

Manara’s phone rings and she excuses herself to take the call from Mateo. He wanted to find out if she’s OK and tell her that he’s fine, but he can’t tell her where he is and he doesn’t want her calling or texting him.

She told him this would happen. Mateo says it’s more complicated than she thinks. But is she sure she’s not in danger? Manara says she’s headed back to Mexico. He’ll call her later. They want to see each other, but it’s going to have to wait until things calm down.

Just as she ends the call, Rafa pops up, saying he needs to talk to her. He brought the papers she left in the board room. He’s all upset, saying Amado told him everything. She knows what–that he killed JC. She understands how he feels.

Um, no, sorry, she doesn’t.

He insists she does, because she’s known for a long time. And now Amado thinks she told Mateo. That’s why he’s here, so she can explain what happened. Did Mateo try to kill Amado?

“Amado thinks Mateo tried to kill him? Are you guys crazy?”

Rafa admits he thinks Amado’s being paranoid, but he asked Rafa to talk to her, so what could he do?

If Amado thinks she told Mateo, that’s between her and Amado. She’s sorry, but it’s weird that Rafa’s here.

Rafa (and seriously, this guy has snapped and I don’t know how much of this is real and how much is him messing with her) goes on and on about how horrible this is. Amado’s strong and secure, but Rafa’s just a sensitive artist. That’s why he thinks Manara knows how he feels.

She questions whether he knew already, but he swears on his kids he didn’t.

Well, he should probably go talk to a professional, not her.

But she’s the only one he can talk to without the police getting involved. He was angry at her before, but that’s because he didn’t understand. Now he does. They share a secret. He has to talk to her.

Manara agrees to go talk to him in Amado’s office. He takes way too long pouring her a glass of water.

Juancho’s bar

There’s some banter about not having rum with tacos. Valentín wants to know what Manara said to put that look on Mateo’s face.

He says she’s going on a trip. Dylan gives him a hard time about her, but Mateo tells him to cut it out. He can’t even go see her without making her an accomplice. They all agree the only way to get Amado to stop is to kill him. After what they just did, things are going to get worse.

Juancho agrees to bring rum after Mateo asks. Dylan’s pouty because he wouldn’t do it earlier.


Julia wants a selfie of the three of them. The doctor comes in, saying it’s time for another half of the pills Amado KNOWS he left there. But the doctor assumes he must not have left them.

Canseco comes in with a bag of clothes to change into. Selva decides she’ll leave Amado to “rest” now. She’ll be back to take care of him tomorrow. Amado bugs Julia about not posting the selfie and she tells him to chill.

Again, Canseco says he has the team ready. Is Amado sure he wants to come? He’s brought him clothes and a bulletproof vest.

Campaign HQ

Manara drains her glass of water. Rafa keeps babbling about how their relationship never worked because of what she knew and how she thought he had something to do with it. But how could anyone live with that on their conscience?!

While Manara admits it was awful, they never had a relationship because she never liked him that way.

Now he’s whining about her liking Mateo. She asks what this conversation is about. Is he trying to get her to say something? To contradict herself? Amado told her a long time ago–why would she have suddenly told Mateo now?

Oh, she doesn’t have to convince Rafa. He thinks like she does. He doesn’t care about what they’ve been through. He loves her so much.

Manara says what Amado did to JC, his family, and his son is unforgivable.

Yes, and now they’ll have to live with it and suffer and carry it to their graves or her brother will keep killing people.

Is he making an observation or a threat?

Rafa says it’s reality.

Manara’s really feeling the effects of the pill and wants to leave. She asks what he gave her.

Only his love and his money, and see how she repaid him? Isn’t it time to pay what she owes?

Manara passes out. He puts her down on the couch in Amado’s office and the last thing we see is Rafa taking his jacket off and starting to crawl over her under the giant poster of Amado’s face.

Next thing we know, he’s running into the parking garage screaming at Paulino that they have to go.

Casa Davis

Davis and Mariscal’s guy watch El Mayor giving an interview to Lucho. Yes, he and Valentín had their differences and he tried to talk it out, but Valentín and his cousin decided to shoot instead. Davis is furious at the lie.

Mariscal’s guy gets a call that the police are coming. And there are too many of them. Mariscal told him to follow her orders–so, what do they do?

Outside, Cafre and the guy from the event watch the cops start pouring in. Cafre’s going to wait and watch them, but if they want his boss they’ll have to get him first. The other guy wants to attack the cops. (Yeah, with all two of you, that sounds like a brilliant idea.)


Manara wakes up in Amado’s office.

Rafa’s back at the rancho. He talks to Isaac over the phone. Isaac’s suggesting that after Mateo’s problems with Amado he can’t be president of the label. Rafa should make an offer and Isaac will convince his dad, as long as Isaac gets the presidency or a good chunk of the company. Rafa gripes at him for always asking for stuff.

He hangs up to take a call from Manara. Grinning, he asks if she’s awake. He insists he didn’t do anything, he just did himself a favor so she’ll see he’s not stupid. Manara threatens to destroy him. He tells her to do whatever she wants to, but he has an ace up his sleeve and it will go worse for her than him, she’ll see.

Manara goes back to the garage, stumbling down the stairs and leaning on cars. She tries to call someone, but it goes to voicemail. Instead she calls Bianco. He starts in on her about how she should be there already and Ezequiel’s going to be furious. She begs him not to yell at her and tells him Rafa raped her.

Juancho’s bar

Juancho found out that at least the police in Monterrey aren’t looking for them, but he’s going to keep their cell phones away from them–that’s his condition for them staying here.

Casa Davis

The police walk right into Davis’ house in SWAT gear and she and her one remaining hench in the office whip out their handguns. She demands to know what they’re doing on her property and Ramon says they have a search warrant. He hands it to her as he quips that he hopes she has a permit for that handgun. Davis checks over the warrant admits it looks authentic.

Amado waltzes in in all his smarmy glory saying of course it’s authentic–a judge gave it to him. Davis makes a crack about distinguished visitors, but Amado says this is a work visit. He wants her to tell him about El Diplomático.

Cafre’s not liking this. He wants to get closer. Not get through them, just get close enough to check on the boss.

Davis tries offering him a drink, but all Amado wants is for her to talk. Davis says in this country there are more politicians than thieves. (Same difference.)

Amado points out she represents Valentín. His most famous corrido was written for El Diplomático and produced by Mateo Solar. He knows El Diplomático works through intermediaries and she’s one of them, so don’t make him waste his time.

Davis really doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If he searches her address book he’ll find El Matador (killer), El Sepulturero (gravedigger), El Cacho del Chivo….

Canseco and Ramon bring in all her men, unarmed, just long enough for Amado to tell them to take them back out so he and Davis can talk in private. Davis tells the men to be calm, he’s got an orden de cateo (search warrant). She tells Amado she’s collaborating with him, to get this done as quickly as possible.

Amado says that’s a lot of security for someone who represents artists. Davis says if he wants her to keep talking, he’ll have to take her into custody and she’ll talk in front of her lawyer.

OK, then. Amado tells them to “take care of it.” And his men shoot all of Davis’ men in her foyer. (Did El Diplomático really think Amado was going to play?)

Cafre hears the shots and tells his buddy they need to go in and get Davis.

Amado grabs Davis by the throat and insists she tell him what she knows or she can join them in hell. If she tells him what she knows, he might let her live. They struggle, without her telling him a damn thing, and he insists this is the end of her. He has to quit choking her because his arm is hurting. He says it’s her last chance to tell him what she knows and where El Diplomático is.

El Diplomático

Mariscal gets back to El Diplomático and says Davis didn’t want him to stay. El Diplomático knows how she is–proud, competitive. Uh, is El Diplomático listening?

El Diplomático takes off their headphones and sets them down on the desk. And I’m sticking with “their” until we know for sure because…is that nail polish?

Like Mariscal was saying, Davis told them not to stay, but he left a team. He doesn’t think it looks good, though. He thinks they should be prepared for an attack by Amado and should respond with everything they’ve got if they really want to keep control of the plaza. He tells El Diplomatico to think about it.

After, con’t.

Bianco begs Manara to say something. Where is she? She explains she came to Amado’s building to sign some papers and Rafa said he needed to talk to her. He gave her some water and then she started feeling bad. Bianco says he must have put something in her drink.

Manara wants to press charges. She wants everyone to know what trash he is. Bianco assures her they’ll finish him, but he needs her to be calm–this could be a trick. He’ll find out and take care of it. She needs to go home and not talk to anyone. He’ll see what Ezequiel recommends, but they’ll help her.

She doesn’t want help. She wants revenge.

In the rehearsal casita, Rafa’s singing along to his album. Paulino comes in and Rafa starts talking about how it’s such a great album. Oh, Paulino agrees. If there’s nothing else, he’s headed for bed.

Rafa says Mateo might have sold more, but it’s just one of those ephemeral hits. Like Jose Alfredo says…well, said, because he’s dead…you don’t have to get there first, you have to know how to get there. That’s what this career is about. You have to maintain yourself, not just get transient hits.

His phone buzzes and he finally shuts up and tells Paulino he can go to sleep. (And seriously, Paulino, why are you encouraging him?)

It’s Bianco. He can’t believe Rafa stooped so low. Rafa mocks Manara for going to him with the “gossip” already. Bianco says Rafa raped her and he’s going to jail, but Rafa says there was “no force.” (I swear if there were a way to jump through a screen and throttle someone….)

Well, Manara’s willing to testify in front of the media and a jury. Rafa smarms that he has photos and videos proving she did everything of her own free will. She even posed.

Bianco again repeats that Rafa drugged and raped her. Is he serious?

Rafa says if Ezequiel and his press team want to turn this into a scandal, it won’t work. They’ll get some ratings and some noise, but they’ll destroy her career. If Bianco loves her like he says he does, he should take care of her.

Casa Davis

She never thought Amado was this cowardly. All those men were unarmed.

Canseco comes in with bags, saying he’s got the proof here. They’ll say it was a gang fight and blame Amado’s competition. Now he can put that guy in jail.

Davis says he can justify everything legally, but El Diplomático is going to make tacos out of their eyes.

Everyone hears a noise and looks toward the front of the house.

Cafre and the other guy are starting to shoot at the cops outside. The other guy gets shot. Cafre gives himself up.

Casa Mateo

Belinda goes up to bed after dinner. Isaac bugs Gilda for ignoring him. She just doesn’t think it’s right to listen in on other people’s conversations. Isaac says if no one trusts anyone else in this house, that’s Mateo’s fault.

Gilda insists Mateo just wants peace now that he’s in charge of the label.

Isaac isn’t going to let his little brother tell him when they can talk. He’s out there with his friends, those vagos (bums).

Gilda takes offense–they’re musicians and they’re more successful and talented that Isaac is.

Isaac says Mateo can’t be president. And he (Isaac) worked hard to get the label going. Gilda’s like “Whatever.” Isaac says she has to decide whether she’s on Mateo’s side or his because everything’s going to change.

Juancho’s bar

Juancho comes in with three women who are allegedly all named “Rosita” so they don’t mess up their names. Nobody’s hanging out with them except Básico. Valentín’s not risking Davis’ wrath. They encourage him to call–they’ve got the sat phone and she’s got a sat phone. It rings, but she’s not answering.

Casa Davis

There’s no sound of a phone ringing when they bring in Cafre. Amado recognizes him as the one who hit him over the head. It’s all clear to him now. He’s back to demanding information.

After, con’t.

Manara comes back to Amado’s house. She tells Selva, Julia, and Agustina it just got so late she decided she’d go to Mexico tomorrow. She goes upstairs to take a phone call.

Bianco can’t find Ezequiel at any of his numbers. He thinks he might be on his boat.

Manara insists they have to do something and now, but Bianco says it’s not so simple. Rafa has some kind of a plan. He said he had video and threatened to make it public.

Manara is willing to let him–it’s evidence he raped her. Bianco disagrees–they have no idea what’s on the video. And he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to do this without Ezequiel. He’ll probably show up tomorrow.

Manara says the longer they wait, the harder it is to press charges.

Bianco promises he’s with her on this, they’re going to get justice, but they need a plan and a powerful person to help them. They’ll give Ezequiel until tomorrow and if he hasn’t shown up they’ll do whatever she wants. Manara agrees to talk to him tomorrow.

Rafa sings Va A Dolerte Mas Que A Mi (thanks for ruining the song, show) alone in the rehearsal casita and the sound plays over Manara getting into the shower. Rafa’s memories look like there’s interference or static, and he doesn’t seem to be enjoying them. We see enough of his infamous video to see that Manara was right–anyone watching would know she was unconscious.

Agustina finds Manara in her room crying and wants to know what happened. She begs Manara to trust her. Manara tells Agustina that Rafa drugged and raped her.

Juancho’s bar

Davis isn’t answering at any of her numbers and neither is Cafre. Valentín’s sure something happened. Mateo’s sure nothing happened.

Casa Davis

Davis and Cafre are both on their knees in her study, arms tied to the rafters overhead. Canseco says if they don’t tell him where El Diplomático is, they’re going down to the basement with the others. He gets a call on the radio and walks away.

Cafre calmly tells Amado he doesn’t know anything. Davis says “me neither” and looks over at Amado with a little smile. I hope that’s not just bravado.

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