La Mujer del Vendaval Wednesday 3/01/17 #76


Oh yeah, Camilo is never going to be able to stop washing that hand. He and Nisa flee.


Alba can’t stop grinning at Amadeo. She certainly thinks he looks good. Ilse pulls Penelope aside to ask her about her boyfriend and Penelope gladly hands off the bread to Amadeo.

Rather than leaving well enough alone, he starts begging Alba’s forgiveness again and asking if they can be friends. She says she can’t trust him again, but she does apologize for the things she said. He offers not to talk about his feelings again if she’ll give him another chance. He wants to get back the relationship they had. Alba needs time to think about it. Hey, he’ll be there whenever she’s ready. And sorry, but he’s helping her with the bread–he grabs it out of her arms and goes out to the truck.

Awkward dinner of awkwardness

July’s ready to whip out the…you know. Timo doesn’t think this is a good idea. And then July whips it out…and it’s not the…you know…that Timo was expecting.

July calls her…you know…Teo. She thinks the fact that Timo gave her a kitten means he’s ready for something more serious. Huh…Timo had no idea it meant that. July starts talking about commitment and ditching Octavia. He whines that if he’d known that, he would have gotten her a puppy instead. July says he could have just asked her and she would have gladly told him she wanted to marry him.

Timo makes excuses about why he can’t get married now. July doesn’t see any reason why they can’t get engaged, though. Timo’s pretty clear about just wanting to get some sex, but July remembers what Eulogio said–give in to him easily and he’ll just do the same thing again. So July backs off. He wants to “take it slow” with the marriage thing, fine…she also wants to “take it slow” with the dating again. So first she wants her job back, then she wants a few more romantic dates, and then MAYBE he’ll get what he wants. And in the meantime–friends.

Timo gets a call. Severo’s out prematurely celebrating the destruction of Mateo’s house and he’s pissed that it doesn’t look like he has a reason to celebrate yet. Timo says he’ll be right over. Creepy grin from Severo.

El V

Emi and Valeria take their leave. He’ll be back tomorrow to help with clearing the road. Valeria says she’ll be back to defend Marcela from Conchita, not that Sagrario thinks it’s necessary.

Marcela tries to weasel out of wedding prep and help with the road instead. Al knows the harvest is the most important thing, but her help won’t make that much of a difference one way or another. He’ll have help from Emiliano and they’ve started letting the workers back in.

He just hopes he doesn’t run into Camilo. And he hopes his mom knows what she’s doing.

Speaking of his mom, is he sure she’s on their side? Al’s confused by the question.

Conchita complains to Silvana about Marcela’s utter lack of interest in the plans. Silvana begs Conchita to understand her…but no, Conchita thinks Marcela’s the one who needs to understand that a wedding is the most sublime moment in a woman’s life! The moment when fantasy becomes reality! (I thought that was singing at Carnegie Hall or being sworn in as a Supreme Court justice or something?)

Oh, Silvana gets it, but Marcela is very “special.” She was the “man” of this house until recently. Conchita says Marcela just needs to get with the program or Conchita’s going to order the dress SHE thinks is best.

As it is, they barely have enough time to get it made and shipped, etc. (Uh, no, I’ve seen “Say Yes to The Dress” and you passed “barely enough time” a few exits back.) There won’t be any invitations–they’ll have to go digital. That’s totally in fashion, though. And what about this gate? What if the vendors can’t get in? Or the guests? Silvana says Timo’s letting people in, just not trucks.

Conchita worries about where to house everybody. Can’t they do it at one of the hotels?! No, Silvana already tried that and Al insists. They’ll have to try the next town over, because the hotel HERE is terrible! Conchita fusses that there’s so much to deal with and Marcela’s off on the moon. She starts freaking out.

Al wonders if his mom said something. Because if she wasn’t on board with this, she wouldn’t have hired the best wedding planner in the world. Marcela tells him to ignore her. Al says his mom loves her.

OK, then, to change the subject–she’s got some guys watching Mateo’s house so they can warn her when somebody gets there. Al asks if it really makes any sense to wait for them, shotgun in hand?

Mateo was going to have to build a bigger house anyway. One for two people. Huh, Marcela hadn’t thought of it that way. Al’s sure that Timo will be more bothered by them NOT being there. Marcela disagrees–that will make it look like they’re afraid of him and she can’t let him think that.

San BP

Ilse and Amadeo get back to Emiliano and Val’s house. Ilse thinks Alba was looking at him differently. Amadeo did notice she let him help her with the bread. Ilse points out that he didn’t exactly give her a choice. He needs to keep being more firm and decided.

He’s just saying he’ll be back for her in the morning to take her to the bus stop when Emiliano and Valeria get home. Valeria notices the makeover. Ilse notices her noticing and throws her arms around her baby to protect him from Val.

Emiliano finds it suspicious that Valeria’s helping with the wedding planning, but he believes her when she says she’s realized she has no chance with Al. He leaves her and Ilse talking.

Ilse is sure Camilo must be suffering. And after she lied to help him. Valeria doesn’t understand, so Ilse explains that she made a deal with him–if he wouldn’t tell her sons they had an affair, she would tell Marcela that Camilo didn’t run off with her the day of the wedding. Marcela believed her, but apparently that meant nothing compared to her love for Al. That’s why Ilse’s happy that Valeria has given up.

LOL, yeah right. Valeria just said that to get Emiliano off her back. She’s going to pretend to be Marcela’s friend. She’s also going to get Luciano back to El Vendaval.

Valeria calls Luciano. I ignore their banter. It’s all lies anyway. The bottom line is she wants him to come back to San Bartolo because she misses him.

Val tells Luciano to get his butt back to the hacienda and pretend he supports the wedding. She’s been spending time with Marcela and she’s sure it’s just a matter of time before Al and Mar realize they come from different worlds. But Al’s as stubborn as Luciano and the more Luciano disapproves, the more Al clings to Marcela. Plus she misses him–if he misses her too, he should come back.

El Vendavaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

There’s a frantic banging on the door of the hacienda and Nisa and Camilo come in, both equally freaked out and incoherent. Alba’s almost right behind them with the bread and Camilo finally gets out “We saw a dead body!” A hand, Nisa clarifies. Now Marcela comes running and gets the story that there might be a body buried on the property. Camilo blusters that they didn’t stick around to check it out further because, uh, he thought it would be better if everyone saw it!

Nisa’s hysterical and it doesn’t help when Mateo mentions El Diablo. They’re just heading out to look for The Hand when Conchita comes in with Silvana and I keep thinking “Don’t say anything in front of her!” What Marcela does say is for Rosa to bring the shotgun. Yeah, yeah, the shotgun–hey, she’d bring it to the wedding if she could. Conchita’s scandalized. What? She never heard of a shotgun wedding?

Nisa’s too scared to go with them, so Camilo will have to take them out there. They all rush past Conchita and Silvana and sure enough, Alba explains that they found a dead body.

It’s way too exciting at El Vendaval tonight. As Marcela, Al, and Mateo are reaching the big archway, one of the workers rides up to tell Marcela that there are some men at Mateo’s house.

That might be overstating things. There are two bought-and-paid-for cops and a very drunk Severo. Sev’s in a hurry to have them knock the house down. Eulogio eventually shows up with a bulldozer/backhoe thing and tries to put Severo off until Timo gets there, but Severo’s being so obnoxious about it that Eulogio tells the guy to go for it.

Back at the house, Nisa wraps up her story with “And that’s when we saw the hand!” I really wish I knew how she told the first part of that, but I’ll live. The assistants–and I mean Tuti and Angelo because Sasha’s been MIA since they were talking about wedding dresses–are all scared/excited about all the weird stuff that goes on here. Conchita’s just wondering what Silvana has gotten them into.

Mateo’s house comes down while Drunk!Sev keeps shouting and dancing around the wreckage. Unfortunately, nothing hits him on the head in the process.

In the dark, Camilo leads them to The Hand. Alessandro tells Mateo not to touch anything–let the cops handle it. They don’t even have to call them, just bring them over. They all know where they are right now.

Timo gets to the ranch when the house is down to a pile of rubble. Severo says they didn’t wait because he took too long. Well, never let it be said that Timo doesn’t keep his promises. But where are the Morales? Or Mateo? Timo thinks it’s weird they’re not here. Could it be an ambush?

When Al, et al, drive up, Eulogio tells the town cops to be ready. Mateo can’t believe they tore the house down. Timo whines that he needs to build a toll both. Marcela calls BS–he did it to make Drunk!Sev happy. Drunk!Sev brags that Mateo’s left with nothing. Au contraire! Mateo still has the woman he loves, the woman he’s going to marry. Marcela agrees that she’s going to make sure they get married.

But anyway, that’s not why they came here–they need Timo to come with them. There’s something they need to show him.

Crime scene

Next thing we know, everyone’s standing around looking at the dead hand sticking up out of the ground and Timo’s directing the investigation. He suggests they take its fingerprints. Eulogio suggests they remove the body and maybe they know who it is. Who it WAS, Timo corrects. Eulogio gets all flowery and apologizes for his bad grammar. Timo tells the cops to get the body out of the ground and they go at the earth with bare hands and flashlights. There’s apparently a smell.

Finally, the body is uncovered…the turn it over and it’s very clearly Mike. Severo’s not sure. He looks a little skinny. Eulogio points out that he hasn’t been eating. Marcela calls for a little more respect. OK, then, Timo thinks his coloring looks a little off for Mike. Alessandro: “Are you stupid or blind? He’s been dead for days!” Timo tells him to chill.

Camilo really couldn’t say, he didn’t know the guy, but Mateo is sure that’s Mike Cisneros. Eulogio says they need a positive ID. Mateo: “Then ask your drunk compadre.” Timo says they should leave this to the experts and let the cops and forensics do their job. Get prints. Do the autopista (freeway). Nobody bothers to correct him.

Timo finds it suspicious that the body was found buried at El Vendaval. Sure, they can see that the bullet wound in his back didn’t come from a shotgun, but…. Al says he’d better not try to pin this on anyone from the hacienda. Mateo tells him not to worry–the cops in this town never solve anything. Well, this time Timo is determined they’re going to find the murderer…or murderers…who are sullying the reputation of San Bartolo.

Marcela tells him to save the speeches for the next elections. Timo dramatically says the murderer of a foreigner could set off an international incident, but frankly I hope it does. It’s about time somebody looked into the way Timo runs things. Mateo tells Timo if he’s serious about getting to the bottom of this, he should be asking Sev when was the last time he saw Mike.


Sasha sneaks into Alessandro and Marcela’s room.

Nisa’s still freaking out. She’s starting to wonder if it was an entire body…or just parts. Angelo brings up the possibility of narcos and Conchita swats him with her hankie. They’re making her nervous!

Marcela, Al, Mateo, and Camilo get back. Al says it was a man. Marcela says he was shot in the back. And it was Mike, Sev’s lawyer.

Maria Laura’s upset at the prospect of Mike being dead. Marcela, Al, and Mateo are all sure it was him. The forensic stuff is just a formality. Sagrario can’t understand who would want him dead. Alba thought he was nice. Marcela felt bad for kicking him out…but what enemies could he possibly have made in town? He hardly talked to anyone except….

Mateo asks if they need it spelled out. Al agrees–Severo was the only one he spent time with. Mateo says everything that smells like Sev ends up smelling rotten. That sets off Maria Laura. She insists her daddy had nothing to do with this.

Al thinks they should all get some sleep. Conchita scoffs that here she is trying to create a festive atmosphere and instead it smells like a funeral! She scolds them all to get to bed, ESPECIALLY Marcela! She’s meeting her early in the morning and she doesn’t want to see bags under her eyes!

The living room starts to clear out. Silvana complains that Conchita’s right–this is not exactly the ambience she wanted. Al says there’s nothing they can do about it. OK, then, what happens now? Marcela says Timo will open one of his famous “investigations” which Al explains are famous for never finding anything.

That gets a laugh out of Silvana. Though she’s still worried that Timo will try to pin this on them. Marcela did kick that guy off the ranch. Al promises nothing is going to happen and tells Silvana to chill.

San BP

Timo’s searching his desk for Mike’s business card. He can’t even remember when he last saw Mike….

But Eulogio remembers running into Sev in the square on the night July heard the gun and him saying that Mike went back to New York and he dropped him off at the airport. He tells Timo about this. Timo wants to question him, but not now while he’s drunk. Tomorrow.

Sev may never be sober again at this rate. He’s STILL drinking and very loud and getting on July’s nerves. She’s supposed to get back to work tomorrow, so she’d really like him to quit making so much noise. She tries to help him to bed, but Sev’s still on about Mateo’s house coming down and he’s going to bring down all of El Vendaval.

El V

In bed, Marcela worries about Timo trying to pin Mike’s murder on them. Al says their hands are clean. Right, but Timo’s are filthier than poor Mike’s. What if he gets it into his head to screw up the wedding? Al tells her to stop thinking about it. Nobody’s screwing up anything.

And he has a great way to make her stop thinking…. *smoochies*

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