Guerra de Ídolos Tuesday 7/25/17 #55

Episode 55: Testigos amañados

Davis warns Amado that if he kills her, he’ll risk El Diplomático’s personal fury. That’ll be his cross to bear for the rest of his days.

That intrigues Amado. Is she his vieja? Sister? Daughter? Maybe if she tells him, that will save her.

Nope, Davis isn’t telling and Amado won’t find “him.” El Diplomático is too much for Amado.

Canseco says the gunshots outside alerted the feds and they can’t mess with the feds.

In that case, Amado’s ready to end this. He takes what looks like a spoon off Davis’ desk and stabs Cafre in the chest with it while Davis screams. Amado tells Cafre’s to tell El Diplomático to publish anything he likes. Amado can defend himself. And he should get himself another lawyer. Amado never wants him or any of his people to set foot in his city.

He turns to Davis and chokes her to death.

Ramon is in charge of the cleanup. He warns his fellow officers to do it carefully so the feds don’t have any doubts. He splashes gasoline over Davis and Cafre himself, saying that she’s dead, but Cafre should leave–it’s going to burn.

They decide to start the fire in the basement first to bring the house down.

Cafre looks over to Davis and crawls over to her as the smoke starts rolling in. He collapses next to her.

Casa Matamoros

Agustina and Manara are having tequilas. Manara says it’s not so easy–Rafael planned things. He took a video to threaten her with. She had talked to Mateo, but he’s in hiding with his friends after what the press said about them. She loves Mateo so much and she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him, but she let her guard down and look what happened.

Agustina asks if she’s going to tell Mateo what happened. She called him right after, but he didn’t answer his phone. He wanted to stay away from her so that Amado wouldn’t take things out on her, but it’s too late.

Is she saying Amado had something to do with this?

He organized the meeting. And then Rafa showed up out of nowhere. And they both know Amado is capable of anything.

Canseco and Amado get back to the house. Canseco tells Amado the house is on fire and the evidence they spread will help convince one of the (other) crime lords in the city that another one is trying to invade his territory. He calls Ramon to get him to make sure the feds are “taken care of.”

Selva helps change Amado’s bandage and asks how he got out of the hospital, because she’s sure he wasn’t discharged. Amado says he snuck out so he could sleep with her, so he’ll heal quicker.

No, seriously, she wants the truth. This wasn’t a fight between bands, this was something to do with him.

Amado insists, it was a fight between bands. He had Alexis investigate and he’ll tell them what happened tomorrow.

Uh huh. Selva called Alexis. He’s already coordinated an interview. Is it really not just a screen? Because she’s pregnant and she needs to know if she’s in danger or not?

Manara knocks on their door. She’s headed for Mexico tomorrow, so she wanted to say goodbye. Selva wishes her a good trip. Manara tells her to take good care of her nibling and Julia. And she needs to talk to Amado about that document if he’s got a minute.

Amado and Manara both look like they’re struggling to stay upright as they get to his office. He says the lawyer explained what she signed, right? Manara can take Julia anywhere she wants to–congratulations. Was there anything else?

Yes. She wants to know if he planned the encounter with Rafa. Amado says his assistant set things up and Rafa said he’d go to the office.

Look, she knows he and Rafa are partners, so she’s asking if he’s also a partner in what Rafa did today.

Amado tries to pretend he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, so Manara spells it out for him–Rafa drugged her and raped her and made a video.

Amado asks if he put it on the Internet or what.

No, but he threatened to if she presses charges. It would ruin her career…but as a politician and a man she really doesn’t think it would be good for Amado either. So what’s he going to do? Let Rafa get away with it, or make him pay in her name?

Amado says obviously he won’t let Rafa upload the video, but he’s also not going to do anything to him. Manara deserved it.

She calls him an animal and starts hitting him. Amado gets the upper hand in their struggle somehow and throws her onto the couch. He puts his hand around her throat and says she betrayed him. He was almost killed and it’s her fault. She wasn’t singing up there to protect him, she did it to protect Mateo. When Amado finds him, he’s going to beat him to death–she’s been warned.

Now, did he send her the video?

That’s the only thing he cares about, isn’t it? In that case, she’ll distribute it herself even if it ruins her career!

Amado says she won’t do anything. He’s giving her one more chance, just because she’s his sister. Get out, go back to Bianco and Mexico, and if she tries to do anything to him again, he won’t forgive her. And he’ll hurt someone she cares about first, understand? It’s her last chance.

Juancho’s bar

Juancho’s moaning about how Básico’s with all three Rositas. Fame changes people. And here he is such an unknown.

Valentín says it’s because Básico’s upset that Gisela traded him in for the guy running the event.

Dylan says at least Mateo’s is “decent.” Mateo says she’s talented, but she’s not “his.” Valentín thinks he could do with her what he never got to with Manara and have fewer problems. Mateo agrees, but….

The phone on the bar rings and Juancho says it’s for Valentín. He used it by mistake.

Cafre made it back to his van, where he’d left his cell phone. He noticed a missed call and thought it might be Valentín. They killed the boss. And he’s wounded.

Valentín passes this info on to the others and puts Cafre on speaker. Cafre says Matamoros did it with his own hands, no compassion, he declared war. He strangled Davis right in front of him. They have to get El Diplomático involved. He’s the only one who can deal with the mayor and the police. Cafre knows Davis was important to El Diplomático and he knows how to contact “him” which is why Amado left him alive.

But now he’s dying. He wants Mateo to take him to his sister–he’s the only one who can help Mateo get to El Diplomático and get revenge. Mateo’s motioning “no.”

Mateo refuses to call Gilda. Valentín can’t believe he’d let him die when he’s their direct line to El Diplomático.

But look at how easily Amado got to Cafre and Davis! And look at what Davis and El Diplomático did behind Mateo’s back! They’re traitors!

Valentín shoves him. If they had been a team from the beginning, this wouldn’t have happened. Básico agrees–they’re in it up to their necks now. They need someone big to take out Amado. Cafre said El Diplomático would suffer if he knew about Davis, but not more than Valentín will suffer. Mateo wanted to kill Amado? Well with Valentín, now that makes two of them. Dylan declares himself a third. And Básico a fourth.

Mateo whines that if he calls Gilda, he’d have to tell her everything. They all argue with him that he doesn’t have to explain. She’s a doctor, she’d do it without questions.

Mateo gives in, but he wants to call Chalino first so Chalino can go with Gilda. And if he doesn’t go, then screw Cafre. Valentín agrees.

Casa Mateo

Gilda’s remembering what Isaac said about working hard to build the company. Her phone buzzes. Mateo asks her to go help a wounded “friend” and he swears he’ll explain later.

He takes off and leaves her in charge of the label with no explanation and now this?!

Mateo says Chalino will go with her to guard her and help her.

No. If he wants her to do this, he needs to call their dad. She’s decided she isn’t keeping secrets for him or for Isaac anymore. If he wants her help, then their dad needs to know. His friend’s life is in his hands, not hers. She hangs up on him.

Juancho’s bar

Mateo talked to Chalino and he’s going with Gilda. If he sees anything weird, he knows–Mateo doesn’t care about Cafre except as a bridge to El Diplomatico.

Valentín thinks they should just do this themselves. They have everything they need….

They have nothing! Mateo tells him to come back down to earth. They’ve been at this for a year and how many of them have died? Valentín’s not a killer. Básico’s not a killer, Dylan’s not a killer, and Mateo’s not a killer. He’s a musician! And Amado’s a mayor. They need someone else, whether Valentín likes it or not, because Amado’s coming after them.


Gilda stitches up Cafre. Amado didn’t hit any vital organs, but he needs to keep it clean and take antibiotics to avoid infection. Cafre thanks her.

And now Gilda wants to know what happened. Cafre and Chalino both shake their heads. They should probably ask Mateo if he wants her involved.

Gilda demands Chalino call him. Right now.

As soon as she gets Mateo on the phone she says she did her part. Has he talked to their dad? Mateo’s completely reasonable excuse is that his cell phone is off. She gives him the emergency number they gave Belinda.

Mateo tries to pass the phone to Dylan, but Gilda’s not in the mood to talk to anyone.

Los Cabos

Moisés is reading the paper. So much for “unplugging.” He’s worried about this (alleged) fight between El Mayor de Tijuana and Valentín.

Celestina asks if Mateo was involved. Did he talk to him?

No, because the whole idea was to “disconnect.”

Well, Celestina read that they’re supposed to do an interview on Treviño’s station, so…she goes off to find the radio.


Gisela’s impressed with Alexis being the director of all this. He says he almost is. It’ll be official soon. The important thing now is the interview. She has to remember what they talked about. And why didn’t her friend want to do it?

Gisela says she didn’t even tell her. She’s not “trustworthy.” She starts rehearsing her lies, that Básico was being disrespectful and El Mayor got involved and then Valentín and Básico started shooting.

Alexis likes it, but she can add some more emotion because, you know, something like this is traumatic.

OK, Gisela’s all set to do whatever he asks, but how does she know he’ll repay her? Alexis swears he’ll make her famous even before he does her album. She’ll be on all the shows.

And what if they realize it’s a lie? Oh, no worries, ’cause she’s with the big badass–he’ll be behind her…and on top…and on the side. (Gross, dude. Also, that’s Selva’s couch and even Selva doesn’t snog on that couch. Creeps.)

But oh look the show’s starting. Is she going to remember? Gisela says she’s not an actress, but she’ll try.

Casa Mateo

Isaac reads an English-language news site with Telemundo’s trademark bad English. (GET A CONSULTANT!) Belinda comes in, getting done with a phone call. Isaac says now they’re trying to find Mateo for questioning–and it’s not the media, it’s the police. If he doesn’t show up, he’ll be a prófugo (fugitive).

Belinda makes a face and he asks what that’s about. She doesn’t want him to tell anyone, but Gilda just called and asked for the emergency number. Mateo’s looking for Moisés.

Isaac asks if Mateo’s going to hop a plane to Europe, or what?

Belinda tells him they’re in Los Cabos. The police are already looking for Valentín and his cousin. Could Mateo end up in jail for this? There was a wounded cop and everything.

Isaac says if this is a fight over a woman, Mateo’s in it up to his neck.

Juancho’s bar

Mateo tells Dylan that Gilda’s angry at all of them. But that’s just Gilda. He might as well get used to it. He does think she had a point about telling his dad. If they’re going to go after Matamoros, he has to tell him.

Dylan says his dad’s going to want to handle this legally. Mateo’s willing to do it both legally and through El Diplomático.

Dylan reminds him that “legally” all they have is Manara for a witness. And after what happened is she going to accuse her brother?

Mateo guesses so? She suggested they do it when she told him, but…he didn’t listen. And he was nasty with her and then tried to humiliate her with Lila. He did everything wrong.

Dylan thinks he should call her, which Mateo did already, but she said she was going to Mexico and she was OK and they’d see each other later. If he’s going to involve her in this, he has to have a plan.

Rancho Zabala

Manara calls Rafa from the airport. She knows that Amado agreed to Rafa raping her, but a video wasn’t part of that plan. She tells Rafa he can speak freely–unlike him, she’s not recording this. She’s going to destroy him, but she’s going to do it openly.

Rafa, looking nervous like the scared little creep he is, says he doesn’t understand why she’s so angry, wishes her luck in Mexico, and says he’s gotta go.

Isaac shows up wearing a stupid hoodie and complaining about the scandal with Rafa at that congal and that he’s uncomfortable meeting him here.

Rafa says it wasn’t a scandal, just some photos. And no one’s here. Isaac says he’s here to confirm that Mateo isn’t going to be able to take charge of the label–he wants to talk to their dad.

Rafa asks where they’re going to meet. Why? So Rafa can talk to him instead or so he can have Mateo arrested? Rafa says he just wants to know how Moisés is spending the money that Rafa’s “giving” him. (Oh, please.)

If Rafa wants to know, it’s going to cost him. Anyway, he’s gotta go. He’s got a wardrobe fitting for his poker reality show.

Casa Matamoros

Agustina can’t believe Amado’s just letting Manara go like that. Rafa raped her! He’s her brother–he has to defend her!

Amado says he suggested Rafa do it a while ago, to “correct” her. Yes, he’s serious. Manara told Mateo that he killed her brother. She might as well have handed Amado over to him on a platter.

How does he know it was her?

He says he had the police investigate and Mateo’s name came out. He’s sure she betrayed him. He keeps wincing at the pain in his arm.

Agustina also thought Manara told Mateo something when he went to Mexico, but Manara assured her she didn’t say anything. That doesn’t justify what Amado did!

Amado says the important thing here is that Manara no longer trusts Agustina. If Agustina doesn’t get her trust back, he’s sending her somewhere far away from José.

Agustina tells him not to threaten her–they had a deal.

The deal is, she gives him information, but Manara doesn’t trust her, lied to her, and it almost killed him.

His cell phone starts buzzing. Rafa’s calling to say that Isaac just left there and Mateo’s looking for his dad. He’s worried Mateo’s going to start telling more people and it’s going to get complicated. Amado tells him to meet him at the mayor’s office.

Agustina says she’ll regain Manara’s confidence, she has no doubt of that. What she does have doubts about is the kind of father her son has. He has no pride. She hopes he does something to get the family’s honor back and does something about that trash. Because Manara’s honor is his honor. (That’s kind of twisted and sexist, but I think speaking his language got through to him.)

Radio Station

Selva’s finding it awfully convenient that there was this alleged fight that keeps Amado’s image clean, their phone lines are ringing off the hook, and now Alexis has interviews lined up? This seems like a setup.

Alexis swears it’s real.

Uh huh. If Selva finds out he set all this up just to please Amado, he’s fired.

Alexis whines that he’s helping him and avoiding a scandal.

From now on Selva forbids him to do anything without her permission. Amado might be her partner, but this is HER company. Alexis nods agreement while just happening to scratch his nose with his middle finger.

Juancho’s bar

Juancho’s waiting outside with the truck to drive Dylan away. He’s got his tour all set up and paid for and Mateo thinks he should go do it. The worst thing he can do is disappear. The other guys are worried that Amado will sneak someone onto the tour, but Mateo doesn’t think that’ll happen. Besides, Dylan will be surrounded by people and press–Amado wouldn’t dare do anything so public. He wants Dylan to get all this out of his head and concentrate on his tour.

The guys all say their goodbyes and once Dylan’s gone, Básico suggests they tune in for the interview.


Alexis apologizes to Gisela and El Mayor for the delay and has them get their headphones on. He introduces them to his listeners as the “number ones” (of what?) and says who better than the “protagonists” to tell them what happened at the event.

El Mayor says Valentín and Básico started it because they’re a couple of acomplejados (people with inferiority complexes). A year ago they were nobodies and now they think they’re gods. They think people are trying to steal “their women,” but that’s just an excuse.

El Mayor knows he brings in more people. His palenques sell out before theirs do and Valentín and Básico feel threatened.

Alexis says that’s about sales, but what happened yesterday was serious, a family man was wounded. What happened?

El Mayor says Básico, Valentín’s ladero (sidekick?), was mistreating Gisela backstage. El Mayor had to intervene, isn’t that right honey? After all that rehearsing, Gisela goes with “Yes, that’s the truth.”

And then Básico and Valentín pulled out guns, but El Mayor and his crew were unarmed because they’re musicians, not killers!

Alexis announces that there they have it, ladies and gentlemen, the truth.

Juancho’s bar

Valentín shuts off the radio. They’re screwed now.

No, Mateo still thinks they can turn this around. Valentín doesn’t care about the press. He’s going to make Matamoros and all his people pay.

Mateo tries to talk him out of it. They tried it por la mala (the bad way) and look what happened to Davis. They should try it the legal way now.

Valentín tells him to go right ahead. Go to his dad. It’s his family’s problem after all. But they took Davis from him and Valentín’s getting revenge, even if he goes to jail. Básico grins and says he wouldn’t be going to jail.

The Mayor’s office

Rafa gripes that Amado’s finally there. He thought this was urgent! Well, as the mayor, Amado’s busy.

So, Mateo’s going to see his dad and they’re probably going to get the Texas police coming after Amado, since that’s where JC was killed, and he has no power there. Amado mocks the idea of the police coming after him. Plus Rafa’s his accomplice and they have the death penalty in Texas, so where are they going to meet so Amado can go kill them…unless Rafa’s going to try to protect the old guy like he did Mateo?

Well, Rafa didn’t ask Isaac ’cause he would have gotten suspicious. Amado says he’s just a great collaborator isn’t he?

Um, does he want Rafa to call and pressure him?

What for? Rafa’s useless. He tells him to sit down…they need to talk. See, they had a pact. Rafa would rape Manara as a “corrective” but they were supposed to keep that private and instead Rafa made a video. Amado doesn’t like that.

Rafa swears he won’t use it! He just did it to protect himself. As insurance. He knows how this business is.

Manara shares his last name. He wants the video destroyed.

But…he said he wouldn’t use it! He just wants it in case someone tries to attack him.

Well, Amado has a video too. And it’s someone in Rafa’s family. Does he want to see it?

Amado smarms about the video being “revealing,” but Rafa scoffs that it can’t be his. He doesn’t “allow” video of him to be taken. Amado must be bluffing.

Amado says someone close gave it to him. He was going to use it to extort Neto, but that seemed like too much. And he ended up not needing it.

He hands Rafa the phone so he can see for himself. If Rafa posts the video of Manara, Amado will post this. Neto’s successor. If Neto sees it, it’ll probably kill him before the cancer does.

Rafa watches the video of Santiago and Fernando. He refuses to believe this–his son likes women.

Amado doesn’t think so, based on that video. So if Rafa posts Manara’s video, Amado’s posting this one…unless there isn’t one? Rafa insists there is, but he’s not going to show Amado, out of “decency.” (Yes, the word “decency” just came out of his mouth and yes I wanted to slap him.)

Amado tells him to get out.

Rafa protests–they still have more to resolve.

Nope. They have nothing else to talk about. Amado’s going to have Alexis do his concerts, through the radio station.

Rafa whines that he doesn’t understand. Amado wanted a “corrective” and now he’s getting like this.

Amado says he’s a man of his word. He asked for Rafa’s help with the campaign, he offered his sister, she didn’t agree, Amado let Rafa rape her, and now they’re even.

Rafa whines that he knows he lost the label, but Mateo’s a fugitive now, he can get it back.

Amado doesn’t care about the label. He cares about what Mateo’s going to do and Rafa can’t even FIND him. He tells him again to get out and winces again at the pain in his arm once Rafa leaves. (And while his pain is a nice start, this guy just had a conversation about “allowing” his BFF to rape his sister, so he just needs to die. They both do.)

Mexico City

Bianco asks how Manara’s doing. She says she’s dealing. He had her stuff moved to the house so she’d be more comfortable. But right now, she has a guest.

Ezequiel greets her. Bianco told him what Rafa did and he’s here to support her. He asks what she’s thinking of doing with her career. He wants to get right to the point. He understands how she feels, but she has two options–either she can be a music star or a media star and Ezequiel can take her either way.

Manara says Rafa just raped her and what she needs is justice so he doesn’t do it to anyone else again.

Justice…is outside Ezequiel’s reach. She can do whatever she wants, but for his part he needs to recover the money he’s invested in her. He can do that by putting her on gossip shows or he can do that with her album and tour and she can be the great young star they were hoping she’d be.

Manara angrily asks if he’s saying that if she wants to continue her career she has to keep quiet about Rafa.

Ezequiel says if she turns Rafa in, he can’t support her. If the video comes out, he can’t do anything about that. He’s giving her options.

Los Cabos

Celestina’s getting ready for bed, but Moisés is going out. He’s not sleepy. She reminds him they’re supposed to be relaxing and leaving the kids to deal with things on their own. Only Belinda has the number so she can call in case anything happens with the baby. So who did he talk to earlier? Belinda?

Moisés lies (come on, we can all tell) and says it was the apartment people in Houston and they said the apartment’s ready and they got the old owners to leave the furniture she liked. Celestina’s happy about that.

He’s just going to down to the bar for one drink and he’ll be back.

Mateo meets him in the bar, acting all nervous (and possibly drunk, those were a lot of beers on the table back at Juancho’s). He’s not “officially” a fugitive yet….

Yeah, he only lasted one day as president of the label and he’s already having problems.

Mateo says things got out of hand. He didn’t want to involve everyone, but this affects all of them.

Moisés doesn’t care what’s going on, he’s not going to do a thing about it.

Mateo says this isn’t about him taking charge, it’s something more serious. He already knew Victoria didn’t kill JC, but now he knows who did. Someone who’s been laughing in their faces all this time: Amado Matamoros.

Moisés laughs.

Mateo insists he did it to get Julio César out of the way so he could have Selva and have the Treviños’ radio station. Manara told him.

Moisés looks like he might believe him now.

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