Guerra de Ídolos Wednesday 7/26/17 #56

Episode 56: Carrera o escándalo

Mateo admits to Moisés that it was a mistake to try to handle everything alone and he needs his dad’s help. Moisés scoffs that this just keeps getting better and better–one son’s an addict and the other one’s “crazy” and paranoid.

Mateo says he’s not! He thinks Moisés has every reason not to believe him, but when this comes to light, Moisés will want to kill Amado himself.

Moisés asks if Manara has any proof. Mateo doesn’t see why she would lie–it’s her brother. What does she have to gain? He told her about Julio a while ago, and then about Gilda to shut her up and get her away from Mateo.

Moisés is confused–what does Gilda have to do with Manara? Did Mateo tell Valentín to shoot Amado?

Mateo says he didn’t. The whole thing with Valentín and El Mayor is all lies. He’s a “fugitive” now, but a lawyer and money can fix that. Manara said she’d testify against Amado. Moisés is surprised she would do that. Mateo says that’s why this is so delicate. They have to keep it quiet or Amado will kill the whole family. Moisés looks doubtful.

Mexico City

Ezequiel tells someone on the phone he’s leaving in a minute. He casually mentions to Manara and Bianco he’s going to see about buying a TV station that’s going broke. So, what were they talking about?

Her options, Manara reminds him. She can be a singer, but she can’t turn Rafa in.

Bianco corrects her–she can, but Ezequiel has a point. The video is a problem. She’s a public figure and so is her brother. The scandal could be so huge it could eat her career.

Manara thought they were on her side! She needs Rafa in jail. What is wrong with them?!

Ezequiel tells her to get him the video and they’ll talk.

Manara furiously asks if he’s doubting she was raped.

Again, Bianco steps in and says they believe her and they care for her. She’s free to press charges, but he knows from experience if it’s not managed carefully it can ruin her.

Ezequiel agrees with Bianco. It’s Manara’s life. What does she want to do?

Manra says she has to think about it.

Ezequiel says she should be grateful for the choices he’s giving her. And for ignoring her misstep, singing for her brother at that political event, but she’d better not do it again. He takes her by the chin and says she has to get his permission first. As he walks out, Manara glares at Bianco and he looks around the house uncomfortably.

Nico and Julia

Nico’s suggesting to Santiago that they go out somewhere together. He could call Lucía….

No, they broke up and she blocked him. She was really angry about it.

He could invite someone else then, a girl…or a boy.

Santiago laughs that everyone’s ocupados…or ocupadas.

Nico says he’s gotta go–Julia is there.

Uh, and how does he know it’s Julia and not Sabrina? He’s taking too much of a chance!

Nico disagrees. He knows it’s Julia. They’ll talk later.

And indeed it is Julia. And she knows it’s his “girlfriend’s” house because she’s seen the pictures. Nico says he doesn’t have a girlfriend. This is his house. She has visa problems and she can’t rent it, so he rents it.

And now what? Is her brother going to send guys in through the windows to get him?

No. Julia came back so he’d quit bugging her.

Nico asks about the audition and she says it was bad. He’s glad. She admits she also came back to be with him. Cue snogging. Neither of them notices Manara’s calling.

Mexico City

Manara leaves Julia a message that she misses her and loves her and to call back.

Bianco brought over the full set of house keys and some people from the restaurant to fix them dinner. Neither one of them has had much of anything to eat since yesterday.

Manara thanks him for everything, for trying to help her forget all the bad stuff. They hug


Chalino gets back from a trip to get antibiotics and food. Cafre thanks him for what he’s done–they don’t make ’em like Chalino anymore (that they don’t). Chalino saved his life.

Chalino says Mateo saved his life and can he put the gun away already? They’re safe here.

Cafre starts talking about taking them to El Diplomático and going through Mariscal. Chalino wants to know something first–it was a lie that they failed, wasn’t it? Cafre admits that El Diplomático used Mateo’s info to try to extort Amado just like he does with all the other low-ranking public officials.

Oh yeah, he said “low-ranking” because El Diplomático usually only works with governors on up and Amado’s just a mayor (I want someone to say that to Amado just so I can watch the look on his face). Cafre investigated Amado and tried to tell them it wouldn’t work with him, but they didn’t listen to a mere soldier.

Chalino says now Amado wants them gone. It’s him or them.

Mayor’s office

Canseco shows Amado some security cam pictures of Chalino in the crowd. He says that’s the guy closest to Mateo. He shot at Alvarez, the officer Canseco brought with him.

Alvarez hands over a folder full of info about Chalino. Amado recognizes him from the label. They suggest putting out an arrest warrant on him for shooting a cop and accusing Mateo of interfering with an investigation.

Amado says it’s not enough. They’ve probably already gotten rid of the weapon and a lawyer can easily get Mateo out of those charges. Plus he might talk to the press. No, what Amado needs is for someone to find them and kill them before they have a chance to talk or get reinforcements.

Making a plan

Chalino wants to know how they can trust El Diplomático after he’s already betrayed them.

Cafre says it’s different now. His boss was a member of El Diplomático’s family. A very close member. El Diplomático’s people will be in mourning. But Cafre can’t say more. The point is they’re all on the same side now, but when they call Mariscal they need to have a plan already. He needs to tell Mateo to move now.

Chalino calls Mateo, who’s still at the hotel bar in Los Cabos. He says his dad didn’t believe him at first, but now he’s talking to their lawyer. How’s it going with Cafre? Can they trust him?

Chalino says Cafre needs them to get around and that’s why he’s offering to help. He called some guy named Mariscal and he wants them to move now.

Mateo remembers meeting Mariscal at Davis’ office, but no, he wants to wait until things calm down.

Mateo ends the call and takes a couple of beers back to the table. Moisés is meeting the lawyer in Houston tomorrow. He wants Mateo to get together with Isaac and talk, because Isaac has a completely different version of what happened–he’s sure Julio César was killed because of his gambling debts. That’s why Moisés fired him, and why he tried to kill himself. He reminds Mateo about the motorcycle accident. Moisés needs them to talk, like brothers, and agree on ONE version of events that they’re going to use to go after whoever destroyed their family.

Mateo’s angry that Moisés hid this from him. What was Moisés going to tell him for? So he could go kill Isaac? He knows how Mateo is. So get together and agree on what happened, so when they take this to the law everyone has the same information.

As for the label…Mateo suggests taking it to Houston, but they’d need Rafa’s vote for that. Moisés realizes he’s Amado’s friend–if he knows everything that makes him an accomplice and he’s been fooling them the whole time. That’s what Manara thinks. Mateo says once they take care of Amado all his accomplices will fail with him, but Mateo wants to take care of Rafa on his own

Moisés snaps at him that they’re doing this through the justice system and that’s IT! And he doesn’t want Celestina, Belinda, or Gilda involved. He doesn’t want them in danger.

Casa Mateo

Junior sleeps in his crib while Belinda and Isaac snuggle in bed. (Yeah, I said “Uuuuuuuugh!” out loud.)

Belinda’s worried about Gilda finding them like this. Isaac complains that she’s going to find out anyway. He turns over the picture of Julio César as he answers his phone.

Moisés says he just told Mateo everything. Isaac asks why and whines that he thought they were doing ok.

Nope, they never were. Anyway, Mateo has a different version of what happened, so he’s going to call and they’re going to straighten it out like brothers. Moisés will be in Houston. This is Isaac’s chance to come back to the business, so Moisés hopes he takes advantage of it.

Mexico City

Bianco is opening up the first bottle of tequila from his personal distillery. (Is this a thing now? Having your own private booze label?) He wants Manara’s opinion on it, assuming drinking it doesn’t make them go blind.

She thanks him for the tequila, and everything else, but tomorrow it’s back to reality.

He doesn’t think all of her reality is so bad. She knows it’s not, but she’s been through so much lately it doesn’t let her see the good things.

Bianco asks if Mateo knows about Rafa. No, she hasn’t been able to reach him. They talked before, but he’s got his own problems and she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to tell him now.

Bianco guesses it’s true what they’re saying in the press. He’s being treated like a fugitive, so Bianco’s guessing Manara told him the truth and Mateo wanted to get revenge. She got up there on stage to avoid a massacre. Manara says she did what she had to do.

And now she’s afraid to tell him about Rafa because he might lose his head. He must be really violent.

Um, if he’s trying to get closer to her by judging Mateo that’s probably not the best way….

Bianco says he doesn’t judge him. He’s thinking about Manara. And she should be thinking about herself too–about her career.

How does she want him to do that when it’s all about to explode and get even worse than she imagined?

Bianco thinks it’s going to get better. It’ll all explode and then she can feel free.

Casa Zabala

Rafa gets home and hears someone playing riffs on the guitar. Santiago’s in the rehearsal space. Rafa asks if that’s a new guitar.

No, he bought it a while ago, but he only plays it when he’s alone.

Oh they’re alone? Good. They can have a nice quiet talk, since the guitar’s not his only secret. (Raise your hand if you rolled your eyes and thought “Oh, great, here we go.”)

Santiago doesn’t know what he’s talking about. What secret? Rafa gets up in his face. “That you like men. Don’t tell me you don’t have the balls to answer.”

Santiago says yes, he does and yes, he does. So what’s Rafa going to do? Hit him like he hit Nicolas? He likes women and he likes men too, what’s weird about that?

Rafa says he’s confused. He’s taking him to a congal so one of the viejas can help him get that out of his head.

Um, no. Santi isn’t confused. He knows what he likes.

Rafa screams at him asking if he likes men or women.

He likes people! He’s clear about that and he’s going to get back to playing his guitar now.

But Rafa’s worried about who else knows.

Just Nico and his mom. He didn’t want to tell Neto. Rafa scoffs that he’d probably die. Well, that’s why Santi didn’t tell him. Neto’s always saying Santiago’s his successor and he doesn’t want to disappoint him. But what does Rafa think?

Rafa says he wants to help Santiago find a solution and fix this.

“I’m not broken!” Instead of judging him maybe Rafa should look in the mirror. It took Santi a while, but he’s finally accepted who he is. He doesn’t think Rafa can understand that because he doesn’t think Rafa knows who HE is.

Nico and Julia

Julia’s finally noticing Nicolas’ face. He says it’s nothing he just…argued with his dad. Rafa was angry because Nico sold more than him with just his single. He’s seeing betrayal everywhere, first with Neto and now him.

Julia says they’ve got music in their blood.

Right, like her and Manara. And Manara seems to be doing well.

Julia doesn’t think she has as much talent. Her audition really didn’t go well at all. She was nervous, she tripped….

Nico says she has lots of talent. She’s a great dancer and a good singer. She just needs to relax. He plays his new song for her, Tantos Milagros….

And then Sabrina starts banging on the door because it’s locked from the inside and she can’t get in. Nico apologizes–he didn’t know she was getting back today. Julia reasonably says if Sabrina’s not his girlfriend then there’s no problem, right? Or does he want her to hide?

Nico lets Sabrina in and it’s all downhill from there, ’cause apparently she never got the “we’re not dating” memo. She decides to live up to the tough-girl stereotype by attacking Julia the minute she sees her. Points for headbutting, though? I mean, it’s different? And then she whips out her phone and starts taking pictures and calling Manara a social climber and Amado corrupt. She screams that she’s going to “burn” Julia on social media. Julia gets the hell out of there.

Mexico City

Bianco plays Pasa La Página for Manara and teases her about remembering he wrote it before he met her. She knows. It’s her sister’s favorite of his songs, and hers too.

So what about the tequila?

She thinks it’s great. She’s got Mexican blood, the taste for tequila is in her DNA.

Bianco says it’s like music. They both have music in their DNA. And he’s becoming more convinced that singers have to marry their careers.

Manara thinks it makes them “crazy.”

Bianco agrees. It’s easy to go “crazy” in this business.

Manara says they’ll do anything out of desperation. Like her, trying so hard to get away from Amado that she put her career in Ezequiel’s hands. He doesn’t even like music and he just uses Bianco.

Bianco reminds her that Megavisa is a great platform. No one can give her more fame. He recommends she use them. And as for their deal, was that also something she did out of desperation?

Manara admits it was, a little. But she also knows how important his image is and his career and she’s going to support him. She’s a woman of her word.

He knows. That’s why he picked her. And he likes that everyone thinks they’re together. The deal is flexible–it depends on the two of them. And he knows how to make it more llevadero (tolerable).

He kisses her and tells her to leave all the problems behind and they’ll go forward together.

When he breaks off the kiss and Manara’s staring at him in shock, he apologizes and blames it on the tequila and says he’ll leave.

Manara doesn’t want him to leave.

Bianco explains he doesn’t know how to get her to see him as more than a work commitment and see him as someone she can trust. And he feels alone.

She does trust him and she’s grateful for everything, but he needs to understand that with everything that’s happened she doesn’t know how to feel or what to think. But she thinks it’s best not to get involved emotionally and avoid any confusion.

Bianco thinks confusion has been his natural state since he was born.

Manara reminds him they made a deal and she knows it’s important for him to have a relationship with someone without being judged and she’s going to support him.

It’s just since he met her he’s more confused than ever. He tells Manara to ignore him. He’ll see her tomorrow.


Mateo calls Isaac. He’s assuming he already talked to their dad.

Yes, and Isaac’s assuming they can’t have this talk over the phone.

But can Mateo trust him?

Isaac says there’s no point asking–do it or don’t.

Mateo wants to fix this. What’s coming is going to be hard. And it’s better if they’re together. They need to talk honestly. He wants Isaac to fly to Monterrey tomorrow. Get on the earliest flight and Mateo will pick him up at the airport. But he can’t let anyone follow him and he can’t let anyone see him.

Isaac agrees he’ll see him tomorrow.

Belinda comes in with the baby and asks what’s going on. Isaac says it’s nothing…things are starting to fall into place and he’s going to get back what’s his.

Juancho’s bar

Mateo gets back and Valentín and Básico are cleaning up the mess. Mateo jokes with them about taking a bath sometime.

He says his dad’s in Houston meeting with the lawyer and Cafre’s going to help them get to El Diplomático, but first he has to talk to Isaac. Isaac’s his brother and while he might have two faces, like Básico says, Mateo needs to know who he can trust. What’s coming isn’t a kids’ game, it’s going to be rough and they need everyone they can get. Either they’ll kill Amado or they’ll end up hanging under a bridge.

Casa Matamoros

Amado asks what time Julia got home last night. Selva says it was late, but he has other things to worry about. She’s going to take care of Julia like she and Manara agreed to. Amado snaps that the farther away Manara is, the better.

Look, Selva’s making an effort to get along with his sisters, but she’s not seeing him do the same with Lorenzo. She hasn’t heard from her brother in a while and she is NOT marrying Amado until she sees that he and Lorenzo are getting along well. She’s not talking about this anymore–she’s going to go rest. She’s not feeling well.

Amado calls Lorenzo. He’s at the station trying to look over some contracts before Selva shows up. He doesn’t want to see her or have to lie to her. Amado asks if he has time for coffee…or is he meeting Rafa’s ex? He was supposed to leave her, remember?

That wasn’t part of their deal. That’s something Rafa wanted and she’s not even married to him anymore. Amado says if Lorenzo wants his support, he’d better come see him.

Rancho Zabala

Itzel comes outside with a camera crew and Rafa starts yelling at her about not wanting any reporters.

Lucho tells him to chill. They’re not for him, they’re for his dad. Itzel says they’re doing an interview with Neto about his illness.

Oh. He’s in the rehearsal space with his girlfriend. Itzel sends the camera guys on ahead and tells Rafa this is supposed to be a FAMILY interview, so he’d better get that look off his face and change his attitude.

Lucho goes over and says it’s not a bad idea to be seen with his wife and sons after that scandal. Rafa accuses Lucho of releasing the photos. Oh, no, Lucho would never bite the hand that feeds him.

Now, Rafa needs to calm down because the mayor’s angry at him for who knows what reason. Lucho’s advice is to make peace with him. Because with Amado it’s either you’re getting along or he’s having you killed.

Keeping secrets

Gilda sees Isaac’s plane ticket and wants to know where he’s going.

To see the leader of the family. No, not their dad–the Tom Cruise of the frontera, Don Mateo. Sorry, he can’t tell her anything, this is a clandestine op and Mateo’s in charge. He goes upstairs to get his hat.

Gilda calls Mateo and demands to know if he talked to their dad or not.

Yeah, he talked to him–he even saw him–just like he told Gilda he would.

Gilda wants to know what’s going on. She can’t be left out of it like this.

Mateo snarks that since she put their dad in charge, he’s the one she should ask.

In Los Cabos, Celestina wants to know the truth–is Moisés really going to go sign the paperwork on their apartment or going to help Mateo with his problems? Moisés swears he’s going to sign the paperwork…and while he’s there, he’ll talk to a lawyer about how to fix Mateo’s situation.

She’s worried that it’s more complicated than he’s letting on, but Moisés asks if he would be this calm if it was. He’ll just be gone for a few days and then he’ll be back and he won’t leave again.

Isaac, that stupid little weasel, calls Rafa to tell him he’s going to go see Mateo. Rafa wants to know where and Isaac tells him not to be so gossipy. It’s nothing to do with him. Does he want to make sure Mateo gets interviewed by the cops or is he asking on the mayor’s behalf? Since the whole scene ruined the mayor’s triumphant entrance.

Fine, what does Isaac want in exchange for telling him.

Well, it’s complicated. He’s asking him to betray his family and hand over his brother….

Rafa reminds Isaac that he’s the one who came looking for him when the family kicked him out.

Does Rafa really think he’s that stupid? Words don’t move him.

Rafa complains that Mateo’s the president of HIS label and Isaac said he wants to be president and have a percentage if Rafa buys it, so it’s up to Isaac.

Yeah, Isaac can see Rafa’s really trying. He likes that. He can imagine how big a piece of the pie Rafa’s getting from the mayor. So if Rafa gives him the presidency, and a percentage, and a bonus, they COULD have a deal. Otherwise it’s nothing. It’s up to Rafa. He’ll call later.

Mexico City

Manara wanders into the hotel and Candelaria pounces on her immediately. She’s late and she’s got bags under her eyes and they’re supposed to be shooting her video TODAY! Did she not read any of her emails?!

She swears she’ll be ready quickly and she’ll look great and it’ll all be fine. Bianco interrupts to tell her Ezequiel is asking about her decision. Cande excuses herself to go talk to the director and see about Manara’s wardrobe. Manara tells her to relax and Cande shoots her a dirty look before walking away.

Yes, Manara decided she wants her career, but it’s hard. Bianco understands, but he thinks it’s the best decision–to stay away from the scandals and choose music. They’ll figure out a way to deal with Rafa in private.

Now, as far as the video, he was thinking maybe they could get Ozuna to be in it with her. They could release a single separate from the album. If she wants?

Manara would love it. Bianco’s sure he’ll do it and like he said, the best way to forget her troubles is music.

Rancho Zabala

Itzel’s in one of the bedrooms getting ready. Rafa walks in, sneering that he thought she’d be doing that at her lover’s house.

Itzel begs him to keep things peaceful. Neto’s got his operation coming up soon and she doesn’t know if he’ll make it through. They need to appear united in front of the press.

Rafa says what she wants is to promote her designs and get her clothing attached to HIS name and if Neto dies that’s even better for her.

No, unlike Rafa, Itzel’s not trying to take advantage. It’s something Neto wants and she’s trying to give it to him.

Well, if she’s so worried about their family, why didn’t she tell him about their son? When was she going to tell Rafa he’s gay? (Uh, when she thought you might react without violence or verbal abuse? So…never?)

In the rehearsal space, Neto’s on the couch between Leti and Santi. He explains to Lucho that the cancer is aggressive, but he’s stubborn and he’s not going to let it beat him. He’s going to fight in the name of everyone else who is fighting this disease and hasn’t given up.

Lucho mentions that he seems optimistic even though it’s a risky surgery.

Well, how could he not be optimistic with this family. He’s got the support of his “mujer” and his daughter-in-law and son and grandsons. And his grandsons have already made their debuts on the music scene. Santiago, like him, sings rancheras and he’s going to be Neto’s successor.

Itzel goes to shut the door as Rafa rants about how he would have thought the mother of his sons would tell him. She tells him to shut up before Lucho hears and sells it to any cheap magazine. Who told him?

Rafa says someone sent him a video of Santiago with another man. If it gets out to the press, the family façade will fall apart and his dad will die of shame.

Lucho says Santi and Neto are from two generations with the same feeling for music.

Neto corrects him that it’s not just music, it’s rancheras. They’re a feeling, a way of living, of seeing the traditions and feeling love in the good and the bad. And also they’re the best way for men to communicate with women. (Awk. Ward.)

Lucho wants to have Neto and Santiago sing together. And he heard Leti sings, too.

Leti says now is not the time. They should hear grandfather and grandson together.

But Neto wants her to sing. He says she’s very talented. He and Santi go get their guitars while Lucho goes to break.

Mayor’s office

Amado watches the video of Santi and Fernando again. He hands the cell phone to Gloria and tells her to put it somewhere safe and make him a copy.

Lorenzo arrives. Amado tells him Selva keeps coming up with reasons not to marry him. This time it’s that she wants him and Lorenzo to be friends, but Lorenzo’s staying away.

Uh, Amado does remember he kidnapped him, killed a guy, and framed him for it? Lorenzo’s just trying to get his life in order.

Well, his silence bothers Selva.

He’s got nothing to tell her! He did everything Amado asked to gain his confidence and he doesn’t know what else he’s supposed to do.

Well, Amado did everything he could to get to this office and now he wants to focus on his family, Selva’s pregnancy, her becoming the mother of his children and raising Julia. So he’s making Lorenzo an offer….

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