La Mujer del Vendaval Thursday 3/02/17 #77


Over at Timo’s office he asks Eulogio to spread the rumor that a body was found at El Vendeval. He wants people to think Marcela and Alessandro are guilty of killing poor dead Mike. Eulogio doesn’t get why. “Because nobody wants to buy crops from a killer.”

El Vendaval

Nisa’s worried about there being a killer at the hacienda. Camilo takes advantage to scare her further, talking about the ghost of Don Demetrio. Maybe he should spend the night…uh, no. Silvana or Al might find out. Or is he scared of riding home? Camilo says it’s not fear, it’s…respect. Nisa thinks it’s so brave of him! And then there’s a really loud clap of thunder.

Sagrario’s talking about starting a novena for the soul of poor dead Mike. Mateo’s more worried about dastardly alive Severo. Maybe poor dead Mike knew too much. Maybe he knew what Severo did to Sagrario…and who knows what else. Sagrario tells him to quit worrying about it. Or does he want to be a detective?

Maria Laura lies in bed awake and tries to convince herself that her dad couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with Mike’s death. She sneaks into the living room and casually wanders over to the potted plant, having to duck to avoid Sasha, who’s been mostly missing all day. She practically jumps on her and demands to know what she’s up to and Sasha looks like she’s trying to take ML seriously.

Sasha shoves her off and says she went to get a glass of water and got lost. ML thinks she’s…odd. And they don’t like odd people wandering around the house, especially not when there’s a serial killer running around. She walks Sasha to the kitchen so she doesn’t get lost again.

Mateo comforts his bird on the loss of their house. He’s convinced Severo killed that guy. (Uh, Mateo is, not the bird.)

In the morning, the dudes go out to clear land for that new road. And sure enough the workers have heard that a dead body was found on the land and they’re a little freaked out.

The hacienda kids want to know if they’re invited to the wedding. Marcela says they’ll be her pajes (pages), but they’ll talk more about that later. Right now, she sends them to the kitchen for their pan dulce.

Conchita’s happy to hear that Marcela’s already awake, but not happy to hear that she took off.

Marcela rides down to the worksite to check out her principe wielding his machete. She just wanted to see if he needs anything. Uh, yeah, he needs her to work on the wedding planning so Conchita doesn’t get upset. Instead, Marcela wants a machete to prove she’s just as capable of whacking at tall grasses as he is. Emiliano gazes upon her with something he’ll probably deny later. ‘Cause it’s not just “admiration.”

Conchita complains to Silvana about Marcela going all over the place on that infernal horse. (Hey, watch it! Do not talk about Huracán that way!) And who knows when she’ll be back, smelling of manure. She can’t work like this! She quits!

Silvana promises to talk to her, but they have these big problems to deal with. Luciano shows up. Oh, no, that’s not suspicious at all.


Timo and Eulogio pass by July’s house. To pick her up and drive her to work? Uh, sure. And while they’re here, where’s Severo?

Here. In what condition, July doesn’t know because he was pretty drunk last night. He comes stumbling out of the guest room and Timo gives him the news. I can’t gauge whether Severo’s reaction is appropriately shocked or not.

“¡No puede ser!” (Hm, I think he means “I thought I buried the body deeper.”) Severo sticks to his story–the last time he saw him, he dropped him off at the airport. Timo says he must have come back. Someone shot him in the back. July is sure he was killed the night she heard that shot. Severo claims he wants to know who killed his friend. The killer has to pay!

Timo assures him he’s going to investigate. Severo’s quick to blame Marcela, though Timo says there’s no proof. He needs Severo and July to make statements…and Eulogio since he joined July in her search around the square. Timo wants them all to go to the Ministerio Publico, but Severo needs a moment to recover from his shock…and pat himself on the back for burying the body at El Vendaval. *creepy smile*

Severo takes the gun he used to shoot Mike out of the nightstand in July’s guest room and thought bubbles about needing to hide it. He gloats that Mike’s going to be useful to him, even dead. *creepy smile*

He’s baaaaack

Conchita thinks Luciano being here will get this place whipped into wedding-planning shape. (Why?) She’s off to have someone bring her the bride. Luciano sits down and gets himself a cup of coffee. At least his excuse is plausible–he wants to see if Conchita can tame Marcela. And make up with Alessandro.

Silvana fills Luciano in on the problem with the land, Sev selling it off, that they can’t get their crops out. Luciano thinks this place is just cursed, Marcela will never get out of her debt. Silvana starts explaining about the deal she and Alessandro made with the bank….

Conchita asks Rosa to go find Marcela, but Maria Laura overhears and volunteers. And then Silvana and Luciano walk in and Maria Laura’s like “You? Here?” in a not terribly polite tone of voice.

While they’re out working on clearing the land Emiliano mentions to Marcela that he got the last bit of equipment he needed for his office. He expects her to be there tomorrow. Valeria shows up. To “help.” Al adds to the ridiculousness of that by suggesting her being there will motivate the guys. I glare in his general direction.

Next, Maria Laura shows up to tell Marcela that Conchita wants her to go back to the hacienda. Alessandro: “I told you so.” Oh, and also her suegro showed up.

Marcela, Alessandro, Valeria, and Maria Laura all head back to the hacienda.

Marcela apologizes to Conchita for not being around earlier. They’re about to wander off and do something when Maria Laura “helpfully” suggests Marcela should take a shower first. Valeria takes advantage of Marcela’s grumpiness to remind her that Luciano came back, just like she predicted, and her suegros are out to get her.

Silvana helps Luciano unpack. He doesn’t know how long he’s staying, but he mentions a shareholders meeting. Oh, because…they have new projects to plan. When Al shows up, Luciano says he just wants to make peace with Al, because even if he doesn’t agree with his decisions, Al’s still his son. Silvana seems to be buying this.

Conchita meets with 2/3 of her assistants. Invitations are out, the dress is on the way, and Marcela comes barging in and rather rudely declares that from now on they’re doing everything HER way. It’s supposed to be her wedding and nobody’s even taking her wishes into account. Conchita’s so upset she starts having some kind of attack. The boys start fanning her frantically and tell Marcela to get out before Conchita’s sugar spikes.

Luciano also says he’s here to give Marcela another chance. He’s not going to apologize…and even Silvana tells Al not to press his luck. Well, ok, Luciano’s his father and he’s welcome here, but he’d better remember Marcela is his wife. They make “peace.” Or so Luciano wants them to believe.

Nisa’s freaking out that her dad’s here and Maria Laura has to convince her he’s not here to take her home. But just in case, she invites herself along on Maria Laura’s visit to town.

Alba finds it suspicious that Luciano’s here. Valeria’s sure it doesn’t bode well. Marcela comes in to tell them she made Conchita cry! All she did was tell her that it’s her wedding and she has a right to make decisions and not be pushed around. Alba, Valeria, and Sagrario all think that was perfectly appropriate.

Al brings his parents in and announces to Marcela that Luciano’s here to make peace. He doesn’t apologize, he just says he accepts their marriage. They shake on it. He sees Valeria and she explains she’s friends with Marcela–she hopes he realizes Al’s lucky to be marrying a woman like her.

Alba passes out drinks and gets smooshy with Al and Marcela. Silvana finds Valeria’s sudden interest in the happiness of others suspicious, but she claims it’s all because of Al and Marcela and how nice they’ve been to her and Emi.

Angelo comes running in, talking about needing a sedative for Conchita and leaving the hacienda today and if they want to know why, they can ask the novia! Marcela looks like she’d like to be invisible right about now.

Marcela tries to claim that all she said was that she wanted to have an opinion, but Angelo gives more of the details of her little rant earlier and Silvana’s upset. Valeria and Alba are quick to chime in that Conchita’s the one being awful here, not Marcela. And Silvana says if they don’t want a wedding planner, fine, they won’t have one. She, Angelo, and Luciano clear out. Sagrario suggests the rest of them leave Al and Marcela alone to discuss this. (Oh sure, you get Marcela all riled up and now you’re like “Laters!”)

Marcela admits she miiiiight have been rude. “Is it so hard to give my mom what she wants?” No. And Marcela’s going to try to fix this.


Mauro and Octavia review Damiana’s assets. Luciano gave Alessandro some additional shares of the Toscana before she died, clearly not knowing they were married por bienes mancomunados. Octavia’s impressed with how much of the place she owns. She can’t wait for the next shareholders’ meeting! Mauro gives her the good news–it’ll be soon. Cristian’s setting one up right now.


In town, Nisa’s planning to warn Camilo that her dad’s back while ML goes to find her dad. There’s some flowery talk about their souls being joined and fairies and gods and I dunno what, but I’m tuning her out. ML rings July’s doorbell while Nisa walks off, continuing her monologue, but no one’s home (at July’s, not…you know). She sneaks in the window again.

I sowwy

Marcela comes into Conchita’s room and apologizes. She didn’t intend to hurt her, that’s just how people ’round these parts talk. (Uh huh.) And she didn’t have a mother to show her all that girly stuff…she had Sagrario, but she’s not into “glamour.” Her dad raised her to be strong, not pretty or delicate. Conchita swears she’s just trying to bring out the best of Marcela, but what Marcela doesn’t want is for Conchita to try to turn her into something she’s not. It’s like she wants Marcela to be a rose and Marcela’s a cactus.

Conchita says she’s like a wild horse, but she needs to learn to let someone else steer. Conchito knows what she’s doing and no challenge is too great. And then she starts talking about cutting Marcela’s hair in a more modern way and dyeing it red and Marcela snaps at her.

Sasha’s still skulking around the house. Aha, she’s Luciano’s spy. They’ll meet later. He’ll make eyes at Valeria now.

Law and Disorder: SBP

July and Eulogio giving their statements is uncomically bad. Neither of them can agree on when it happened and what time of night and only July heard the shot. And also, she’s the one who’s going to have to type up the notes for these proceedings and she hasn’t quite agreed to coming back on account of not knowing how much Timo’s going to pay her.

When it’s Severo’s turn, at least his statement is coherent…but he’s lying and pinning all suspicion on Marcela.

Severo tells the MP about the time Marcela fired her shotgun up in the air during an argument. July reminds the MP that Marcela does that, like, all the time. Timo brings up the issue of motive, so Severo says Mike IS the one who drew up Nazaria’s will and Marcela was upset that she ended up with nothing. Timo gives a malicious grin.

They’re done with the MP, but Timo wants a word with Sev in private. Bad news seems to be following Severo around since he came back to town. Timo’s just trying to make sense of it. They both know Severo’s not a good guy. What he did to Sagrario must have been pretty serious for Mateo to hate him like that. (Timo, no te hagas. You know what he did.) Severo says Mateo just hates him because he won’t divorce Sagrario. Timo doesn’t buy that. He thinks Sev’s capable of doing lots of bad stuff…he’s just trying to decide whether Sev would be capable of killing his lawyer. (And if he is, then what?)

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