Guerra de Ídolos Thursday 7/27/17 #57

Episode 57: Hermanos en la clandestindad

Amado just said he’d make Lorenzo an offer, but Lorenzo thinks their hate for each other is too obvious–they can’t hide it from Selva.

Canseco walks right in without knocking and apologizes, but Amado can tell that means it’s urgent. He tells Lorenzo he’ll be right back and he’s not leaving until they resolve this problem.

Outside the office, Canseco complains about Lorenzo. He thinks the only way to deal with him is to shoot him–he’s a traitor.

Amado says that’s family business and he’s going to resolve it. So what happened to the messenger they sent to El Diplomático and the police officer who shot at him.

They’ve both disappeared. He found two planes that Mateo and his guys could have used to get away–one went to Monterrey and one to Mexico City.

Amado says those are both big cities, but they’re getting closer. He wants Canseco to find them and burn them before they have a chance to talk to anyone.

Amado gets back to his office and suggests to Lorenzo that they start over. They move into his seating area and Lorenzo says starting over is complicated after what Amado did.

Well, what about what Lorenzo did? He tried to boicotear (thwart) his campaign. And after Amado served his father faithfully for years! Or does Lorenzo think Amado killed him? Because if he thinks that, then there’s nothing for them to talk about.

Lorenzo plays it cool. If he thought Amado had killed his dad he wouldn’t be here, helping Amado with his sister.

Amado doesn’t know if he should believe him. Maybe he’s planning to keep this a cold war and stab him in the back.

And maybe after Amado marries Selva and they have kids he’ll end up taking all their businesses for himself. They’re going to have to trust each other.

Amado thinks they can fix their relationship if Lorenzo helps with his police investigation. Does he know a guy who goes by “El Diplomático.”

The mafioso?

Yep, he’s into money laundering for criminals and politicians. If Lorenzo delivers him to Amado then he won’t have to worry that in a few years his nibling will be visiting him in jail. Or in the cemetery. Or his girlfriend, for that matter. And by the way, she’s invited over to the house anytime.


Mateo reminds us his dad’s headed to Houston to meet with the lawyer and Isaac is on his way. He asks to borrow Juancho’s truck, but they all agree it’s best if Juancho picks him up while the others stay behind. Valentín gives him some cash and Mateo suggests he gets them some clothes while he’s out.

Juancho says he’s not expecting anyone, so they shouldn’t open the door while he’s gone. Valentín suggests Mateo get some sleep and he’ll keep an eye out, but Mateo wants to call Manara first. Valentín points out that the lawyers are going to want her to testify. Mateo supposes so. Without her there’s no case.


Manara and Ozuna do a run through for their video of Dile Que Tu Me Quieres. Candelaria records them on her cell phone to show the director and see if they’re good to film with this audio.

Bianco suggests they have some lunch, but Manara asks them to go on ahead while she takes a phone call.

Mateo’s calling her finally, after she’s called him a thousand times. She says she’s more or less OK. She saw what they’re saying on the news–it’s too bad he didn’t listen to her earlier.

Mateo says he’s calling because he’s getting things in order and wants to see her. Manara wants to see him too, but right now she’s getting ready to do a video with Ozuna.

Mateo’s happy for her. That’s going to get her lots of difusión (distribution). He congratulates her and says she’s earned it with her talent.

And his songs, she reminds him. She wants to know what it is he’s planning.

Making Amado pay for everything. But with lawyers and trials this time, like she offered at first. He’s calling to ask if she’ll testify against him. Manara goes quiet and Mateo has to ask if she’s still there. He realizes this is a delicate subject and offers to talk in person. Manara says she’ll figure out where. He’ll call her later.

Casa Matamoros

Selva helps Julia clean up her face and asks what happened. So Julia gives her the short version. She wanted to hit Sabrina back, but she also wanted to run. She felt scared and confused.

Selva carefully dabs at her nose with a cotton ball and says she wouldn’t have known how to react either.

But it’s not just that, Julia doesn’t know what to do with her life.

Selva says she should keep studying, go to Megavisa’s school, record a single eventually and Selva will play it on the radio.

Julia unenthusiastically thanks her. For a while now she’s been feeling insecure, like she doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t know what she wants out of life. She’s confused. Now that Selva knows her better, which of her siblings would she say Julia’s more like? Manara or Amado?

Selva takes a deep breath before answering. She tells Julia she doesn’t have to be like either of her siblings or anyone else. Just be authentic. And before she does anything else, even if she thinks it’s stupid, will she please tell Selva first?

Julia promises. Now that Manara’s not here, it’s good to know she can count on Selva.

Selva agrees that she’s here for Julia. She’s going to go make some phone calls for work, but she’ll be in her bedroom if Julia needs anything.

Julia thanks her again and checks her phone messages after Selva leaves.

Sabrina uploaded the pictures, plus an extra one of a pair of underwear, saying Julia left that at her house. There are 800+ assuredly mean-spirited comments if the first few are any indication.


Nico can’t believe Sabrina did this. Well, she can’t believe he brought that golfa over. (You know what, I never liked Sabrina. For, like, two seconds I thought “Oh, cool, there’s a woman in his band,” but the minute she gave Julia that look, I knew. I knew, I tell you!)

Nico understands she’s angry, but she had no right to upload those photos, so she’d better erase them or he’ll have to be the one to tell everyone she’s lying and then he’s going to kick her out of the band. He’s not threatening. She knows he can only have people in the band who he gets along with.

Sabrina says she’ll erase them, but she hopes he’s made it clear to Julia not to mess with her OR with Nico! (Screw it, man, kick her out anyway.)

Santiago calls Nico to ask where he is. Their mom wants him here for photos and to give testimony for Neto’s interview. “Is dad there?” Yeah, everyone is. They’re supposed to act like this big, loving family. Santiago sighs.

And by the way, dad knows he likes guys now and he didn’t make a big fuss like Santi thought he would. Santi has no idea how he found out, but all this harmony is making him nervous! He asks Nico to hurry up and get there before things get out of hand.

Neto and Santiago sing Hasta el Mariachi Va a Llorar with Leti doing harmonies. Rafa and Itzel smile at each other.


Amado’s having drinks with Collins and some other guy and talking about a huge party. Rafa walks in on them like NBD and Collins starts laying it on thick about giving his regards to Neto and he’s so sorry about his illness. Rafa: “Yeah, us too.” He says he just came from doing Neto’s TV program and it was very emotional. Collins assures him he’ll watch it with his wife and they’ve been praying for Neto every day. (Uh huh. Does Collins also pray every day that he’ll stop sexually harassing women? Just curious.)

Collins and the other guy leave and Rafa mutters something under his breath. He reminds Amado that when his dad wanted to protect Leticia they were the first two to turn their backs on him.

Amado smarms that asking them for a favor to protecting a huila (whore) lost Neto a lot of respect. What’s Rafa doing here?

Rafa tells him to back off–Amado has their support because of him. He knows Amado’s angry at him, but cut it out. Rafa will get him Mateo and the others. He suggests Amado offer him a drink while they wait for a call giving them the location.

Isaac and Juancho get back to the bar and Isaac and Mateo share a hug. Mateo’s glad he came. Isaac says the sangre llama, so he’s here. The other guys clear out and leave them alone.

Isaac gripes about them being paranoid and thinking everyone’s out to get them.

Uh, he did get them fired from the label.

Yeah, and now they’re doing better now! Now, Dylan looks at him even worse than they do.

Mateo says Dylan’s not here right now, he’s on tour. And Isaac knows why Dylan doesn’t like him–he’s always down on his relationship with Gilda which isn’t any of Isaac’s business anyway.

OK, well, like José José says, “lo pasado, pasado.” He pulls out his phone and Mateo tells him to turn it off before they trace it. Isaac reads a message from Rafa and looks guilty. Mateo asks if everything’s OK and Isaac says it is, starts recording the conversation, and says his phone is off.

So, Mateo wants to be honest and direct. Is Isaac still in business with Rafa? Because Rafa is capable of doing anything to screw him over, even using Isaac. It’s no secret he was never happy with his role in the family, so…did he convince Isaac to betray him?

Rafa tells Amado that Isaac’s his puppet. He tried to help him and give him money, but Isaac will never get rid of his resentment.

Amado says he’s still a Solar. La sangre llama.

Right, but when JC died, Isaac wanted to take his place and he failed. He always betrays his family. He’s the one who told Rafa about Davis. Hey, did Amado find anything weird there?

Uh, nope, nothing at all.

Rafa looks confused.

Outside the bar, Valentín complains again about them killing Davis. And now they can’t get to Matamoros. Básico agrees they’ve got him covered–he’s got the media and the police on his side. So what do they do?

Hit him from both sides, the same way he does. Let the Solars come in with their lawyers and Valentín and Básico will come in with their guns. But he’s going down. Has Cafre called Mariscal yet?

No. As soon as he’s better he’s taking them to El Diplomático. Well, Básico hopes he’s better soon, because the police are already looking for them. Valentin says they’ll have to see who finds them first–there could be whistleblowers ready to give up their location.

Juancho, who’s been standing there listening to them suddenly worries they mean him! Aw, no not you, Juancho. Básico doesn’t know how Mateo can trust Isaac.

Isaac tells Mateo Rafa’s a pain in the ass, but he’s going to be honest with Mateo and he expects the same in return. Yes, Rafa wanted to bribe him, but Isaac didn’t let him, just so he knows. (LIAR!) Now, what is the mysterious thing their dad was talking about?

Victoria didn’t kill Julio, but they both know that, right? Isaac gets annoyed. If she didn’t do it then who did?

Mateo goes behind the bar to get another drink.

Amado says all this time Rafa manipulated Isaac into thinking he was guilty. So what happens now if he finds out he’s not?

Rafa says he’s always been jealous of JC and Mateo and the way they worked together as a team. His dad made him the bandleader. His family hates him.

Amado says the poor guy grew up in a family of musicians and can’t even sing Las Mañanitas. (OK first off, he isn’t THAT bad. And second, the joke isn’t even funny, but damned if Amado isn’t soooooo pleased with his own cleverness.)

Rafa knows when Isaac finds out the truth, he’ll feel better. His guilt will be gone, but he’ll want to get all his resentment out and turn over Mateo. And then Rafa will get the label back.

Amado thinks Rafa’s being lazy. Isaac could change his mind and decide to side with his brother. This could all be a trap.

So, if Victoria didn’t do it, then who did? What does Mateo know?

He knows Isaac thinks Julio was killed because of his debts. And he needs to know what Isaac knows.

Nope, it’s Mateo’s turn. Isaac didn’t come thousands of miles to play guessing games.

Julio messed with the wrong woman–Selva Treviño.

Isaac’s annoyed. Gabriel is SO dead already!

Mateo blurts out that it was Amado. Amado did it and he also had Gilda stabbed. And Rafa’s an accomplice to all of it. He thought Isaac already had an idea of what he’s talking about. He’s sorry to just say it like that, but he needs to know if Isaac’s going to help him or not, because they’re getting killed one by one.

So Mateo attacked Amado for this?

Among other things. Yes, he was out of control when he found out, but what the press is saying is a lie.

So he planned revenge and it didn’t work out and NOW he wants Isaac’s help.

Mateo gripes that he didn’t tell Isaac this so Isaac could complain about what he did or didn’t tell him.

Well, Isaac’s telling him now he’s lost the label and freed him from all his guilt. Mateo wants honesty? Fine. When Julio César died Mateo wanted all the control and wanted to be the center of attention. And it wasn’t Amado who killed him, it was Mateo! Everything that happened to their family was his fault. Mateo took him down that road, with the drinking and the women and the clubs. Mateo’s the one who brought Belinda and Selva to him, ON THE SAME NIGHT. Mateo killed him!

Amado’s tired of waiting. Nobody’s sending Rafa a message.

Rafa insists he is, just…give him another drink so they can wait.

Amado’s not staying. His wife is waiting for him at home and he wants to see her. If Isaac sends the address, just forward it. And no regrets–they have to get rid of Mateo and his dad.

And then he walks out of the office.

Isaac figures Mateo’s quiet now because he knows it’s the truth. How does it feel, to have all that guilt?

Mateo can’t believe Isaac’s trying to blame him for what happened. He didn’t call him so he could vomit a bunch of resentment. He wants to fix things!

Isaac complains about Mateo and JC being on the front pages of magazines, bringing him women and meanwhile Isaac was carrying instruments like their shadow.

Isaac’s going to blame him for the songs not working? He composed and produced for Isaac just like he did for JC!

And Isaac carried him when he was on stage. Mateo brought him in hung over and Isaac carried him.

Mateo says they can argue forever and it won’t change what happened. But this is their last chance to fix it. Isaac’s the only brother he has left and Mateo’s his. They have to stick together or they’ll get burned alive.

Isaac says he’s the only one who can turn the page. Mateo burned his cards playing justiciero (vigilante). And now he’s on his own. There’s nothing for Isaac to do here.

Mateo tells him to go. He only called him because their dad asked him to. If Isaac doesn’t want to fix it? *shrug*

Isaac says the only thing that calms him down about all this is that he’s freed from his guilt. He wishes Mateo luck. I don’t think he means it.

Casa Matamoros

Amado gets home and checks in with Selva. Something happened with Julia and she needs to catch him up. She hands him her tablet and the front page of the “SCANDAL” website with pictures of Julia.

She explains that the other “girl” put up the photos and has already erased them. And Julia was really upset, but Selva calmed her down and Julia even asked for permission to go to a friend’s house. (I get why Selva thinks this is a positive sign, but still. Seriously, Selva?)

Amado says that’s because she knew Amado wouldn’t let her go.

But to Selva there’s nothing wrong with it. She begs Amado to let her gain Julia’s confidence by giving her permission.

Julia’s upstairs putting on makeup to cover the scratch on her nose. She assumes the knock at the door is Agustina and she yells at her that she already said she’s not having dinner at home!

Selva says it’s her–she convinced Amado to let Julia go out, but she begs her not to be out too late.

Julia says she knew she wasn’t wrong when she told Manara Selva would be on “their” side. (Well played, Julia.)

Mexico City

Manara and Ozuna finish up their video. Cande calls “CUT!” Manara thanks the crew.

Ozuna says Manara’s got a lot of talent and thanks her for counting on him to do this video. Manara says it’s an honor and she thanks him for this opportunity.

Cande says she’s got the whole thing recorded on her phone and she’ll send it to Bianco. He’s stuck in a meeting, so he won’t be back.

He’s stuck in a meeting with Anahí yelling at him about keeping secrets from her and making her look like a fool in her family’s business. She could sell so much with the story about rape, conflicting accusations, a video. Look at how well they’re doing with the scandal her nobody of a sister is involved in! Imagine if she put the news out that Rafa raped and drugged Manara?! (No soul, this one.)

Bianco says her dad made the offer to keep things quiet and he agreed Manara should take it.

Right. He just doesn’t want his little façade with his saint of a “wife” to fall apart. But what about her? She’s not just going to waste this story. If he doesn’t give her a good reason not to do it by tomorrow, she’ll publish the story everywhere she can.

Bianco can’t believe she would give stupid Rafa press and ruin the company’s new star. Anahí doesn’t care about either of them. She cares about the ratings on her channel and her magazine sales. She’s got the Mayor with his band problems, the younger sister fighting over Nicolas, Manara getting raped by Rafa…and Neto’s dying. It’s front page after front page.

Bianco asks how long it will last. Two or three months before it burns out? Instead she could cultivate Manara instead and have income for years, like she has with him.

Anahí tells him to stop defending her. He’s not doing it for the business–he really likes her. And Anahí likes him.

Bianco says if she leaves Manara alone, then she’s got him. He starts kissing her and asks her to promise she won’t touch Manara or her sister.

Now Anahí knows he really likes her. And it’s going to be way more expensive than that. She starts kissing him.

Ozuna tells Manara that Megavisa is throwing a party and they should go. Manara’s way too tired, but he keeps insisting it’s going to be a really good party…he’ll just make a call first.

Candelaria explains he’s calling Bianco. He doesn’t want to get into any trouble. Why? Because…loyalty, respect. Everyone knows they’re together. And Bianco and Ozuna are friends…though Bianco was also friends with Rafa and they fought over her and everyone knows about it.

Manara says the press is talking, but no one actually knows anything.

Cande knows Manara’s a talented singer and her success is assured. She’s getting all this press and no one can keep her back.

Manara thanks her for the “talented” part.

Hey, nobody’s going to call her a trepadora or an opportunist…if she really likes him.

Ozuna comes back with the phone so Cande can talk to Bianco about taking them out the private door. He thinks Manara looks stressed. She says she’s just tired. He presses again–it’s going to be a good party and they deserve it. Manara gives in.


Sabrina answers the door at her/Nico’s apartment and Julia walks in and shoves her. Then she punches Sabrina right on the nose…and looks like she just scared herself.

Sabrina calls Julia a crazy bitch. Julia tells Sabrina she’d better not mess with her again. Well, Julia just threatened her on private property so she’s calling the police.

She’s calling who? The mayor’s her brother. The chief of police is at their house all the time.

Sabrina mocks her for thinking she’s so great when she’s just a little girl.

Julia comes after her with “What do you know? You don’t have papers.” (Which is like…damn, that’s ugly, considering all the shit going on right now. I was shocked.) Sabrina says of course she does, but Julia knows they’re expired. If Sabrina wants to fight over Nico, fine, but they’d better do it por las buenas because por las malas, Julia’s going to use everything she’s got and Sabrina wouldn’t like it.

Someone’s lying

In his bedroom, Amado’s looking at himself in the mirror like he’s worried about something. (Signs of infection? Spreading up his neck? Too much to hope for?)

Agustina walks in and says they’re waiting for him. He bugs her about walking in without knocking. Was she feeling lonely?

Um, no. Selva’s out on the terrace and he has a visitor in his office.

Amado walks into his office, fighting the pain of putting his jacket on. (I’d advise him to go wounded side first, then non-wounded, but I kind of don’t care.) Rafa’s waiting for him. He got the address where Mateo and his people are. (I hate Isaac.)

Amado says he’ll have someone check it out and make sure it’s not a trick.

Rafa (not successfully hiding his desperation) says he hopes Amado appreciates this and understands it’s Rafa showing his commitment to their new relationship.

Uh huh, Amado appreciates it, but they’ll have to see how far this gets them. He makes a call.

Básico and Valentín finally come back into the bar, asking what happened. Mateo says they just don’t understand each other. Valentín wants to take out some of his anger on Isaac–he owes them. Mateo tells him to calm down and calls his dad.

He tells Moisés the same thing–they just don’t understand each other. Isaac used their conversation to throw everything in Mateo’s face.

Moisés curses. He tells Mateo to stay in Mexico. He’s in Houston at the new apartment with the lawyer. They found out there’s an order out for Mateo to present himself and give a statement, so he’d better stay safe. Moisés will take care of Isaac. (Yeah right.)

Isaac’s still at the bar. He talks about getting a taxi, but even Valentín tells him letting Juancho drive is safer. And turn that off, they could be tracing his GPS.

Moisés calls him and Isaac rudely asks him what he wants. First off, Moisés doesn’t want Isaac talking to him like that. Isaac complains they’ve been “crucifying” him all this time, so how is Moisés going to make that up to him?

Moisés tells him to take the first flight to Houston and he’ll be waiting for him. Isaac tells him to pay for it–he’s broke.

Moisés complains to the lawyer when he gets off the phone that his oldest son never stops surprising him. Everything’s going down the path Moisés never wanted. And he’s going to ask for part of the business. Meanwhile his other son’s nearly a fugitive. They’re going to drive him crazy!

Well, he has to inform Rafa of any changes to the label.

Moisés asks what if Rafa had something to do with Julio César’s death. He’s a friend of Amado’s. He introduced Amado to them so he could build the label offices.

The lawyer says a formal accusation against a mayor will take time. They need to collect evidence and build a case against him without him knowing so he doesn’t use his power against them. And if Rafa’s that close to him, then Moisés has to keep doing business with Rafa like nothing happened.

Mateo takes a bird bath in the bathroom sink at the bar. (I am now officially waiting for the sound of bullets flying.) He remembers Manara saying he’s vengeful and wants to kill Amado, but he has no idea the people he’s involved with. If he takes that step, there’s no going back. Then he thinks about Isaac saying he burned all his cards and he’s on his own now.

At the ranch…Paulino’s ready to turn in for the night if there’s nothing else Rafa needs. But he’s suddenly worried about his boss.

Rafa admits he’s not having a good time right now. First the divorce, Manara’s betrayal, problems with his sons, his dad’s illness. And he keeps seeing himself do bad things and he doesn’t recognize himself. (THEN STOP DOING THEM!)

Paulino says he shouldn’t punish himself. The only people he was responsible for were his sons and they’re grown now. Rafa needs to think about himself more. (Paulino, this is lousy advice.)

Rafa agrees! He has no reason to keep listening to other people. They should just go somewhere Rafa doesn’t have to think about anything else! (Oh FFS….)

Isaac calls before they can leave. Rafa says he got what Isaac sent, but it’s not a trick, is it?

Isaac says it’s not. In the front seat of Juancho’s truck, he points someone out to distract him. He can’t tell Rafa what his brother said, but…is Rafa ready to make that deposit? Isaac’s missing his bonus.

He gets off the phone and Juancho says it was nothing–the guy went that way. OK, then, Isaac’s ready to leave.

Canseco got to Amado’s as soon as he could.

Amado says he has the location.

And does he trust his source? Amado says it’s Isaac. Canseco remembers him.

What does Amado want him to do once they find them? Carry out his original orders? Amado says he wants them killed and disappeared.

Juancho gets back from dropping off Isaac and asks where Mateo is. He thinks they should go. Isaac was talking on the phone…he couldn’t hear him very well, but he thinks Isaac was turning them over.

Mateo tells them all not to be paranoid–Isaac’s his brother! He’s not going to do that. (Mateo, have you not been paying attention?)

They all know what he’s like. Is Mateo seriously going to try to promise Isaac’s not trying to get them?

Mateo says he’s resentful, but he’s not handing him over for nothing.

Valentín says he’s resentful and an addict, which is worse–it makes him weaker. Gamblers will do anything for money….

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