La Mujer del Vendaval Friday 3/03/17 #78


Sev gets all offended that Timo would call him a murderer. Hey, he said “suspected.” July and Eulogio saw him in the square that night. Timo doesn’t want to find out Sev did it, because he won’t go to bat for him. Sev tells him to quit making accusations and go find the real killers–at El Vendaval.

El Vendaval

Marcela promises she’ll stop avoiding Conchita, but NO DYEING HER HAIR! And no cutting either. She’ll agree to brushing.

Rosa comes in to tell Marcela some dude’s waiting for her. Marcela tells Conchita she’ll go deal with the dude, then she’ll shower, then they’ll get back to planning. She does a very awkward curtsyish thing. Conchita is appeased.

Conchita tells Silvana it’s all fine, Marcela apologized. Silvana’s glad…but she’s upset about Valeria. She thinks she’s a threat–to all of them.

In the living room, Luciano is bragging to Valeria that now she can see what he’s capable of doing. Oh yeah, and she loves knowing Silvana’s just a few steps away. They make plans to meet at her place later. She explains that Emi will be helping Alessandro all day, because they’re so buddy-buddy now. She just plays along. He praises her as “terrible” but Valeria thinks Silvana’s the “terrible” one, tricking her into leaving Luciano. (Dude, she threw you an alternate rich guy and you went for him. That’s not a “trick.”)

The dude waiting for Marcela is the dude who’s going to do the paperwork to split up the hacienda for her. In secret. The lawyer says she can do it, legally, as long as she still technically owns it–so she’d better not miss any payments! She explains she wants this done by the end of the month so she can make it a wedding present for her husband.


Maria Laura starts searching Sev’s room at July’s, looking for the gun. She knows if she has it, he’ll have to pay to keep her quiet. She finds some paperwork in an envelope for a bank in New York, but she hears him coming and hurriedly hides it and plops down on his couch, trying to look innocent. Like Sev cares–he’s just annoyed that she’s there at all.

Once we get the “Why are you here?” part of the visit out of the way, ML starts asking him about Mike. The last time she saw him, he was with Sev. ‘Cmon, dad, you can tell me the truth. She could almost swear that Sev got him out of the way.

Severo denies, he whines that Mike was his friend…his brother! Yeah, so were Cain and Abel. If they were so close, he must have found out what Severo did to Sagrario and that’s why he had to be silenced. They smile at each other and then ML asks if she has to be removed too?

Oh, he never would have done anything to Mike, and much less to his baby girl! Uh huh…maybe he knew something more, something Sev didn’t want found out. “You have too much imagination.” He’s answered her questions and he has things to do. ML says she’ll go, but she’s sure Nazaria left him more money than he says or he wouldn’t be able to live without working. Some people sure are lucky. Severo creepygrins.

El Vendaval

Al brings a six pack of soda or beer out to the guys who are working. I’m pretty sure neither of those is a good idea. He tells Emiliano that his dad’s behaving, but now it’s Conchita and Marcela who are getting into it. Emiliano says smooth wedding prep would be boring. This will make a great story for the kids later. Al likes the sound of kids.

Al’s phone rings and he gets the first of the calls from ridiculous vendors who are freaking out because they heard there was a dead body on the hacienda.

Alessando’s not going to tell Marcela–she’ll just freak out. Maybe with the other vendors they can still pull this off. Well, sure if the rest of them don’t back out! Al doesn’t think that’s possible. He swears Emi to secrecy and they get back to whacking at the grass.

The lawyer well send the paperwork to Marcela tomorrow to sign. Alba comes outside as he’s leaving. She still doesn’t think this is a good idea. Half is too much. Marcela would give him her whole life. Alba never thought Marcela would meet someone who she would love more than she loves El Vendeval. Well, here he is–Al has erased everything before and tattooed his name on her heart. He owns her heart, so she wants him to own her ranch too.

Marcela hopes the harvest will bring in enough money to make the next six months’ payments–until they plant again. Alba’s sure it will work out. Marcela’s feeling optimistic despite all the shenanigans. Alba starts telling her she has to concentrate on the wedding and being happy and looking pretty and loving Al…but she’s crying. Marcela wants to know why. Is it Cristian? Alba’s trying to get him out of her head and her heart, but how’s she supposed to do that?

Alba feels bad for thinking about a married man, she just doesn’t know how to stop thinking about him. Marcela says time and maybe…giving someone else a chance?

Alba knows she means Amadeo. Hey, he’s a good guy. Yeah, Alba knows…and he’s had a makeover. Marcela tells her to go for it, but Alba’s still mad at him. She doesn’t know if they can be friends again like they were before. Marcela likes the idea of Amadeo being the father of her niblings…and they’ll never want for pan dulce!
Conchita’s fussing about Marcela taking so long. Valeria offers to go find her, but Silvana’s like “This ain’t your house!” Marcela gets there just in time and asks if they can talk floral arrangements.

Mateo knows they need more help clearing the land. (Maybe it’s just me, but if this is supposed to go to the main road, then can’t they start from the main road with like a tractor or something? They’re kind of in a hurry here!) He suggests Camilo and Alessandro gives in after Mateo and Emiliano remind him that until they pay his severance he’s still technically working there and if he’s dating Nisa they’re not going to be able to get rid of him anyway. Mateo goes to town to find him.


Cris had forgotten what a good cook Nuria was. She’s still waiting to talk to Silvana about going back to work. Cristian says she needs to get her tests done first, but Nuria refuses. She breaks it to him that she can’t get pregnant (yeah, I know, she said “be a mother,” but this is my way of objecting to them equating the two.) She blames it on the cancer. And says her doctor confirmed it.

With or without kids, Cristian is in for the long haul. Sure, he wanted a child, but you can’t always get what you want. And there are other ways…. But the best thing right now is not to talk about it. She kisses him and says she loves him and he pulls away from her suspiciously quickly. She sends him back to work…so she can be alone with her memory of the doctor saying she’d been lying to him since they got married. She sobs that she can’t risk losing him.


Penelope’s all dressed up. Today might be the day her Internet boyfriend shows up. Amadeo’s a little doubtful–it’s been a while. He’s making coffee for her when a couple of women come in to ogle him.

Nisa’s breaking it to Camilo that he has to come meet her dad as a wanna-be novio and ask his permission to date her. Aw, come on, he’s not THAT bad. He’s not, like, a killer…she doesn’t think. Hey, if he wants to prove he loves her….

El V

Sasha meets Luciano down by the boat dock and no, she hasn’t found out anything about whatever he originally sent her to find out (whether Marcela has the necklace, maybe?) but there was a dead guy that popped up on the property. She agrees it’s strange that Silvana didn’t mention it because it’s been the chisme of the day around here. She goes back to her regularly scheduled skulking before anyone catches them together.

Rosa gets up the guts to ask Alba what’s going on. She’s not going to work in the city anymore? Nope. But she hasn’t even played the piano since she’s been back! Alba says she hasn’t had time. Rosa wants to know if she’s going to go back to teaching, but the phone rings.

It’s Cristian, crying that he needs her. He’s having feels and they’re not good. He can’t be the same guy he was before he met her. He thought if he and Nuria had a kid…. “You called me to tell me the plans you have with your WIFE?!” No, it’s not that, he just needed to feel her strength because his dream of being a father is over because Nuria can’t have children. (Good grief…is there a word for this? Biological-child-centrism or something? People can become parents all kindsa ways. If what he and/or Nuria is upset about is not being able to have/carry a biological child of theirs, then say it that way. That’s not “I can’t be a parent.”)

Alba feels awful for him, but if he feels this bad, how must Nuria be feeling?! Yeah, he knows he’s a jerk for calling her. Alba won’t deny him her help, but he needs to put himself in her place–she needs to forget about him and forget that they knew each other once and what he awakened in her. Nope, he shouldn’t have called. Listening to him hurts. She wants to hold him and she can’t.

He knows it’s wrong to feel this way, especially when Nuria needs him, but everything’s coming crashing down around him and his feelings for Alba have come back even stronger. He doesn’t know what to do with his feelings–he just knows he’d be a jerk to leave Nuria. Alba knows he wouldn’t do it, which only makes her love him more. He’s such a great guy and she’s sure he’ll be able to help Nuria. He doesn’t think he deserves so much credit. Alba tells him to quit feeling guilty for something that never happened. He just got bad news and of course he’s upset, but that’s one thing and betraying who he is is something else. He’ll get through this and he’ll be happy with his wife. She’s sure they’re going to get over this together because she’s the one he needs to be with. As painful as it is he needs to forget about her and get on with his life. Like she’s trying to do…but he’s not letting her. She has to hang up on him because she can’t keep listening to him anymore.


Sagrario goes to church. She hasn’t been in a while because she knows people have been talking since Severo came back from the “dead.” She knew he was alive and she lied so she wouldn’t have to say that her husband ran off with her sister. The Padre’s like “damn!” Well, no, because he’s a Padre, but he gives a sorrowful head shake and crosses himself.

Sagrario tells the priest she and Demetrio decided to make up the story about Sev being dead because she thought it would be better for the girls. He tells her it’s not too late to forgive. Excuse you, that’s not the problem! She’s here to get forgiveness because she fell in love with someone else. (Do not be shaking your head at her like that!) Someone she wants to share her life with, but she made a promise and now she doesn’t think she can keep it. She made a promise to someone who showed he wasn’t worth it. And now that promise is keeping her for being happy.

Oh, good, I was worried about the padre’s attitude, but he’s going to help Sagrario get an annulment. She feels calmer, but she’s still crying. He wishes she’d told him before so she wouldn’t have had to carry around all this guilt! This ain’t the Inquisition-era Church! Times have changed, God is an understanding parent who only wants his children to be happy.

El V

Sagrario gets home panicking that she spent so long at church she forgot about dinner. Meh, Alba took care of it. But Rosa’s pissed off that everybody’s always so hungry until dinner’s ready and then they’re nowhere to be found. And love and buñuelos are best hot! Sagrario goes to hunt everyone up.

Marcela, Conchita, the assistants, Valeria, and Silvana are indeed looking at flowers. Marcela picks out the ones she likes and Silvana grumbles that she doesn’t have to like what Valeria likes. Marcela insists she likes that they’re simple. Angelo whines that everyone else liked the flowers of paradise and Conchita pointedly says she also liked that one…but the one Marcela picked is nice too.

Sagrario interrupts to say it’s time for dinner and everyone gets up. Valeria’s heading home now. Silvana grumpily says she’ll go get Luciano. Valeria praises Marcela and tells her to keep on telling them what she wants and no worries ’cause her good pal Valeria is going to defend her. Valeria only wants what’s best for her, blah blah blah. The dudes come in, smelling like dudes. Alessandro’s just going to get a glass of water and then he’ll join everyone at the dinner table.

Silvana gets to the guest cabin and finds a note from Luciano saying he went to town and they should start dinner without him.


ML meets back up with Nisa…and Camilo. She jokes about Camilo’s suegro being back and is he sure he doesn’t want to visit the Padre and get a little sprinkle of holy water before he confronts Luc? No? Then let’s go!

Valeria and Luciano meet in front of Emi’s place. He brought her a rose. They go inside to gnaw on each other.

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