Guerra de Ídolos Friday 7/28/17 #58

Episode 58: Les pisan los talones

Mateo tells the guys to do whatever they want to. He’s off to take a nap. Valentín and Básico would rather get their guns ready.


Lucho asks the grandsons to say a few words to Neto to wrap up the show. Nico says he loves him and even though they have their different ways of seeing music, and that kept them apart, he’s everything he is thanks to Neto.

Lucho now asks if Santi has something important to say to Neto that he’s never told him before. (What a jerk!) Santi says he’s always told Neto everything, he has nothing more to say now but that he loves him.

Lucho closes out the interview. Nico leans over to Santi and says he thought he was about to break the news on national TV! Was what he said for real. Hey, it’s the realest thing Santi said during the interview. Besides, their dad knows and he called him a [bleeped] and said it could kill their grandpa. Their mom’s more liberal but even she’s being cautious. So what does Nico think–should he tell him or not?


Manara’s playing alone in her house, remembering Mateo asking if she would still testify. Agustina calls. She’s worried she might have woken Manara up, but Manara says she can’t sleep. She only wishes it was just because of Mateo, but Agustina knows it’s more than that.

Did Julia make it home? Yes. That’s why she’s calling. Julia came into the kitchen all nervous. She knows she lied to Selva about going to a friend’s house–she’s sure she went somewhere else. Manara hopes she was just seeing Nicolas.

She tells Agustina she has to get to sleep. She has a video to finish recording tomorrow.

Julia goes into her room with a bag of ice on her hand. She checks out pictures of Nicolas and Santiago at the interview on her tablet and calls Nico.

Rancho Z

Santi teases Nico about whether he’s going to answer his question or answer his phone. Nico puts Julia on hold and tells Santiago he knows how important it is for him for Neto to know who he is. If he doesn’t say something, he might regret it.

Leti comes over and asks them not to leave before she’s shown them a new song. She goes off with Neto to take some pictures with the horses. The wait for the crew to walk past them before Nico suggests that maybe Santi can get Leticia to help him. Maybe she can soften Neto up for him.

As they walk through the house, Lucho tells Leti that Neto seems to love her. If she keeps her low profile, the public might even like her. He didn’t think she was this smart.

Leti says she’s doing it for Neto, not for herself, but Lucho keeps pressing, saying she’s going to end up a millionaire widow. And hey, if he does die, she should be careful with Rafa and make sure to give Lucho his cut–she’s only here because of him.

Leti walks away to take a phone call…from Isaac. He knows who hired her cousin now and his brother didn’t die because of Isaac’s debts like she told him. She filled his head with “stupidity” and make him feel guilty about the worst moment of his life, but she’d better hope Neto doesn’t die or she’ll be left unprotected and then he’s going to make her pay for everything.

Juancho’s bar

Valentín’s decided whether Isaac ratted them out or not, they’ve gotta move. They can go to a friend’s warehouse. Básico thinks they should just go join Cafre and Chalino. They’re bodyguards–they’d be ready for anything.

Mateo’s still telling them to chill. If Isaac’s not answering his phone it’s because he’s flying. Valentín doesn’t think they can afford to guess. If they get caught here, they won’t make it.

Mateo’s been thinking and he knows what they’re going to do. Valentín and Básico trade worried looks.


Moisés calls and tells Celestina he’s signed the papers on the apartment. She’s been worried about this problem with Valentín and how somehow they’re saying Mateo is involved, but he’s keeping her away from what’s happening.

Moisés says it’s just gossip and he’s dealing with it, so she can chill. Tomorrow when he gets back to Los Cabos, he’ll tell her in detail.

And what happened to leaving the kids alone to deal with stuff on their own?

Well, Moisés has had to make some adjustments. But she just needs to trust him. He’ll take care of it.


Gilda finally gets Dylan to answer his phone and tells him to pass it to her brother.

Um, he’s not with Mateo. He’s on tour.

So he’s not going to tell her where Mateo is or what’s happening? She’s sick of this!

Dylan says she knows he can’t talk about it–she’ll have to ask Mateo. Besides, he’s calling because he misses her and he loves her.

How can he say that and ask her to trust him when he’s not telling the truth about things? He’s going to have to choose between her and Mateo. Hey, he’s already choosing now, choosing not to tell her and turn his back on her.

Dylan begs her to wait….

OK, she’ll wait if he tells her the truth.


She wishes him good luck with the tour and his life, but she can’t do this anymore and she has to go–she’s getting another call.

Gilda goes upstairs, where Belinda’s changing the baby, as she talks to her mom. I’m just gonna get this out of the way and say Gilda’s being a little hypocritical here, because she just broke up with Dylan for not telling her stuff and now she’s lying to her mom about everything being OK. The press are just making things up, she should enjoy her vacation, everyone’s fine, bye.

Even Belinda’s like “You’re lying to your mom.” Gilda’s excuse is her blood pressure is under control, but she doesn’t want to give her any more bad news. And besides, she doesn’t even know what IS going on. (OK, I’ll give her that one.) She goes off to get a diaper for the baby and Belinda’s really weird about wanting to get it herself.

In the drawer, Gilda finds velvet jewelry boxes under the diapers and looks a little confused when she opens one and finds that necklace with the leaves that supposedly Belinda’s aunt gave her.


Ramon and his guys get to Juancho’s and call to ask Canseco what to do. He tells them to grab the bull by the horns.

Ramon knocks at the door and tries to order the special tacos, but Juancho calls out that they’re closed for remodeling. Ramon shoots off the lock and a couple of guys grab Juancho and drag him into the bar. Ramon demands to know where “they” are or they’ll kill him.

Juancho says he doesn’t know what or who they’re talking about, but Ramon noticed the posters. Juancho swears they signed them a long time ago…and those aren’t even their signatures. Really.

Ramon’s guys search the place and don’t find anyone. Ramon calls Canseco to tell him the tip was good, but no one’s here. He tells the guys holding Juancho to just shoot him, he’s not going to talk. Except now Juancho begs them to wait.

Casa Matamoros

Amado runs into Julia in the foyer and she tries to avoid him. She won’t even look at him as he asks her what’s going on and accuses her of lying to Selva. He asks if she’s trying to use Selva to manipulate him.

She told Selva she was going to a friend’s house, but her driver said she went the same place she did last time, so…is she seeing Rafa’s son? What does she want, to get pregnant again? Did she tell Selva about that?

No, she didn’t because Selva’s pregnant.

Amado’s finally noticed that she won’t look at him and turns her face. He asks if Nico hit her–he’ll kill him! Julia says it wasn’t him and that’s the only thing she’s going to tell him. If he doesn’t stop being nosy she’ll go live with Manara.

Amado says Manara doesn’t have time for her. Is she going to tell him what’s happening?

Julia says he should attend to his phone calls. Or does he think she doesn’t know he’s into weird business? And that’s why he likes that Manara’s gone, because she knew and she confronted him? He should deal with his own life and leave her alone.


Valentín says they can’t stay here for long. Básico brought booze and food. Since there’s no phone, they turn their cell phones on. Valentín immediately gets an incoming call from Dylan and puts him on speaker.

Dylan’s glad they finally answered. He’s been calling Chalino but Chalino wouldn’t tell him anything. Mateo says they had to move. How’s the tour?

It’s going really well. He’s meeting Cristian soon to rehearse Todo. The label gave them permission to record it. But hey, if Mateo wants him to he can call the whole thing off and meet him wherever.

Mateo tells him to keep working and they’ll call if they need him.

Valentín thinks they should meet up with Cafre and Chalino. Básico says they’re bodyguards, after all, they’ll know how to handle it. (He keeps mentioning that, like he’d really like to have some actual fighters around.)


Nicolas goes over to her/their apartment to find it trashed and his guitar in pieces.

Sabrina claims Julia beat her and trashed the place while she was knocked out. What, didn’t Julia tell him she came over? Does Nico think she’s lying? Julia was out of control. She brought her bodyguards with her and said her brother was the mayor and threatened to have her deported. And she can’t go back to her country, she’s so scared! (Hate this subplot for so many reasons and I’m not happy with either Sabrina or Julia right now.)

Radio station

Alexis, that parasite, has got Gisela and El Mayor back in the studio praising them for having a song prepared in the middle of all this scandal. Gisela talks about trying to be a good example to girls, which is barfworthy. She completely glosses over where Lila is, saying she’s “traveling,” so now I’m worried about Lila. She and El Mayor sing La Protagonista and I can’t tell if they suck or if I just can’t stand them.


Básico’s not too happy with them either. Mateo tells him to turn it off, he’s sick of listening.

His dad calls and he has to explain that they had their cell phones off. Well, Isaac’s on his way and once Moisés has talked to him then he’ll make some decisions. He asks Mateo to wait a while longer.

Unfortunately, Valentín comes in with the news that Isaac betrayed them and they have to leave. He got a call that the taquería was destroyed and they didn’t kill Juancho, but he knows where they are. Isaac has to have turned them in.

Valentín wants to call Chalino and see if Cafre has already gone to Mariscal. Maybe they can meet at Mariscal’s. He thinks it’s in Mexico City somewhere. Básico likes the idea of Mexico City–they can find El Mayor at his gig there and make him pay. Valentín just wants to get El Diplomático’s help.

Mateo doesn’t care where they go, but they have to split up now. Valentín’s worried that if Mateo goes back to the US, they’ll get him. Mateo doesn’t think anybody will get him in Houston.


The lawyer’s been looking through the statutes and if Mateo’s a fugitive, Rafa can ask to have him removed and try to claim the presidency.

Moisés has been thinking since yesterday and wondering how it’s possible for Rafa to NOT know what Amado did. And he’s not going to be able to avoid asking him that when he sees him.

Isaac comes in without knocking, claiming the door was open. He says the place looks nice and tells the lawyer to leave. Moisés gives the lawyer the nod.

The first thing Moisés wants to know is what’s with Isaac and his ínfulas (airs)?

Isaac says he let Moisés fire him but now he realized JC’s death was about women, so now he wants what Moisés gave Mateo–he wants Moisés to kick Mateo out and make Isaac president.

Moisés laughs and asks if he’s going “crazy”?

Isaac’s serious. Either Moisés votes for him or he sells the label and gives Isaac his share. Mateo can’t be president and Rafa’s not just going to wait. He’s trying to get it all and he’s going to kick them out when he does–so which option does Moisés like better? (What about Gilda?)

Moisés says they included him so he could help, but now he’s just taking advantage to air all his frustrations and jealousies.

Isaac says this isn’t Moisés doing him a favor, Isaac’s just his only option. (What about Gilda?) If Moisés doesn’t want him to be in charge of the label then why don’t they sell it and free themselves. It’s cursed. It’s brought them nothing but problems.

Moisés points out that the company earns a huge amount of income and it’s starting to be seen as one of the best in the industry.

Right, so why not sell it now while it’s successful and they can live like kings.

Because Moisés isn’t going to let Rafael get his hands on their life’s work and his son’s legacy.

Isaac’s curious why Moisés thinks like that all of a sudden and why he brought his lawyer here.

He realizes Moisés must believe Mateo and he wants to press charges in Texas. But what’s going to happen is they’ll have a scandal and the label won’t be worth anything. That’s why they should sell now. If Moisés wants to screw Rafa over, then do it by taking his money. It’s that simple.

And now he’s off to get reacquainted with “his” city.


Valentín and Básico plan their route to Mexico City. Mateo comes out of the bathroom and gives them some cash, plus extra for Juancho’s family.

Gilda calls him. She’s sitting in the board room, surrounded by stacks of paper and I’m so frickin’ annoyed at all the crap BOTH brothers have pulled while there she is doing all the work and nobody wants to tell her a damn thing. Gilda for president. That’s all I’m saying.

Yeah, she heard Mateo’s messages but she’s had SO MUCH WORK to do. What with the shooting and the press it’s actually done them a favor. Sales are WAY up and people love Valentín’s song.

But Mateo’s not calling about that (because of course he wouldn’t be calling about something as mundane as WORK) and he’s not calling because Dylan told him to tell her what’s going on already. He says that’s between her and Dylan. Did she listen to his message?

Yes, she did and is he sure about this?

No, but he needs the address. He knows it must be closed, but there has to be something there.

Dance studio

The class is dancing to Julia’s song. When they’re done, Lucía asks why she doesn’t just record it as a single. Julia says she’s waiting to hear from Megavisa and her classes with them haven’t started. It’s all complicated. She’s waiting for their call, waiting for her sister to call her.

So is Lucía still with Santi? No, and she thinks he’s “kind of” gay. Julia’s sure she’s just saying it out of spite. Lucía agrees she is, a little, but he’s not as macho as the guys she likes.

She thinks Julia’s super in love with Nico though. Right, but if she saw the stuff online she knows things aren’t going so good. Uh huh, which is why he came looking for her?

Nicolas wants to know if it’s true Julia went over to beat up Sabrina and threaten to turn her in to Immigration.

“What if I say she’s lying, who will you believe?” She tells him to go think about it.


Bianco’s seen the complete video and says it looks incredible. Ozuna talks about needing to go do a show in Miami. Bianco’s pushing for him to sign with Megavisa, saying it’s big on the outside, but intimate on the inside. Yeah, that’s not convincing Ozuna. “Pueblo chiquito, infierno grande.” (Small town, big hell; in a small town, everybody knows your business.)

Ezequel just happens to call Bianco right at that moment and wants to speak to Ozuna.

While he’s away from the table, Manara announces she’s decided to turn her brother in. Bianco assumes he was right–she did tell him that day at the hotel. Yes, she did and now she’s prepared to tell the authorities.

Bianco says it’ll ruin her career, but she says she owes it to him. And especially after Amado was an accomplice to what Rafael did. He ruined her life and took away any chance of her being able to do what she wanted. Now she’s filled with anxiety and fear. She’s prepared to make him pay for what he did to Mateo and to her.

Mayor’s office

Canseco says they went to the address and no one was there. Amado picks on Alexis, telling him he did this and he has to fix it. Alexis whines that no one’s talking about Amado and wasn’t that his objective?

Amado’s pissed off that the story about the fight made a phenomenon out of the primos and boosted their sales. Alexis mumbles that Lucho was in charge of that and he’ll go see him.

Gloria announces Rafa’s there looking for him (when does he get any Mayor business done?) and Canseco clears out. Rafa’s scarf is looking particularly pretentious today. He refuses to tell Amado where he’s been and asks if he found Mateo.

No. But the information was good. Amado wants Rafa to talk to Isaac and find out how much Moisés knows.

And if he does know?

Well, what does he think?!

Rafa’s eyes get big. He says he’ll find out, but he has one condition–before Amado offs Moisés, he wants to buy the label.

Casa Matamoros

Amado tells Rafa he’s gotta quit going halfsies if he wants it all. Rafa whines that getting the Solars out of the label hasn’t been easy. Well, that’s because he keeps “trying.” He needs to just do it!

Rafa calls Moisés, but his cell phone is off. He’s sure he must know everything and he wants to do something through the legal system. Amado tells him to strike first. Otherwise people aren’t going to remember him as a great artist, but a mediocre killer. Is that what he wants?


Back at Manara’s, Bianco guesses when Manara told Mateo what Amado did, he wanted revenge. So the story about the fight between bands is…gossip?

Manara says it’s Amado’s way of covering up a potential scandal. If Mateo did anything, she’s sure he didn’t do it alone. He protected her during the shooting.

Bianco admiringly says he lost his only chance at revenge to save her.

Well, he’s not a killer. He’s stubborn and impulsive, but that’s it.

Well, if he’s that impulsive, maybe he’s not a good ally.

Is he sure that’s what he’s worried about, or is it that it won’t make Manara a good cover for him anymore?

Her phone rings and she takes a call from Selva. Selva’s fine, but she’s starting to think Julia’s out of control. Maybe what’s going on with her is more complicated and less innocent than Selva thought.

Rafa comes down the stairs and asks if she’s talking to her brother. Manara? Oh, tell her he says hi. (DIE!)

Selva passes on his greetings, not that Manara didn’t hear him. Manara says she’ll call and talk to Julia tomorrow.

She sighs to Bianco that first Agustina called, now it’s Selva. They can’t control Julia and things are getting out of her hands.

Bianco says that’s because she keeps trying to grab them instead of letting them flow.

Uh huh. Maybe he needs someone less complicated to be his cover. She’s just going to drag him into problems with her. She decides to go have a bath and relax. She’ll see him tomorrow.


Nico is STILL waiting for Julia and another class has started.

So, he thinks she would threaten a person with deportation?

Nico tells her not to turn this around on him. Can she at least tell him if it’s true she went over there to hit Sabrina?

Yeah, but Sabrina did it first. The thing about the threat is just a lie to manipulate him.

Nico completely ignores that she just said it was a lie and asks if she wants to be like her brother.

Hey, for someone whose dad is at her house a lot, he’s talking an awful lot about her brother.

Well, he doesn’t care about his dad, he cares about her.

Then why is he listening to Sabrina instead of her? Why doesn’t he realize Sabrina is trying to manipulate him so he’ll stay with her?

Nico decides Julia’s not the kind of person he wants to be with.

Well, fine, he’s made his decision, he wants Sabrina. She just wants to be clear that she only went over there to hit Sabrina because Sabrina hit her. Besides what did he want, to have them both?

El Dorado

Isaac’s back and the bar is back in business. He’s content to drink and listen, but the new owner wants him to sing. What ever happened to his solo album. Isaac insists it’ll happen in time. The owner keeps insisting and Isaac finally agrees.

He gets up with the band and sings No Sirve de Nada. He gets a pretty good round of applause and the owner talks him into an encore and has someone bring him a drink.

Isaac downs his drink and dedicates the next song to Julio César. He sings La Protagonista. (Maybe I just don’t like this song. I think I’ve only liked it once and that’s when the guys were all singing it so Manara and Isaac could pick their bandmates.) In the back of the room…is that Mateo?

Again, Isaac gets a good round of applause, but he won’t do another. He jokes that after the third one, he charges. As he makes his way back to his table…yep, that was Mateo. He says if Isaac had sung like that for the competition, it would have been a different story. Maybe he could have taken Julio César’s place.

Isaac asks what he’s doing there.

Mateo asks if Isaac sent killers after him. Isaac pretends he doesn’t know what Mateo’s talking about. Mateo says they showed up after he left. Again, Isaac says he doesn’t know anything about it.

The owner comes over and says everyone went crazy over Isaac’s singing. And his poker table’s ready.

Isaac tries to leave, but Mateo offers to trade a couple of bottles for a couple of songs from the Solar brothers. The owner asks if he’s Mateo, the guy who’s on the news. Mateo admits he is, and he can see he’s not the only one in here with legal problems.

The owner introduces himself as Juan Pablo Medina and says Mateo’s among friends here. He suggests they start off with a song and Isaac poutily gets up to follow as Mateo’s asking JP if he can call him “Chespi” which, don’t even ask me where that came from.

On stage, Mateo suggests they sing Fuego Cruzado. And he wants Isaac to put his heart into it, like when he wanted to sing it as a duet with Julio César. And by the way, is this where he met the guy who killed him?

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