La Mujer del Vendaval Saturday 3/04/17 #79


Did we really have to start with Luciano and Valeria snogging again?! It’s just short enough that I can’t FF>> without going to far.

Mateo stops at the cíberpanadería for coffee and to complain to Amadeo that Camilo’s never around when you need him. And hey, Amadeo’s looking a little more…manly.

Amado is quick to assert his hetero-ness. No, no, Mateo means…less like he’s just come off the street.

He looked that bad? Um, no, it’s just that seeing him makes Mateo want to…. Penelope makes a joke about them being together and the guys spring apart from the table like magnets facing the wrong way. (See, this is why we need to smash the patriarchy. A dude should be able to compliment another dude on his makeover without it being weird. I mean…there are other reasons, but yeah.) Mateo takes his leave and Penelope laughs at their reaction.

On the sidewalk, Mateo sees Sev walk into a building. Mateo’s face: “To kick his ass again, or not to kick his ass again, that is the question.” He opts for kicking his ass again. Or following him into the cantina at least.

Severo ordered a bottle to drink with some guy we’ve never seen before. They finish it off pretty quickly and Sev orders a second one. Mateo decides to leave at this point.

Mateo casually leans on July’s doors and windows since Sev is otherwise occupied and finds the same open window Maria Laura always does.

Mateo searches Severo’s room. He doesn’t find the bank paperwork, even though he practically flips the mattress over, but he does find the gun, in TWO plastic bags in the toilet tank. (I wish he hadn’t touched the gun. Why do people do that? Don’t go LOOKING for evidence and then contaminate the evidence!)

He wipes off his and anyone else’s fingerprints that might have been there, seals up the baggies again, and replaces the toilet tank lid, vowing to start making Sev pay.

El V

Alessandro now gets a call from a vendor asking about a delay in delivery. He insists the vendor’s products will arrive on time.

Alba cries and remembers Cristian saying he needed her. Marcela walks in to call her to dinner and catches her crying. Alba tells her about the phone call.

Alba was dying to tell him that she loved him more than ever and she’s dying inside. She wants to go find him and beg him to leave Nuria and start a new life with her because she can “give” him children and give him all the love he needs–and she feels terrible for even thinking that.

Rosa and Sagrario start serving dinner, without Marcela and Alba…and without Mateo. Al says he’s in town looking for Camilo, but guess who walks in with ML on one arm and Nisa on the other. Camilo awkwardly announces he was hoping to ask Luciano for permission to date Nisa. Alessandro and Emiliano both wish him luck, not entirely sincerely. Silvana says the “luck” is that he’s not here. Maybe it’s a sign they shouldn’t try something quite so dangerous yet. Oh, no, Nisa wants to get it over with. ML goes to wash her hands and Silvana quips that she’s washing hers too–like Pilate.

Instead ML goes into the office to try to find the phone number for that bank in New York that she saw the paperwork for. She calls information, but she does it in a bizarre accent and New York sounds nothing like New York. She finally pronounces it in a way the operator can understand and then scoffs at the woman for being “ignorant.”

The person who answers the phone at the bank also can’t understand Maria Laura. She’s basically speaking “Mike” (QDEP). Although Mike was trying to communicate in Spanish with people who speak Spanish and Maria Laura’s thinking that putting on a bad “American” accent will make her Spanish more understandable. When Rosa comes in to call Maria Laura to dinner, the woman hangs up. ML complains again about people being ignorant.

Alba feels horrible for Cristian…and Nuria…and herself! Marcela doesn’t know how she’s going to get over this, but she’s a Morales. Nobody gets them down. So, Morales head up and Morales spine straight! Alba wishes she were as strong as Marcela, but Marcela says she’s just trying to cheer her up. And she did, at least for a little.

Timo’s office

The medical examiner tells Timo that poor dead Mike was shot with a .22. Based on the rate of decomposition, the body had been buried less than a week. Timo feels the need to ask if he was dead before he was buried. The poor ME is wishing he’d taken a job anywhere but here. No, there’s no dirt under his fingernails or any indication that he was buried alive. Even Eulogio can’t believe Timo asked that. Timo’s just glad they respected “tradition.” You know, the tradition of people dying before they’re buried. Eulogio walks the doctor to the door.

Timo’s stressing about informing the family, but he can’t find Mike’s card. Eulogio says as far as he knows Mike didn’t have family and Severo was his closest friend. Well, then, they’ll have to inform him! (*facepalm*) “But he already knows.” Then they have to tell him Mike didn’t have family! “He already knows that too.” Eulogio promises to take care of it. Timo’s going to inform Octavia…so he asks Eulogio to keep lookout.

Octavia’s busy getting smooched on by Lencho. Timo babbles until she tells him to get to the point. The point is Mike’s dead.

Timo hears Lencho asking who’s dead and wants Octavia to put him on the phone. Later. Octavia wants to know what happened. Timo says about a week ago he was murdered…and buried at El Vendaval. “Do you suspect anyone?” Well, according to Sev it must have been Marcela. She was the only one who had a problem with Mike.

Timo doesn’t think Marcela did it, but Octavia pushes the Marcela theory. Octavia points out that if Marcela were guilty no one would want to buy her crops. Oh, Timo knows that–that’s why he spread a rumor. She growls that Timo’s brilliant…while looking at Lencho. Ew. Timo gives Octavia his new cell number, since the last one died.


Severo’s tablemates now include the guy from before and two random women. Mateo sneaks into a table in the corner and asks Jonas, the barman, to keep Severo there. Oh, Jonas doesn’t think that will take any effort on his part. But just in case, Mateo slips him some cash to buy Sev another bottle and not let him leave under any circumstances.

Severo has decided he’s bored and wants to leave the cantina. Jonas offers him another bottle–on the house. He doesn’t want people leaving here saying his bar is boring! Oh, Sev’s all about the free drinks!


After she gets off the phone, Octavia tells Lencho they found Mike dead. Lencho feels bad for Mike, but he laughs off the idea that Marcela could so much as kill a chicken. Octavia says you never know and sends him to the restaurant. She’ll catch up to him in a minute.

But first Lencho wants to know if he’s her only one or she’s got other guys she’s doing this with. She says there won’t be anyone else as long as he’s keeping her “in the clouds.”

Octavia calls Mauro into her office to tell him that they found Mike’s body buried at El Vendeval. Mauro hopes they find out Severo did it and he goes to prison for it. Octavia doesn’t! He might talk. He might say she blackmailed him into selling the land. “But you did.” Yes, but that’s not the point! Having the body found at El Vendaval makes Marcela look bad. This is to their advantage, as long as they don’t find out Severo’s the killer. She’s sure he’s not going to confess…but she needs to make sure Timo’s investigation leads to Marcela.


Timo’s all set to take July to lunch…at her house. What? He’s in a hurry. They’ll eat out tomorrow. Eulogio has to stay behind. He fusses about Timo always telling him “later” and calls a torta place to get delivery.

July tries to beg Timo to take her to the fonda, but they’re interrupted by Mateo. He wants to press charges! Nope, not during lunch hour. Even if it’s against Severo. Nope, Mateo’s not going to let that killer cover his tracks. Severo killed his lawyer and he has a way to prove it!

Up in Timo’s office, after the usual Timo babbling, Mateo finally gets around to saying the evidence is there’s a gun in the toilet tank of the room Severo’s renting at July’s. July’s horrified…plus he was in the square that night when she heard the shot! Mateo pushes to go to July’s and find the gun. “Oh, it’s not that easy.” Well…Mateo could go make the accusation in the city. How about that?

Between that threat and the accusation that if Timo doesn’t go over to July’s RIGHT NOW, get the gun, and check to see if it’s the one that killed Mike, he’s covering for a killer, Timo agrees to go. This time, Eulogio’s invited along.

At July’s the gun is just where Mateo, and Sev, left it. July says “I told you so.” Eulogio says now they’ve got to see if the bullet came from this gun…but it is a .22 caliber. July’s freaked out about having had a killer in her house. She wants Sev out!

El V

Conchita hopes the wedding dress gets there on time and doesn’t need alterations. She and the other assistants who actually assist (unlike Sasha, who’s barely wandered in) are horrified at the thought. You can’t touch a designer dress. It’s sacrilege. Sagrario had no idea. The conversation turns to how great Marcela’s going to look, until she asks them to cut it out. Silvana mentions both Marcela and Al having had a few stumbles on the way to love and Marcela gets REALLY defensive about that. Camilo’s frowning at all the Al-Marcela smoochies.

Alessandro sarcastically says it’s too bad Luciano’s not here. He’s sure when he finds out about Camilo dating Nisa he’ll tell Camilo just what he deserves. “Only good things!” Nisa chirps.

You think so? What? He’s just saying his dad’s going to be harder to convince. Nisa doesn’t think it was easy–Camilo explained all his plans to her.

Is “working” one of his plans, because he can forget about his severance pay. He still works here and starting tomorrow he’s going to need to actually, you know, work. Everyone toasts to that while Camilo looks confused.

Camilo starts whining about not wanting to work. Well, if he doesn’t, then he’s not doing his job and they don’t have to pay him. No–he got kicked off the hacienda, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to work. Emiliano tells him to quit whining–didn’t he want his job back? Well…yeah…but…. And doesn’t he have to work to give Nisa everything she’s accustomed to? (Uh, bad behavior, cheating, and only being after her money? Naw, he don’t have to work for that.) Silvana could have sworn he told her he’s a working man, right? Camilo agrees, while looking panicked. Marcela says he’s coming back to work then, right?

Camilo gets hostile. If they’re trying to make him look bad, it won’t work! Oh, Al’s not “trying” anything…and the rest depends on him.

Al excuses himself from the table–they’ve got a lot of work still to do. Emiliano praises Sagrario’s cooking as he’s leaving. Marcela asks Al, as a favor, to call Cristian and remind him about the wedding. They go off to do that while Camilo goes with Emiliano. Maria Laura thought bubbles that Marcela had better enjoy herself now, before that necklace resurfaces and ruins her happiness.


Luciano and Valeria are post-shag. I ignore his lies about her having grown in wisdom. He’s getting a little too poetic for me to take seriously. Valeria’s worried about Silvana getting suspicious. He tells her he’ll worry about that and she should worry about snogging him and quit thinking about Silvana. Valeria thought bubbles, wondering if Silvana can stop thinking about what Luciano’s up to in town.

El V

Nope, Silvana can’t stop thinking about what Luciano’s up to in town. Marcela’s hairdo and the resulting argument over it serves as a backdrop. It looks like a fruit basket…not it doesn’t…that bit looks like a banana…no, it’s a crescent moon…what does a banana have to do with romance…well, think about it.

Sagrario’s frantically praying. She’s worried about Mateo being in town and running into Severo and God only knows what will happen. Rosa’s like “He’ll break his face in, duh!” Well, that’s what Sagrario doesn’t want to happen. Rosa thinks Sev has it coming, but all Sagrario wants is for Severo to leave. She doesn’t want revenge, or even justice, she just wants him gone from their lives, because since he showed up this family hasn’t had a moment of peace.

Rosa thinks God will know how to get rid of him AND get justice. God’s got good aim for that whole “two birds with one stone” thing.


OK, now Severo really wants to leave the cantina…and Timo’s here to give him a police escort. He’s being arrested on suspicion of murdering Mike.

Severo denies killing anyone. Timo can’t believe Mateo, he just hates him because of Sagrario and he wants revenge. She’ll never be Mateo’s! Oh yeah, wait until the lawyer delivers the divorce papers! Over my dead body, you second-rate employee! I may be second-rate, but you’re a killer!

Mateo punches Severo and knocks him to the ground. Almost as soon as Eulogio and his drinking buddy help him up, Sev collapses again.

Sev’s not waking up. He’s still breathing, though. Timo talks about calling the “intensive care” ambulance and July repeats that joke about there only being one ambulance. Timo tells Mateo he’d better hope Severo’s OK or he’s the one who’s going to end up in jail for murder.

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