La Mujer del Vendaval Tuesday 3/07/17 #80

El Vendaval

I wasn’t sure until just now as I was watching Sasha check under all the potted plants in the yard, but I think she’s looking for the necklace.

Maria Laura keeps giving Nisa excuses about how Lencho’s completely on it. She zones out as Nisa’s asking to be kept informed…does Nisa speak English? Yep and French, Italian, Portugese, and German. (Well, damn!) ML needs to call and find out how much money daddy’s got in the bank.

The bank call goes predictably. Nisa’s English is good, but she ain’t getting’ nothin’ without an account number and password. All they’ll tell her is that all the accounts Sev and Nazaria had are closed.

ML tells Nisa she found some bank statements–some in her dad’s name and some in her aunt’s. And the ones with her aunt’s name had some BIG dollar amounts in them. But when they read the will, there was supposedly nothing in those accounts. Someone has to have spent that money. Nisa thinks it was Nazaria, and ML agrees it might have been…but she thought bubbles that maybe someone else did it without Nazaria knowing.


Severo tells Mateo they have to wait for Sev to wake up and for the forensics to come back before they can decide whether he’s guilty of Mikeicide. Mateo’s worried about him escaping. Sure, he’s a zombie now, but zombies walk! And Sev’s been “dead” once before.

Timo and Eulogio insist they need a ballistics report and fingerprints before they can do anything. Timo ends up giving a speech to everyone in the waiting area about how no one is above the law in San Bartolo. A nurse comes over to ask him to pipe down.

And, yes, Timo’s going to put guards on the door. Except that would leave them without cops on the street. So just one guard. And they’re going to collect evidence from the place where they found the gun.

Mateo just doesn’t want Severo getting away. And if he does, Mateo’s going to the capital to press charges.

Sev’s in the hospital, hooked up to beeping machines and apparently sleeping.


Al calls Cristian and hears the bad news.

Nuria’s mom isn’t happy that she lied to Cris. In fact, she thinks hiding the fact that she’s been lying to him about not being able to have a child could have caused her cancer. Nuria insists that’s bull…and Cris will never find out. What difference does it make why they can’t have children? And besides, that illness is the reason there’s distance between them. He loves someone else.

Al thought it was something worse, like Nuria’s cancer being back. But this…there are other ways to have children. Cris knows he’s right, he just had certain ideas…expectations…and now he’s upset because things won’t be the way he pictured. Al understands, he just wants Cris to get some perspective. Al begs him to let love sustain his relationship, not a child.

Nuria tells her mom she’s sure that what Cristian and Alba have is more than friendship. Mom doesn’t think Cristian cheated on her. Nuria doesn’t think he will, but she knows he’s thinking about Alba all the time, she’s sure of it. Alba loves him, but she’s a good person–she went back to her pueblo.

Nuria just doesn’t think a few hours’ distance is enough for two people who love each other. And if Cris finds out she lied, he’ll have a reason to leave her and run to Alba. And that would be worse for her than any illness.

Cris thanks Al for his words. And Al sounds different too. Al says that’s the Vendeval effect…and Marcela. He feels secure, complete, and he can’t ask for more. His dad seems to be going along with it. He even came back to the hacienda. Huh, Cris thought he was in New York. And has Al heard anything about the necklace? Nope, but he’s still got a PI out looking. The one thing he’s sure of is that Marcela is innocent. Al hopes he’ll see Cris at the wedding with Nuria.

Cris hangs up the phone and thinks of Alba.

El Vendaval

The next potential wedding hairdo looks like a croissant. Or a bagel. Or a door knocker. Silvana doesn’t like it. Al comes home and he’s like “Hey, babe. Cool hair.” Mateo asked him to come to the house because he has news.

Mateo walks in with Sagrario and says he needs to tell everyone what’s going on, but it’s a delicate situation. Silvana thinks she and the wedding team should go. (I think Marcela needs to get the donut out of her hair. I mean…if it’s a serious conversation.) Maria Laura finally wanders in and Mateo says the person responsible for Mike’s murder has been arrested…and his name is Severo Morales.

Maria Laura goes right into denial…but wasn’t she in there looking for the gun herself? So don’t tell me she’s not just upset that she didn’t get to blackmail him. Or maybe it’s that she doesn’t mind him being a killer, she just minds him being in jail for it. Anyway…there’s more investigating that needs to be done. And Mateo admits to sneaking in the window at July’s to look for evidence. ML blames this all on Mateo hating her dad.

ML: denial. Everyone else: reality. ML vows to stand by her dad. Mateo’s sorry for the way he talked about Severo in front of Alba, but he’s done some baaaaad things. Alba understands. But she doesn’t understand why Severo would kill Mike. Did Mike find out something bad that Sev did?

ML insists to Nisa that she has to stick by her dad. This is all Mateo’s doing. She’s going to go see him and get him to clear everything up.

San Bartolo

Eulogio tells Timo he’s not going to be able to save his buddy this time. Everyone saw that gun and July saw Severo in the plaza after she heard the gun. Timo still wants to hear Severo’s explanation. They’re waiting for the clinic to let them know if Sev wakes up.

So, lemme get this straight, Luc and Val just had sexytimes and she’s wearing a frumpy nightie with a camisole underneath to keep the cleavage from being too revealing? Um, ok then. Luciano’s on his way back. Valeria mentions the whole “toll” business. Yep, Sev heard. He hopes it gets his “idiot” son to react–that woman’s just costing him money. Val says women are worth it. “Not all.”

He asks if she knows anything about the dead guy, but all she knows is he was Severo’s lawyer. If he wants to know who Sev is, he’ll be here all afternoon. Luciano acts like the name is familiar.

Valeria says the uncle and the lawyer weren’t to be trusted. Luciano doesn’t think anyone in that family is and he wouldn’t be surprised if Marcela had something to do with it. Her or her accomplices–the ones who helped her with the theft of the necklace. She’s a thief. Valeria doesn’t believe it.

Valeria gets the story about the necklace and finds it interesting that Al and Marcela didn’t get together because of “love.” Yep, and Al only married her because he said it was the best way to get the necklace back, but then Marcela bewitched him and now Luciano’s stuck with her as a daughter-in-law. Luci-aw-hell-no says soon he’s going to be the father-in-law of a blind girl who can’t give him grandchildren and who’s a thief and possibly a murderer.

Valeria agrees that Alessandro is bewitched. Luciano has one last card to play to stop that wedding. He won’t say more. He’s off now so Silvana doesn’t suspect anything.

Luciano hasn’t left yet. He’s going to come by later, but Valeria’s concerned about keeping everything a secret. Luciano agrees with her, and thus she avoids a repeat. For now.

El V

Camilo complains about working while Al’s back at the house. Emi tells him to shut it. Al deserves a break. Camilo accuses him of helping out because he has a thing for Marcela.

Marcela finally untwists her simit. Alessandro thinks Mike found out what Sev did to Sagrario and that’s why Sev killed him. He’s just glad that now they won’t be blamed for what happened. Isn’t that what Severo wanted in the first place? To make them look responsible.

Marcela’s just worried that this is the beginning of something worse. She’s so happy it makes her afraid something will happen to make it all go away. Alessandro tells her nothing can.

Conchita assures Silvana that though Luciano’s always had a wandering eye, he’d never leave her for a “lesser” woman. Sure, there are some beautiful women in town, but none good enough for Luciano.

OK, maybe she’s right. But she’s getting older and she’s feeling this ridiculous jealousy…. Conchita says age has only done to them what the wind has done to Juarez. Not that she knows what the wind did to Juarez.

Nisa comes in to tell them that ML’s dad got arrested for killing the dead guy.

Although, Nisa says ML says her dad is innocent. You never know around here–Marcela’s got that angelic face, but she’s a total creep. What? It’s true!

Silvana doesn’t agree and she thinks it’s best not to get involved in the family’s business and is Nisa wearing a t-shirt with an owl on it wearing glasses and if so where can I get one?! Anyway…uh, the family will be Silvana’s soon too. “In-laws” Conchita insists, but it’s all the same to Nisa. And this one’s all a “disaster” except for her BFF Maria Laura. Nisa’s hoping for a miracle to stop the wedding.

Conchita doesn’t get why Nisa’s so down on Marcela. She’s weird, but she adores Alessandro!

Silvana knows. And honestly, she would have liked for Alessandro to be with someone with more “class” and education.

Marcela goes up to Conchita’s door and hears Silvana dissing her, so of course she stays long enough to hear her saying she wishes her son had fallen in love with someone different, someone without problems or a painful past or such big debt or sick. She would have preferred a different woman for him.

Marcela leaves just before Silvana gets to the part where she says Marcela’s illness is going to be tough for Al and Marcela, but they’re getting married anyway because their love is so great. And she’s come to love Marcela as a daughter. She’s so devoted to Alessandro. And the way she looks at him…what more could a mother ask for her son? Conchita agrees. Silvana says Marcela’s tender, honest…yep, she doesn’t keep anything to herself, Conchita agrees! Silvana thinks she’s just what Alessandro needed to believe in love again and that makes her feel grateful to Marcela. Conchita wipes tears away.

Rosa wants to know if Sev really killed Mike. Alba doesn’t know until the evidence comes in. Marcela shows up all upset and Rosa’s like “Yeah, yeah, I’m going.” Marcela tells Alba that what Valeria said was right–Alessandro’s mom hates her and she’s been faking all this time. Alba hugs her.

Marcela tells Alba about the part of the conversation that she heard and that Valeria said Silvana hates her as much as Luciano does and only brought Conchita here to humiliate her. Alba has a hard time believing that. Silvana seems so nice, and she even accepted Camilo dating Nisa. Marcela’s sure that’s fake too. She knew something wasn’t right–no wonder she’s felt so anxious. She’s sure they’re trying to stop the wedding…or they want to embarrass her in front of the guests!

Alba says Alessandro loves her and everyone knows it. Who cares what his parents are planning–she can’t let anyone ruin this.

Marcela whines about wanting a simple, normal wedding. (LOL, is any wedding simple or normal?) Alba thinks Marcela should put her foot down about how she wants the wedding her way–that will throw off whatever plans they have.

Al gets back to work and tells Emiliano about Severo’s arrest. He thinks maybe Mike found out what happened to Sagrario and was going to turn him in.

Al’s grateful to Emiliano for being discreet about what happened. Emi says it wasn’t his secret anyway. But if they can prove Sev’s guilty then Sagrario will be free to be with the man she loves. Al says he’s so nice–he’s glad to have a friend like him. Naw, Emi’s glad he met them–he was dealing with his mom’s death and then he met them and saw that they’re a stable, loving couple. That’s what gives life meaning.

In the background, Camilo sulkily whacks at the grass.

Alba proposes telling Alessandro what Marcela heard…but she doesn’t want to. He’s already dealing with his dad being a jerk. She doesn’t want to add to that. They blow off steam making fun of Conchita’s voice.

And then Marcela changes the subject. Why isn’t Alba out getting some bread. Some sweet…sweet bread…?


Penelope’s Internet boyfriend isn’t showing up today. Amadeo thinks she should be used to it by now. He gets through to Roman at the prison. Roman swears he’s staying optimistic, but no one’s telling him anything. He’s decided to pass the time and study while he’s there. Amado jokes that if he’d known, he would have had Roman chucked in jail earlier. “Oh ha ha ha.” A guard comes to tell Roman his mom’s there, but he won’t see her. And he doesn’t want to talk about it with Amado.

Out in the waiting area, the guard says Roman won’t see her. She turns to go and runs into Linda. Has she no vergüenza?!

Ilse wants her to go. How dare she be here to talk to Roman after what she did? Roman might have forgiven her, but Ilse doesn’t. Linda begs her to understand–her father threatened her and if he finds out she’s not at church, he’ll kill her! Oh, so she’d rather send an innocent man to prison than confront her father? (Why are none of these people offering to help her?) Ilse tells her to go–her son doesn’t want to see anyone.


Lencho snogs Octavia. He bugs her to let him come up for air. This is all they do …what about her promises? When is he going to meet people who can help with his singing career. Octavia says he needs more polishing. He needs to hang out with classy people and let it rub off on him. It’s a long process…and in the meantime he should just enjoy his life. And her!

Hey, everything’s free! It can’t be that difficult. Lencho thinks that sounds nice, but…he does have his dreams. He answers her ringing phone by accident…and it’s Timo. But why’s Lencho answering the phone in Octavia’s suite? He pretends the front desk must have put Timo through to his office by accident. Oh, yeah, he’s a trainee.

Timo can’t want to come up and see him. July comes in screaming at him about who he’s talking to and grabs the phone out of his hand.


ML tries to get in to see her dad, but all they know is he’s stable and still not reacting.

ML dramatically goes into Sev’s room and then does the “Psst! It’s me!” and pries his eyes open. She’s here to help him…she just needs to know what happened to Tia Nazaria’s money. No reaction from Sev, though his eyelids stay open.

Sev. Not answering. ML knows this zombie trick. She just wants to know what her dad did with the money and she’s sure he didn’t spend it on Nazaria. She saw his bank statements and she had plenty of money before she went on her permanent vacation. That’s right, she saw the bank statements he had hidden in his room…just as hidden as he had the gun he used to kill his lawyer. She wants to know where he sent the money. And if he won’t talk, she’ll talk. Still no reaction.

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