La Mujer del Vendaval Wednesday 3/08/17 #81


Maria Laura keeps trying to get a reaction from Severo, saying she knows he’s not just a murderer, but also stole Marcela’s inheritance. And she’s sure Mike helped him with that. “I may not know English, but I’m not stupid!” She wants a piece of the action. Still no reaction from Sev.

Maria Laura now resorts to shaking him…until a nurse comes in. Then she sobs over him, does chest compressions, and gets scolded and kicked out by the nurse. She gives him one last kills and whispers that she’s not going to leave him alone. Uh, not in the nice way. And Sev…still doesn’t react.

ML tries to get permission to go back in and see Sev when the nurse comes out of the room, but the doctor is with him. She’s desperate to know about his recovery. The nurse assures her the doctor will explain everything when he comes out. ML mocks her concern when the nurse walks away.

Timo’s office

July keeps telling Octavia off about staying away from her man…until Lencho says it’s him. Embarrassed, July flees the office.

Timo asks Lencho to have Octavia call him on his new cell phone. He sends kisses, hugs, and flips in the air and Lencho returns the wishes. Lencho’s his sun, his pride, all his hopes are pinned on Lencho. Lencho gets off the phone feeling awful about “pedaling” his dad’s “bike.”

Well, Octavia reminds him she’s not a bicycle, nor does she belong to his dad or to any other man. He’s got no right to make decisions about her loves or Lencho’s. Plus, Timo has two faces (minimum). He’s no saint.

Timo pats himself on the back for finally coming up with the idea to have multiple cell phones. Eulogio warns him not to mix them up.

Anyway, did Eulogio send the gun and bullet from Mike’s body to the capital? Yep.

One of Timo’s phones starts ringing…it’s Octavia. She heard he was looking for her. Lencho’s job? Oh, it’s like a scholarship thing. Timo’s impressed. He wants to put an announcement in the paper. He has Eulogio make a note of it.

So, anyway, Timo’s got news, right? Get to it! OK…Severo got arrested on suspicion of killing su abogado. “MY lawyer?!” No, his lawyer….Mike Cisneros.

Octavia demands that Timo help his compadre. If he tells everyone Octavia owns the land, they’re screwed. Well, no worries, ’cause Mateo went after Sev and Sev was already drunk and he fell and hit his head on the floor and he’s in serious condition in the hospital. They’re still waiting for tests and stuff to see what’s going to happen. Timo assures her Sev and his recovery are being closely watched. She can sleep easy and dream about her “fans number one.” (No.)


A guard comes to tell Roman he has a visitor…a girl. *confused Roman face*

Roman’s surprised to see Laura waiting for him in the visiting area (aka, loading dock). She was finally able to get away from her dad. She knows she should be risking everything to get him out of here, but she’s too much of a coward. Roman says everything happens for a reason. He couldn’t live in peace, but at least here he’s got the security of knowing he’s paying his debts (to society?). He doesn’t want her to feel upset or have more problems with her dad. Maybe this was just what he needed to change his life.

Linda sure does think he’s changed. Roman says he’s not done changing yet. Hopefully this will help him stay away from alcohol and all his other problems. And maybe one day when he’s out, she’ll see him as a new man who’s worthy…not that brute who couldn’t see the angel God was putting in his path.

Linda thinks it’s noble of Roman to have forgiven her. He thinks he’s the one who needs it–she loved him and he didn’t behave like he deserved it. If he’d taken her advice, they might still be together. Or at least he wouldn’t look quite so bad in her dad’s eyes. Linda always thought he was good. A little intense, maybe….

Roman says all these years, whenever he couldn’t sleep, he’d think about her and the good times they had together. And if it didn’t help him sleep, then at least he’d spend the night dreaming while he was awake. Linda did the same thing. She still thinks about him at night…and during the day. Time hasn’t passed for her. She’s still in love with him.

Roman’s the happiest man in the world knowing she still thinks of him. It’s like he’s got wings to escape from here, even if it’s only in his thoughts. She invites him and his thoughts over to her place every night. She’ll try to come see him as often as she can.

But she’s gotta go now or she’ll upset the guards. Not before they get some smoochies going on the visiting area. That somehow nobody notices. I dunno, maybe that one guy at a table back there is grinning, but it seems like there should have been a round of applause or something.

El Vendaval

Luciano brings a vase to Silvana from town. To excuse his long absence. He’s thinking about putting in a hotel here, since there’s only the Hotel Hell and San Bartolo has definite tourist potential. Sure, he hates the town, but he’s seeing it’s “attractions.”

Which hopefully don’t include Valeria, right? Luciano whines that it was a long time ago! Sure, she knows how to draw in men, but he’s been there, done that, and he’s not after another t-shirt. Silvana is the love of his life.

Uh huh. She’s trying to trust him, and she doesn’t want to be watching him constantly, but she’s going to have to watch Valeria. She’s in and out of this house, pretending to be Marcela’s friend, and Silvana’s sure she’s up to no good. Luciano thinks Sil should just ignore her.

She’s just saying she trusts Luciano, but she’s not going to deal with another betrayal. If it happens again, she’s not forgiving him this time. He says it’s not gonna happen.

Luciano’s annoyed that no one told him there was a dead guy on the property. “Everyone” in town was talking about it. Oh…right…well, Silvana didn’t want him to have yet another reason to think badly of Marcela. “Who cares what I think?” (Certainly not me.) What’s important are the deeds, and that’s what’s making Marcela look bad.

Silvana: *death glare*

OK, OK, fine, he won’t get involved. If Al doesn’t want to realize it that’s his business. Silvana tiredly says Marcela had nothing to do with it. Her uncle killed that guy.

Luciano says they haven’t PROVED the uncle did it, so having the body found here makes Marcela a suspect. Uh huh…and what about Alessandro? Because he lives here too. Or hey, even Silvana herself, since she’s staying here. He can’t just go around accusing people. Luc whines that he’s just saying that it’s another piece of evidence to put Marcela’s integrity in doubt. But fine, he’ll stay out of it.

Silvana thinks that’s best. And if he can’t manage that, then he can get lost until the wedding day. If the least bit of insinuation comes out of his mouth in front of Alessandro…. Luciano sarcastically says he’ll control his aversion to that woman. He’ll concentrate on the thought of putting a hotel in this place. Good–as long as it keeps him from fighting with Alessandro.

And then he asks about Nisa. And Silvana won’t look at him. “What did she do now?!” Well, she didn’t “do” anything exactly. “Don’t tell me she found the love of her life among one of these…workers!”


I’m just gonna skip ML’s hysterics and get right to the doc’s information–Severo appears to be a heavy drinker, based on the tests, and while he’s hoping for a good recovery a heart attack always has effects. For now, Sev has lost motor functions and he can’t talk.

Maria Laura raises the possibility that Sev’s just faking it to avoid justice, but the doctor doesn’t think so. He just happened to have a heart attack right when he was accused of murder. All the tests indicate damage to his brain as a result. He may not have a full recovery, but he could still recover enough to have some quality of life. ML insists on knowing whether he’s going to talk again.

She asks if he’s able to hear and the doc confirms that he can hear and see. Well, ML feels better hearing that. She just wants to go see him one last time before she goes.

ML goes into Sev’s room and whispers that it’s awfully convenient he’s ended up mute and unable to move. It’s the best way to avoid jail, right? But she’s going to find a way to get all the info out of him about Nazaria’s accounts. She wishes him a good night and walks out of the room. Finally, there’s a reaction…Sev’s eyes pop open in fright.

Uproar over the new guy

Nisa hangs out in Maria Laura’s window, imagining she’s in a black and white movie where she and Camilo are in her idea of country garb and speaking some oddly accented Spanish and her dad, in traje de charro, tries to kill Camilo, but she gets in front of the bullet and dies. She creeps herself out…and then Camilo grabs her leg and startles her. He came by for a kiss…and a shower.

Luciano’s trying to get Silvana to tell him who the boy is. “I think it’s best to let Nisa introduce him and explain things herself.” She’s sure THIS one is the love of her life.

Luciano goes barging into Maria Laura’s room without knocking and hears Camilo singing in the shower. And then he goes in to get the visual. Again, without knocking.

Luciano chases a towel-clad Camilo out of the shower. When Nisa comes running in, Luciano does the math…yep, Camilo’s her new beau.

Em and Al come in from a hard day of working in the fields, only to have to deal with Luciano, Nisa, and a mostly-naked Camilo. Luciano’s working himself up into a frenzy, imagining what all Nisa has “allowed” Camilo to do. Sadly, they have to keep Luciano from strangling Camilo. Emiliano wants to get his cousin out of there, but Al’s all for having him stick around and explain his intentions to Luciano.

Luciano starts screaming at Nisa that this loser is Marcela’s ex. He’s so disappointed in her! He never thought she was so stupid! (Ouch! But also, yes, yes you did and you have from day 1, so don’t even go there.)

Luciano walks out and Nisa tries to comfort her Cami. Emiliano still wants him to go to town, but now Camilo’s the one who wants to stay and talk. Al points out that Luciano’s not in a “talking” mood so much as a “killing” one and Em drags him to the bathroom to get his clothes.

Marcela and Alba are at the stable so Marcela can say good night to her main man, Huracán. She teases Alba about needing to go get the bread and offers to come with her. Alba thinks it’s best if Marcela has a bath and gets some rest. She’s looking really tired. Conchita comes out there and wants to talk makeup, but Marcela’s too tired and cranky for that right now. Conchita goes away disappointed and Marcela remembers Valeria’s insistence that Conchita’s job is to make her look like she’s not good enough to Al.

Nisa complains to Alessandro that she wanted to dress Camilo up, but instead dad found him in his skivvies. No, Al corrects, he found him NAKED which is totally different. And she know their dad was going to react like this anyway.

She insists Camilo loves and respects her, but Al doesn’t think that’s the point. The point is that Al can’t help her after this. Nisa snaps that of course he doesn’t care because he’s happy with his ignorant country girl.

Al tells her to watch her mouth and remember whose house she’s staying in. Al would have sent her home a long time ago. He tells her to behave like an adult and let Camilo show her what he’s capable of doing for her, even though he’s afraid he and his dad are right about him. But they’ll see.

Marcela leaves Huracán in his stall and Rosa comes running up to tell her there’s drama! Luciana found Nisa and Camilo showering together in her room!

Wait, what?! Yeah, they were showering naked…’cause it’s not like they could shower with clothes on…and then her dad showed up….

Wait, but they were showering together? Uh, she doesn’t know if they were juntos o revueltos (together or scrambled) but the point is they were found and a fight broke out. Rosa imitates Camilo and Luciano yelling at each other and Nisa yelling at her dad in a not at all historically accurate way while Marcela just stares at her like “Why did I ask?”

Sagrario tries to help Mateo dress up his new “room” in the warehouse. All he needs is her to be happy here…and when she’s married to him he’ll feel complete. With Sev in jail, everything should be easier. (You had to go and say it, didn’t you?) Sagrario just hopes they can prove all Sev’s misdeeds. Mateo’s sure Timo’s capable of getting rid of the evidence, but Mateo’s going to make sure things get handled correctly. Hm, Sagrario seems to appreciate his fierceness.

Silvana: “Why did you have to react like that?!” Uh, because he’s Luciano? He complains there was a naked guy in the bathroom. Sure, Nisa wasn’t there, but that’s only because he got there in time! Now he’s convinced that Camilo is in league with Marcela. Marcela obviously convinced Camilo to go after Nisa so she could have both guys nearby and Al’s stupid enough not to notice.

Silvana disagrees–he’s not stupid, he just doesn’t have a filthy mind like Luciano. Luc insists it’s not dirty, he just doesn’t allow himself to be fooled. And that woman…. Silvana reminds him her name is Marcela and she’s going to be his daughter-in-law soon so he needs to quit making stuff up. She loves Al and she’d never cheat on him. She’s a good person. She’s intachable (irreproachable).

Al tells Marcela about the whole naked dude in the bathroom story. No, they weren’t together or Cami would be dead right now. Nisa’s inconsolable. Of course his dad forbid the relationship.

Marcela’s worried–Nisa’s the type that doesn’t give in so easily. If he forbids it, she’ll go after Cami and make a huge mistake. Al agrees…but if she doesn’t learn from her mistakes, then when will she learn? If she goes after him, that’s her problem.

Luciano’s hoping one day he can prove that Marcela’s a thief, etc., etc., etc. Silvana thinks one day he’ll find out he can’t go around thinking the worst of everyone. Well, since he got here everyone has proved themselves to be of “doubtful human quality.” Wow, and he’s including his daughter in that, huh? Luc says she’s never know what she’s wanted. Maybe…but now his attitude is going to push her towards Camilo. She says she loves him so much she doesn’t care if she has to give up everything. Luc would love to see that. Silvana goes in search of a glass of water as Al shows up.

Luc and Al are in agreement on the evils of Cami, but Al starts try to talk Luc into going along with Silvana and letting Nisa get disappointed in Cami on her own. Luciano asks if he’s sure this sudden relationship isn’t really about keeping Camilo in the house. “Who would want him here?” Luc pityingly says Al always chooses women who aren’t satisfied with just one man.

Marcela tells Nisa this is a test–it’s a way to prove her maturity. Nisa says she’s going to go off with Camilo even if that dictator disinherits her! Marcela says that will play into his hands and make her look like a spoiled child. Why doesn’t she offer to finish school in exchange for being allowed to keep seeing him. When they’ve proved they love each other, her dad won’t have a reason to separate them. (Sure, if Luc cared about reasons.)

Marcela says that’ll show her dad who she is–an adult who knows what she wants. Silvana listens from outside the door and smiles appreciatively.

“You always choose the most hurtful thing to say.” Luc clings to his delusional theory. And now Al is convinced that Luc isn’t interested in peace. Al leaves Luc to his cigar and his grumpiness. Luc says to himself that he’s going to show them all who Marcela really is…he needs luck on his side.

Marcela asks Nisa to think about it. What she does could change a lot of lives–her parents’, Camilo’s, and her own. Silvana finally comes in and Marcela leaves Nisa to her.

Silvana heard the whole thing and Marcela’s right. She’s a wise person.

Tuti and Angelo argue about whether Camilo being hot justifies Nisa dating him. Conchita warns them they’d better not take their opinions outside of this room, whether those opinions are positive or negative.

Emiliano wants Camilo to be more “clear” with Nisa because she’s flighty. She’s going to want to come to town and stay with him. Emi thinks Cami had better send her back to the hacienda to grow up some.

Instead, Camilo whines about how this is all Alessandro’s fault for making him work. Because if he hadn’t been sweaty, he wouldn’t have needed a shower. “Uh, you could have had a shower at home.” Cami thinks his cousin is clueless. Al’s going to pay. All of Cami’s desgracias are Al’s fault.

Marcela hopes Nisa starts making better decisions. Al doesn’t know about that…she’s stubborn. Somehow Marcela has decided that as long as Nisa does the right thing, Luciano will have to respect her decisions. Al nearly spits out his drink. In all the time he’s known Nisa she’s never made a good decision.

Maria Laura comes home, angry, and blames Marcela and Alessandro for Severo’s inability to move or talk.

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