La Mujer del Vendaval Thursday 3/09/17 #82

El Vendaval

So…how is Sev’s condition Al and Marcela’s fault? We never really find out, because in the next breath she’s saying he had a heart attack brought on by Mateo punching him, so it’s all Mateo’s fault. Oh, I see…it’s ALL their fault because they all hated Sev.

Mateo says it’s all Sev’s fault because he’s a killer and he wanted to end up with all of El Vendaval. Maria Laura vows revenge. She actually seems upset about Sev, but I have to remind myself she’s probably more upset that she doesn’t have a way to get her hands on his money. I mean, she was upset enough that she didn’t care that Al was holding her to keep her from attacking Mateo.

Sagrario, Marcela, Alessandro, and Mateo all agree that before they freak out over Sev they should check to make sure that ML’s not exaggerating. And that he’s not faking, because none of them would put it past him. They’re all getting ready to go to town and see what’s what, and they’ve just told Silvana and Luciano about it…and then Nisa walks in with a very important announcement.

Nisa very dramatically announces that in order to prove to them that it’s true love this time, she’s decided to go back to school. After the wedding. This is good news to everyone but Luc.

She’s got a request, though. Camilo needs a chance to show them that his love is sincere…with a job at the Toscana. Silvana cuts Luciano off before he can say anything and agrees to it.

Great, so Camilo is still her official suitor and he can visit her at El V. Marcela agrees to that…but Luciano wants him visiting in “appropriate” places, like the living room and the dining room–not the bathroom!

OK, let it be noted that her suitor is NOT permitted in the bathrooms or “humid areas” of this locale. Her sweeping arm gesture is ambiguous…does she mean the hacienda or, um, her person? Al seems uncomfortable as he tells her to just make sure Camilo behaves. Having said what she wanted to say, she returns them all to their regularly scheduled activities. For Luciano that means complaining that he knew this would happen.


So, after waiting all day for her Internet boyfriend yesterday, Amadeo’s of the opinion that Penelope’s gonna be waiting forever. He gets dragged away from that convo by one “Selma” who’s got the hots for him since his makeover. She basically asks him to ask her out, but Amadeo doesn’t drink and he doesn’t know how to dance. She says she’ll show him that…and more.

Alba witnessed the whole thing and don’t even tell me she’s not jealous. She walks out without her bread and without her man. On the sidewalk, Eulogio says he’s sorry about her dad. She has no idea what he’s talking about and Severo Morales isn’t her dad–Mateo is. Why is he even pretending to care when he doesn’t care about Severo either? All Eulogio ever does is cover things up.

Whoa! He doesn’t recognize Alba–she’s always so sweet! Hey, he wants sweet, he can try the bakery. He should be ashamed of himself for always covering up for Timo and wrecking Mateo’s house and all the other crap he’s done to them! Eulogio finally gets a word in edgewise about Sev’s heart attack. But if she doesn’t want to hear about that, he won’t say another word.

Casa Emi

Emilio ends up taking Camilo home. Valeria doesn’t seem any happier about it than he is. I’m wondering what happened to Cami’s apartment.

Valeria cleans up Camilo’s face a bit while she and Emiliano scold him. He whines about wanting to rinse the soap off and Emiliano sends him upstairs.

Yep, it’s never a dull moment at El Vendaval, Valeria has noticed. Emil just hopes this won’t turn into another reason for Luciano to hate Marcela. He insists he’s concerned on his friend Al’s behalf. And now he’s off to his office to finish unpacking everything and setting it up before Marcela arrives for her checkup tomorrow.

Valeria says to her pastry that he’d never believe it if she told him Marcela was a thief. He’s just as besotted as Alessandro is.

Emiliano finishes up in the office and Val stops by to check it out…and to give him the chisme that Sev’s in the hospital in a “vegetative state.” (Because, gossip.)

Emi calls the house and Sagrario tells him Al, Mar, and Mat are going into town to check things out. He thanks her for the intel, but he still tells Valeria he wants to go check Sev out himself. He could be faking.


Eulogio brings the news to Timo and July and even Timo suggests Sev might be faking it. Eulogio advises him to have the doctors perform a test to make sure. July says tickling his nose with a feather would be an infallible test, but Eulogio was thinking something more medical.

Timo abruptly hands her some cash and sends her to the fonda to get dinner. Something greasy. He’s been feeling a little low on cholesterol lately. And then he staaaaaaares at Eulogio.

Timo didn’t care for Eulogio bringing up “proof.” Ain’t nobody proving nothin’ around here! Whether Sev’s faking or not, Timo don’t care as long as he’s not TALKING. Eulogio gets that, but it also means they can’t arrest him for the Mike-icide. Timo doesn’t see why he cares. Their end-game is Octavia. While they wait on the ballistics report, they just have to keep an eye on Sev. It’s like his grandappy always said, from his reading of Ovoid…because Ovid was Greek, but in Latin it’s Ovoid…something, something, treasure, justice…so look out for your treasure first and justice later. I have a funny feeling that’s now how the saying goes. Eulogio praises that wisdom. He’s speechless. Which is just what Timo wants.


And it’s another day without Penelope’s suitor showing up, but she’s still hopeful for tomorrow. A random little kid comes running in to tell Amadeo about Sev.


Alba goes to visit Sev.

Alba tells Sev she’s sorry, but things happen for a reason. Maybe this is his punishment for all the wrong he did. So…she hopes God has pity on him. Sev opens his eyes. She asks if he wants to say something and he blinks quickly. He doesn’t want her here? More blinking. Alba says she’ll go pray for him–it’s all she can do. He should probably do the same. Sev manages to look sad without moving his face much.

Marcela, Al, and Mateo catch up to Alba, who got the impression that Sev’s trapped in there. She got a sense of panic from him, like he’s trying to communicate something with his eyes. She felt bad for him. Al goes to find the doctor. Val and Emi show up and Emi goes to join Al in talking to the doctor. Mateo hugs Alba. Valeria complains about Sev escaping justice, but Marcela thinks Sev’s on his way to meeting another kind of justice. But what she’s really thinking about is what she overheard Silvana saying about wanting a different woman for her son. “I told you so!”

The doctor explains to Al and Emi that they have to wait for the inflammation to go down and send Sev to the capital for some tests…but no, it doesn’t look good.

Valeria tells Marcela that Silvana got a lot of other women out of her way in her quest to marry Luciano. What wouldn’t she do for her son? The best thing to do is go along with everything, and then leave them all waiting for her on the day of the wedding. Uh…what?

No, Marcela’s not going to skip out on the wedding like that. And she’s not running off to Vegas with Al. Valeria keeps pushing, suggesting they run off after the wedding.

Marcela refuses to be rude to his parents, or to the other guests, or her own family and friends. Valeria warns if she doesn’t put a stop to Silvana now, she’ll just keep meddling. She should unload on Al and tell him how awful Conchita has been to her. Marcela shushes her as Al and Emi come back from the doctor’s office.

Al says it’s true–Sev can’t talk or move and there’s not a lot of chance of him recovering.

The crowd at the hospital is just talking about leaving when Amadeo gets there to try to comfort Alba. And she lets him. The others clear out for some (probably bad) hospital coffee to give them some privacy.

Alba fills him in on Sev’s nonexistent chances of recovery. Plus now they know he killed Mike–so what’s worse? This or jail? Amadeo figures that’s up to God. He just wanted her to know he’s here for her. She’s glad they’re still friends after how badly she treated him. Amado says that doesn’t matter–he’ll always be there, no matter what happens. Alba looks like she wants to kiss him…but she doesn’t.

So now they’re all really leaving the hospital and Alba realizes she forgot the bread. Amadeo volunteers to bring some over. Emiliano reminds Marcela about her appointment. Al has every intention of continuing to work to clear the land tomorrow, but he’s making time to come with her.


July tries to encourage Timo to cheer up. He’d like a massage, but she’s deader than Mike (her words, not mine) so she’s headed home.

He decides to call Octavia, but now he can’t remember which cell phone is hers.

Mauro tells Octavia that the board of directors meeting is Friday. And then Timo calls. He tells her not to worry about Sev–he’s out of circulation. He can’t talk or move or anything.


Amadeo’s trying to take the bread to El V, but Selma comes by for their date. Which he tries to break. She says she’ll be waiting for him at the fonda and kisses him as an advance on what’s waiting for him later. Amadeo drops the bread, in shock. And picks it back up again after she’s gone. Five second rule?

Nope, never a dull moment

Nisa’s crowing about her victory and she can’t figure out why ML isn’t listening to her. Oh…she forgot about ML’s poor daddy! She begs ML not to cry, but ML insists it’s a TRAGEDY! Right, not being able to move or talk, and how will he make a living…maybe he could be a mannequin in a boutique….

ML mumbles that he’s got a lot of money hidden and how is she going to get it back. THAT’s the problem! He can’t give her the bank codes! Oh, yeah, also his health. She cries about how nothing goes right for her and what has she done to deserve this. Nisa goes to get them both some tea.

Silvana finds Nisa in the kitchen trying to figure out how the stove works. She thinks it’s so nice Nisa’s trying to take care of her friend. Camilo calls and Nisa gives him the “good” news–she’s going back to the city so she can start school again and he’s coming with her! Camilo looks panicked.

ML skulks outside the house, looking at some pipes and planning something nefarious.

Cami plays along, saying he’d be happy to have a dignified job at the hotel and he wants no special privileges. He keeps making faces as she says he can come visit again, but he’d better bathe at home. And wear something nice so her daddy can see what a catch he is. He’s like “I’m’a wear a bulletproof vest is what I’m’a wear!” Nisa thinks that sounds cute

ML knocks the pipe off the exterior wall…looks like it’s the gas pipe.

Sagrario and Rosa are starting to prep dinner when everyone hears ML screaming outside about fire. They all start rushing out of the hacienda. In Angelo’s case, AFTER being told not to light his damn cigarette and blow them all up, because Tuti smelled the gas.

Sasha’s trying to convince Luciano that it’s pointless to keep looking for the necklace at the hacienda. But Luciano refuses to admit that he might be WRONG for once. Sasha’s about to keep arguing, but she smells gas.

Alone in the house at last, Maria Laura digs the necklace out of the potted plant.

Outside, everyone’s in the courtyard except ML and Sagrario and Nisa start to panic. It’s just a sec before a few of the workers go in to retrieve ML. While she carries on about how she was just looking to see if she could find the source of the leak and shut it off and she tripped over the plant, Luciano and Sasha look at each other like they find this behavior very suspicious.

The workers have figured out that the leak came from a pipe that got hit by a tile that fell off the roof. ML keeps carrying on about how terrible it was inside the house while Sasha shoots speculative glances over at Luciano.

Sagrario gets everyone inside and they open a bunch of windows. One of the workers wants to call a plumber(?) and Silvana says she’ll pay for it, just so it gets fixed right away. But Sagrario says they have to wait and see what Marcela says. Luciano sarcastically says she should know by now that Marcela runs everything and you can’t lift a finger without her permission. Silvana ignores him and tells the worker to get someone here right away. She assures Sagrario that Marcela will agree with her.

Sasha notices the placement of the plant that ML allegedly tripped over on her way out. She asks ML how exactly she knocked it over if it’s so heavy and she was so dizzy. Marcela does a very bad re-enactment that doesn’t convince Sasha.

In the kitchen, everyone else is having some agüita for the susto. Tuti loves how exciting it is around here. No one else is feeling it. And as much as it would have been tragic if the house blew up, it’s going to be even more tragic if that wedding dress doesn’t arrive–per Conchita. Because then there won’t be a wedding this weekend. Luciano grins at the thought.

Nisa’s looking for that dress she’s sure is in her luggage somewhere…or maybe in the laundry hamper…instead she finds a paper bag…with the necklace inside. And suddenly all is right in her world.

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