Guerra de Ídolos Monday 7/31/17 #59

Episode 59: Mateo se retira

Up on stage, Isaac asks what Mateo’s trying to do. Nothing, just honor his brother. He turns around and asks the band if they know Fuego Cruzado as Isaac looks nervous.

As they start playing, Mateo remembers recording this in the studio and Isaac smashing his guitar after Mateo told him they wouldn’t record it as a duet.

In the bar, couples are dancing while Mateo all but turns his back to them. The song ends. The audience applauds. Mateo thanks the band. The owner thanks the guys and says he’ll send a bottle over to their table. (He seems to be doing a lot better with this place, at least in terms of head count, than Renzo did.)

Isaac asks Mateo if he liked it. He did, actually. He regrets that they didn’t have more fun when they could, all three of them, instead of fighting. Isaac thinks they still can. JC’s gone, but the two of them still can. He toasts to JC. Mateo toasts to the two of them and then says they have to talk.

Mateo wants Isaac to take him to their dad’s new apartment. Gilda gave him the address of this place and Mateo had a feeling he’d be here. He knows Isaac met with him.

Isaac says if all he wants is the address, that’s easy, he can call their dad. But Mateo wanted to talk to him first. He needs Isaac to help him. He’s tired of hiding.

Isaac already said he wouldn’t. Mateo whines that Isaac’s his brother. Plus, if Isaac doesn’t help him, how’s he supposed to believe that Isaac didn’t send those guys after him. Again, Isaac pretends he doesn’t know what Mateo’s talking about. And again, Mateo explains, after he left a bunch of guys came around and beat up Juancho. He wants to trust Isaac, but like Isaac says–it doesn’t look good.

Isaac whines that Mateo’s his brother, his family. OK, so then why don’t they go talk to their dad? Isaac agrees and he wants to be honest and say he wants the presidency. Mateo laughs. Isaac says Mateo’s got his virtues, but the presidency is just not his thing. “Let me do it.” Mateo suggests they let their dad decide.


Manara comes back downstairs after her bath. Bianco thought she might have fallen asleep in there, but he didn’t want to go in.

Manara admits it was hard for her to relax. All she wants to do is get back at Rafa. Can he believe Rafa told Selva to say hi to her?!

Bianco’s sure he thinks he’s untouchable. He and Amado. Yeah, well, Manara’s going to see him and Amado both die in jail.

Bianco’s been thinking about what she said and he’s decided he wants to support her if she wants to go against them. If she stays in Mexico City he can protect her, manage the press and manage Ezequiel.

Support and protection…in exchange for what?

A bigger commitment.

Manara’s not sure she can agree to that with Julia still in LA. Bianco thinks he can get Anahí to hire her as a dancer at least. She could be on his shows. But he’s not risking everything for nothing in exchange. Not that he thinks Manara would betray him. She can help Mateo, but then she needs to have nothing more to do with him. He knows how it is–when the heart gets involved, the brain disconnects. And he’s not risking an infidelity scandal. He wants Manara all to himself. She has to decide.

Wood shop

Cafre calls Mariscal. He’s sorry to bother him again, but they need to get moving. Has he found a place they can meet? Like he said, he’d be going with the musicians.

Mariscal has a place, but he can’t promise they’ll meet soon. There’s been personal stuff to take care of. We see El Diplomático’s desk behind him, empty, as he says El Diplomático hasn’t been around for “obvious reasons.” He gives Cafre an address.

Chalino calls Valentín and Básico and says they’ve got an address in Mexico where they can meet Mariscal. He doesn’t know if they’ll be meeting El Diplomatico or not. He’s a phantasm. Even Cafre doesn’t know him. They’ll just have to see.

“And if they want to kill us all?” Valentín wonders.

Chalino says he has to decide if he wants to risk it or not. Básico does. Plus he wants to make a side trip and get El Mayor and Gisela.

Radio station

Alexis snogs Gisela in Selva’s office until Lila shows up. He rudely dismisses Selva’s assistant as Gisela starts in on Lila about how she’s not going to watch her take what’s “hers,” aka Alexis. (Gross. Like anyone wants him.)

Alexis tells her he can get her a contract at “Rafa’s” label as long as she says whatever he wants to about the event.

Oh, hell no. She’s not going to lie for anything. Gisela mocks her for having values all of a sudden and says she’s just jealous that El Mayor only wants her to go to Mexico with him. She brags about how much she’s achieved.

Yeah, and Lila can see how. Alexis, somewhat oddly, takes this as a compliment and grins.

Gisela mocks her for thinking Mateo was going to produce an album for her because of her talent.

Look, Lila wants a contract, but if they’re not hiring her for her music, then they shouldn’t count on her. She walks out and Alexis starts questioning Gisela about what “Mateo” she was talking about. Gisela confirms it’s the one he thinks. Lila was with him and he said he’d do her album, but now that he’s disappeared, she’s afraid.

Gisela brags that Lila lost and she won, because she’s found herself a padrino cumplidor (reliable). Alexis likes the sound of that. She makes him repeat it and they snog some more.

Casa Matamoros

Selva’s waiting when Julia gets home. She confronts her about lying again–she said she’d be at Lucía’s house, but she wasn’t. Julia accuses the bodyguards of being gossipy, but Selva says they’re doing their jobs. She’s worried about Julia. She just wants to be her friend and support her.

Julia says she wants to control her. Manara uses her to manipulate Amado, Amado does the same in return. She’s tired of being in the middle and she wants to be left alone to do whatever she wants.

She stomps up the stairs as Selva gasps in shock and Agustina comes in from the odd little mystery room off the foyer and. She asks Agustina to tell Amado she went over to her brother’s to sign some paperwork.

Agustina sighs and marches upstairs.

Julia’s starting to take off her makeup when Agustina comes in. She says the way she talked to Selva isn’t right. The two of them were fine yesterday–what happened?

Julia says Manara’s always tried to hide what goes on in this house, but she’s not stupid. She’s realized they’re all playing a double game, including Agustina.

Agustina asks what she means.

Julia says they’re all a bunch of hypocrites, starting with Amado. Hey, there’s no need to tell her anything, she’s going to find out what’s happening. And can Agustina leave her alone now so she can take off her makeup and get some sleep?

Wood shop

Chalino checks Cafre’s wound and gives him crap about it still hurting. Cafre says Amado really went after him, but Chalino says they’re going to get him twice as hard. First they have to get there, and that means crossing the border.

Chalino thinks the harder thing is finding El Diplomático, assuming he really exists. Cafre assures him he does, and like he told him, the boss was important to him. He exists and he’s going to help them.

Chalino answers his phone and Gilda asks how Mateo’s friend is doing. He says it still hurts…but he’s glad she called because Dylan keeps calling him about how she wants him to tell her the truth, but Dylan’s not involved and he’s on tour so will she please take his calls?

Uh, Dylan’s not “involved” with her either. He decided to keep things from her, so fine, he can forget her.

Chalino claims this is “guy stuff.” It’s about loyalty.

Well, if this is between the men, then the men need to fix it and leave her out of it. And tell his friend to get more antibiotics and painkillers and keep taking them and he’ll feel better.

Casa Mateo

Gilda gets off the phone and finds Belinda waiting to ask her if everything’s ok. Gilda decides to confront her about the clothes and handbags she saw in her closet the other day.

Belinda swears she’s not spending the trust money. Isaac gave her that stuff. Because they’re together.It’s no secret she’s been alone since JC died.

That’s why Gilda brought her here! So she wouldn’t be alone.

Belinda starts talking about how much Isaac reminded her of JC, even using the same cologne…. Gilda says she’s confused and that’s Isaac’s fault. But he’s not Julio César and he won’t give her the love or the peace she deserves.

Casa Moisés

Moisés can’t believe Mateo came to the US without talking to the lawyer first. He and Isaac say they’re here to resolve some things. Moisés is all for it.

Isaac starts with wanting to come back to the label and have the presidency.

Moisés asks if that’s really where he wants to start when they have far more urgent things going on–like everyone thinking his brother was killed by a fan. Isaac had him convinced it happened because of his debts, but now Mateo’s saying it was Amado’s way of getting Selva. The only thing Moisés cares about is the truth and if it means one of his sons ends up in jail, so be it.

Isaac says he has no reason to fear jail.

OK, then why won’t he tell them the name of the person he told where to find Julio César that day? Mateo starts flipping out and Moisés tells him to let Isaac talk. He’s going to investigate, so Isaac might as well tell him everything.

Isaac says she was just a waitress, but he doesn’t know her name. Obviously she gave the info to the person who killed JC. He swears he didn’t know her and never saw her again.

Mateo’s upset that he’s saying it like it’s nothing–he gave the location where JC would be to a complete stranger? Where JC would be without guards, and without even the two of them?!

Isaac says he’s not the only one–Mateo introduced JC to a mafioso’s daughter. So he’s not the only one who made a mistake with a woman.

Which has nothing to do with this! Moisés says he needs to quit comparing and quit blaming others for his mistakes.

Isaac says he’s aware of his mistake, but he gave her the information because she said she was going to take some fans to meet him. It was innocent.

Moisés doesn’t think it was. Turning his brother over like that wasn’t “innocent.” Why would he do that? Jealousy?

Isaac tries to turn it around again, saying Moisés got Rafa into this, and Rafa brought in Amado, he signed a contract and sold JC’s soul to them, he begged Rafa to be JC’s padrino for years. Does he call that “innocent.”

Mateo thinks they need to quit blaming each other. Moisés is determined to find out who killed him and that’s going to take time, and be painful. Isaac blusters that it can take as long as it takes and hurt as much as it has to, but they have to do it for the good of the family and his nephew. (He really thinks he’s going to get away with this, doesn’t he?)

Mateo actually finds himself agreeing with Isaac. But the label needs an urgent solution, so for starters he’s got a written resignation for both the presidency and the company. He hands it over to his dad, saying he should have had this meeting before trying to go after justice.

Isaac likes his honesty (shut up, Isaac) and starts whining about how his dad “has” to give him a chance. He’s “ready” to take the presidency. He wants Moisés to let him show that he can handle it. It’s him or Rafa. (WHAT ABOUT GILDA?!)

Moisés wants to call a break and finish this discussion tomorrow, but Isaac insists that they have to do this tonight because if they don’t take care of the label Rafa’s taking it all.

OK, he’s got a point. Rafa’s trash. And they can say he’s being naïve, but he doesn’t think Rafa’s a killer. A narcissist sure, but he’s not capable of killing. Isaac thinks that’s why he involved Amado, to get him to do the dirty work. Mateo wonders if maybe Amado’s the one who’s using Rafa and he did kill JC to get Selva and her father’s companies.

Isaac demands his dad get him back into the company or they have nothing.

Moisés agrees he’ll decide tonight if that’s what they want.

Rancho Zabala

Leticia’s glad Rafa came back–she’s been waiting to talk to him. A lawyer called asking about his dad’s papers? She figured Rafa knew about it.

Rafa says he means the ones that lay out what happens if his dad doesn’t survive, or if he’s too tired and weak. Obviously they’re not going to give away the money.

Leti laughs–he’s afraid she’ll get it.

Rafa tells her to chill. She’ll get something. Certainly more than what she got working at that congal.

Leti starts to walk off and he grabs her arm. She tells him to let her go. She’s his dad’s “woman” and she loves him. She’s not letting Rafa treat her like that, much less manage Neto’s money behind his back.

Rafa doesn’t think she’ll tell him, or she’ll end up with nothing.

Has he not considered that she might be the only person alive who knows that he and his partner had a hand in Julio César’s death? Whatever Rafa’s plans are, she knows if his dad dies he and Amado will kill her. She thinks he ought to know that if anything happens to her, she’s left information behind and it’s all going to come out. She won’t even waste her energy going after the mayor, she’s going after Rafa.

Rafa smarms that he has money to hire lawyers and he can cover it all up and have her put In jail.

Probably he can buy off the justice system, but the public? If they think he’s an accomplice in JC’s death, that stain is never coming clean. They’ll hate him. And for someone like him, that’s worse than death.

Santi comes looking for her to rehearse that song she was telling him about. Since he’s not sleepy. Leti agrees–she’s not either, so let’s make some music. They walk out hand in hand.

Rafa finds Itzel packing and gets all excited that she’s finally moving out after they’ve been divorced for a year. (This from the guy who keeps calling her “my wife.” Die already.)

She’s just renting a studio to work in, but she’s not leaving as long as her sons are living here.

Rafa snarks about getting his dad to give her some money for a place to live, or is she going to keep saying that she stays because he insists?

Neto wanders in and asks if they’re talking about him. Rafa says Itzel says she’s not leaving because he insists on her staying. Who would ever have thought the two of them would gang up on him.

Rafa walks out and Itzel tells Neto he’s just afraid he’ll end up without an inheritance. Oh, Neto’s planned on worse than that–he’s going to NOT die. “Good!”

He asks if she’s moving in with Lorenzo, but Itzel wants some space. Whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it on his own and she doesn’t approve.

Neto thinks Lorenzo must love her to make that sacrifice. He’s trying to protect her. He’s even sneakier than his dad. He’s probably planning something to get Selva away from Amado. It’s going to take time, but he’ll do it and for one reason–you don’t serve revenge cold, you serve it frozen.

Casa Lorenzo

Lorenzo gives Amado his report so far, which is nothing. There are no images of El Diplomático. It’s all just rumors and, lately, corridos. He’s been sponsoring singers. There’s talk of a television series about his life, which is a big change–before he was staying totally hidden.

Selva comes over and he gets off the phone. She just came to get the papers for tomorrow’s meeting and some clothes. Who was he talking to? Is he still doing the weapons stuff?

Lorenzo says he’s not. He’s helping Amado with an investigation. He’s been trying to improve their relationship.

He’s also looking for a change and he’s thinking of teaching some classes at a university in Mexico City. He’s going to check out the campus and hear their proposal. He needs a breather after his breakup with Itzel. He’s taking the reins of his life and he thinks she should do the same. Has she thought some more about marrying Amado.

Casa Matamoros

Amado tells Canseco that Lorenzo’s going to use his contacts in Mexico to find El Diplomático. He’s also helping with Selva, since she keeps finding excuses to delay the wedding.

Canseco, as usual, complains about the risks and says Lorenzo should be six feet under.

And leave his wife with no family while she’s pregnant? Does he know what could happen? That child is important to him!

Yes, Canseco understands the importance of a child, but he also understands that Lorenzo is just waiting for his moment to stab Amado in the back.

Amado says that’s between them. They’ll see what happens. Right now they have more important things to deal with, like finding Mateo and his father. Rafa was protecting them before because he didn’t want a scandal. Now he’s ready to go after them.

Canseco complains that if he’d known he could have had someone follow Isaac. Now he has no idea where he is.

Amado smirks. He has someone helping with that. Isaac betrayed his brother, now they just have to wait for him to give up his father.

Casa Moisés

Moisés accepts Mateo’s resignation as president, but not as an employee. And he still wants him on the board. He respects Mateo for accepting his mistakes.

Now, Isaac, on the other hand, keeps trying to make everyone else responsible for his own mistakes. He’s not getting back on the board, much less being president. He can work for them as a musician. Moisés will have to figure out how to get the presidency back.

Tomorrow, they’ll figure out how to arrange for Mateo to give his testimony. Isaac is free to go or stay, whichever. Mateo tells Isaac if he wants to go, that would be better.

With Mateo out of the room, Isaac calls Rafa to complain about him sending killers after Mateo. He thought they were just going to grab him and put him in jail, not kill him!

Rafa claims he has no idea what Isaac’s talking about. These are serious accusations!

Isaac asks if Rafa or Amado had anything to do with JC’s death. (Seriously, Isaac? Seriously?)

Rafa thought he was calling about his offer for the company and getting Isaac back to his rightful place. Where is he?

Isaac hears Mateo coming and says he’s gotta go. Hell no he’s not telling him where he is! he’ll call him later.

Mateo comes back from wherever and asks who he was talking to. Isaac claims he was calling about plane tickets. Mateo offers to help him. Isaac gripes that he doesn’t need any help from anyone and leaves the apartment.

Mateo mutters that a psychiatrist wouldn’t hurt and flops down on the couch.

Casa Mateo

Belinda says if her dating Isaac is going to affect Celestina’s health, she’ll move out.

Gilda says leaving with the baby is not a solution. Her phone rings and Belinda goes upstairs to deal with the baby.

Rafa’s calling because he didn’t know who to talk to about reserving space to audition some singers.

Uh, the receptionist.

He thanks her and asks if her dad happens to be there.

No. He’s on vacation. And she’s gotta go.

Casa Matamoros

Rafa calls Amado to tell him he can’t get any information. But if Moisés knows the truth, he’ll take action in Houston. Amado says he’ll take care of it.

Alexis has now joined Amado and Canseco and hands over pictures of Lila, saying she’ll take them to Mateo. Canseco proposes tapping her phone. If he’s producing her album, he’ll get in contact sooner or later.

Amado wants Alexis to get her to contact Mateo now, but Alexis says she doesn’t trust him. He’ll tell Rafa to audition her as a soloist.

Speaking of Rafa, Amado tells Canseco that he just said Moisés is in Houston and he’s planning something. (That’s not exactly what he said.) He wants Canseco to find out why Moisés is there. Probably Mateo’s with him. They can kill two birds with one stone.

Casa Moisés

Moisés comes back to the living room in his pajamas and asks if Isaac’s gone.

Mateo says he is and he was really upset. So, um, who else knows they’re here?

Just Isaac, Mateo, and the lawyer, why?

Mateo explains about the guys who came after them in Monterrey after Isaac left.

Moisés doesn’t think Isaac is capable of that. (Have you not been watching the show?) Besides, no one knows they’re there and the house is registered in another name. He hired a private security company.

Mateo doesn’t think it will be enough–Moisés has no idea what Amado’s capable of.

About that–Moisés insists that when he talks to the police, he needs to stick to what he saw during the event, not their suspicions. It’s important that Amado and Rafa don’t know where the blow is coming from. The lawyer said it would be good to talk to Manara and see what information she has. Does Mateo think she’d talk to them in person?

Mateo says the only way to find out is to ask her. He pulls out his cell phone, but Moisés hands him a prepaid one, just in case, and says he’ll leave so they can talk alone. If she accepts, he needs to tell her to come now.

Mexico City

Mateo calls Manara and gets right to asking if she can come to Houston tomorrow to talk to his dad and the lawyer. Manara says she’ll see if she can arrange things. He tells her to call him back at this number.

Manara calls Bianco and says Mateo wants to see her tomorrow. He thinks she should go, testify, tell Mateo she’s marrying him, come back, fulfill her contract and release her album, and they’ll start trying to bring Julia over.

He says that like it’s so easy.

Bianco says it can be, if she wants. He tells her to take the day off tomorrow and he leaves it all in her hands.


Básico and Valentín sneak into the place they’re supposed to be meeting Cafre and Chalino. They’re instantly on alert. The place doesn’t seem abandoned. A noise startles them and they grab a couple of boards to defend themselves with. I’m guessing this is a practical joke by Cafre and Chalino, but they’re assuming El Diplomático’s going to get them. Or Amado. Or both.

JC Records

In the lounge. Lila performs Si Me Dejes Te Dejo for Rafa. Right away he’s ready to have her sign a contract. Wow, Mateo said he wanted to record her album, but she didn’t know it would be like this!

Rafa suggests she call him. Because he doesn’t know where he is. Does she? Lila says she’s tried to find him, but….

El Mayor and Gisela walk in. El Mayor’s smarming about it being their turn.

Lila’s surprised he would hire them after their campaign of lies against Valentín and Básico. Gisela starts arguing that they’re not lies, but Rafa interrupts and tells them both to deal with their issues somewhere else.

He asks Lila to come with him to sign, but there’s no way she’s doing that until she talks to Mateo.

Rafa excuses himself to make a phone call, telling El Mayor and Gisela to wait just a moment for him. He calls Amado and tells him he got to Lila, so be prepared, she’ll be calling Mateo soon.

Casa Mateo

Gilda tells, I’m assuming her mother, that they’ll keep each other informed. Belinda hears the end of the conversation and asks if she told Celestina everything.

Uh no. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea to tell her now. In fact, she doesn’t think they should tell anyone and Belinda shouldn’t leave until things calm down.

Belinda doesn’t agree. It’s her life and she wants to tell Celestina.

Gilda’s phone rings again. She’s late getting to the label, she knows, is there an emergency?

The receptionist is just keeping Gilda informed, like she asked, and Rafa’s there auditioning singers. Gilda knew that.

But did she know they’re the singers who are against Mateo and Valentín? And also Isaac just showed up to meet with Rafa.

Casa Moisés

Moisés finds the lawyer waiting for him when he comes down for breakfast. Mateo let him in. He brought the paperwork for Mateo giving up the presidency and he’s prepared to discuss his testimony. He doesn’t know where Mateo went, though. Moisés looks worried and starts reading the stuff he needs to sign.

Moisés finishes signing paperwork and says all he has to do now is prepare his return to the presidency.

Mateo walks in with Manara. She’s here to tell them what she knows.

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