La Mujer del Vendaval Friday 3/10/17 #83


Maria Laura comes in and catches Nisa holding the necklace and they play “What are YOU doing with that?!” ML spins a story about Lencho getting it back and meeting her at the hot springs, but oh darn, the thief got away. Nisa doesn’t even care, she’s just happy it’s back.

At least now ML and Nisa are both in agreement about using the necklace to break up Al and Marcela. But not the timing–Nisa says now and Maria Laura wants to wait for the wedding day.

Nisa thinks it’s just too mean to have Al leave Marcela at the altar. ML keeps hissing about it teaching her some humility and showing her she’s not meant for anything more than taking care of livestock. And besides, she keeps trying to separate Nisa and Cami and Cami probably still feels things–OK, OK! Nisa agrees. They’ll do it on the day of the wedding.


Timo explains that the doctor said Severo had an infarto cerebral (stroke) and he had no idea you could have an infarto (heart attack) in your brain. Does she think it’s possible in other parts of the body, like maybe…an infarto traseral?

Octavia’s not in the mood for bad bilingual puns. How are things going with the lovebirds? Timo’s glad to report the blocking of the road is giving them some trouble…but they’re trying to build another one. Octavia warns him that he has to keep them from getting their crops out of El Vendaval or they’ll be able to pay the bank. And then it’s goodbye Tim-tavia. Got it? She hangs up on him.

El Vendaval

Sasha meets Luciano again to tell him she thinks that pipe breaking was provoked. He suspects someone wants to distract them because they’re getting too close.

Al, Marcela, Alba, and Mateo get home and hear about the gas leak.

Everyone traipses outside to check out the pipe and there’s some debate about whether a roof tile could have knocked it out like that, but the pipes are old. As old as the hacienda. Silvana insists on completely redoing the pipes and paying for it. As a gift. When Marcela starts to argue, Sagrario suggests she, Mateo, and Alba make themselves scarce.

Al agrees with Silvana that it needs to be done, but could they maybe talk about it when they’re calmer? Sure, fine, whatever, but which one of them is going to explain how everyone’s supposed to take showers? Silvana wonders. She stomps off.

Al gets Marcela to agree to let him deal with the pipe problems and see what the plumber has to say before they make any decisions. She complains about how much his mom is doing, but she doesn’t want to give details, so she just drops it. It’s been a long day, she’s got a headache, and her eyes are hurting. She’s going to go rest.

Marcela’s resting in her room when Alba tries to sneak in. Her eyes are burning and they haven’t done that in a long time, but what with all the stuff going on and this wedding nonsense…. Alba tells her to relax and drink the tea she brought.

Luciano stays completely out of it as Al comes by the guest house to thank his mom for her offer. Marcela’s just very particular about the house, so…don’t take it personally. Silvana understands. Luciano makes a face.

Now that they have a moment, Mateo tells Sagrario that Severo did indeed have an infarto. He doesn’t know what brought it on, but he’s sure it wasn’t his guilt over killing his friend. They have to see how he recovers and keep him under watch, but he’s still under suspicion until they get the test results back on the gun. Sagrario just hopes that Timo doesn’t pull something to keep his friend out of trouble. Mateo promises that nothing’s getting Severo out of going to jail.

Amadeo stops by with the bread and tries to be subtle about looking around for Alba, but Sagrario and Mateo are on to him. After he stumbles out of the kitchen, they have a giggle about him trying to pass it off as tortícolis (a crick in his neck). Who knew love could cause that?!

Alessandro comes in, looking for something for Marcela’s headache. He lets slip something about more problems. After swearing Sagrario and Mateo to secrecy he admits that some of their buyers have backed out (they really should have had a clause in the contract so they can’t just do that with no penalty) and now the deal with the bank is hanging by a thread.

Marcela’s compress isn’t cold anymore. Alba wants to go get another one, but Marcela scolds her to get some dinner. Dinner? Who could eat with all the stress! Marcela mentions she was happy to see Alba hugging Amadeo earlier. Yeah, well…it’s hard to stay angry at him for long. Marcela’s sure if she gives him a chance, he can open up her heart again.

Maria Laura comes into the kitchen complaining about wanting food. Well, there’s no gas, so she can have some bread if she wants. Sagrario and Mateo are going to bed. ML complains about them leaving her alone and finds a package of turkey salami in the fridge.

Alessandro tries giving Marcela a massage, but she just hurts more. He says he’s going to take care of her and she should just let him spoil her. Marcela tries to relax, but when she’s looking at him he’s really fuzzy and it takes a long time to bring him back into focus. She denies anything’s wrong…it’s just her headache…she’ll try to get some sleep. He offers to get her a pill, but she just wants a kiss.


Valeria tells Emi the sad, sad tale of how poor Marcela’s having her wedding preferences completely ignored and everyone’s telling her what to do and she can’t talk to Al about it because she doesn’t want to provoke a fight between him and Silvana. But maybe if Emi could tell Al…. Emi considers it.


Octavia sends Mauro home. He tries to invite her out for a drink (Seriously, Mauro? I thought you were done?) but she’s busy. “Changing your latest acquisition’s diaper.” Haha, not funny. Well, Mauro’s just trying to say, everyone knows. Octavia might not care what the other employees think, but what about Silvana and Luciano? Octavia’s sure after Friday’s board meeting when they find out how things really are at the Toscana, they won’t want to mess with her. She sees Inés watching from down the hall and makes sure to give Mauro several kisses goodbye before she goes.

All Inés has to say to him is “Again?” and Mauro says “Yeah, I know, I’m a dumbass.”

San Bartolo

Amadeo gets to his date with Selma, but he tells her he’s gotta be honest–he’s in love with someone else. Selma doesn’t care. She likes him anyway. She suctions herself to his face to show him how much.

Camilo gets to the fonda in time to see that magnetic lip-lock. As soon as Amadeo can break away, he makes a run for it. Selma tried to say it was just an “innocent” kiss, but he’s not sticking around to see what a daring one is like! Selma is in no way discouraged.

Camilo follows Amadeo out, joking that the bruja got his tongue. Uh, no, more like she was sticking it down his throat. Camilo thinks it’s hilarious and he can’t figure out why Amadeo didn’t just hang out and let Selma have her way with him. Amadeo’s like “You think I should have?” Sure, he’s kissed girls before, like in secundario and prepa, but not like THAT! Camilo asks about sex. Amadeo looks uncomfortable.

Hey, it’s not like Amadeo hasn’t had opportunities, he just hasn’t. And he doesn’t care what people say about him, he knows why he’s doing it. Yes, there’s someone…Alba.

Camilo, with his questionable wisdom, says Amadeo had better not tell her that or he’ll get benched before he can score a goal. Women like men with fangs like Dracula who can dominate them like fillies. Well…OK, they like innocent guys too. As friends! He claims that that’s why he has Nisa hanging on him–experience! He’s got secrets. (Just imagine there’s a Grumpy Cat “NO” meme here. And possibly a Captain Picard facepalm. And a Gene Wilder sarcastic “Tell me more.”)

And what? Is he gonna spill ’em? Give classes or something? Camilo looks like he’s into it. (Of all the terrible ideas….)

Pulled a runner

Al wakes up alone in bed in the morning. She took off alone to see Emiliano.

In Emiliano’s office, Marcela tells him what happened last night and says she can’t go blind now! She cries on his literal shoulder. (It bugs me that she’s always got copious amounts of eye makeup on, especially after saying her eyes were stinging last night. I’m just imagining her mascara running and irritating her eyes further.) Emil assures her that won’t happen, but Marcela reminds him it’s incurable, irreversible, and progressive…but he’s sure there’s still a lot they can do. All Marcela wants is a few more years to look her fill at Al. Emi tells her to stop crying, for starters, or he can’t do the tests.

Marcela apologizes. She tries to pretend she’s dealing with everything ok, but damn there’s been a lot of stuff going on! Timo getting the land, wanting to charge a toll, building another road, finding Dead Mike, and then Severo’s stroke.

OK, well, the stress is affecting her eyes. She adds the wedding…she never thought it would be like this. She doesn’t like how complicated it’s all getting. The only thing that should matter is that they’re promising each other eternal love!

Marcela complains about Silvana taking over the wedding organization and Conchita wanting everything her way. If it weren’t for Valeria, she would have told them off already! The dress…the hair…the makeup…all she wants is God’s blessing and a good mole with chicken and rice!

Valeria mentioned it, but he didn’t think it was so bad. Marcela doesn’t want to tell Al or he’ll think she’s being ungrateful to his mother. Emi’s sure there must be some other way to resolve things. “If you figure out what it is, let me know.” They finally get started on the eye exam.

Emiliano’s verdict so far is “Aja.” And he means that in a good way.

Emiliano asks if Marcela has old tests, but they’re waaaay old. He wants to see everything she’s got so he can see just how much the disease has progressed. He wants to be clear that tension hurts her because it’s raising her blood pressure….

San Bartolo

Jonás comes into his cantina and finds Camilo and Amadeo sleeping there. They’ve actually been there since last night–Jonás locked them in when he left and hoped for the best. He and Camilo contemplate waking Amadeo up with the melted water and ice from the ice bucket.

Camilo dumps the ice water on Amadeo and says they’re moving on to phase 2: How to Talk to Chicks. There are tons of tourists down there in the plaza and Camilo’s gonna show him how it’s done. Jonás laughs at the two of them…until he realizes they didn’t pay him.

Alessandro tries Emiliano’s house…and Valeria answers the door in her negligée and robe and invites him in for coffee. It wouldn’t do it interrupt the exam.

While Al and Valeria are having coffee, Camilo shows up. He claims he didn’t spend the night because he had to help a friend. And oh, good, Al’s here–he’s not going to work today. Al says he’s going to dock his pay. Whatevs. Camilos got a job at “his girlfriend’s” hotel. Al snaps that it’s his parents’ hotel and no, that’s not the same thing. And if he thinks AL works him hard, uff, wait until he gets to the hotel and Luciano has him work until he drops. Camilo gripes about Al harshing his buzz.

Valeria excuses herself, probably to get a break from the testosterone fumes. Camilo starts planting ideas in Al’s head about Emiliano. Maybe Camilo was too poor, but Emi…what? Al didn’t know he was in love with her?

Al verbally rolls his eyes at Camilo. They’re friends. Hey, Camilo’s just trying to warn him that Emiliano’s actually the kind of guy who could compete with Al. So he should watch out. Because Al still owes him for having “taken” Marcela. He’d hate for Emi to be the one to make him pay.


Timo asks Eulogio for an update on El Vendaval. Well, some of the buyers have cancelled their orders and the rest are still waiting. Timo gloats that they’re not going to get their orders, but hey, they were warned. And how’s the road going? They’re nearly to the highway. In that case, it’s time for the second phase of the plan…Octavia’s plan, actually. I’ll omit Timo’s flowery description of Octavia. There’s no description of what the plan is, other than they’re going to get a big surprise.

El V

Silvana complains to Sagrario and Mateo about Marcela not accepting her help when she does everything for Marcela’s own good. Mateo says it’s bad enough having to have all these people in the house. Silvana starts freaking out, asking if Marcela said something, but Mateo splits. Sagrario says it’s just very intense lately with so much stuff going on and that’s why she’s having Emiliano check on her eyes. Silvana’s concerned that she’s not feeling well, but like Sagrario says–who could with so many problems? Silvana looks thoughtful.

Maria Laura sneaks into the storeroom to skulk around. She nearly gets busted by Sasha…or the other way around, I guess…but Nisa starts calling for her and Sasha splits. ML puts on her thinking face.

The verdict

Emiliano gives Marcela some vitamins with antioxidants that are good for her eyes. Plus she needs to avoid anxiety and tension, just take everything calmly, follow a diet he’s going to give her that’s rich in Omega 3’s and bring in the previous exams.

Valeria comes in. Still in her robe. To tell Marcela that Al’s at the house looking for her. Oh, they’re almost done? She’ll let him know. (Seriously, she walked down the sidewalk in that?)

Emiliano hands over Marcela’s instructions and she praises him for making her feel so comfortable. Well, Emi hopes he can keep meeting her expectations. Nothing would make him happier than to see her enjoying life. It’s only fair she had something to enjoy, after everything she’s lost. And no worries–he knows things about her that no one has told him. (Huh?) He finds her a fascinating puzzle. Everything he knows and feels makes her more admirable in his eyes.

Al walks in on them hugging and glares.

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